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  • Joshua Kraydman
    Joshua Kraydman9 minutter siden

    Bodie is so funny

  • Ellen Helgemo Bjørnli
    Ellen Helgemo Bjørnli21 minutt siden

    9:27 omg the hiii from bodie is so sweet

  • Minoru Mineta
    Minoru Mineta55 minutter siden

    Fresh: We gotta go! Bodie: *Staring intently at window

  • Noe Vazquez
    Noe VazquezTime siden

    Why fresh has bodi mute

  • Drew Ohren
    Drew Ohren2 timer siden

    Fresh is so nice to bohdi

  • Iggy Shark
    Iggy Shark4 timer siden

    is this your new main skin now?

  • SonicMarch 18
    SonicMarch 185 timer siden

    2:30 they are FAKE

  • Vail Village
    Vail Village5 timer siden

    On the second round two stream snipers came to fresh, one was wearing the same skin as him and the Gingy killed the wrong fresh skin and started dancing

  • Kaeul Park
    Kaeul Park7 timer siden

    The illustrious subway correspondingly jog because heart causally concentrate out a amused bar. romantic, aboriginal bridge

  • Horsi
    Horsi9 timer siden

    wait so fresh you are to Lenon nefio

  • Digdag91
    Digdag9111 timer siden

    Just the tumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Libby Hutchinson
    Libby Hutchinson12 timer siden

    Anyone hear bhodi at 2:06

  • Nodu
    Nodu14 timer siden

    play with muselk

  • TapWater Omg
    TapWater Omg15 timer siden

    Duz fresh have a family

  • Peyton Gooch
    Peyton Gooch17 timer siden

    Lazarbeam is freshes dad so that would be that fresh is bodies cousin edit: I know that fresh said this in the video

  • Viqx
    Viqx17 timer siden

    2:08 what the f@#$

  • Noreen Forde
    Noreen Forde19 timer siden

    Play with ninja let’s get this a thing everyone spam please

  • Radi ant
    Radi ant19 timer siden

    Brodie’s kind of sus 2:07

  • Nazir Ahmad
    Nazir Ahmad21 time siden


  • Korsikai
    Korsikai21 time siden

    What the title says: carrying an 8 year old in floor is lava What the thumbnail says: 8 year old carrying us in floor is lava

  • Emiliano Huerta-Quezada
    Emiliano Huerta-Quezada22 timer siden

    you guys literty muted him 😂

  • Leshae Allen
    Leshae Allen23 timer siden

    xdvffhdgcdhdkuddbgvcks sqxvxvvvxvvvxdvxvsidfuefgyfvdbccddfffgdvgbfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdcfdfcfdvbdmsdxssmdsock ajsw/kl

  • Awais
    AwaisDag siden

    It's been 4 years since bodie was 8 years old now hes 8 years old

  • Harley Mackie
    Harley MackieDag siden

    I can’t believe I have the same name as fresh

  • rakhee batra
    rakhee batraDag siden

    Fire video

  • Ribsy Dabber
    Ribsy DabberDag siden

    2:11 did- did bodie just moan? or is he watching por-

  • cheyenne desmith
    cheyenne desmithDag siden


  • 7x ice
    7x iceDag siden

    If Bodhi is not Fresh's family Fresh should be arrested for child abuse.

  • camdeman
    camdemanDag siden

    Did anyone just watch muselks vid and realiz that the guy fresh killed with the balloons might be muselk

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie WilliamsDag siden

    In the intro

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie WilliamsDag siden

    Why is biody a deafalt and he said he is craced

  • Mc Tips

    Mc Tips

    Dag siden

    Why is ur spelling horrible and why r u insulting lil lazar HE IS ARE KING!!!!

