Chris Confronts Tammy's Boyfriend Jerry | 1000-lb Sisters


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  • LPS lover LPS cat girl
    LPS lover LPS cat girl9 minutter siden

    The fact that me and Jerry are eating cheese puffs at the same time

  • Devon Faulks
    Devon Faulks6 timer siden

    He’s not the reason she’s that big so don’t blame him

  • King Jam
    King Jam6 timer siden

    fk off is this 4real

  • Jeremiah Alexander
    Jeremiah Alexander7 timer siden

    She will never lose that weight the same way things will never change in America She's to Comfortable and so are we

  • Creamy Frost
    Creamy Frost7 timer siden

    Hey dude just tell her the truth. You don't love her man. Now he has to keep on this act if tammy wants to be alive. I'm serious. If he's found out to be a fraud then its doom. She starts stress eating and a whole lost. Please find out before tammy gets hurt

  • Concrete Jungle
    Concrete Jungle8 timer siden

    Let's face it Jerry has 5 kids he is only in it for the Puss.

  • Dood The Doodle
    Dood The Doodle10 timer siden

    somebody forgot to tell him "the tough big brother" routine only works if you're actually tough

  • Cristian G.
    Cristian G.12 timer siden

    Jerry looks like he does a line of crack on Tammy's belly

  • Linda Lakota
    Linda Lakota18 timer siden

    Boy friend is nice guy hope her brother dosent drive him away then she falls depressed

  • Amir Murray
    Amir Murray18 timer siden

    Its the jamaica tshirt for me.😂😎..gwan rudebwoy

  • Mikayel Hovhannés
    Mikayel Hovhannés21 time siden

    0:16 lmao am I the only one that heard “don’t hurt mommy”

  • Delovely 1
    Delovely 123 timer siden

    Ive met jerrys before. Hes looking for that disability check

  • Swagifier
    SwagifierDag siden

    wait serious question, when tammy does her makeup does she also put it on her second chin?

  • Coriolis
    CoriolisDag siden

    Glad they're cool about the whole interracial thing.

  • Khy'Leigh Giles
    Khy'Leigh GilesDag siden

    i saw tammy is like yah get in to it she is a really pretty girl and they should see that from: khyleigh\ god belsses u tammy🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  • subterranean sync
    subterranean syncDag siden

    I like Chris fine, but wtf he gon' do lol he more in shape than all the others but he ain't finna throw no punches lol, if he tried to follow through he'd just flop face first on to the pavement. I really love how supportive he is tho and find his voice comforting

  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan RyanDag siden

    If she can have a relationship then anyone can😂

  • Boss Bitches Never Bitter
    Boss Bitches Never BitterDag siden

    “You might need a refund” LMAOOOO

  • Ricky Nguyen
    Ricky NguyenDag siden

    Idk if it’s the edits or that is the most awkward shit ever

  • I’m Fat
    I’m FatDag siden

    Guys watch out, he has the black forces

  • Patrick101 Ducoing
    Patrick101 DucoingDag siden

    1:24 no Tammy you’re worse 😂

  • Angel Taylor
    Angel TaylorDag siden

    Making sure Jerry is right for Tammy? Wtf? He acts like Tammy is beating men away with a stick. 🤦🏽‍♀️ People are not lined up to date Tammy.

  • Nathan Grant
    Nathan GrantDag siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃 Cheetos... Get him straight big brother. 🤦‍♂️

  • No soul
    No soulDag siden

    I can’t even get a text back and she’s got a bf ?!?!?! Fair play to her but come on life deal me some decent cards !!!!?

  • Tamir Byrd
    Tamir ByrdDag siden

    This is just unbelievable to me

  • thelastDAN
    thelastDANDag siden

    So this is where disability payments go, pay for the lifestyle for people like this.

  • HkyBA
    HkyBADag siden

    i don’t think he even like tammy what’s he doing

  • Kyle B
    Kyle BDag siden

    That is a power couple... Absolute power couple.

  • Linda Musser
    Linda MusserDag siden

    Is Jerry really scared now?

  • Yazmier Blakley
    Yazmier BlakleyDag siden

    Jerry is cancelled from the community all I gotta say

  • Evan Hubbs
    Evan HubbsDag siden

    Chris is a good man

  • 86Smally
    86SmallyDag siden

    She looks like a foot

  • Tigrex
    TigrexDag siden

    Jerry look like he about to ask tammy where his super suit is at

  • Corey Mungo
    Corey MungoDag siden

    This whole situation don’t look right one bit🤣

  • Prem Chand
    Prem ChandDag siden

    Chris sounds like Funkhouser

  • Martin Jenkins
    Martin JenkinsDag siden

    Chris seems like a true bro

  • Lisa Bever
    Lisa BeverDag siden

    I've just been watching u tube clips... I thought tammy and Chris were a couple lol

  • Asia Ragin
    Asia RaginDag siden

    But her brother need to work out too 🥴😩

  • Asap Brickston
    Asap BrickstonDag siden

    Take off that bumboclaat Jamaican shirt and stop disrespecting my country with that big ol’ greedy gyal.

