Cam Zink: REAL MTB 2021 | World of X Games


Watch Cam Zink and filmer/editor Dustin Lindgren’s entry into Real Mountain Bike 2021, the all-video MTB contest brought to you by ESPN's World of X Games. Vote for your favorite video at, then tune in to ABC on April 24 to find out who won X Games gold.
Music: “The Fire Inside Me” by Main Event
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  • Linus Takee
    Linus Takee6 dager siden

    Top video jajajajaj now feel motivated to get on the trail mzself, what gest me going the longest while bike is *delta parole* or other rokk music!

  • Treasure Today
    Treasure Today8 dager siden

    Amazing riding.

  • Ivan Kukuljan
    Ivan Kukuljan10 dager siden

    Beautiful, great job guys!

  • AK Gyamfi Mods
    AK Gyamfi Mods11 dager siden

    fire backflip drop from the roof🔥🤘

  • Rodrigo Castillo
    Rodrigo Castillo11 dager siden

    Proper music for proper edit.

  • Mr.Burns-On_Acid
    Mr.Burns-On_Acid11 dager siden

    Lol rough landing almost died 😂 😂 😂

  • Bhisan sapkota
    Bhisan sapkota12 dager siden


  • frogghell
    frogghell13 dager siden

    Love that dude👌🏼👌🏼

  • Flaviolarriantunesmarques Larri Antunes Marques
    Flaviolarriantunesmarques Larri Antunes Marques13 dager siden

    Massa Zink parabéns 🎉🍰🎂🍾👍🏾😉🥰🙏🏽

  • Benedikt Bagger
    Benedikt Bagger13 dager siden


  • Kyle Keegan
    Kyle Keegan14 dager siden

    Zink is looking like Semenuk in this edit

  • Moog Katze
    Moog Katze14 dager siden

    Terrible sound, couldnt watch whole video

  • Felipe Pedro
    Felipe Pedro14 dager siden

    Louco é pouco ameei

  • Esmeulon Souza de Oliveira
    Esmeulon Souza de Oliveira14 dager siden

    Show Gostei 🏴‍☠️🆙️🏴‍☠️ .

  • Porta Patrols
    Porta Patrols15 dager siden


  • Frederic Oster
    Frederic Oster15 dager siden

    First drop and i had Goosebumps like the spikes of a hedgehog🔥

  • Levi Ratto
    Levi Ratto15 dager siden


  • Mario Saavedra
    Mario Saavedra16 dager siden

    Cam Zink is a legend. Period.

  • Michael Pastorius
    Michael Pastorius16 dager siden

    I still can't take my mind of Dennis Enarson's tailwhip drop. Untill today

  • DieselDabz710
    DieselDabz71016 dager siden

    Roof drop location courtesy of Dennis Enarson

  • Mindless Mindlessness
    Mindless Mindlessness16 dager siden

    Dude.. you should look up ‘fear’ in the dictionary. You obviously don’t know what it is Or maybe not it’s cool to watch keep it up👍🏻 you know what skill is for sure

  • Best Configuration for Games
    Best Configuration for Games16 dager siden

    I remember Jackass game anything

  • Wengoden
    Wengoden16 dager siden

    Felt like an episode from NWD ! You kept the flow of it Cam! A true inspiration of riding & edit. Respect

  • Adam Boyle
    Adam Boyle16 dager siden

    Is that the same spot Dennis Enarson tail whipped?

  • 0606ck
    0606ck17 dager siden

    The king 🖤

  • Mark Paul Abare, Jr.
    Mark Paul Abare, Jr.17 dager siden

    Ride everything!

  • EpicFreestyleKing
    EpicFreestyleKing17 dager siden

    Most gnarly

  • Ted Coutts
    Ted Coutts17 dager siden

    One of the sickest mtb vids ever!

  • Brodi Sandak
    Brodi Sandak17 dager siden

    Straight send!!!! This ones my fav

  • Paws and Pedals
    Paws and Pedals17 dager siden

    Straight Killin It!!!🔥🔥🔥🤙

  • jab281180
    jab28118017 dager siden

    nwd 2021

  • dimsoneill
    dimsoneill17 dager siden

    New school old school! Rad.

