Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!

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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlert5 dager siden

    Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!

  • DreamThreats


    4 dager siden

    I subbed and follow u on Twitter @JoshuaC65910299 not a bot btw bro I’m dead about Charlie and Dixie like Dixie could of nicely said no thank you or spit it out in a napkin and since she didn’t she should say sorry to her chief then I wanna see jj and the ace family guy fight I don’t know his name sorry but easy 5 million for my boy jj and update Logan Paul still crazy thinking he can win against Floyd and then the twitch story is honestly un believable 😂 and I think it’s about time we get another actual good rewind only pewdiepie and now mr beast and u this one for sure is ganna be fire Bc mr beast got the best videos he got no limit

  • Cole Slaw

    Cole Slaw

    4 dager siden

    Was a little confused

  • Erick Juarez

    Erick Juarez

    4 dager siden

    I and a big fan I been like all of your vid bro

  • Yunus Ali

    Yunus Ali

    4 dager siden

    Wanting to get a new ps5

  • Yunus Ali

    Yunus Ali

    4 dager siden

    Mr beast doing NOlocal rewind is probably the best thing to happen, since NOlocal's previous attempts of doing rewind were a bit cringe. Twitter: yunusa921

  • Kreempuff YT
    Kreempuff YT5 minutter siden

    Mayweather never lost??🤔

  • Ferry
    Ferry36 minutter siden

    Omg guys watch it 2x speed it’s better

  • XNotfrankie Playz
    XNotfrankie Playz40 minutter siden

    Man I can’t believe that Logan’s calling out floyd BAD IDEA. oh by the way my Twitter is-@frankst71520499 I’d love to get the new Xbox but definitely won’t afford it for several years but even so good luck to anyone taking part in the competition and enjoy their Christmas holidays (bit early but whatever)

  • Inquisitor_ Thundee
    Inquisitor_ Thundee52 minutter siden

    Please please, PLEASE stop making stupid and cringey people famous. Also, tiktok needs to be wiped off, it's making people dumb, retarded and most of all, cringey as FRICK. alright, peace.


    I think she was getting greedy that’s probably why it happened but that’s pretty crazy love the videos I can not afford a ps5 I have been wanting one for years address 112 Kenny drive new haven ct

    RED R CLANTime siden

    i did all you sed i sub i like and tern on all n

  • Heidi Hernandez
    Heidi Hernandez2 timer siden

    She is messed up she is complaining when I have 700 followers and I’m really happy

  • Jamaican tiktoks
    Jamaican tiktoks2 timer siden


  • Kealan Atcheynum
    Kealan Atcheynum2 timer siden

    Tana doesn’t need the money though

  • YeetMyMeat
    YeetMyMeat2 timer siden

    So it's not normal when your Blender goes Bangerang? Damn

  • Dr.HazeBlaze
    Dr.HazeBlaze2 timer siden

    Logan better quit that weed bro, dude couldn't even beat KSI now he talking bout Floyd?

  • Linda Hunt
    Linda Hunt2 timer siden

    Is she gona quit

  • MR_junior
    MR_junior2 timer siden

    bruh dixie said she was sensitive to food and they played a prank on her hahah lie lies lies @KISSINOUTHILL

  • V3rtzy
    V3rtzy2 timer siden

    This is why ps5 is sold out

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo2 timer siden

    If people think cathrine is in Jake Paul’s dms you’re actually brain dead

  • CsabaG HUN
    CsabaG HUN3 timer siden

    Remember the good old times when Boxing was about sportsmanship and not about petty celebrity beefs?

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    2 timer siden

    Dixie makes her apology a self promotion video Twitter: One_tap_rh1n0

  • Leo Mikael Palmhag
    Leo Mikael Palmhag3 timer siden

    How do you get in the give away but all i want to do is sapport you for the amazing content

  • Football 4 life
    Football 4 life3 timer siden

    Hi keem I know I have a small chance of winning but hopefully I win any lol

  • shayztheboss
    shayztheboss3 timer siden

    what can we say the spoiled kids do be spoiled look just vomiting out food and picking there lose and just explains this when working with a really good chef

  • McMoyes04
    McMoyes043 timer siden

    Logan Paul...😅

  • John Cobbers
    John Cobbers4 timer siden

    She reminded me of kim kardashian when she started crying😭😭

  • BaconMaster
    BaconMaster4 timer siden

    oloco treta news da gringa...

  • Alex Flego
    Alex Flego4 timer siden

    KSI: "First time?"

  • Lyda Towner
    Lyda Towner5 timer siden

    Subbed and got all notifications on. They have been on. But i dont have twitter. Please please can it be instagram!! I follow you on there!!