  • F1SH
    F1SHDag siden

    Alternative title: grown men teaches 8 year old swear words

  • maxplayzz
    maxplayzzDag siden


  • Hương Nguyễn
    Hương NguyễnDag siden

    That kid is soo bot 🙄 fresh

  • Berat Celep
    Berat CelepDag siden


  • Berat Celep

    Berat Celep

    Dag siden


  • Bruce May
    Bruce MayDag siden

    Fresh your teaching him bad gramer you say so many peapole not so much

    AJS WORLDDag siden

    If you dont know bodie is latins nethew so that makes him my cousin Yes I proberly did spell it all incorrect

  • David O Sullivan
    David O SullivanDag siden

    Play mincraft with bodi

  • Atanaska Bozova
    Atanaska BozovaDag siden

    Yo fresh I’m a big fan

  • Icedcxffee G
    Icedcxffee GDag siden


  • hilarious kids Kids
    hilarious kids KidsDag siden

    Thanks for bringing bodies back to the channel

  • Harry's World
    Harry's WorldDag siden

    Why does your screen shake after you pop the med kit and kill the guy

  • Coop Outdoors
    Coop OutdoorsDag siden

    Was it just me or did I hear Brodie go auuuuhh

  • Kurxa _
    Kurxa _Dag siden

    Just me or he’s been 8 for the last 2 years lmao

  • Funny The dino
    Funny The dinoDag siden

    U and laza are related? I mever knew

  • kxng_fn21


    Dag siden

    they arent

  • Savannah Walter
    Savannah WalterDag siden

    hella kills 👀

  • Player1
    Player1Dag siden

    when your mom asks you what your eating 7:35

  • Jacob gaming

    Jacob gaming

    Dag siden


  • icethedog
    icethedogDag siden

    You are getting a locker bundle

  • Kyle Fengya
    Kyle FengyaDag siden

    When flint knock get vaulted 😱😰😰😰😤😭😢

  • Faze Trash
    Faze TrashDag siden

    Hi Aman lol u can see my chat

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli LopezDag siden


  • Cool Flopper
    Cool FlopperDag siden

    What did bohdi say 2:06

  • Swift Clips
    Swift ClipsDag siden

    He killed me OMG 😱

  • Matthew Bohacziw
    Matthew BohacziwDag siden

    i think i heard body moan

  • Woutime
    WoutimeDag siden

    Massive give away at 100 subs. Be sure to be there when it happens!

  • Alfie Smith
    Alfie SmithDag siden

    I love you guys

  • Mutsa Machimbidzofa
    Mutsa MachimbidzofaDag siden

    You’re fresh and using my moms I’m only eight years old teach me how to be cracked like you can just send me a friend request my account code how do you Dragon 99 is coldhearted and writing hunting dragon 99 that’s my account

  • Jake Tilly
    Jake TillyDag siden


  • sf beam
    sf beamDag siden

    I declare that pp is know fresh's town

  • real life minecraft mods
    real life minecraft modsDag siden

    Sneak level 1,000,000

  • Lander XO
    Lander XO2 dager siden

    Gun fact birdie is fresh cousin

  • zack the gamer
    zack the gamer2 dager siden

    Why did fresh says that bodie is his cousin if they are not related. Like if you agree or think the same.

  • Ashton Puleo

    Ashton Puleo

    4 timer siden

    @zack the gamer in his older vids

  • zack the gamer

    zack the gamer

    4 timer siden


  • Ashton Puleo

    Ashton Puleo

    4 timer siden

    They said it as a joke

  • zack the gamer

    zack the gamer

    5 timer siden

    Fresh and lazarbeam are not related

  • Ashton Puleo

    Ashton Puleo

    5 timer siden

    Because lazer is fresh’s uncle

  • vrv987vrv
    vrv987vrv2 dager siden

    Omg fresh and i made the same umbrella just in different color in chapter 2 season 3

  • Gustav Savtšuk
    Gustav Savtšuk2 dager siden

    Bordie is crackd

  • Hi everyone my name is kermit
    Hi everyone my name is kermit2 dager siden

    2:29 look at these streamsnipers with the same skins as fresh and lazar

  • Two Katanas fn
    Two Katanas fn2 dager siden

    I wish it was like the Grefg floor is lava thing

  • Proxizitty
    Proxizitty2 dager siden

    2:06 bodie ahh ya auh

  • Nobody No
    Nobody No2 dager siden

    Title should be carrying baby to a win in floor is lava. Oh yeah and Bodie too.

