Catching fish as big as CARS


Catching fish as big as CARS! Our BIGGEST fishing video ever!
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    Dude Perfect25 dager siden

    Who wants Halloween Stereotypes? 🙋🏻‍♂️🎃

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    It’s here already ーへー

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    Steven Harris17 minutter siden

    Everybody: School Stereotypes Dude Perfect: Sorry, what?

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    I saw this channel in my English academy I saw the trick shot video. Thank you about made this channel I am Korean My English skill is so bad soory

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    Sadi Özel2 timer siden

    Woow very very nice bro

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    Fadel Rauhillah2 timer siden

    Plese do more overtime

  • Dragon Lord
    Dragon Lord4 timer siden

    Imagine the bait beeing bigger than the biggest fish you ever cought 👁👄👁

  • 1000 abbonez sans video
    1000 abbonez sans video7 timer siden

    Les francais il sont ou

  • Eric VandenAvond
    Eric VandenAvond11 timer siden

    I think it would be cool for them to go to northwestern lakes and see who can find the largest freshwater mussel. It would also be cool if the mussels could be tagged and released for further research on their species.

  • Toater 99
    Toater 9913 timer siden

    You should Do mall starortipes it would Be so funny

  • Toater 99
    Toater 9913 timer siden

    I got you merch I love it ti is so cool and a Backpack an I send a letter for garrets 🎁 and coBey so it coming soon happen Berthday Coby

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    Linky14 timer siden

    Who else is just binge watching Dude Perfect. ( I’ve binge watched, Every Overtime, Every Stereotype vid, and now all of the Battles)

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    Garret grouper

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    Best moment ever... REEL GARRETT REEL!!

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    opzz xsin

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    So its like catching cars lol

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    Garrett you were supposed to set the hook

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    you guys are very cool guys

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    Noel D.Dag siden

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    Tovrea JacksonDag siden

    This is crazy

  • Tovrea Jackson
    Tovrea JacksonDag siden

    Where are you guys?

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    Tristian HuDag siden

    I fish 🎣 and that looks cool 😎

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    Jarrod HammonsDag siden

    I subed to blacktiph

  • Jeremy Marte
    Jeremy MarteDag siden

    Bro, the bait itself is bigger than any fish I've ever caught.

  • Poplok99
    Poplok99Dag siden

    So its like catching cars lol

  • AKA Froi

    AKA Froi

    Dag siden

    @Poplok99 honestly its like that doe

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    @AKA Froi lol

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    Misha AndersonDag siden

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    20 LIKES OMGOSH HOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lily YlayaDag siden

    Imagine losing to a fish 🎣😅😂



    22 timer siden


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    new hobby: eating pork while watching dude perfect

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    Dag siden

    6 years ago fishing in a lake catching small fish Now: They are fishing in the ocean catch bigger fish Goliath Groupers!!!! Wow!!

  • Felix Ho
    Felix Ho2 dager siden

    Lucky Garret gets to join them this time

    TECH UNOBOXING.2 dager siden

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    Izidiin Ahmed2 dager siden

    They the PERFECT SONG

  • Cordae's Life
    Cordae's Life2 dager siden

    i probably would have dove into the water if I lost my fish lol.

  • Micah Mosser
    Micah Mosser2 dager siden

    I didn’t know cars were that small??

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    Derpy Shark2 dager siden

    Smallest car I’ve ever seen

  • Iconikz 7
    Iconikz 72 dager siden

    Imagine none of that guys numbers were correct and coby caught the biggest one🤣🤣

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    X-man2 dager siden

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    bpalankov2 dager siden

    Teenager fish when he goes home: MOM I'M OK! jeez

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    Leo Luna2 dager siden

    Nice masks where'd you get them from?

  • Lauren Misek
    Lauren Misek2 dager siden

    In the begging it showed the light house in the background and I once climbed it! 🤩

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    "Big bait catches big fish"

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    6 years ago fishing in a lake catching small fish Now: They are fishing in the ocean catch bigger fish Goliath Groupers!!!! Wow!!

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    Kimberly Robins

    Dag siden

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    Echo Harrington2 dager siden

    the fish remind me of the big fish from club penguin

  • Op Gaming
    Op Gaming3 dager siden

    I love how I caught a full grown shark and the grouper are bigger

  • mikin lirou

    mikin lirou

    2 dager siden

    When the twins try to fish: Both of them pulls out goldfish xD

  • Martin Kulina
    Martin Kulina3 dager siden

    Coby is nicer than cory

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    German Rodriguez3 dager siden

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    I seem to remember all groupers having mouths so big they create whirlpools when they gape

  • Kai-aya
    Kai-aya3 dager siden

    All the fish they caught literally weigh more than me

  • Jeremiah Strickland
    Jeremiah Strickland3 dager siden

    Right before coby goes I’m calling wiff

  • Jeremiah Strickland

    Jeremiah Strickland

    3 dager siden

    I was right but wrong let’s go cobyyyyyyyy

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    Aaron Davies3 dager siden

    I was stoked to see my main man voby pull tye win. Lol. Low key rootin for the kid the whole episode.

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    Me guud thanks For asking3 dager siden

    I have been wating for this time for a year congrats Coby🥳🥳

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    Jill Riddle3 dager siden

    these are not as big as Cars!

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    When the twins try to fish: Both of them pulls out goldfish xD

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    Jarod Rhodes3 dager siden

    Am I the only one that sees this as animal abuse?

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    Jack Ernster

    Dag siden

    Yes you are the only one

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    Pickle Rick3 dager siden

    Only legends know they changed the name of the vid

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    iitsTre_3 dager siden

    I still don’t get how we as humans are actually able to reel these in. These things are nutty!!!

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  • Yorgam Mara

    Yorgam Mara

    3 dager siden

    If I slap you and let you leave will it ok?

  • Ablepancakes


    3 dager siden

    Shut up ❄️ they literally let them go

    BEANOS3 dager siden

    *girlfriend* I bet he's cheating on me *Me and the bois*

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    Owen Gaming013 dager siden

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    opzz xsin4 dager siden

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    opzz xsin

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    Heather gale Licot4 dager siden

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    Ryan Anderson4 dager siden

    Love your videos they always make me smile

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    Ryan Anderson4 dager siden

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    MUHAMMAD TAYYIB4 dager siden


    MUHAMMAD TAYYIB4 dager siden


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