Charli & Dixie D'Amelio CHEAT in MrBeast Event (VIDEO PROOF) #DramaAlert Ace Family (LEAKED Video)

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  • DramaAlert
    DramaAlertMåned siden

    How ironic is it that I covered a story about the ace family leaving a clip in their Vlog and I in the same video that I’m covering the story accidentally leave a clip in between takes... big L

  • Rinky Dinky

    Rinky Dinky

    3 dager siden

    Buy me ps3 ples i want ps3. ps5 is trash

  • EB Games Pro

    EB Games Pro

    12 dager siden

    Twitter: @EBGamesPro I have already been subscribed for years and still have the bell on and all notifications on!

  • DoubleTapKreuger


    16 dager siden


  • constellaxions -

    constellaxions -

    17 dager siden

    I feel bad for mrbeast:(

  • Cam2 Wavy

    Cam2 Wavy

    21 dag siden


  • Anthony Clark
    Anthony ClarkTime siden

    Shut up

  • Clu3s_Chango
    Clu3s_Chango3 timer siden


  • Clu3s_Chango
    Clu3s_Chango3 timer siden


  • Clu3s_Chango
    Clu3s_Chango3 timer siden


  • Gangester Boi
    Gangester Boi4 timer siden

    Keem is so nice and is one of the best and if not the best youtuber ever

  • Diego Romero
    Diego Romero5 timer siden

    I want to win and I did all

  • Twin-tower 08
    Twin-tower 086 timer siden

    This is just sad to watch. they cheated out Mrbeast 300K and they get away with it ?!

  • An An Htun
    An An Htun9 timer siden

    Wait charli had a air pod.

  • Westingtin
    Westingtin9 timer siden

    U are the best

  • Ali Alhubail
    Ali Alhubail10 timer siden

    The fact that there hole family is completing is cheating

  • Bubble Productions
    Bubble Productions11 timer siden

    Keen star : *talks about magic of rahhat* Me: *i haven’t heard that name in years*

  • Cookies Imposter
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  • Cookies Imposter
    Cookies Imposter14 timer siden

    Hewo Read more

  • Cookies Imposter
    Cookies Imposter14 timer siden

    Hiiiiiiiii Read more

  • Bluester slime
    Bluester slime15 timer siden

    Guys dont follow the charlies all they care is about money we are like money makers for them

  • CJ
    CJ15 timer siden

    “Ohh don’t go to a party during covid. It’s not like there is a 99.98% recovery rate amongst all ages!!!” - said in sarcasm.

    ESROM KAHSU17 timer siden


  • Logan McLaughlin
    Logan McLaughlinDag siden

    ZHC got robbed

  • Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Dag siden


  • Jordan Frederick
    Jordan FrederickDag siden

    powerwolf itsfunneh promqueen

  • Liam Milligan
    Liam MilliganDag siden

    The moral of the story is Mrbeast probably scripted this so that they could win

  • Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Saad's GAMING LAND!

    6 timer siden

    @Liam Milligan it's ok lol

  • Liam Milligan

    Liam Milligan

    6 timer siden

    Saad's GAMING LAND! I hadn’t realised he did that lmao anyways I’m not going to be mad at you and I wasn’t mad just annoyed because I thought he hadn’t realised or had scripted it

  • Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Saad's GAMING LAND!

    12 timer siden

    And mrbeast knew and he tweeted "I know they were cheating I just wanted to have fun. If you want to get mad at anyone, get mad at me"@Liam Milligan

  • Liam Milligan

    Liam Milligan

    12 timer siden

    Saad's GAMING LAND! You could clearly hear them cheating and you could see them cheating

  • Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Dag siden


  • Black Queens
    Black QueensDag siden

    Unfolow cfarli d amrilo now she at 100mil now

  • 2losersplayingroblox
    2losersplayingrobloxDag siden

    My head hurts thinking about how people could send death threats to a 16 year old girl. Logan paulsis crazy if he thinks he has achance agaisnt flyod, but he is making a good career move since that fight would bring him loads of popularity and money. love the vids keem my twitter is @h3h3isntfunny ...lmao

  • bokchoi7
    bokchoi7Dag siden


  • Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Saad's GAMING LAND!

    Dag siden


  • JinHit Entertainmet Director *Jin Got Hit Lol*
    JinHit Entertainmet Director *Jin Got Hit Lol*Dag siden

    Unfollows Every Damelio Account

  • Cute Torcher
    Cute TorcherDag siden

    Dixie cheated Cuz why did she needs her parents :^/ beside her

  • jetze jaspers
    jetze jaspersDag siden


  • razzsven YT
    razzsven YTDag siden

    Dang theses girls can't get a break. Twitter:SincerewolfYT

  • razzsven YT

    razzsven YT

    22 timer siden

    @Sele F. True

  • Sele F.

