Charli D'amelio CRYING after Losing 1 Million Followers! #DramaAlert Logan Paul vs Austin Mcbroom!

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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlert5 måneder siden

    Sorry about the editing errors! Was really rushing to get this out and forgot to close the gab in between those two clips at the end!

  • Robbie Esguerra

    Robbie Esguerra

    4 måneder siden


  • Robbie Esguerra

    Robbie Esguerra

    4 måneder siden


  • Robbie Esguerra

    Robbie Esguerra

    4 måneder siden


  • Robbie Esguerra

    Robbie Esguerra

    4 måneder siden


  • E. Train

    E. Train

    5 måneder siden

    I saw the thumbnail lol omg you lost one mil followers so what booo hoo the most I have on insta is 200 lol I ain’t cryin and most of them are bot Hahahaha and congrats on rewind bro

  • Sophia Mercado
    Sophia MercadoTime siden

    Charli: Crying Cause she lost 1M followers Me: Vibing With My Auntie Cause she my only follower

  • TIN_BOY_ 2000
    TIN_BOY_ 200013 timer siden

    The one person in charlis stream: BABY

  • Slayerz Song Studio
    Slayerz Song Studio7 dager siden

    Imagine being cancelled

  • basicYT•
    basicYT•7 dager siden

    Charli dramatic lol

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12
    Eshaan Chaliha_128 dager siden

    Laptop name

  • Ruxz
    Ruxz11 dager siden

    HAHA THE CAMERA CAUGHT HER EATIING HER BOOGERS AS SOON AS SHE ACTUALLY DID Edit :charli i know im late but if i lost 1 million followers but i was still the most powerful person on any platform i would still be happy and also you had this coming for you for being ungrateful. think about your actions

  • Skyxama
    Skyxama12 dager siden

    Me: with satisfied with a 100 subs James : “Aren’t you satisfied with 95k subs?” Me: o_O oh shit

  • A penguin Wanted by the fbi
    A penguin Wanted by the fbi12 dager siden

    Whoever recorded Charli’s response hurry up and get to ur simcity

  • Lunkie
    Lunkie14 dager siden

    7:18 Bhad Bhabie be like: only 3 mil in a month i make 1mil in 6 hours

  • Lxckz
    Lxckz14 dager siden

    James: "was the 95 mill not enough for you?" Lmaooo i died

  • Solar
    Solar16 dager siden

    dixie: thanks for everyone who followed me a supported me for that past year Me: is not like u want money and followers \

  • Idk
    Idk16 dager siden

    The day that Charlie lost 1m was the only day that I was happy as hell

  • oh land
    oh land17 dager siden

    Dixie just ate a booger... i do that am i cancelled now

  • Xboxgameing 999
    Xboxgameing 99917 dager siden

    Dixie you know that's cap

  • Scorpion
    Scorpion19 dager siden

    Everyone and keemstar: d'melios Subtitles: d e m i g o d s

  • ImRaj
    ImRaj23 dager siden

    so he's the reason there are no more xboxs or PlayStation

  • Florida Destiny
    Florida Destiny23 dager siden


  • Chase Farnsworth
    Chase Farnsworth24 dager siden

    I know that chef he is awesome he is on beat Bobby flay and guy fietti

  • newo
    newo25 dager siden


  • Yariel Flores
    Yariel Flores25 dager siden

    When I saw her cry I was like 😂😝

  • Ari Elmas

    Ari Elmas

    23 dager siden

    She’s so obnoxious

  • Ari Elmas

    Ari Elmas

    23 dager siden


  • ItzFoxYT YT
    ItzFoxYT YT26 dager siden

    #1 mil

  • who are u brueh
    who are u brueh27 dager siden


  • Omar Hammudi
    Omar Hammudi28 dager siden

    i dont think logan actually thinks he will beat maywheather he just saying all of this shit to drive the fight

  • DogeLuvsGaming
    DogeLuvsGaming28 dager siden

    8:01 the heck type of blender sounds like a skrillex song?

  • gofishy123
    gofishy12328 dager siden

    I don’t get it just admit it everyone has picked their nose once in my life

  • Braxton Cashbaugh
    Braxton Cashbaugh29 dager siden

    3 million in a month for posting pictures, wtf is this world 😂😂😂

  • A Name
    A NameMåned siden

    never knew about the whole console giveaway thing so i was really confused why there were a ton of next gen consoles just piled into one corner lol

  • logan mishler
    logan mishlerMåned siden

    i am happy she lost 1 mil followers

  • Prasanna M
    Prasanna MMåned siden

    why are people so addicted to tik tok

  • The Anarchist Cookbook
    The Anarchist CookbookMåned siden


  • Aiden Gaming
    Aiden GamingMåned siden

    This is why i deleted tiktok so much drama

  • Coco PewDiePie
    Coco PewDiePieMåned siden

    This is the best thing that has ever happened

  • [•aesthetis•_•onepiecegirl•]
    [•aesthetis•_•onepiecegirl•]Måned siden

    gurl wtf why are you crying just because you lose 1 mil followers if i lose just 89 followers it will be okay because its just a solial media Tho i don't wanna be dramatict just losing followers gurl there are so many peoples dying in world

