Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz UFC 143 FULL FIGHT

Carlos Condit vs Nick Diaz UFC 143 FULL FIGHT


  • Charles parson
    Charles parson12 timer siden

    I can see why they have the smaller cage now.

  • Meysam Shafaei
    Meysam Shafaei4 dager siden

    Unbelievable Diaz lost!!! Condit just run away...

  • alego 723
    alego 7235 dager siden

    Carlos Corn Nuts Condit

  • Ian stoyle
    Ian stoyle10 dager siden

    Wtf nick won tha fight diaz robbed :(

  • Chad Langlois
    Chad Langlois12 dager siden

    This is such a shitty video maybe next time you should film the whole fucking fight wtf!! Skips right when the action starts PMO

  • EJ Sinner
    EJ Sinner13 dager siden

    NOT FULL FIGHT. Heavily edited.

  • I'm Tired Of My Old Name
    I'm Tired Of My Old Name18 dager siden

    I remember Carlos getting smacked in the mouth why edit it out lmfaoooo.

  • Stephen Sparrow
    Stephen Sparrow19 dager siden

    What an EDITING mess, how can anyone watch this

  • super guy
    super guy22 dager siden

    Carlos condom was scared of dick niaz

  • Psycho Zombie
    Psycho Zombie23 dager siden

    Condit is not fighting he was competing in marathon

  • Mike Emery
    Mike Emery24 dager siden

    Khabib would beat Nick and Nate no problem..they could not hurt Khabib..I love the Diaz brothers..their punches would not hurt Khabib and Khabib can fight as long they want

  • Kenji Kenji90
    Kenji Kenji9026 dager siden

    So Carlos beat both brothers

  • 11Bravo-Dad
    11Bravo-Dad28 dager siden

    Oh we're throwing spinning shit now?... Nick Diaz 🤣

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel LawsonMåned siden

    I hate the way these fights are edited

  • Dana Anderson
    Dana AndersonMåned siden

    Shitty editing my dawg

  • 2873lonewolf
    2873lonewolfMåned siden

    Fucking horrible video, skipping 7 seconds at a time, makes this not watchable!

  • Homeslicehero
    HomesliceheroMåned siden

    They took out diazs deftones song

  • F. Black
    F. BlackMåned siden

    Whoever put this video together sucks. It’s like watching a skipping dvd.

  • Matthew Wisniewski
    Matthew WisniewskiMåned siden

    Diaz won all day easily

  • Larry Daniel
    Larry DanielMåned siden

    I'm glad Carlos came back, one of the greats...but Nick won this fight, judges and Dana robbed both Diaz brothers every chance they got. Never leave it to the judges...

  • Gemini Jake
    Gemini JakeMåned siden

    Run Carlos Run!!

  • Zach Shipley
    Zach ShipleyMåned siden

    Tf is wrong with their walkout songs lol its like 1980s fucboi music

  • Rolando Useda
    Rolando UsedaMåned siden

    The editing in this video SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

  • 100,00 Subscribers With No Videos
    100,00 Subscribers With No VideosMåned siden

    Yea confit scared of Diaz that’s why he ran he also said before the fight nick Diaz is the toughest guy he ever fought so maybe that’s another reason he ran

  • nonvolt
    nonvoltMåned siden

    Terrible call

  • Tyler Leyden
    Tyler LeydenMåned siden

    2 things you don't fuck with in life.. the diaz boys. 209 all day

  • ape KomA
    ape KomAMåned siden

    Carlos “Circle Away” Condit

  • Danny Zavala
    Danny ZavalaMåned siden

    Anyone know Carlos condit’s opening song?

  • btone006


    Dag siden

    It sounded like a tune from Anthrax.

  • SuperDuper
    SuperDuperMåned siden

    Gayest judges bruh

  • Rafael Bras
    Rafael BrasMåned siden

    Random edit

  • Alden Harvey
    Alden HarveyMåned siden

    Nick won that shit

  • Stephen Stuckey
    Stephen StuckeyMåned siden

    Jeez, nick barely breathing hard...Carlos all sweating and out of breath and shit. Love carlos, but I don't believe he won. Shit, he ran alot Diaz's opponents like to do for some reason. Look on Condit's face almost seemed surprised he won.