    Sele F.

    Dag siden

    Wdym- they do this to themselves

  • Daniel Arcinas
    Daniel ArcinasDag siden

    poor zhc...

  • Daniel Arcinas
    Daniel ArcinasDag siden

    yes this is awesome

  • Destroyer Baz
    Destroyer Baz2 dager siden

    Dammnn ur so fun to watch I literally subbed and my notis in all I hope I would have a chance to win ps5 since I can't afford it (Iam in Lebanon and it costs allot that's why I can't)

  • Hassan836
    Hassan8362 dager siden

    yep im not supprised because just recently they uploaded a dinner with the d'Amelios and dixie had no manners but James Charles back them up in the outro

  • Felicity Brown
    Felicity Brown2 dager siden

    I came for the D'Amelio drama yet i was so into the other stories lol

  • Naomi
    Naomi2 dager siden

    Why is everyone making it seem like its the end of the world THEIR NOT GONNA KEEP THE MONEY THEY ARRE GIB=VING IT TO PEOPLE WHO NEED IT either way its a win win ✌

  • lloydpower7
    lloydpower72 dager siden

    i subscribed and i turned on post notificstions

  • Kaleab Meyerhoff
    Kaleab Meyerhoff2 dager siden

    well kinda

  • Ella
    Ella2 dager siden

    if they actually did cheat, it’s sad to think that an incredibly rich family took money away from someone who needed it

  • Ex Celsia
    Ex Celsia2 dager siden

    And now, they exposed themselves as a disrespectful family.

  • Morgan squad Myles
    Morgan squad Myles2 dager siden

    Y’all do to much

  • Heck Naw
    Heck Naw2 dager siden

    First, they stole the renegade dance. Second, they cheated even when they didn't need the money.

  • nguyenthuanthu nguyenjhaitusn
    nguyenthuanthu nguyenjhaitusn2 dager siden

    brawlstars dickomode bach colterwall yogotti

  • kaymastersix 1
    kaymastersix 12 dager siden

    I did it I looked subed and hit the bell

  • MAXpayne Official
    MAXpayne Official2 dager siden

    i was just shocked they beated mat pat from game/film/food theory

  • Simonx Killer12
    Simonx Killer122 dager siden

    More like gossip alert

  • Megan Van Pelt
    Megan Van Pelt2 dager siden


  • Nietabs
    Nietabs2 dager siden

    This is the first dramaalert video I watched. And I love it

  • Elijahs world tv
    Elijahs world tv2 dager siden

    Is it cheating if they all in the challenge?

  • Greenflames
    Greenflames2 dager siden

    I mean why is there parents even there???

  • Greenflames
    Greenflames2 dager siden

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!

  • Kris DIaz
    Kris DIaz2 dager siden

    They cheated to be more popular

  • devilish01 8
    devilish01 82 dager siden

    I hit the bell and I’m subscribed and I following on Twitter! Twitter: devilish019

  • Deborah James
    Deborah James3 dager siden

    Literally expected

  • Blockay
    Blockay3 dager siden

    I subscribed with all notifications on this is not a bot My twitter @drift_sc

  • Familia J Mayorga
    Familia J Mayorga3 dager siden

    it did say damelio family

  • Cassie Martinez
    Cassie Martinez3 dager siden

    At least Addison Rae didn’t cheat

  • Futuristic Zabi
    Futuristic Zabi3 dager siden

    Bro save ur voice

  • Ugh Cruz
    Ugh Cruz3 dager siden

    Not y’all getting mad over the D’amelios cheating Like y’all are fucking stupid 😭💀

  • Monyroth Lim
    Monyroth Lim3 dager siden

    Can I have a ps5 plz

  • 梁瑋津
    梁瑋津3 dager siden

    Yea Charlie sucks no one likes her she always cheat

  • Jooshy Videos
    Jooshy Videos3 dager siden


  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod3 dager siden


  • GabeTheApple
    GabeTheApple3 dager siden

    Zhc could’ve won:(((

  • Ed Empire
    Ed Empire3 dager siden

    Dumbasses its was the damelios no just charli and dixie it means their whole family

  • PogU
    PogU3 dager siden

    1:14 6 CAWNSOLES

  • Quinsha Azalea
    Quinsha Azalea3 dager siden

    Oh hello 👋 . What? You scrolled all the way down here? Send this emoji to prove you did 👽 give yourself a pat on the back :)

  • Quinsha Azalea

    Quinsha Azalea

    3 dager siden

    Nice job 👍🏻

  • Quinsha Azalea

    Quinsha Azalea

    3 dager siden

    @Rizen very

  • Rizen


    3 dager siden

    @Quinsha Azalea I DID IT ARE YOU PROUD

  • Quinsha Azalea

    Quinsha Azalea

    3 dager siden

    @Rizen 😂

  • Rizen


    3 dager siden


  • arian alfred
    arian alfred3 dager siden

    so, ZHC should be the winner

  • Latin_ King_28
    Latin_ King_283 dager siden

    FOLLOW @KEEMSTAR ON TWITTER, He is the best news drama there is. My twitter is Latin_King_28.