  • Andrew McLaren
    Andrew McLaren5 timer siden

    You were covering the damelios being canceled, you being in NOlocal rewind Mr Beast edition, NOlocalrs are boxing and tana mojo gets 3 million $

  • James Fanning
    James Fanning5 timer siden

    Keemstar you are pathetic

  • Theo
    Theo5 timer siden

    HEhe i like seeing charli crY

  • Hdog 420
    Hdog 4205 timer siden

    yo my guy

  • Evan Bum
    Evan Bum5 timer siden

    In the first story you talked about how Dixie damelio was being disrespectful to her personal chef and showed a clip of her defending herself.The next story included Charli losing 1m tiktok followers.The next story included tana mongeau getting a award from only fans.the next story included twitch streamers being flagged for playing copyrighted music.@Evan78387382

  • harjap bura
    harjap bura5 timer siden

    Logan can’t even beat KSI what makes him think he can beat Mayweather

  • NOO_ITZ_MIKEY Ps4 Gamer
    NOO_ITZ_MIKEY Ps4 Gamer5 timer siden

    Logan pauls getting smashed 🤣😂 my Twitter ig is mikeyladx

  • One Tap Rh1n0
    One Tap Rh1n05 timer siden

    Dixie makes her apology a self promotion video Twitter: One_tap_rh1n0

  • Koi & Gold Aquatics
    Koi & Gold Aquatics5 timer siden

    I don’t get how charli feels bad about loosing a million when she should be proud that she is at 100 mill always stay humble and remember who supports you. my twitter is @E3zeg

  • Nidal Mohammad
    Nidal Mohammad5 timer siden

    Bruh Charlie crying cause she lost a mil followers smh. Can’t bear the hate lmao

  • Austin Abrahan
    Austin Abrahan6 timer siden

    She still ate her booger

  • harold Allen
    harold Allen6 timer siden

    liked,subscribed and hit the notifactiosn to all logan vs austin mcbroom idk who will win

  • Jorge Tamayo
    Jorge Tamayo6 timer siden

    James Charles: "Wasn't the 95 million enough for you?" Legend @jorgeta23647394 plz can you plz pick me to win

  • fifapro1433 F
    fifapro1433 F6 timer siden

    damn she really ate that bugger

  • Prince Mwalija
    Prince Mwalija6 timer siden

    I love The D amelios and I feel sorry for them especially Charli

  • Jadawg
    Jadawg6 timer siden

    I’m not surprised that the D’amelios are being cancelled. It was only a matter of time.. Honestly I don’t think Dixie was being too disrespectful, she was to an extent, but people like different things and some people don’t, oh well. @Jason49002624

  • PoppYHD
    PoppYHD6 timer siden

    Lol welcome to the internet Charli

  • Sarah J
    Sarah J6 timer siden

    I’m sorry but it’s about time Charli and Dixie get exposed lol. Twitter: SarahJolly32

  • Charlie Malik
    Charlie Malik6 timer siden

    keem is the BBC of youtube and just look at his enerrgy!DAMN!

  • Noah Vlogs
    Noah Vlogs7 timer siden

    I’m subbed and have notis on, I don’t have Twitter but is there another way? First I think that charli deserves these followers to be lost because she needs to learn a lesson. When you are famous and a role model you can’t act like this around people. And on the Logan Paul fight, I honestly don’t know who to go for. I have been watching your videos for the longest time and even if I don’t win the ps5 I hope you read this comment😁

  • Alexm805
    Alexm8057 timer siden

    Keem there is absolutely no way Logan Paul will beat mayweather people are getting out of hand but let’s get that ps5/Xbox 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • afghan bants
    afghan bants7 timer siden

    I followed u on Twitter and subbed twitter: @official_bilalm

  • Lashavian Bettis
    Lashavian Bettis7 timer siden

    Logan Paul couldn't dream of beating Flyod Mayweather lmao! All notifs on! @lashavian

  • Borenya Born
    Borenya Born7 timer siden

    Most of the people attacking her are actually the haters taking chance of the wrong time

  • Fizzi RL
    Fizzi RL7 timer siden

    respect for the chef

  • pa ws
    pa ws7 timer siden

    i think it happened because they wanted to be the first to be her 100 million sub kind like when someone is about to hit there sub goal ppl try to be the first one to be at the goal so ppl unsub so they can be that person

  • Kevin I
    Kevin I7 timer siden

    Oh no charlie didn’t want to eat snails and thought it would be cool if she hit 100m followers

  • Kamdyn Lutz
    Kamdyn Lutz7 timer siden

    Good luck all! Twitter: @princess_kamdyn

  • pairaw
    pairaw7 timer siden

    just delete the TT app, please.

  • Dylen Abrams
    Dylen Abrams8 timer siden

    Yo good job on winning guys

  • Brock Busa
    Brock Busa8 timer siden

    Logan ain’t really built for boxing either...

