Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS


Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to NOlocal. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with NOlocal star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even NOlocal star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
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  • Natural Beauty Blog
    Natural Beauty Blog6 minutter siden

    Oh can we stop making stupid ppl famous?? Thanks

  • Jan R Aquino
    Jan R Aquino10 minutter siden

    She is crying about Followers while homeless cry for food to eat. Come on Charli at least you still alot of Followers and you cry about a VERY VERY small problem that can be fixed in 3 days. TIK TOK BRAIN WASHED THIS KIDS MIND

  • Bro V
    Bro V10 minutter siden

    i dont like her lol

  • Blenda Shala
    Blenda Shala15 minutter siden

    st least she is not like z*e crying over charlie being famous

  • Dejan Krstić
    Dejan Krstić18 minutter siden

    Ma nek izgubi i sve folowere tu godinu dana pokazuje dupe za 100 miliona pratilaca

  • Lilly Flower
    Lilly Flower19 minutter siden

    I dont get the fuss

  • veroleone per sempre
    veroleone per sempre19 minutter siden


  • Na Jaemin
    Na Jaemin23 minutter siden

    i have no followers,but i didn't cry.

  • sodapop creamzies
    sodapop creamzies30 minutter siden

    No gonna lie. Dixie looks sick all the time and if she's always throwing up that's not good. Like you can tell by how sicken in her cheeks are

  • Wyatt Wilson
    Wyatt Wilson31 minutt siden

    How did she even get famous in the first place

  • xxzacian069 67
    xxzacian069 6736 minutter siden

    Does anyone actually care

  • jake monster
    jake monster39 minutter siden

    Because people forget where they came from and don’t have a purpose or pasion. They only gain easy fame for no talent and they grow ego? Sis. Be realistic a little u can be funny joking but being a real sassy person makes you look terrible

    Yass_QBee GAMING CHANNEL39 minutter siden

    this is why I unfollowed Charlie

  • Amycutie Crews
    Amycutie Crews40 minutter siden


  • Damilola Falope
    Damilola Falope40 minutter siden

    Oh please 🥱🙄

  • Unfunny Joker Main
    Unfunny Joker Main43 minutter siden


  • Kerrie Dee Hitching
    Kerrie Dee Hitching44 minutter siden

    They are entitled asf

  • Splisshy
    Splisshy45 minutter siden

    bruh there's no way she didn't buy followers...

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo46 minutter siden

    Real talk waay to many feeet out there for me to really giv a fuc about this....meh

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy47 minutter siden

    wasn’t it because she kept getting death threats

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo50 minutter siden

    So hold on ..she rude to her chef..but then when someone rude to her suddenly everyone in the wrong?

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo50 minutter siden

    0:34 fake crying

  • El Diablo
    El Diablo51 minutt siden

    Gurl...come on If u love ur followers den spend time hittin them up

  • Arianatorfamy
    Arianatorfamy53 minutter siden

    Poor Charlie:( I don’t pick sides, people can hate but I always send love

  • Euan Louis
    Euan Louis55 minutter siden

    Cries as she racks in millions...y’all crazy for following this.

  • Xēna !
    Xēna !55 minutter siden

    hahah thanks guys for cancelling charli for having DREAMS AND GOALS, she wasn’t complaining. (:

  • Space Gamer
    Space Gamer55 minutter siden

    Who ever is having on charli StOp NoW

  • Ekusu Kyō
    Ekusu Kyō56 minutter siden


  • Phoenix Ashe
    Phoenix Ashe58 minutter siden


  • James Nicholls
    James Nicholls58 minutter siden

    Child says she likes chicken nuggets and wants more followers and somehow she's Hitler? Christ.