  • Zach Shipley

    Zach Shipley

    Måned siden

    I believe in a recent interveiw he said that he also thought diaz won but was open for a rematch

  • daniel gramy
    daniel gramyMåned siden

    Diaz won that fight, wtf

  • captd80
    captd80Måned siden

    I just want Carlos to fight and do Carlos shit.

  • captd80
    captd80Måned siden

    Fuck this editing

    MUSTBEARTMåned siden

    As much as I love Diaz, condit definitely won, all I saw was condit scoring all rounds and Diaz was hardly connecting punches. I mean just look at nicks face it’s all fucked,

  • Tron Tron
    Tron TronMåned siden

    The decision on this fight still pisses me off to this day

  • snaky jones

    snaky jones

    Måned siden

    Made nick give up think he didn’t have passion after seems

  • 100,00 Subscribers With No Videos

    100,00 Subscribers With No Videos

    Måned siden

    Haha yea this should be top comment because nick Diaz should of won stupid judges

  • john
    johnMåned siden

    I love NBK, but this entire fight is Nick walking down Carlos.

  • snaky jones

    snaky jones

    Måned siden

    N he didn’t throw with tenacity he known for was sad fight or flight decided flight

  • Sean Miguel
    Sean MiguelMåned siden

    Nick won for sure

  • Абдибакир Султан уулу
    Абдибакир Султан уулуMåned siden

    nick diaz %100

  • Ricky Salazar
    Ricky SalazarMåned siden

    Tf is up with the camera shifts

  • Gilbert Standing alone
    Gilbert Standing aloneMåned siden

    Nick won this fight !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tmoney420
    Tmoney420Måned siden

    Nick should've got the dub wtf

  • Ashton B
    Ashton B2 måneder siden

    Nick “ I always try to fight after the bell” Diaz

  • Prodigy Grinder

    Prodigy Grinder

    12 dager siden

    Dude can back it up lol.

  • Petrounot Twins
    Petrounot Twins2 måneder siden

    I don't understand how this is the same guy who fought robbie lawler and koed him,how?just how?

  • Ronald Wilkins

    Ronald Wilkins

    5 dager siden

    Because Lawler was willing to FIGHT unlike Condit who was not.

  • Everything is working As intended

    Everything is working As intended

    Måned siden

    @kaleel clark yep up until his fight with lawler he was pretty much a grappler. The fight before the lawler fight he fought Jeremy jackson for a third time. During that third jackson fight Mike goldberg says this is a grappler vs striker matchup or something similar to that and during the fight rogan pretty much explains how diaz wants to get the fight onto the ground in order to win. After this fight came the fight with lawler in which diaz broke out the bjj mold and he developed into striker. Here's an article from his own boxing coach explaining when he started training diaz. If you go down to the question "you have done a good job with both Nick and Nate's boxing, tell us how you hooked up with Nick diaz?" Richard perez mentions he knew them both as they had been around his gym but he didn't start training Nick until the robbie lawler fight.

  • kaleel clark

    kaleel clark

    Måned siden

    @Everything is working As intended diaz was a pure grappler? lol

  • oedipa maas

    oedipa maas

    Måned siden

    He was in Lawler's head big time, had him fighting angry which is rarely good. Makes ya tense, tiring yourself out more quickly throwing bombs, not paying enough attention to incoming shots.

  • Everything is working As intended

    Everything is working As intended

    Måned siden

    I still remember watching this fight as a kid, the ko and way robbie fell looked weird to me. As a kid I couldn't understand that a simple jab could ko someone. But onto what you asked. He pretty much faked out lawler. At the time diaz was known purely as a grappler. During buffers announcements he was saying all sorts of stuff to robbie, then proceeds to keep doing so during the fight all while striking with lawler, which robbie probably didn't expect diaz to strike with him. At the time robbie had the hype of a "real fighter" very much like how diaz is regarded as today. It was that fight that he broke out of the mold of a Gracie grappler. And since that fight his striking went on to become some of the best boxing we had seen in mma at the time. Just watch his run through elitexc/strikeforce, shit was legendary. Robbie has a decent up and down run in sf too, and imo it's probably where he became the robbie we know today. The calm silent killer robbie.