  • Justin Leclair
    Justin LeclairDag siden

    How do you censor hole in asshole and forget to censor ass lmao

  • andhg cg
    andhg cgDag siden

    When yo man loves junk food more than you, girl... RUN

  • Leasa Hart
    Leasa HartDag siden

    So I guess everything is Jerry's fault now. Tammy has been unable to get her own food for years and they have stuffed her. Jerry shows up and now they have someone to blame? This is crazy they should be more worried about him being married and having so many kids. He likes big women but he did think she was this bad off. The last thing Tanmy needs is a relationship she needs to work on her. People think very obese people can't have sex and get pregnant and that's not true. If Tammy is having relations with him and gets pregnant that can kill her. This is very serious and they are playing games it's not funny or cute.

  • rea ku
    rea kuDag siden

    Tam(my) & Jerry- I-

  • Chetan Oimbe
    Chetan OimbeDag siden

    Jerry has a Fat fetish.

  • 175elias
    175eliasDag siden

    Brothas sure luv biiiiiiig white girls

  • dahyun bibimbap
    dahyun bibimbap2 dager siden


  • Phifty nic
    Phifty nic2 dager siden

    Each Like equates to how many other woman Jerry is sleeping with

  • Colten Walker
    Colten Walker2 dager siden

    As a brother to two sisters , I feel where he is coming from!

  • Ashley Watson
    Ashley Watson2 dager siden

    Jerry got his Jamaica shirt on🤪

  • Leann Alizaidan
    Leann Alizaidan2 dager siden

    When Chris started cracking up he gave me chucky vibes when he laughs 😂☠💯

  • Lillexi Slaygirl
    Lillexi Slaygirl2 dager siden

    lol this is so funny

  • m dk
    m dk2 dager siden

    If u live junk food fine. Just don’t eat it in front of Tammy

  • Rylan Martin
    Rylan Martin2 dager siden

    Jerry looks like badger brom breaking bad if he put on 200 pounds and smoked 3 packs of cigs a day

  • lI Unknown Il
    lI Unknown Il2 dager siden

    Someone in the comments said Jerry look like a healthy crackhead, Im weak😂😭

  • Derek Holt
    Derek Holt2 dager siden

    Honestly, I think Jerry is better for Tammy than her family. First, the family had been enabling this long before Jerry. My problem with how the family approaches it is that they are too forceful and strict; addicts (we’ve all been one at some point) tend to shut down when someone tries to force their change, because they’re taking what has always been a source of comfort. Jerry, however, (and this is based off vibes and interpretation) seems like he gives just enough to keep her from shutting down. When he says she’s sometimes hard-headed, that means to me that he cuts it down at least to some degree.

  • Bret Harley
    Bret Harley2 dager siden

    Lol black dudes are the best

    RIPPER2 dager siden

    He tryna kill her ass by over feeding and secure that bag🐐🐐🐐🚀🚀🚀

  • Lucas McEvoy
    Lucas McEvoy2 dager siden

    You gonna want a refund lmao

  • _junie bug_
    _junie bug_2 dager siden


  • Malicious Muppet
    Malicious Muppet2 dager siden

    Get jerry outa here. Cant you like. Take the gunt off with a garrote or somethin.

  • The Wisconsin Files
    The Wisconsin Files2 dager siden

    God bless Chris. A brother everyone needs.

  • candy rich
    candy rich2 dager siden

    Tf he meant by what bring you to this part of the cornfield👀🤣💀 I felt some type of way but i also see his concern with his sister

  • Kasa Bonika
    Kasa Bonika2 dager siden

    Does anyone else notice this guy seems to like to be on tv? thats why he is with her !!

  • itsyoboy rick
    itsyoboy rick2 dager siden

    Is he from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • Moses Weatherwax
    Moses Weatherwax2 dager siden

    dang. You guys really dont like jerry...

  • Anastasiya Lewis
    Anastasiya Lewis2 dager siden

    I didn’t know they lived in Kentucky ✋🏼

  • Tiffany Walker
    Tiffany Walker2 dager siden

    This is so awkward

  • Wildernesswolff
    Wildernesswolff2 dager siden

    It must smell so bad in that house

  • michael murillo
    michael murillo2 dager siden

    Jerry is skinny as a stick.

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission2 dager siden

    He's married.

  • Sidin' With Biden
    Sidin' With Biden3 dager siden

    isn't the bf married?

  • Ryan Meurer
    Ryan Meurer3 dager siden

    Chris: so why you dating my sistah Jerry: Imma going to the store

  • Sheena Thomas
    Sheena Thomas3 dager siden

    Chris we know it's not tammy's fault she gained the weight. It's every body around her. They force feed her large amounts of junk food. And although this is Jerry's first time ever visiting Tammy he did it to her the worst. GTFOH

  • Shannon Williamson

    Shannon Williamson

    9 timer siden

    Haha it took me a bit to realize this is ideal sarcasm!