  • サイレン黒
    サイレン黒8 timer siden

    Sky ain't the limit for Logan

  • Peter Sugut
    Peter Sugut8 timer siden

    Bro Keem logan might have a chance against mayweather and I'm a ksi fan too 🤷🏾‍♂️but this is my Twitter @collins_sgt

  • Rawr_The_Dino
    Rawr_The_Dino8 timer siden


  • Samiul Haque
    Samiul Haque8 timer siden

    She got soo famous that she started seeing her fans as a number with a mill

  • ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋs
    ᴄʜᴀʀʟɪ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋs8 timer siden


  • Red_Savage_Dragon
    Red_Savage_Dragon9 timer siden

    Just saying these people try so hard to walk right into drama and or traps of mistakes for them selves

  • JustLizzy22
    JustLizzy229 timer siden


  • Bean Escoboza
    Bean Escoboza9 timer siden

    Charli act like a little girl know like dam welcome to the business girl

  • LisboKevo Eluch
    LisboKevo Eluch9 timer siden

    So dramatic.

  • arvind
    arvind9 timer siden


  • endricc
    endricc9 timer siden

    OH NO! Anyway

  • Its.axleee
    Its.axleee10 timer siden

    It’s Charlie’s fault she is losing followers. She needs to watch what she is saying when a camera is rolling.

  • Mark Grech
    Mark Grech10 timer siden


  • effext
    effext10 timer siden

    thanks for talking about the stories i appreciate it

  • Benjamin Benitez
    Benjamin Benitez10 timer siden

    Damm that must hurt but I sure Dont Care!

    HAPPI10 timer siden

    people are forgetting that charli is still a kid, like shes 16 and hitting them kind of numbers would be exciting, people need to chill lol @iamsurb on twitter

  • JustGabriel
    JustGabriel10 timer siden

    Happy that she got cancaled @JustGabrieI

  • sirBEM
    sirBEM11 timer siden

    another young girl famous for reasons unknown. I'm just here for the PS5. @sirbem_ ✌🏾 &♥️

  • FireGaming
    FireGaming11 timer siden

    Ngl tik tok is a piece of cringe.

  • Shahen Navishki

    Shahen Navishki

    3 timer siden

    ikr they're all cringies i don't like any of 'em i mean imagine that cringy addison hangs out with kourtney KARDASHIAN!!

  • legend65 0
    legend65 012 timer siden


  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour12 timer siden

    tiktoks sensitivity level isn't even surprising anymore

  • Popelo
    Popelo12 timer siden

    This is funny as hell dude, I would really like to see that boxing match lmaoo

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    12 timer siden

    Please can I have the new Xbox 🙏

  • FrostedRaps
    FrostedRaps12 timer siden

    Those consoles are just boxes

  • Eddie O’connor
    Eddie O’connor12 timer siden

    Done pls choose me bruh I play on a xbox360 😅😣😭

  • FrOsTiE YT
    FrOsTiE YT12 timer siden

    flexing the ps5 and the series s i see

  • Troy Kleynhans
    Troy Kleynhans12 timer siden

    The IRS hearing Tana made $3million about too clutch up and tax the fuck out of her 👀👀👀👀👀

  • Ντένη Μαρκορά
    Ντένη Μαρκορά13 timer siden

    she tries to cry but can't xDD so fake omg

  • Adxmlaazx _
    Adxmlaazx _13 timer siden

    Why is she crying she has 99 mil on tik tok pathetic @adam13566731

  • Novák Benedek
    Novák Benedek13 timer siden

    For Logan Paul the fight with Floyd Mayweather would be a big business sucess... He obviously knows that Floyd will kick his ass @BenedekNovk1

  • AndreWasLame
    AndreWasLame13 timer siden

    2:26-2:37 im glad im not the only one whos doing that in the nose

  • sum guy_had_a_roblox_hot_boy
    sum guy_had_a_roblox_hot_boy13 timer siden

    dis guys da goat fo giving us dis information

  • Christian kyle Acbang
    Christian kyle Acbang13 timer siden

    I like how i got an ad just right after he said "roll it".

  • sana shan 07
    sana shan 0713 timer siden

    This guy pisses me off

  • M3RL1N
    M3RL1N13 timer siden

    Why is Charli complaining about getting cyber bullied just take your eyes and get out of the screen

  • M3RL1N
    M3RL1N13 timer siden

    lesssgo guys

  • Samuel Russo
    Samuel Russo14 timer siden


  • Toxic
    Toxic14 timer siden

    Bruh..there are people who don’t have food or a place to live and they are being rude to there personal chef.. tiktokers are sensitive these days

  • Louis Llantin
    Louis Llantin14 timer siden

    Please can I have the new Xbox 🙏

  • Trey Vu
    Trey Vu14 timer siden

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop

  • Louis Llantin
    Louis Llantin14 timer siden

    Mr drama alert can u please have the new Xbox mine broke and I don’t have enough for a new one 🙏

  • who_who Who
    who_who Who15 timer siden

    I don't like both of dose frogs there weird af

  • Blackcity
    Blackcity15 timer siden

    bro logan have you seen his opponents after fighting him u will be the same but just on the ground lol u have no chance even mike Tyson is saying to beat him he will have to fight dirty

  • vato4133
    vato413315 timer siden

    Wouldn’t be funny if Drama Alert getting canceled 😂😂😂

  • dedmun
    dedmun15 timer siden

    Bruh that blender Skrillex thing tho