Cheering for BAD THINGS to Happen *To All The Boys 3*


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  • Lexie D
    Lexie D56 minutter siden

    How did I let TRASH misdirected me???🤣🤣🤣

  • Little Somebody
    Little Somebody2 timer siden

    a movie released this decade adapted from book series from last decade opened with late second gen k-pop legend? that's a thirty years worth of deal!

  • softlymoon
    softlymoon4 timer siden


  • Marissa28
    Marissa284 timer siden

    I was also hopiing that John Amberose was going to NYU

  • kay jade
    kay jade5 timer siden

    i hate myself for sorta liking the third movie 😔😔 parts of it make me wanna die still

  • Yourgirlkayls
    Yourgirlkayls5 timer siden

    Waiting for Dylan to comment on the fact that Mrs. Choi was Jenny Han left me more disappointed than this entire series.

  • Lizzie Allen
    Lizzie Allen6 timer siden

    Wait your from Wisconsin????

  • Mariana Cornejo
    Mariana Cornejo6 timer siden

    Gee is the song which the movie starts with, and is a song from 2009 if i'm not wrong, is the song that , in my opinion, started the whole kpop fever. It was the song that made me get interested in kpop and Girls Generation was the nation's group in Korea. Just to get things into context.

  • Tea Deen
    Tea Deen9 timer siden

    Damn Dylan rlly was in quite a mood this vid lol

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black11 timer siden

    So they were in 6th grade in 2003 and graduated highschool in 2020? Yeah, math checks out.

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black11 timer siden

    That's a REALLY old K-Pop song! That was my Japanese (they had a Japanese version too) class's JAM in 2010! 🤣🤣 It's "Gee" by "Girls Generation" - I think that's the band name. "Awesomeness films" used a song over a decade old from a currently popular genre. "HELLO, FELLOW KIDS!"

  • Michelle AS
    Michelle AS11 timer siden

    Who's Kaylee though?

  • Jaslene Garcia
    Jaslene Garcia13 timer siden

    Can I just say Peter kavinsky is in my nightmares 🤠

  • Jennifer Lewisfe
    Jennifer Lewisfe13 timer siden

    The fluffy rutabaga essentially offer because ground contrarily frighten modulo a bloody cook. amuck, cute camel

  • Sofia Crompton-Battersby
    Sofia Crompton-Battersby14 timer siden

    please can you watch the first and last episodes of the BBC series 'the adventures of Merlin"

  • Jada Saidin

    Jada Saidin

    11 timer siden

    No😭 he doesn’t like recommendations...

  • Avalon III.
    Avalon III.14 timer siden

    I still don’t understand the „it’s an hour away, we can see eachother every weekend“ part. Why not just live somewhere midway and walk/take the train/drive the 30 mins to school? 30mins is really close. Unless there is something I don’t know about the US towns

  • Hannah Helton
    Hannah Helton15 timer siden

    I hate movies that I want to rewrite the whole time I’m watching it.

  • Hannah Helton
    Hannah Helton15 timer siden

    The second movie was poorly constructed and it continued with this one. The “look back” at the end felt so empty cause of what actually happened in between. Peter and Lara Jean deserve each other because they’re both insufferable.

  • Luchía 918
    Luchía 91815 timer siden

    I'm a little late, but in the books, the guy of the second book also goes to NYU

  • It’s just nievey
    It’s just nievey15 timer siden

    Sorry not to be invasive but is Kaylee yo sister or

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon17 timer siden

    me when Dylan thought she wrote her boyfriends initials on the heart lock: NO NO NO NO NOOO ITS ACTUALLY CUTE READ IT

  • Vale Heine
    Vale Heine19 timer siden

    heyyyy i love your videos, could you react to the perks of being a wallflower plssss, its my favorite movie, and if im right a lot jof people like it to :)

  • Jada Saidin

    Jada Saidin

    11 timer siden

    You know that he doesn’t like recommendations, right?🤣🙈

  • Roseanne Menorca
    Roseanne MenorcaDag siden

    The worst part about the college thing is Stanford’s Men’s Lacrosse team is basically nonexistent. Meanwhile in the book, Peter is going to a D1 school. 🙄

  • CountCain
    CountCainDag siden

    They way the movie starts with the song Gee by Girls‘ Generation confuses the heck out of me.