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon59 minutter siden

    It’s tiktok bro they made her famous just for dancing

  • نوف الشهراني
    نوف الشهرانيTime siden


  • Lillian Schildwachter
    Lillian SchildwachterTime siden

    It's completely obvious that she NEVER cared about her fans. She just wants money and followers and she has about 90 mil. She looses l mil and she cries???! Come on, there's people that are starving and dying. #cancelcharli

  • kaou.halimi
    kaou.halimiTime siden

    I don't get why people hate yall know nothing about them you don't even know them personally. so you are not in a place to judge

  • Gethin Chambers
    Gethin ChambersTime siden

    Damn... who fucking asked?

  • Elisa Maureen
    Elisa MaureenTime siden

    I don’t know why people make other people famous like for your not gonna get anything out of it

  • Nicole Allison
    Nicole AllisonTime siden

    well her 15 minutes of fame are up

  • Elvis Portillo
    Elvis PortilloTime siden

    And Charlie you are pretty

  • Elvis Portillo
    Elvis PortilloTime siden

    My dad is called elvis

  • Elvis Portillo
    Elvis PortilloTime siden

    I,m a girl

  • Elvis Portillo
    Elvis PortilloTime siden


  • Elvis Portillo
    Elvis PortilloTime siden

    I love you Charlie you do what you want cause I,m your bigger fan you are the best NOlocalr I love you so much Charlie ok so don't cry

  • natalie
    natalieTime siden

    She has 95 MILLION followers and cried on a live because she lost 1 million?? Girl please.. she's literally the most followed account like bruh

  • shogun45
    shogun45Time siden

    She's white tf did you expect

  • Kinlee Carter
    Kinlee CarterTime siden

    Oh my gosh y’all are so mean to Charlie she is a very good person and she cannot help that she does not like something because everybody Thanks some thing is nasty

  • promise rodriguez
    promise rodriguezTime siden

    kim, there are people that are dying.

  • Mikayla Vickers
    Mikayla VickersTime siden

    I am so sorry to here that I will all ways support you and your family LOVE MIKAYLA VICKERS

  • Legendary Hamster
    Legendary HamsterTime siden

    2020 truly is the year humanity ends... I don't really care about how many followers someone has, someone telling anyone - regardless of who they are - to harm themselves are scum. Now, with this understanding we find scum harassing a 16 year old girl - that is the scummiest of the scummiest scum thing to do. As far as I'm concerned, they're barely human. 'oh no, this 16 year old girl said her favourite food is chicken nuggets and mac 'n' cheese!' she's a kid, just because millions of people follow her on a shitty online forum it doesn't mean she's perfect ffs...

    KAYRA KTime siden

    You deserved it ‼️

  • Eckardt
    EckardtTime siden


  • Nona Goldelox
    Nona GoldeloxTime siden

    Who comes here to laugh at the hideous behavior? Get a laugh because it is Joke. Influence the world with intelligence. Unreality is a laugh

  • Jordan Simpson
    Jordan SimpsonTime siden

    bruh, a mil is nothing to her

  • Remi
    RemiTime siden

    And this is news? There's far worse things going on in this world right now and she is complaining that she lost 1 MILLION Followers. Big Deal...

  • Hilal Odabaşı
    Hilal OdabaşıTime siden

    DRAMA 🤘

  • Katrín
    KatrínTime siden

    This is where we are as humans. So desperate for, so addicted to likes and follows and subscribers and shares from total strangers we can't function without it. Girl, simple solution to all of this. Log off. Just shut social media off. If that thought makes your skin crawl, then try just for a few days. You don't owe anyone to be constantly sharing your life, you do it to feed your own ego, to satisfy your own need for validation. So stop crying, woman up, leave the fake virtual online world and join the real world for a few days. It will do you good.

  • Legendary Hamster

    Legendary Hamster

    Time siden

    To be fair, she's a kid. The fact that other people know this and still attack her online and pass vile hate on to her says a lot about them and nothing about this girl. She should be able to do whatever she likes online but the scumbags hating on here for liking chicken nuggets (oh the inhumanity) probably hate themselves more...