    NICHOLAS MESSINA2 måneder siden

    Nick won

  • Naldo _114
    Naldo _1142 måneder siden

    You put Carlos highlights not Nicks

  • Naldo _114
    Naldo _1142 måneder siden

    Nick won

  • Toastcano718
    Toastcano7182 måneder siden

    Pussy ass Codit literally ran away from Nick the whole time. The piece of shit judges don’t know wtf they’re doin

  • TheWizard TV
    TheWizard TV2 måneder siden

    Nick got robbed

  • kaden atyim
    kaden atyim2 måneder siden

    Carlos ran just like Conner lol

  • BMFSaiyan ReignX

    BMFSaiyan ReignX

    4 dager siden

    @Omar Sheikh dude Conor was running his ass off everytime Nate walked forward

  • Omar Sheikh

    Omar Sheikh

    4 dager siden

    Conor never ran against Diaz he got exhausted then took some breath then gave us a fight to remember. Carlos didn't do that.

  • Tom Mandich

    Tom Mandich

    Måned siden

    Ya dick wad the king is back and got choked out and he said the king is back when he barley got the decision.Real men of Genius

  • BMFSaiyan ReignX

    BMFSaiyan ReignX

    Måned siden

    I agree Nick won that shit fuck what the judges say just like Nate was robbed in the Connor Guida and And 2nd Maynard fight they know who won why leave it to judges

  • Will


    Måned siden

    Connor was worse

  • Milly池坊Ikebana Frank美术Art Studio
    Milly池坊Ikebana Frank美术Art Studio2 måneder siden

    Great fight 👍👍👍

  • Milly池坊Ikebana Frank美术Art Studio
    Milly池坊Ikebana Frank美术Art Studio2 måneder siden

    Very nice fight!!! Just joined!!!... Thank you for sharing!!!... 👍👏💪🤝 ++ 🔔🔔🔔

  • Jasaja Lagrene
    Jasaja Lagrene2 måneder siden

    Nick destroyes eveeybody only when hé FIGHTS for the beld or something importend hé dous NOT fight like the real Diaz who fought Robbie laywer

  • john


    Måned siden


  • Jasaja Lagrene
    Jasaja Lagrene2 måneder siden

    I Hate they say dull fight bit IT isnt the FULL fight so for the maker of this FUCK YOU!

  • D-MF-L
    D-MF-L2 måneder siden

    Show the full fight

  • Guess Who

    Guess Who

    Måned siden

    Word wtf is up with the skips

  • Errick Flesch
    Errick Flesch2 måneder siden


  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston2 måneder siden

    Condit ran the whole fight didn't want that smoke

  • Joe Rico

    Joe Rico

    Måned siden

    Sean Miguel yeah, most of these fair weathered fans like to see that Floyd Mayweather bullshit.. It’s MMA.. not boxing.. he hit and ran .. like a punkass kid does in school.. “I’ll hit him and run” Condit knew this style was the only way to beat Diaz.. by out pointing him..

  • Will


    Måned siden

    @Diego Latigo connor is braver than adesanya tho il give you that at least he stands in front of his opponent and just slips the punch . Adesanya is on the back foot using his reach and agility to make sure he doesnt have to scrap.

  • Will


    Måned siden

    @Diego Latigo Diaz has so much scar tissue he opens up every fight . Masvidal fight showed how bad it was . He used the kicks to take Diaz boxing away . He had a CLEAR strategy change from the first fight....why? Because he lost and he nearly lost the 2md fight aswell because mgregor gassed as usual

  • Will


    Måned siden

    @Diego Latigo yes but he would attack explosively leaving himself open . He wasnt exclusively a counter fighter , Silva would make his opponent miss and mock him . That was good to watch . Watching someone stay away from danger an land calf kicks until they have an advantage . Yes it's a winning formula but I THINK its garbage to watch and alot of ppl agree .

  • Will


    Måned siden

    @Diego Latigo adesanya runs Silva didnt