  • Thomas Gottschalk
    Thomas Gottschalk17 dager siden

    Did anyone noticed that cam threw a 360 of the drop of vestavik just in Utah

  • Sophia Liovas
    Sophia Liovas17 dager siden

    So many riders are using there bike like a bmx... this entry has flow

  • Chris Kneeland
    Chris Kneeland18 dager siden

    Brage's was interesting, but this is the winner for me. Roof drop flip, cashroll a DH bike, flip can and a 3 on a 60 foot drop. Level was set with this one.

  • Cameron Sale
    Cameron Sale18 dager siden

    It's a shame the camera guy cut off the bottom of the frame for that opening shot...lemme know if you need a pro ;)

  • PriZeMaN
    PriZeMaN18 dager siden

    This is the best YET!!!

  • Cam Zink
    Cam Zink18 dager siden

    Vote for cha boy for fan favorite! Thanks for watching!

  • KLartrandM


    9 dager siden

    Got my vote, killer sh*t 🤘🏿🤘🏿

  • Luc Mathonet MTB
    Luc Mathonet MTB18 dager siden


  • Spider Tickles
    Spider Tickles18 dager siden

    Why can we only pick one?

  • Manu dh
    Manu dh18 dager siden


  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever18 dager siden

    Legend mode.

  • Zoomer 1
    Zoomer 118 dager siden

    I want steepsteep to scream over this.

  • Zoomer 1

    Zoomer 1

    18 dager siden

    @X Games pls do!

  • X Games

    X Games

    18 dager siden

    We can ask!

  • Nikola Paspalj
    Nikola Paspalj18 dager siden

    Weakest vid outvof the bunch

  • Freeride Forever

    Freeride Forever

    18 dager siden

    Nah Vero then DJ. At least Zink's had best tune.

  • d d
    d d18 dager siden


  • B.Bartholomé
    B.Bartholomé18 dager siden

    The gnarliest of them all

  • Seat Time Clips
    Seat Time Clips19 dager siden

    What music should we use? What happens when we mix Silverstein with Dragonforce?

  • xcv jhgf

    xcv jhgf

    14 dager siden

    Someone please tell me thera are no new artists pushing out this garbage. Truly one of the worst songs I have ever heard.

  • Seat Time Clips

    Seat Time Clips

    18 dager siden

    @X Games Two Words and now my Tuesday is complete. TY!

  • X Games

    X Games

    18 dager siden

    Silver Dragon

  • Beni Kuqi
    Beni Kuqi19 dager siden

    Zink living Legend 🤘

  • Bumsalad
    Bumsalad19 dager siden

    Mad but cool

  • rick lewis
    rick lewis19 dager siden

    0.50 is that a new yt I see?

  • Nopphadon Thongkham
    Nopphadon Thongkham19 dager siden

    insane! อิL

  • vinza pramana putra
    vinza pramana putra19 dager siden

    He should win!

  • Christian Sullivan - Better Living & Health
    Christian Sullivan - Better Living & Health19 dager siden


  • Lendokurkku
    Lendokurkku19 dager siden

    Think that we have winner

  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh19 dager siden


  • Ollie Sinclair
    Ollie Sinclair19 dager siden

    0:42 joe baker did it better

  • TheJohnnyViewer
    TheJohnnyViewer19 dager siden

    Cam knows how to do edits. Old schood stuff right here. This year its either Cam or Brage. Good luck!

  • chime spooner
    chime spooner19 dager siden

    This is giving me ride to the hills vibes 😂

  • Beetle Ranger
    Beetle Ranger19 dager siden


  • Geras1mos Giannoutsos
    Geras1mos Giannoutsos19 dager siden


  • GoTime
    GoTime19 dager siden

    Last 360 was massiveee

  • Dylan Vaskevicius
    Dylan Vaskevicius19 dager siden

    Now that’s what I call freeride

  • C M
    C M19 dager siden


  • Jerson Sumalinog
    Jerson Sumalinog19 dager siden

    Roof tailwhip of dennis enarson

  • Muslim - One who submits to God
    Muslim - One who submits to God19 dager siden

    Treat your bike with respect

  • Muslim - One who submits to God
    Muslim - One who submits to God19 dager siden

    First clip already... gnarly

  • GrowingDownUnder
    GrowingDownUnder19 dager siden

    So nobody gonna call out the flip where he put his foot on the ramp, was that mistake or intentional?

  • GrowingDownUnder


    18 dager siden

    @X Games ok nice!