  • L x
    L xTime siden

    Why would he be offered ab what they said they only said they didn’t like it it’s not deep bloody ell

  • Someotherweirdo
    SomeotherweirdoTime siden

    Man I really miss the sound of sksksks rn and I oop 😔🐢

  • Lizbeth Aguirre
    Lizbeth Aguirre2 timer siden

    She only cries bk ppl are threatening her just for reacting BAD For there own personall chef

  • Legendary Hamster

    Legendary Hamster

    Time siden

    Jealous people hating on someone because it means they don't hate their own life for a few brief seconds...

  • Gaiab
    Gaiab2 timer siden

    i understand why shes crying if its because what people are saying but if its bc of losing followers then thats messed up

  • Legendary Hamster

    Legendary Hamster

    Time siden

    Nah, I get it. She's a 16 year old girl. A kid, no matter how grown up she tries to act. It doesn't matter who you are or how old you are - if one million people effectively say they don't like you anymore then it must hurt and if you're not emotionally weak or underdeveloped (I.e. not fully mature) then it must be mortifying.

  • Avery Wilhite
    Avery Wilhite2 timer siden

    I have no opinion on any of the Damelios but she is a teen, not a adult, she shouldn’t be getting this much hate. People need to remember that she is still young.

  • Legendary Hamster

    Legendary Hamster

    Time siden

    Never even heard of them before I spotted this video in the sidebar of NOlocal... She's a kid. People online are often scumbags, ain't life great?

  • Toonzilla
    Toonzilla2 timer siden

    Now she gonna say she cried because of the threats and not the 1 million followers

  • 30 tabletter ALVEDON
    30 tabletter ALVEDON2 timer siden

    1:50 it was a joke for crying out loud. 2:19 she just made a comment about how it would be nice. she didnt say she wasnt greatfull for the 95 mill she got

  • SundanceArthouse
    SundanceArthouse2 timer siden

    I always hear her name in tik tok comments but I don’t really know who she is or what they do???

  • Vanessa Shaw
    Vanessa Shaw2 timer siden

    Notice how the parents never corrected them...not once. No need to wonder how they came to be rude...entitled...famous-for-nothing.

  • Legendary Hamster

    Legendary Hamster

    Time siden

    Or... they're a real family and recognise when their kids are joking around? Be honest, you're holding them to a higher standard because they have wealth and as such you're more willing to put them down because you look down on them. If they were poor you'd probably blame society.

  • ManTimeLanki Roblox

    ManTimeLanki Roblox

    2 timer siden


  • xXJoe Swanson69Xx
    xXJoe Swanson69Xx2 timer siden

    Every time someone famous gets hate they blame it on death threats, also don’t forget the crying and blaming their community too

  • Anie. S
    Anie. S2 timer siden


  • Averee_8
    Averee_82 timer siden

    She did not lose 1 m followers, she is getting death threats. Omg people do anything for clout.

  • Daniela Garcia Barrientos
    Daniela Garcia Barrientos2 timer siden

    Its weird how Dixie still gets hate but when Charli cries on her live they think that Charli is better and now Dixie's fans are telling her to kill herself and calling her names meanwhile Charli just cries on live and starts dancing Charli hunni your not the chosen one

  • Barbra Gloomburg
    Barbra Gloomburg2 timer siden

    Personal chef???? That's privilege. Not all white people have it so goo DC.

  • Why ???
    Why ???2 timer siden

    she’s only crying because she lost followers💀

  • LuhUrbanTingz
    LuhUrbanTingz2 timer siden

    Oh my god girl shut up you still got a billion followers jesus

  • j Y
    j Y2 timer siden

    Haha this is not SAD Hahahaha ... all you drama seeking freaks deserve a reality check 😂😂😂

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx2 timer siden

    those people got famous for nothing. NOTHING. So stop the f*** crying Charli

  • Ravenesque One
    Ravenesque One2 timer siden

    Young people are super weak and embarrassing these days.

