Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!

We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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  • princ3sstofu
    princ3sstofuMinutt siden

    It good to see your faces again.

  • Ghoulsandwitches
    Ghoulsandwitches2 minutter siden

    ohymgod i almost fell out of my chair laughing when they showed dans 15th century monk haircut

  • Karmen Messerly
    Karmen Messerly3 minutter siden

    Wow my life just got extremely better Bc if this video

  • Braille Army Bot
    Braille Army Bot14 minutter siden

    I’m smiling u guys achieved it

  • Jolielamborghini
    Jolielamborghini16 minutter siden

    OH GOD I forgot abt the hamster and then as soon as I saw the card me and Dan had the same expression of horror-

  • mira m
    mira m29 minutter siden

    i thought i time travelled to 2016

  • Stevie Rose
    Stevie Rose30 minutter siden

    1:57 😬

  • Vic.Tori.a
    Vic.Tori.a34 minutter siden

    Okay we all missed them in the same frame but I just need to know what kind of orchid is that??

  • dragontruth
    dragontruth38 minutter siden

    Part of me hopes Dan is back back but I'll take what I can get

  • senni bgon
    senni bgon47 minutter siden

    Dan's laugh and Trixie Mattel's laugh is literally the same.

  • hanz Moore
    hanz Moore49 minutter siden


  • Emily C
    Emily CTime siden

    This is what the people want. Also I had soda come out my nose from laughing so I need it to be worth it.

  • Mads
    MadsTime siden

    dan in flannel

  • senni bgon

    senni bgon

    46 minutter siden

    this is exactly what I need at this point in the semester

  • Pip Pip
    Pip PipTime siden

    Really happy for the fans who gave you the cards and finally and see you use them hahaha they are our heroes too. And also im happy that Dan is comfortable with appearing on videos again! You both look really happy lately and im living for it.

  • Creepy Carmody
    Creepy CarmodyTime siden

    I missed you both together so much

  • Urakway
    UrakwayTime siden

    Nature is healing

  • Reilly Neely
    Reilly NeelyTime siden

    this put the BIGGEST smile on my face

  • Coal Snow
    Coal SnowTime siden

    Stayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy with meeeeeeeee Because we miss DILLLLL

  • Mikayla Kelly
    Mikayla KellyTime siden

    THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEEDED!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭❤️

  • Paola Otero
    Paola Otero2 timer siden

    i’m here for the flesh pants

  • Lillian Crooks
    Lillian Crooks2 timer siden

    2:30 Pineapple pizza is amazing, fight me

  • Juliana Gaspar
    Juliana Gaspar2 timer siden


  • Faith Burt
    Faith Burt2 timer siden

    this came out on my birthday and let me just say this is the best birthday present i could have gotten for turning 16

  • Feral Art Student
    Feral Art Student2 timer siden

    This makes me so happy

  • Feral Art Student
    Feral Art Student2 timer siden

    Phil counting in German nearly gave me an aneurysm

  • Ryan Idk
    Ryan Idk2 timer siden

    I missed this.. Also the hamster fic actually mortified me.

  • Juliana Gaspar
    Juliana Gaspar2 timer siden

    watching this video made me incredibly nostalgic

  • Juliana Gaspar
    Juliana Gaspar2 timer siden

    this is exactly what I need at this point in the semester

  • Faith Burt
    Faith Burt2 timer siden

    7:56 Phil: OH NO I GOT THE CARD I GOT LAST TIME!!! me: LAST TIME?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mya Gracey
    Mya Gracey2 timer siden

    This has made me so goddamn happy

  • Magali Duran
    Magali Duran2 timer siden

    Now as an older person who can drink I feel like I can chuckle about the past era. Excited to hear more banter, love how this doesn’t feel forced and embracing that we’re older hahahha

  • zamzam
    zamzam2 timer siden


  • chaotic milk hotel
    chaotic milk hotel2 timer siden

    i missed you guys so much damn i've graduated and everything a wholeass pandemic happened..... but we finally have it. dan & phil in 2021

  • Ayla West
    Ayla West2 timer siden

    I love everything about this

  • Skysky Nomnom
    Skysky Nomnom2 timer siden

    I hope they do more content together. I just really miss seeing them together like this.

  • Denise Sanchez
    Denise Sanchez3 timer siden

    I need the sloth.

  • TheRavens3rdEye
    TheRavens3rdEye3 timer siden


  • Dark side of the sun
    Dark side of the sun3 timer siden

    3:24 Phil: Fun, little intimate Dan's expressions: 😃😦🤨😐 And then there's Phil seriously and thoroughly contemplating if he would be a good lap dancer

  • Alex Bussiere
    Alex Bussiere3 timer siden

    They are stuck in 2016

  • jelly
    jelly3 timer siden

    how many phans are adults or will be soon?

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    Starr Beatz3 timer siden

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    Isabel Garcia Martinez4 timer siden

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  • JJWSVTK abi
    JJWSVTK abi4 timer siden

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  • JJWSVTK abi
    JJWSVTK abi4 timer siden


  • emily
    emily4 timer siden

    and when the world needed them most they RETURNED

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    bun.4 timer siden

    they somehow make the boxes look normal and kinda ✨aesthetic✨

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    LA Sutherlin4 timer siden

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    Ele Eline4 timer siden

    They talk about commitment a lot.. You know what that means, marriage

  • Zoria 56
    Zoria 564 timer siden

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  • ilovestamon
    ilovestamon4 timer siden

    This is the video that made me realise I've watched their content for 9 years. I have been watching this content for longer than some of my family have been alive. Damn

  • imbunny
    imbunny4 timer siden


  • Atomic Soupcan
    Atomic Soupcan5 timer siden

    Dan is just as funny and likeable as ever (Phil never stopped being funny and likeable online 😆) and I’m so damn happy about this CONTENT

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    this brought a huge grin to my face and so many laughs! thank you for humoring us with this one 🥰

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  • Lama Administrator
    Lama Administrator6 timer siden

    Are they a gay couple?

  • Night Sky

    Night Sky

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  • Generic Username
    Generic Username6 timer siden

    Me: I’ve grown out of my NOlocalr phase, I don’t need my signed Dan and Phil poster from 2015 anymore Dan and Phil: enter a giveaway to win our shit Me: *FUCK YEAH*

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    Emmie Tessen-Powell6 timer siden

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  • TheMany
    TheMany8 timer siden

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  • Nobody In particular
    Nobody In particular8 timer siden

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    mariia.cas8 timer siden

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    teenie tiny tony8 timer siden

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