  • M4dzz
    M4dzzMåned siden

    This guy is the best

  • Team Gold
    Team GoldMåned siden

    When Charlie said even numbers then stuck out her tongue like this 😝like what

    NIGHTMARE PlayzMåned siden

    Charli is the queen of tik Tok but PewDiePie is king of youtube

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden

    Mr beast is the prince

  • LitHunter1485
    LitHunter1485Måned siden

    I think this man should help his sims out 5:09

  • Daniela Dominguez Palacios
    Daniela Dominguez PalaciosMåned siden

    ok ok the peoppe who being men to charli is so mean and charli is beful she is so perrty evey time i tenk of her beucs she is the good tik tok gir for rel this is not a joke charli your beful and she is the best why pepope being mean to her i love charli i wish i can be her sister for ever i wish i can hug her god bless you charli you are my sis fro now how i aways dream of you

  • TheHayDY-Gaming
    TheHayDY-GamingMåned siden


  • Persona Ego
    Persona EgoMåned siden

    I was today when I realized there was a 2020 rewind...

  • Arj Games
    Arj GamesMåned siden

    Dixie was caught

  • Arj Games

    Arj Games

    Måned siden

    In [4K ULTRA HD]

  • Spych0
    Spych0Måned siden

    Of from bawling her eyes out to not crying at all

  • Moded
    ModedMåned siden

    TikTokers is that one group of girls sitting in the back of the class

  • Twixzy
    TwixzyMåned siden

    But are you fast as f boy?

  • candies4all _
    candies4all _Måned siden

    bruh half of her fanbase are just 100's of fan accounts and them making tons of different accounts to follow her

  • mattbot
    mattbotMåned siden

    they act so privileged

  • mark mcpheters
    mark mcphetersMåned siden

    they're finally being cancelled hallelujah

  • chri
    chriMåned siden

    charlie has clearly never been in a mw2 lobby

  • Nichølas Mccørmick
    Nichølas MccørmickMåned siden

    And that tweet that James included that she's a role model she's not. Who knew that dancing to copyrighted songs could get you so much fame and quite frankly what pisses me off is that half these songs that people know are like "oh this song comes from tik tok" the last kid that said that to me got knocked out and left on the side of a trail.

  • Lilia Aristakesyan

    Lilia Aristakesyan

    6 dager siden

    Ngl I would do that too tho-

  • Lilia Aristakesyan

    Lilia Aristakesyan

    6 dager siden

    Very kind of you😍🥰😌

  • Gotti Stephano
    Gotti StephanoMåned siden

    Bro Ik I’m 3 months late but can I pls have a ps5 😩 PLSSLSL 😂😂😂

  • jaske clarke
    jaske clarke2 måneder siden

    im a Gamer

  • Tristan Beattie
    Tristan Beattie2 måneder siden

    Bro why is she crying thats less than one percent of her followers

  • ThatOneWeeb - Splqsh
    ThatOneWeeb - Splqsh2 måneder siden

    "knowing i would have a reaction..." that dont mean u gotta be so extra when it came to spitting it out.

  • ZebraSnot
    ZebraSnot2 måneder siden

    Lmao they're kids leave em alone ffs 😂

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan2 måneder siden

    Oh look I’m playing music on the worlds smallest violin

  • Bruh Tofu
    Bruh Tofu2 måneder siden

    Sound like the fakest cry ever

  • Sergeant Schlumpf
    Sergeant Schlumpf2 måneder siden

    5:07 5:09 - Eric Cartman .. in “Safe Space”

  • Sergeant Schlumpf
    Sergeant Schlumpf2 måneder siden

    (feb28th2021) more than the 3rd time in 3 months i’ve seen footage of & or from this dinner .. I didn’t noticed how much Heidi was embarrassed for her family.. Therefore how could they each have said in later multiple individual & mixed accounts, times, profiles, reels, vids, comments, posts, cases, stories, etc .. that it was a misunderstanding & that they’re all friends & neighborhourly friendly etc.. I call bs On the D’amelios.. I fit the past 2mobths have been forgiving them. Not now. (especially because Dixie after in following days & weeks was saying it was misunderstood/interpretedIncorrectly .. No!I refuse to believe them!(sorry for my rant)

  • JDV
    JDV2 måneder siden

    Nah with that Charlie Damelio thing, ppl are just snowflakes, I know she sounded ungrateful, but there's nothing wrong with saying what you want out loud, as long as nobody gets offended, but if she was actually being ungrateful then I don't feel sorry for her

  • IshchildTM Entertainment
    IshchildTM Entertainment2 måneder siden

    Bruh, fuck them what have they honestly done, it's not entrepreneurship if you aren't changing the world. You are so delusional if you think you are famous and sucessful.