  • Cooper Roy
    Cooper Roy3 dager siden

    that brothers staving

  • Mikaila
    Mikaila3 dager siden

    Chris is the real MVP sticking up for his sister like that!

  • Black Media Moments
    Black Media Moments3 dager siden

    They both look a hot mess.

  • Dyterrian Rainey
    Dyterrian Rainey3 dager siden

    The whole snow storm he been warm💀

  • Entertain me im bored please
    Entertain me im bored please3 dager siden

    Naw its not up to Jerry its up to tammy but I get what he's saying if she knows her fate this she needs to get with it, now Jerry can support her or encourage her but if she not willing to change thats on her.

  • lite brite 27
    lite brite 273 dager siden

    This man does not like extremely morbidly obese women he is just along for the free food!!

    HEY HEY HEY3 dager siden

    i wAnT tHe bEsT fOr tAmMY

  • Hadzf S
    Hadzf S3 dager siden

    @ 0:30 the look Jerry giving Tammy because she burped so loud & then her brother Chris walks in 😅😂😂😂had me weak af!

  • World Strongest Creature Kaido
    World Strongest Creature Kaido3 dager siden

    Ewwwww u have to be thirsty God level to be with a person that weights over 600 pounds

  • zach e
    zach e3 dager siden

    White girls in america only accept a black men when there fat or when he's rich

  • Marren Pink
    Marren Pink3 dager siden

    Apart from the sentimental drama what is this girl doing for getting better???? As far as I can see she is even worse than before!!!!!

  • Rodolfo Perales
    Rodolfo Perales3 dager siden

    Love this dude chris

  • Beast Titan
    Beast Titan3 dager siden

    People people Jerry is not a Yardman, I do not know where he got that Jamaican T-shirt. Yardmen do not live like that.

  • Marilyn Meyer
    Marilyn Meyer3 dager siden

    Chris is my favorite he’s a good bro

  • Larry the lobster
    Larry the lobster3 dager siden

    Bruh that man gonna turn anorexic being with that family

  • Adonis Unchained
    Adonis Unchained3 dager siden

    Jerry just got here. Making it seem like he’s keeping her fat is absurd.

  • Black Jew
    Black Jew3 dager siden

    Fun fact he’s actually r Kelly’s cousin

  • Emily Doll
    Emily Doll4 dager siden

    Honestly Chris is amazing 🙂

  • Katrina Boucher
    Katrina Boucher4 dager siden

    Hi Tammy, Amy, and Chris, I want to let you know how brave and incredible I think all of you are for showing the world your daily struggles with life. Your weight problems are not entirely all your fault. All of you can succeed in your goals to lose weight and live more active healthier lives. Even you Tammy. I know you get your weights worth of shame and hate from idiots out there. Remember they are idiots that do not know you at all. I see your hurt and your struggle. I also see how smart you are and how much love you have to give to anyone worthy. I am sure you get loads of advice about the weight loss. It is hard but not impossible. I know because I helped my husband lose about 100 pounds after failed open heart surgery. He could not exercise at all. The doctors were fed up and frustrated with his progress and had a very bleak outlook for his survival beyond a few years. He has kept that weight off for 4 years now and has resolved some of his life threatening heart issues. He had to make changes in his habits but once he did, he was all in and has not looked backed. His weight was 287 when they put him in cardiac surgery in 2015. 2 years later he was 185, his ideal weight. He was 180 this morning, Feb 23, 2021. If you would like to learn how we did that for each other, please message me and we will contact you with details. You can email me at People that you do not know love you and look up to you. Please show them that nothing is impossible when we put our minds together for the common good. May you find blessings everywhere.

  • Sanatic Plays
    Sanatic Plays4 dager siden

    Well I learned that they all live in Kentucky and it honestly doesn’t surprise me because there’s obese people everywhere here.💀

  • Jerome Evans
    Jerome Evans4 dager siden

    Jerry probably needs a greencard 📗.

  • Jerome Evans
    Jerome Evans4 dager siden

    Take that Jamaica 🇯🇲shirt off breda Not the publicity we looking for. #one love thou 👏

  • Carley Marshall
    Carley Marshall4 dager siden

    So he can’t eat what he want to bc she’s on a diet tf ??

  • Jack Lew kee22
    Jack Lew kee224 dager siden

    He love fat girls

  • Sufri H
    Sufri H4 dager siden

    why the hell am i watching this

  • Armadillo Hamster

    Armadillo Hamster

    3 dager siden

    This was recommended to me.

  • I'm just a fan of Gorillaz THE FIRST
    I'm just a fan of Gorillaz THE FIRST4 dager siden

    *Oh I've been waiting for this one*

  • rosette tap
    rosette tap4 dager siden

    chris needs to bodyslam jerry