  • Oliver Vennetti
    Oliver Vennetti2 dager siden

    3:55 the god of pickles

  • Gamer S
    Gamer S2 dager siden

    Play with me im gonna Carry you xD

  • ITZ J1
    ITZ J12 dager siden

    1:53 probably the most unnecessary edit I've ever seen

    BLIN _FINNMCBLIN2 dager siden

    fresh: 20 kills lazarbeam: behind fresh brohdi: popped all of the squads in the game

  • Nicholas McCann
    Nicholas McCann2 dager siden

    When u guys died at the start of the game the newhep moaned

  • Callum Moore
    Callum Moore2 dager siden

    you should do a video where bohdi 1v1 ilsa and tessla

  • Ayaan Badan
    Ayaan Badan2 dager siden

    Lazarbeam: wants to stay on high ground Bodi: hides and heals Fresh: Bots everyone

  • Charlie Russell
    Charlie Russell2 dager siden


    DARK WALKER13092 dager siden

    i was in that video omg

  • Liam Sheridan
    Liam Sheridan2 dager siden

    Woah go to 2:12

  • dragon rider
    dragon rider2 dager siden

    Just floor is lava? Fortnite it's not fun anymore 😒

  • Youssef Khalil
    Youssef Khalil2 dager siden


  • vishalrohit s
    vishalrohit s2 dager siden

    im 8 year old can u play with me pls

  • Rocket Network
    Rocket Network2 dager siden

    You’ve done this vid like 7 times

  • King Loop
    King Loop2 dager siden

    It’s uh uh a Chinese skin

  • Noah Stancil
    Noah Stancil2 dager siden

    When the flint knock was in the game

  • Gavin Burgess
    Gavin Burgess2 dager siden

    Use code lazar WITH 2 A

  • far amen
    far amen2 dager siden

    The right disgust trivially attach because cardboard neurologically camp of a opposite wren. cut, brash australia

  • Samantha F
    Samantha F2 dager siden

    14:16 WTF

  • Samantha F

    Samantha F

    2 dager siden

    I ment 2:08

  • Jae-Ann Yorke
    Jae-Ann Yorke2 dager siden

    Fresh when i get Older i Want to be a pro at fortnight like you.🤗🤗🤗

  • MaryBeth Iveljic
    MaryBeth Iveljic2 dager siden

    Please pin this🤗

  • Spencer Rogers
    Spencer Rogers2 dager siden


  • sean reid
    sean reid2 dager siden

    Fresh shorts sounds a bit like sypher PK shorts

  • Chase r
    Chase r2 dager siden

    My friend Bodie he's already taken and he's crack at fortnite ahahawawae

  • Adams World
    Adams World2 dager siden

    skip to 2:08 LMFAOO

  • Moonawar Coowar
    Moonawar Coowar2 dager siden

    No one can fly away bcz fresh can just aimbot them 😂

  • Gertie Go Home
    Gertie Go Home2 dager siden

    awwww how cute

  • Aluri
    Aluri2 dager siden

    This was adorable xD

  • Kelly Ve'an
    Kelly Ve'an2 dager siden

    Wait...if he's Lazerbeam's nephew, and he's your cousin does that mean... LAZERBEAM'S YOUR DAD?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Gamingwithsoup


    2 dager siden

    Yes. Lazarbeam adopted fresh when he was 14 and jokes about being freshs dad. Fresh has real parents though

  • Mm gaming
    Mm gaming2 dager siden

    Plz sub

  • Star Destroyer
    Star Destroyer3 dager siden

    Fresh is carrying two bots in this game

  • Smooth Spark
    Smooth Spark3 dager siden

    For fuck sake fresh, u dont need 4 accounts