CHUNKZ vs NIKO OMILANA | Park The Bus Episode 6

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11 NOlocalrs. 1 bus to park. Whoever concedes the fewest goals, wins. 🚌⛔️⚽️
For the FINAL episode of Series 1 - it's the one you've been waiting for. It's Chunkz vs Niko Omilana! Who will come out on top in the battle of the Beta Squad generals?
A massive thank you to ExCel London for hosting us for Park The Bus Series 1.
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  • UMM
    UMMMåned siden

    THANK YOU for watching Park The Bus Series 1! And what a series it's been. Who do YOU want to see in Series 2? Let us know below...🚌⛔️⚽️

  • Ali Salim

    Ali Salim

    11 dager siden

    A female - talia, or nella rose

  • Zyro_Gaming


    28 dager siden

    Some gyal

  • Cooper Richards

    Cooper Richards

    28 dager siden

    Definitely need JME on this

  • Nithin Michael

    Nithin Michael

    28 dager siden

    Behzinga vs Josh

  • Nithin Michael

    Nithin Michael

    28 dager siden

    Ksi vs Miniminter would bang yanno

  • Amaan Kayani
    Amaan Kayani20 timer siden

    This video inspired Mourinho to become a manager

  • WilmottOntheGo
    WilmottOntheGo6 dager siden

    we need ksimon but they need to sign a waiver form cause jj is defo going to drive the buss in simon

  • Badman No.1
    Badman No.17 dager siden

    Niko should stick to uber...

    TRÈ HUB7 dager siden

    It’s nick oh 😂

  • Jonathan Clarke
    Jonathan Clarke10 dager siden

    Niko: oo the whip's broke

  • Gotta Haveit
    Gotta Haveit11 dager siden


  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah18 dager siden

    Get ksi and miniminter on this

  • Eden Olu
    Eden Olu21 dag siden

    This is underrated 🤣

  • MUSE
    MUSE22 dager siden

    I swear that’s meant to be nhs nightingale for COVID patients st the excel centre

  • Average name
    Average name22 dager siden

    Did he just ask Niko if he was able to "pull off chunks" 🤣🤣🤣

  • John king King john
    John king King john25 dager siden

    Ksi should be on this

  • Yusuf Louafi
    Yusuf Louafi26 dager siden

    We need aj vs deji

  • GreenAndBlue


    16 dager siden

    Kenny vs Deji

  • Achyri
    Achyri26 dager siden

    So niko is alive what is he doin

  • Dolby OG
    Dolby OG27 dager siden

    chunkz sussss , checking him out @2:12

  • Karpackie 4 life
    Karpackie 4 life27 dager siden

    Will you be able to pull off Chunkz 😂😂😂

  • K1KW
    K1KW27 dager siden

    4:33 2 kick ups 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mariah
    Mariah27 dager siden


  • Christos Alexiou
    Christos Alexiou27 dager siden

    5:20 Frank Lampard: So you have chosen death

  • The blue whale Fc
    The blue whale Fc28 dager siden

  • The blue whale Fc
    The blue whale Fc28 dager siden

  • Z3ficcial
    Z3ficcial28 dager siden

    Cant do a dart like that

  • Haytch
    Haytch28 dager siden

    Bruh I was at excel 2 years ago for a uni even

  • Haytch
    Haytch28 dager siden

    First time I seen a bus reverse

  • Zoe Onyewueke
    Zoe Onyewueke28 dager siden

    It's NIKOOOO not that hard so get it right, or NDL WILL COME FOR YOUS!!

  • Silenciobob
    Silenciobob28 dager siden

    It’s joke cos chunkz actually looks like a bus driver

  • jj mm
    jj mm29 dager siden

    Would be funny if they had Mourinho here

  • South Western Railway Trainspotting
    South Western Railway Trainspotting29 dager siden

    Do it with a underground train next time

  • KSI
    KSIMåned siden

    here before 100k

  • doire aintu
    doire aintuMåned siden

    Chunkz penalty flashbacks

  • joann varghese
    joann vargheseMåned siden


  • I Iove the Gaming
    I Iove the GamingMåned siden

    True mourinho style...

  • doire aintu

    doire aintu

    Måned siden

  • _CrustyCat
    _CrustyCatMåned siden


  • suhayb sherif
    suhayb sherifMåned siden


  • Anwar Ali
    Anwar AliMåned siden

    niko does not have a drivers license what a fraud HAHHAAH

  • daniel g
    daniel gMåned siden

    Chunkz looking good

  • Modaji
    ModajiMåned siden

    Chunkz has lost mad weight u know

  • Assassin8you
    Assassin8youMåned siden

    Chunks is SO FUCKING annoying.

  • tahir qureshi
    tahir qureshiMåned siden

    Chunkz lost weight and height

  • Azan Shield
    Azan ShieldMåned siden

    Ksi and deji soon come

  • Joel Bucknall
    Joel BucknallMåned siden

    Luv how he keeps saying neeko

  • ImHunna
    ImHunnaMåned siden

    beta squad do everything beside uploading

  • Will Sommers
    Will SommersMåned siden

    bracket style tournament for season 2???

  • Malachy marsh
    Malachy marshMåned siden

    Who isn’t one of the biggest youtubers in the UK? 0:26 someone’s getting slated

  • Isa Hussain
    Isa HussainMåned siden

    Let’s all deep the amount of weight chunkz has lost

  • Z Productions
    Z ProductionsMåned siden

    Harry called him neeko 😭😭😭😭

  • Tayyab Khan
    Tayyab KhanMåned siden

  • Yellow Green
    Yellow GreenMåned siden

    Neeko 🤣

  • Mohammed ilyas
    Mohammed ilyasMåned siden

    Mourinho entered the chat...