  • Foulzy
    Foulzy3 dager siden


  • Blue Spongy
    Blue Spongy3 dager siden

    Give me x box series x pls I liked and subbed

  • Sam louise
    Sam louise3 dager siden

    I hoped zhc won he could've used the money for better use..

  • Quass Bruh
    Quass Bruh3 dager siden

    Man so hyped

  • terror mac 29
    terror mac 293 dager siden

    kids will do anything for money these days

  • justin lamarre
    justin lamarre3 dager siden

    The last one tho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dragon Art
    Dragon Art3 dager siden

    its sad to see mrbeast work with these tiktokkers !! he should stop that!! having logan paul in ur videos is far better than these tiktokkers!!

  • MKathrina Decano
    MKathrina Decano3 dager siden


  • Honesti Washington
    Honesti Washington3 dager siden

    I hate you when you change

  • Theory of gaming
    Theory of gaming3 dager siden

    If you guys don't know magic of rahat has HIS OWN SHOW!!!!!! I don't know what channel it's on the show is a prank based show.

  • Heych .07
    Heych .073 dager siden


  • Noah Carter
    Noah Carter4 dager siden

    Its sad that some of these questions me just being a 15 yr old can answer faster than dixie and charli

  • Alexandra Nestlén - Elev
    Alexandra Nestlén - Elev4 dager siden

    Done :))

  • Justin Ocampo
    Justin Ocampo4 dager siden

    Keemstar talking about fake videos 💀

  • Julian Andazola
    Julian Andazola4 dager siden

    I got the Xbox when it came out I got 20 and I’m selling them for $900

  • S O U P
    S O U P4 dager siden

    I think you gotta watch the new video MagicOfRahat

  • Aiden Pangelina
    Aiden Pangelina4 dager siden

    I really am on the verge of hating the damilios

  • The Zyxl
    The Zyxl4 dager siden

    I did iron hit the bell

  • Mood Edits
    Mood Edits4 dager siden

    This shows how greedy charli is,some people actually need the money,so i feel bad for the people who are really smart sorry not sorry but this kinda makes charli look a little dumb :/

  • Szy
    Szy4 dager siden

    Can we just delete the ace channel

  • Jules Santana
    Jules Santana5 dager siden

    The Ace family clip is so cringe 😖

  • Madhatter Gaming
    Madhatter Gaming5 dager siden

    One of the best thing about keem is his beard

  • Yeet Manager
    Yeet Manager5 dager siden

    Simple answer... JIMMY *S I M P*

  • Laela Collins
    Laela Collins5 dager siden

    Mr beast was fine with their parents being part of it therefore they weren’t cheating

  • TThe EElite OOne
    TThe EElite OOne5 dager siden

    Lol when I was watching the live stream I knew that she was cheating

  • Jackson Parker
    Jackson Parker5 dager siden

    What sucks is that Charli rarely does a giveaway to a subscriber and won And ZHC does giveaways every single damn video and puts alot of work into his giveaways

  • Magnus Philip Enguero
    Magnus Philip Enguero5 dager siden

    I met her in among us

  • Kohala Skates
    Kohala Skates5 dager siden

    What’s fake is how he is saying everything😂

  • xJqstin
    xJqstin5 dager siden

    Charli fans be like: omg girl let charli be- chase cheated on her and she was literally having a panic attack- she can’t breathe I- omg emily you’re such a crackhead Charli is the queen!- ✨✨👑💅🦋

  • Mr. MonkeyBubbles
    Mr. MonkeyBubbles5 dager siden

    Idk if I can enter the giveaway on a old vid but @diet_water_man, I subbed with notis

  • Spazor
    Spazor5 dager siden

    “I hit the notification, selected all bells” best of luck everyone: NOT A BOT @DevKayy1

  • Spazor
    Spazor5 dager siden

    “I hit the notification, selected all bells” best of luck everyone: NOT A BOT @DevKayy1

  • Cam Brown

    Cam Brown

    4 dager siden

    @1001 1001 fr acting kinda sus

  • 1001 1001

    1001 1001

    4 dager siden

    I dont know man might be a bot