  • sokin jon

    sokin jon

    17 timer siden

    for the map thing, totally get the disappointment in wisconsin getting cheese.. but they put mount rushmore in the wrong state..

  • charley
    charleyDag siden

    alternative plot: lara jean realises that men are overrated and becomes the fifth member of blackpink

  • Messy Walk
    Messy WalkDag siden

    “Conflict... where is it?” Exactly!

  • Messy Walk
    Messy WalkDag siden

    “The stakes are too low.” That’s exactly what it was! The whole movie felt like the beginning of the movie.

  • Mushroom Child
    Mushroom ChildDag siden

    Ugh this one was so boring I hate when the main character doesn’t tell the truth (that she didn’t get in to Stanford) they just drag it on and on it gets so boring

  • Sonya Ma
    Sonya MaDag siden


  • Sonya Ma
    Sonya MaDag siden

    dyan that shirt is serving you GOOD in this video. GOOD!!!

  • angelicsailor
    angelicsailorDag siden

    Traaaaaaash Also I was a fan of Condor when she first got popular but her acting is subpar and way overrated

  • Anastasia Danner
    Anastasia DannerDag siden

    Can you just react to how to train your dragon 1,2&3

  • B and M
    B and MDag siden

    Anyone else think Noah was a lot better in the fosters or just me

  • Gray
    GrayDag siden

    They're high-schoolers... people really say shit like oh They're "toxic" and "manipulative". Yeah.... pretty much all high-schoolers are like that sometimes. Not constantly

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac NewtonDag siden

    every film gets funnier so every reaction video gets funnier and I just can't wait for more

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac NewtonDag siden

    When I first started watching Dylan I found it impressive how he could predict every single plot. Now I have learnt from him and I too can guess every thing so its not as impressive anymore🤣the progression lool

  • Potterheadforever
    PotterheadforeverDag siden

    4:16 - The lock is for her family, not boyfriend, 4 letters for their names

  • marnie
    marnieDag siden

    Dylan: *would take the piss out of something* Also Dylan: But why didn’t they have *something*???? :(

  • winwxn
    winwxnDag siden

    for the map thing, totally get the disappointment in wisconsin getting cheese.. but they put mount rushmore in the wrong state..

  • madsatan
    madsatanDag siden

    awesomeness tv has been around for like a decade, i remember watching it on nick when i was 7 and i’m almost 18 now. also gee gee gee gee baby baby.

  • natasha romanoff
    natasha romanoffDag siden

    I love Ross Butler

  • natasha romanoff
    natasha romanoffDag siden

    Team Zach Dempsey

  • natasha romanoff
    natasha romanoffDag siden

    Zach Dempsey ❤️

  • natasha romanoff
    natasha romanoffDag siden

    Team Peter

  • natasha romanoff
    natasha romanoffDag siden

    You can watch Charlie's Angels, Noah's in it, not that you care, but I do love that movie (lots of people don't but I love the actresses)

  • Mina Galvan
    Mina GalvanDag siden

    Gee playing at the beginning is the best part of this film

  • Natalia Eden-Winn
    Natalia Eden-WinnDag siden

    "i choose you peter kavinsky" "and i choose you lara jean" and i choose death :))), please stop talking

  • Natalia Eden-Winn
    Natalia Eden-WinnDag siden

    when she snaps at margo about not wanting to be far away from her family, chileeeee i rolled my eyes so far, you didn't care about being far from your family, you cared about being far from your toxic boyfriend and weirdo relationship lmfaooo, margot picked her education

  • Aurelis Lopez
    Aurelis LopezDag siden

    “13 reasons why is here ?!” Had me cracking up

  • hoor
    hoorDag siden

    just a reminder that the first movie was written by a women and the last two were written by men