  • Noah Pascua
    Noah Pascua2 måneder siden


    CJ HUMALA2 måneder siden

    5:55 Charli: If you have your own problems please don't bother mine. Also Charli: *cries on live for losing 1 million followers*

  • peashooter


    20 dager siden


  • AC - 04DE 829128 Thorndale PS
    AC - 04DE 829128 Thorndale PS2 måneder siden

    Charlie's getting less popular

  • Spoofy


    2 måneder siden

    Because people are realising she doesn't have talent

    FRANKINCENSE2 måneder siden

    gaaad daaam

  • Huzrie Limgas
    Huzrie Limgas2 måneder siden

    damelios They deserve it

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden

    No they dont

  • Dinomite Jake
    Dinomite Jake2 måneder siden

    Bro I saw the exact same tiktok vid it was sad (Charlie losing 1 mil)

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden

    No it wad epic

  • animation foundation
    animation foundation2 måneder siden

    Why cant we all be friends on youtube why do we have to tear each other down we could make more views if we work together not fight each other

  • Brick Assault Productions
    Brick Assault Productions2 måneder siden

    big OOF

  • DarkBloodLies aa
    DarkBloodLies aa2 måneder siden

    I did not expect the demilio would be here. Even tho i dont watch tik tok nor have it.

  • BetaSoul
    BetaSoul2 måneder siden

    This is why tiktok sucks because it is full of little children and get sad when they disrespect someone and suddenly start losing subs or followers

  • Gabriel Bautista
    Gabriel Bautista2 måneder siden

    I think he hack

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden

    R u 9

  • Scott aye
    Scott aye2 måneder siden

    Glad I dont use tiktok. And she is crying saying she is a human being and then calls her subs numbers hahah.

  • Panayiotis Georgiou
    Panayiotis Georgiou2 måneder siden

    Are you in faze?

  • BlankTea _
    BlankTea _2 måneder siden

    “Was the 95 not enough for you” 😂😂😂

  • Like this Comment
    Like this Comment2 måneder siden


  • TheWeird1sCool
    TheWeird1sCool2 måneder siden

    Omg fricking god she has like 99,000,000 million followers left it’s just one million my god she is a spoiled little brat

  • Box Ssox
    Box Ssox2 måneder siden

    People need to chill about Dixie and Charlie atleast they tried it they aren’t being mean that’s just their taste

  • Bob Jasper
    Bob Jasper2 måneder siden

    Lol she lost more followers then most people has

  • Zakariya Ak
    Zakariya Ak2 måneder siden

    Can I have one because I subbed you

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo2 måneder siden

    No one follow Charli d’ammelio we don’t want charli to get charli to more followers than pewdipie has subscribers

  • Jiilka Pro
    Jiilka Pro2 måneder siden

    i subscribe to your channel 2 years ago please can i get one game or like ps5 because i don't have people to buy me game

  • Milo-
    Milo-2 måneder siden

    It just shows how pathetic and weak males are becoming... look how much money goes into onlyfans. Its disgusting! Look for help if you are one of those because these girls only care about money and not you!

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden

    Ur disgusting simo

  • James Amy
    James Amy2 måneder siden


  • francine
    francine2 måneder siden

    then you guys should stop making these people famous for what? charli and other tiktokers are dancing then makes a million dollars by those ppl who followed, liked or shared their posts. while you, who didnt get anything but have no idea your making them richer by doing nothing.

  • Reece Crouse
    Reece Crouse2 måneder siden

    This dude needs to get a life

  • Eshaan Chaliha_12

    Eshaan Chaliha_12

    8 dager siden


  • LeaderShyp
    LeaderShyp2 måneder siden

    hey cxrying is sooooo fucking fake!!!!!!

  • Tamim Alhabab
    Tamim Alhabab2 måneder siden

    The live comments be like Ana-loves.charlie : it k bby we love you Tikgorl: stay strong ignore them bby you got this your the best friend

  • Tamim Alhabab
    Tamim Alhabab2 måneder siden

    The live comments lol 😂

  • Tamim Alhabab
    Tamim Alhabab2 måneder siden

    Charli loses a million followers Me: loses all friends first time ?

  • Tanisha Rajput
    Tanisha Rajput2 måneder siden

    She is overrated dude

  • Kip Ludwig
    Kip Ludwig2 måneder siden

    Alternative title: James babysits the D'amilo family for 20 minutes

  • Kip Ludwig
    Kip Ludwig2 måneder siden

    If Charli D'amielo keeps doing this, we're going to keep unfollowing her more.

  • Lol
    Lol2 måneder siden


  • IamDark
    IamDark2 måneder siden

    I Forgot to say this to charli 𝐅 𝐢 𝐫 𝐬 𝐭 𝐭 𝐢 𝐦 𝐞 ?

  • ThatOne Lad
    ThatOne Lad2 måneder siden

    Oh no!! Anyway, the other day I bought some new skates

  • J Mton
    J Mton2 måneder siden

    She was pretending to cry lol that was horrible acting Lmaoo

  • J Mton
    J Mton2 måneder siden

    Everyone should unfollow her for the disrespect

  • Leave me alone
    Leave me alone2 måneder siden

    So getting beat up by KSI wasnt enough

  • Alexa Perez
    Alexa Perez2 måneder siden

    So everyones just gonna ignore that He called Karl Jacobs (From Mrbeast) A Weird- looking kid?!