  • Sibs 123
    Sibs 1232 timer siden

    well she needs to know bc she is being rude

  • mike Morrison
    mike Morrison2 timer siden

    People actually follow this crap , get a fricking life .

  • Aleksander Pawlowski
    Aleksander Pawlowski2 timer siden


  • Alain Soerdjbali
    Alain Soerdjbali2 timer siden


  • CloudZlol
    CloudZlol2 timer siden

    lmaooo the way she was crying

  • KaigePlays
    KaigePlays2 timer siden

    She’s mad that Trisha is right. She has no personality. She is not humble. Neither her, or her sister, should be famous. Trisha is also not the only influencer to say they have no personalities. I think they are just a bit too young and it hit hard when they realized that they are not untouchable.

    ETHAN PETERSEN2 timer siden

    charlie don’t be such a bitch you know what you did

  • fun time roblox mad
    fun time roblox mad2 timer siden

    She is lucky she has so many

  • HEIDI spainhour
    HEIDI spainhour2 timer siden

    Charli isn't crying about that she's crying over how people hate her for no fricking reason. Til toc messed up. It's fucking messed up to bully a 16 year old about wanting to hit 100mil. You probably want that many too.And about dragging dixie about not wanting to eating a snail fine you eat a snail yourself

  • Small Youtuber Support
    Small Youtuber Support2 timer siden

    Wow haters will be haters but she will still continue to have fame..😋😎

  • JoshyPVP
    JoshyPVP2 timer siden

    Oh noo, A woman crying! Happened so many times before! I don’t give a shit! Why are you uploading this shit since it ain’t important

  • Danger Mouse
    Danger Mouse3 timer siden

    All these douchebags are seriously not worth watching or following Unsubscribe save yourself from this rubbish!!!! Don’t line there pockets for doing nothing!!! No wonder she’s losing more subscribers JOKE !!

  • luxylxli
    luxylxli3 timer siden

    ugh! Why all the coments its jating charlie she have no FAULT! I REPEAT SHE HAVE NO FAULT! WHY DID YOU GUYS HATE HET SAYING"shes just an american kid that wants followers"why!!!!?!?!?

  • Dummy Pluto
    Dummy Pluto3 timer siden

    Idk why James has to say something about this knowing he still try’s to get away with so many drama and calls other people out for them being “ inmature “. Charlie shouldn’t be hanging around people like James knowing the things he does. Monkey see monkey do

  • Blue Shadow
    Blue Shadow3 timer siden

    I'm sorry but she's being bratty

  • Malachi Anthony
    Malachi Anthony3 timer siden

    anyone else saw Abby lee miller commented on the live

  • mosiack91
    mosiack913 timer siden

    Dudes a legit chef. The fact he made the real paella for shows his skill. Its not his fault the girls uncultured along with most people. Shes just a kid though everybody chill stop being phyco's

  • the pizza from mars
    the pizza from mars3 timer siden

    Omg everywhere I look I ceep trying to find out who THE FUCK ASKED

  • Laisa hh
    Laisa hh3 timer siden

    The fact that ET is covering this 😂

  • St_Crack
    St_Crack3 timer siden

    This was so cringey I can’t-

  • Semira Rose
    Semira Rose3 timer siden

    Is there nothing more important going on in the world???

  • Biohazard
    Biohazard3 timer siden

    I swear this girl looks like Ellie from Last of Us part 2 video game

  • D C
    D C3 timer siden

    they are all spoiled bratz, no respect whatsoever.

  • Chloe Zheng
    Chloe Zheng3 timer siden

    She's not crying just because she lost 1 million followers she's also crying because people are telling her to hang herself and to kill herself. To a 16 YEAR OLD.

  • pp
    pp3 timer siden

    Lmao she deserves it.t

  • Malou Olsen
    Malou Olsen3 timer siden

    James Charles was so sweet