  • Elizabeth Somehow
    Elizabeth SomehowDag siden

    The movie is lame, seriously it's 2k21 stop making plot about breaking up over college admissions

  • Elizabeth Somehow
    Elizabeth SomehowDag siden

    Am I the only one who got distracted by Dylan's unbuttoned shirt

  • candyvodka
    candyvodkaDag siden

    This is what happens when you let men direct

  • Lara Kaye Labutap
    Lara Kaye LabutapDag siden

    i was totally hesitant to watch this third movie bc i know it's gonna be a whole waste of time. i was just waiting for you to do this commentary lolol thanks for saving me dylan

  • Eleya
    EleyaDag siden

    Not me crying whilst watching this film bc I’m leaving for uni this September without my bf and the uk isn’t even that big 😂😭

  • Maha Muhammad
    Maha Muhammad2 dager siden


  • Tegz Tegz
    Tegz Tegz2 dager siden

    This shirt is a yes

  • glow
    glow2 dager siden

    He should try Parasite if he wanted some thriller and stuffs. I still remember how I freaked out everytime something happens.

  • Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith2 dager siden

    Please do haunting of hill house

  • Yaël Zoutendijk
    Yaël Zoutendijk2 dager siden

    the only character i like is the dad, because he played aiden in satc!!

  • Lauren Gladden
    Lauren Gladden2 dager siden

    WTF! Why do I hear gee?

  • Madaja Farmer
    Madaja Farmer2 dager siden

    Your shirt is fantastic

  • Hexalys Walker
    Hexalys Walker2 dager siden

    Dylan: Tall, pale, and wearing a nice black shirt with white vertical stripes. Me: He reminds me of Jack Skellington!🎃

  • sadgalcc
    sadgalcc2 dager siden

    not lj and her family attaching a lock for her family onto her mom and dads lock and dylan assuming she put one on there for peter and herself.

  • do r
    do r2 dager siden

    yass thats right im gonna watch this just beacause you are gonna roast it

  • Luggia 2000
    Luggia 20002 dager siden

    "I couldn't care less. His fictional father left his fictional ass" lmfaoo I laughed way too hard when he said this xD The loath dylan has for this guy is real

  • Krishi Mehta
    Krishi Mehta2 dager siden

    bruh I knew Lara Jean ( or whatever the protagonists name is) is Korean, but the last thing i expected was SNSD at the start of this movie lmfao.

  • Ramadhana Muhammad
    Ramadhana Muhammad2 dager siden

    Dylan you are smooth ... 😂😂

  • Eliara Ventura
    Eliara Ventura2 dager siden

    Can you please react to the pitch perfect movies? Love your videos!!!

  • Shanyetta23
    Shanyetta232 dager siden

    The lock was actually the initials of her sisters and her dad. ;-)

  • Chayanika Ganguli
    Chayanika Ganguli2 dager siden

    I feel like we need Dylan watching a k-drama LOL

  • Ipizzippy
    Ipizzippy2 dager siden

    How old was the youngest sister supposed to be? Those constant pigtails? Ugh.

  • Judy the Kung Fu Master AKA Panda

    Judy the Kung Fu Master AKA Panda

    2 dager siden

    She is 11 in the 1st film But in the book she was 9 to 10 years old

  • hnzh
    hnzh2 dager siden

    i just got rid of my ‚gee‘ earworm and the movie has the audacity to open with this song. are you kidding me

  • nsyz amd
    nsyz amd2 dager siden

    I was watching this on netflix, and i was like "What will Dylan say about this scene and that scene?" Lmaoo.. 😂😂 😂

  • Hema Pushpika
    Hema Pushpika2 dager siden

    Can you pls react to Mulan real life

  • Chewyogumbish
    Chewyogumbish2 dager siden

    This is a very good look for you

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    2 dager siden

    Aww I love this new intro!