  • AhmZ
    AhmZMåned siden

    Niko makes chunkz look small🤨

  • ZXK
    ZXKMåned siden

    On Chunkz's next vid , we all need to comment , *ohhh ur the guy off UMM Park the bus*

  • R1hham
    R1hhamMåned siden

    Been waiting to see Niko's football skills 😁

  • Elise Hull
    Elise HullMåned siden

    This proved a lot of things. 1. Harry is the best footballer and bus driver, 2. Gib is still pretty tossy at football and clearly can't drive, 3. Gib didn't come last for once and 4. I called it that someone was gonna do worse then gib

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan WilliamsMåned siden

    JJ vs Simon would be class

  • Sameer Soni
    Sameer SoniMåned siden

    came here when i saw chunkz on the template

  • Holy Playz
    Holy PlayzMåned siden

    imagine they accidentally kill someone

  • Jac _Roberts66
    Jac _Roberts66Måned siden


  • Nasser L. I.
    Nasser L. I.Måned siden

    The NDL is everywhere

  • Germit x jack
    Germit x jackMåned siden

    Next series u gotta have simon vs ksi

  • Nathan Lhoni
    Nathan LhoniMåned siden

    This series was so sick can't wait for series 2👏🏾👏🏾 we need to see KSI vs Darkest n Specs vs Stevo👀👀 them 2 episodes would be jokes❌🧢

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza AhmedMåned siden

    and my man said iv come to embarrass chunks

  • 91anthonyD
    91anthonyDMåned siden

    Bloodclart chunks reeeeaaaaallly slimmin down quick, love that

  • Alex Gathuru
    Alex GathuruMåned siden

    Man said who conceded least than me😂😂😂

  • Jodoh kau
    Jodoh kauMåned siden

    What a way to end season 1. 😂

  • Y
    YMåned siden

    This is only popular coz its unique its sick

  • Yonis Osman
    Yonis OsmanMåned siden

    Not more than 20 then 21 goals great maths

    KINGROONEYMåned siden

    I've never seen niko play football before 😁😁😆

  • 000i xxx0
    000i xxx0Måned siden

    Niko's legs are a reverse U and chunk's are a reverse V.

  • Jeremiah Foyle
    Jeremiah FoyleMåned siden

    Im on the magic school bus

  • S A
    S AMåned siden

    Get the beta squad in

  • S A
    S AMåned siden

    More of this please

  • king dubx
    king dubxMåned siden

    Who owns this channel

  • S17RJY
    S17RJYMåned siden

    Lmao chunks looking bareeee skinny g Just work on top chest g 😉.

  • Wallace Oakes
    Wallace OakesMåned siden

    3:49 say that again hp neeko. If niko heard him he wouldn’t have it

  • flash barry
    flash barryMåned siden

    chunkz is a snake my man said Idc RIP filly

  • Aliyu Kurfi
    Aliyu KurfiMåned siden

    We need Aj vs niko

  • FalloutPlays
    FalloutPlaysMåned siden

    Deserves more views

  • Evan Davies
    Evan DaviesMåned siden

    Niko needs to sort out his draw strings 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Saynab Adan
    Saynab AdanMåned siden

    the classic 206 bus

  • Charlie Hughes
    Charlie HughesMåned siden

    Not more than 20 .... 21

  • a1_magidZz
    a1_magidZzMåned siden

    Money deffo changed Chunkz

  • 1
    1Måned siden

    UMM is very clever getting these guys on

  • Tendai Chinoperekwei
    Tendai ChinoperekweiMåned siden


  • Imran Hakim
    Imran HakimMåned siden

    1:38 Chunkz : *terrifying flashbacks*

  • Imran Hakim
    Imran HakimMåned siden

    The episode we’ve been waiting for 🙌

  • Henna081
    Henna081Måned siden

    Everytime I see Niko he gets more and more good looking...

  • Aaron Ramsundar
    Aaron RamsundarMåned siden

    Simon VS JJ Would be class

  • Amir Rrr
    Amir RrrMåned siden

    How has this not poped up on my NOlocal sooner 😩😩 just made my lockdown a whole lot better

  • UMM


    Måned siden

    Enjoy Amir 👊

    DARKKNIGHTT YTMåned siden


  • Safa Munir
    Safa MunirMåned siden


  • Makai Joseph
    Makai JosephMåned siden

    When hp came to interview chunkz I swear chunkz looked so crazy

  • Crazy Fool1013
    Crazy Fool1013Måned siden

    Awesome season 1. Sidemen vs Beta squad would be one to watch!

  • Bobo
    BoboMåned siden

    I like these guys but "youtuber fathers"? They started going up like 2 years ago

  • smartintentionz
    smartintentionzMåned siden

    21 goals. Oh lord!

  • Jack Slane
    Jack SlaneMåned siden


  • Alfie Levitt
    Alfie LevittMåned siden

    Niko is such a dead driver, he should be in a coffin by the time he had finished that

  • Vivaan Shetty
    Vivaan ShettyMåned siden

    No wonder George drives Niko to Tesco

  • Ali A
    Ali AMåned siden

    Harry killing it

  • kawla nonya
    kawla nonyaMåned siden

    341th!!! hahah suckersssss I beat you

    SPORTVILLAMåned siden

    Niko vs gib would be fire