Chaos and Creatures | Ep. 22 | Minecraft X Life SMP


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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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    Are you scared of lobby t / the spider

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    LDShadowLady I love your vids and ever since I had started watching your vids I started watching them many many times and I love them

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    I keeep mixing jack with seapeakay oop...


    I feel like Lizzie should close the door to the secret room when they come lol

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    U should make a cozy cottage for turtle Jeremy. He doesn't like the modern life of housing developments. He's very quaint.

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    Kill everyone in the sever yes I’m a psychopath JK JK JK

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    @Bunny Girl sorry i mean the music for the intro

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    anyone else think that starburst cave looked like shadow craft just a lil

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    Omg it dod

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    I know thats minecraft but THAT CANT BE MINECRAFT what is it?

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    I dare you to make a house out of diamonds

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    Hey lizzie! Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bring back the sims 4 disney princess challenge!LIKE IF U AGREE!!!

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    hey could you do a video were a weel dasides how you build your house again and would you make a seirize out of it

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    Post plzzz

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    i hope you dont die lizzie

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    Lizzie you should have a bucket list of things you want to do before you die!!!! You should also get another goat and call it: don pepe like please. no seriously. its a really funny name.

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    if you people are thinking what minecraft does she have well if your on phone you cant have one its on pc go to chrome and search minecraft and done

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    Im sorry to hear DON'T know: :/

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    Well Done Lizzy you made it! 1K videos I want to thank you for making me happier when I'm down I'm really enjoying your XLife sierues keep up the good work 😉

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    Get A Pet Squirrel 🐿 And Name It Sylvana Peanut Or Hazel For Animal Crossing

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    Will u name a animal fartyfur? Please?

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    Hi Lizzie, can you please answer how you get multiple different mods from different game modes/times in the same game?

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    Here is russian ? (Жду лайк)

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    So sad this series is almost over. This and Kingdomcraft is the best Minecraft series I have ever seen.

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    LobbyT should accualy live in the cave with starburst

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    It would be my dream if you did that. Your my idol

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    Could you please name two of any of your animals Jade and Elle. I’m a huge fan I seen every single one

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    Did anyone see in the chat GeminiTay blew up?!?!?! No! That wasn’t her fault and she was the only one still on one heart. Now she’s gonna come and make a video of how she died. Poor gem😭

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    Can I make a wish where the next series (if that does happen and I pray it does) can be called Clan Craft. Where it is a factions server where you live somewhere in a hidden location with 2-3 other players. From here you play factions as you would but there is a market similar to Kingdom Craft. Just a suggestion but I really liked it. Like if you agree

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    Can you show me what shaders u have and how to download it on mobile and pc? PLS

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    Hi Lizzie you are the best ur my favorite youtuber and I would love u to name a pet wolf nightmaretaco like ur kamodo dragon from shadowcraft please name a pet wolf nightmaretaco

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  • Stephanie Gier
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    lizzie pls make a will and kill sepeakay and scott in it for pay back

  • Stephanie Gier

    Stephanie Gier

    21 time siden

    lizzie pls make a will and kill sepeakay and scott in it for pay back

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