  • Laiqa Abid
    Laiqa Abid2 dager siden

    The movie was pretty shitty

  • Duru Taylan
    Duru Taylan2 dager siden

    Dylan I'm gonna ask you directly: are psychic lol

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    2 dager siden

    Bet you miss Culver’s cheese curds right now

  • Iman Hussain
    Iman Hussain2 dager siden

    Not me writing my college essay about my dead mom and getting into UCLA 👁👄👁 (but I’m a transfer okay I cheated the mf system)

  • peio
    peio2 dager siden

    Dylan: "don't spank your kids" every asian mom ever: *sweats nervously*

  • angelicsailor


    Dag siden

    Wait y'all didn't have your mom throwing shoes at you m

  • Natalia Eden-Winn

    Natalia Eden-Winn

    Dag siden

    every immigrant poc mother ever-

  • tanvi mainkar
    tanvi mainkar2 dager siden

    Can we talk about how Dylan has 2 Netflix profiles! WHO TF IS KAYLEE YOU BAMBOO STICK😤

  • lina olivia
    lina olivia2 dager siden

    she actually wanted to answer her sister, when she asked if they were okay after their fight, but she send the message to peter by accident, so she didn‘t choose to lie to him. idk it doesn‘t really make a difference.

  • just live
    just live3 dager siden

    Worst one!

  • Araceli Ramirez
    Araceli Ramirez3 dager siden

    They skipped over a lot of the good things that were in the book.

  • BarelyTsunami
    BarelyTsunami3 dager siden

    15:50 Honestly, what was the point of the second movie? You can just skip it. But if John Ambrose did happen to go to NYU, and Peter and LJ are still having setbacks, that would make this all the more interesting.

  • Meg Perks
    Meg Perks3 dager siden

    Hearing Gee within the few seconds of the film as a kpop fan got me wayyyy to excited. Then it made sense when it showed her in Korea 😂

  • Aalycia Brown
    Aalycia Brown3 dager siden

    its been a little over a week and it still bothers me that Dylan didn't notice that it wasn't her and peter's initials on the lock they connected to her mom's

  • isabeella insaurralde
    isabeella insaurralde3 dager siden

    lara jean is like katara w her necklace

  • Precarious Ivy
    Precarious Ivy3 dager siden

    4:15 The lock wasn't for her and her boyfriend, it was for the dad and three sisters.

  • Yara Wael
    Yara Wael3 dager siden

    When you physically CAN'T watch the actual movie from how boring the trailer was, but you definitely gotta watch Dylan suffer through it

  • Skye Foreman
    Skye Foreman3 dager siden

    Bet you miss Culver’s cheese curds right now

  • Emma Koiner
    Emma Koiner3 dager siden

    I think this is the first time I've ever disliked a video. When he roasts other movies its funny, but when he roasts these movies I get extremely enraged, I am very attached to these characters

  • •SmittenBean•
    •SmittenBean•3 dager siden

    when you don’t have netflix anymore so you just wait for Dylan to do a Movie Commentary Monday 😂

    JESSICA RAITT3 dager siden

    Anyone else really want to see Dylan do a book commentary series now after he recommended Legend?? Cause, I do!!

  • vante
    vante3 dager siden

    isnt the song gee by girls generation

  • Calli S
    Calli S3 dager siden

    is nobody gonna talk about how they drew Mt. Rushmore in North Dakota on the map when Mt. Rushmore is in South Dakota?

  • THIS is the bad place
    THIS is the bad place3 dager siden

    my song with my bf is fergalicous. it doesn't need that much thought.

  • Michelle :D
    Michelle :D3 dager siden

    OK to be completely fair the book series was 10000x better than the movies and the last two movies were directed by a man and you know how they think teenagers are. Jenny Hann did a way better job in the books.

  • Zariya Richards
    Zariya Richards3 dager siden

    does anyone else watch Dylan so much that when they watch anything they critique it now? .... just me ok

  • Obi-Wan Pierogi
    Obi-Wan Pierogi3 dager siden

    Ummm Excuse me?! UCLA is like one of the top schools in the country! They also have some of the best art, history and STEM programs in the nation. I’d sell my soul to be able to study Biology at UCLA man...