  • X Games

    X Games

    19 dager siden

    Intentional flip fastplant!

  • Jake McPhetridge
    Jake McPhetridge19 dager siden

    I remember walking those steps in college wondering if a bike could double them. Wonder no more, thanks Cam!

  • Matias Strong
    Matias Strong19 dager siden

    Subscribe to Matias Strong

  • cam m
    cam m19 dager siden

    Absolutely sick Zinc! Glad to see you're still out there getting it done. Here's to 20+ years of pushing it. :D

    MRTNPRODUX19 dager siden

    I miss NWD so much

  • Tobin Power
    Tobin Power19 dager siden

    that roofs near my house!!!!

  • Nathan Bake
    Nathan Bake19 dager siden

    Love that UNR stair gap!

  • Colby Pringle
    Colby Pringle19 dager siden

    Yooooo!!! Zink your crazy🤘

  • Cbl izy
    Cbl izy19 dager siden

    awesome edit great stuff this is what I will subscribe for

  • buddehsystem
    buddehsystem19 dager siden

    This felt like I just watched Zink’s NWD 11 segment. Great song and insane riding!

  • M Ham
    M Ham19 dager siden


  • levinstriker
    levinstriker19 dager siden

    illest edit out of all of them! True MTB vibe.

  • Zachary Brown
    Zachary Brown19 dager siden

    First one I've watched. Great video. I'm impressed

  • Brent Yancich
    Brent Yancich19 dager siden

    Loving the edits

  • Angelov Anthony
    Angelov Anthony19 dager siden


  • Scott Larsen
    Scott Larsen19 dager siden

    Sick submission Cam! Just cause I was in the zone yesterday, gotta ask; have you just claimed the “bubba scrub” for MTB? If you know......, you know! Sick submission

  • pl jb
    pl jb19 dager siden

    Jesus buddy! Sick

  • AJ
    AJ19 dager siden

    That made my blood pressure go up lol, that was terrifying! Cam that was sick!!!

  • Pshady
    Pshady19 dager siden

    The 360 drop was MASSIVE

  • Danger Dude
    Danger Dude19 dager siden

    The 'realMTB' title sounds funny. Its like saying you ain't doing real mountain biking if you can't do these things. Or we only accept participants who do 'real' mountainbiking. ReelMTB kinda makes sense cause its an edits competition/fest.

  • X Games

    X Games

    18 dager siden

    It's just the name we assign to our video competitions, stemming from Real Street skateboarding.

  • Andy Street
    Andy Street19 dager siden

    THANK YOU @XGames for this event! I know you guys Have tried to bring us Slopestyle MTB events in past Xgames from what I heard it didn’t go over too well due to weather and other reasons, but you guys knocked it out of the park with this one it is insane with these guys and girl are doing on big bikes! Hats off to all the riders because all of you guys killed it!

  • Joe Max Fpv
    Joe Max Fpv19 dager siden

    That first backflip was gnarly! I’d say silver for sure.

  • Vital MTB
    Vital MTB19 dager siden

    HOLY. MOLY. flipping the enarson drop???????????? dang zink! SO RAD

  • YourAverage DouchebagBoarder
    YourAverage DouchebagBoarder19 dager siden

    New boarder around the block, come check me

  • Luca Erbeck
    Luca Erbeck19 dager siden

    He is so inspiring

  • themahdiak
    themahdiak19 dager siden

    what a backflip!!! nicee

  • Alexander Smirnov
    Alexander Smirnov19 dager siden

    Amazing, gives me Rampage Vibes!

  • Marcin Matuszny
    Marcin Matuszny19 dager siden

    Zink is a legend.

  • Florian Hollman
    Florian Hollman19 dager siden

    Is this real mtb or rampage?

  • Znep Ze
    Znep Ze19 dager siden

    The three dislikes are from Karen’s scared of the jumps your doing

  • Federico Prosperi
    Federico Prosperi19 dager siden

    New world disorder vibes 🤟

  • Franz Flemming
    Franz Flemming19 dager siden

    So cool! It proofs that the more aged generation is not rusty!!🔥

  • Alexander Engström
    Alexander Engström19 dager siden

    Got some late 00s fmx movie vibes to this one, made me nostalgic! my fav for sure 👍🏻

  • Trevor Mckenna
    Trevor Mckenna19 dager siden

    This edit was the most fun to watch 👍