Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]


Chunkz X Yung Filly - Hold [Music Video]


  • Chunkz
    Chunkz14 dager siden

    Hope you guys loved the song! Let us know your favourite bits of the riddim!

  • Christopher Cannone

    Christopher Cannone

    10 dager siden

    Good song could use a tiny bit more bass and less auto tune on chunkz your voice is great man,you don't need as much autotune as you think.Filly was perfect .Great tune lads.

  • elliot's vids

    elliot's vids

    10 dager siden

    Its pretty shit

  • Aaron Redgrave

    Aaron Redgrave

    10 dager siden

    Good for you man!! Leaving dreams out here. All the best in the future

  • Prince Naz Gaming

    Prince Naz Gaming

    10 dager siden

    This song is a banger🎶🔥🔥🔥

  • Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre

    Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre

    10 dager siden

    filly going all bilingual on us .... mad

  • Jeremiah Foyle
    Jeremiah Foyle51 minutt siden

    Chunkz mixed with autotune is dangerous

  • Charlie Mitchell
    Charlie Mitchell2 timer siden

    So much happiness in one video love you both

  • Ayman Reslan
    Ayman Reslan3 timer siden


    KITCHEN SINK LIVE3 timer siden

    Anyone else notice filly scoring at 1:24

  • Twyse Ereme
    Twyse Ereme4 timer siden

    Mad Tune. The intro is so funny 🤣🤣

  • layth Azizeh

    layth Azizeh

    4 timer siden

    no likes but verified?

    ZACK KHAN4 timer siden

    “I’m stuck in a maze!”😂😂😂

  • Aramide.T
    Aramide.T5 timer siden

    Different types of bundaaaa😭😭😭😭 Only then mannn who else can pull this vibe off with our getting cussed..... exactly🤣🍾🥳🎉❤️

  • George Sumner
    George Sumner5 timer siden

    Chunkz x Ksi x yung filly this has to happen

  • eddie wardo
    eddie wardo5 timer siden

    Filly surprises me on this track

  • Ethan Dean
    Ethan Dean7 timer siden

    Yo why filly look like skinny Dutchavelli

  • Daniel Hanse
    Daniel Hanse7 timer siden

    Great song, where your vids chunkz

  • ThatGuy Nae
    ThatGuy Nae10 timer siden

    WHAT!!!! get this video to 3M now!!!! big up filly and chunkz everytym!

  • yaboieisa
    yaboieisa12 timer siden


  • Chanel No.5
    Chanel No.514 timer siden


  • solo 1s
    solo 1s15 timer siden


  • battyfish
    battyfish15 timer siden

    Filly can sing ?!?!🔥

  • Quincy
    Quincy15 timer siden

    2:22 no ones gonna clock it says different types of bunda ok 😂😂😂

  • So what now
    So what now15 timer siden

    Love from Denver Colorado USA 🙌💯🔥

  • Berserk B
    Berserk B16 timer siden

    2:13 she was on Does the shoe fit no?

    ANTI SWAG CORPORATION16 timer siden

    I've only start watching for about 20 seconds and I love it

  • Erik Greguric
    Erik Greguric16 timer siden

    this song is just a different vibe for me

  • adam dean
    adam dean17 timer siden

    Summer banger in winter ❄️ jheeeze !

  • Muby
    Muby17 timer siden

    This is what chunkz and filly be doing at work 2:24 😂😂😂

  • S S
    S S17 timer siden

    I think I've got a crush on filly. it was 2:05 for me

  • shemmy shemmy
    shemmy shemmy17 timer siden


  • Mr HF
    Mr HF17 timer siden


  • T1UP Ajayi
    T1UP Ajayi18 timer siden

    Nun but good vibes 🤩

  • DanDan7865
    DanDan786519 timer siden

    Did anyone hear clean up in the background

  • stranger_ edits
    stranger_ edits19 timer siden

    lit lol

  • Murad Issa
    Murad Issa19 timer siden

    Man idk why but filly never fails to make me smile istg

  • abenezer brahana
    abenezer brahana20 timer siden

    i though i would be disappointed with filly cuz we all know that chunkz got sauce but when filly came out oooooooooooooo fire ooooooo big ups

  • Best Gragas EU
    Best Gragas EU20 timer siden


  • Abdul Ralpg
    Abdul Ralpg20 timer siden

    Ksi: let me check his listeners on Spotify

  • Zoe Ketibuah
    Zoe Ketibuah20 timer siden

    actual song starts at 0:40

  • ItzHydro
    ItzHydro21 time siden


  • Aone Accommodation
    Aone Accommodation21 time siden

    Watched just cause a like these guys energy 🇬🇧✌️

  • Ayub Khalaf
    Ayub Khalaf22 timer siden


  • Sam Zapico
    Sam Zapico22 timer siden

    I rate it

  • Sashen Manilall
    Sashen Manilall22 timer siden

    Absolute Friday Banger

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    21 time siden

    Chunkz people said me and you are twins

  • Nafees Hussain
    Nafees Hussain22 timer siden

    This is a good song keep it up chunkz keep it up inshallah you will get this to a million

  • leo Photiou
    leo Photiou23 timer siden

    Wallahi the girl at 0:55 is from does the shoe fit

  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    21 time siden

    Stupidly good

  • Forza Rossoneri
    Forza RossoneriDag siden

    4:45 best bar

  • PC Andy2Sav

    PC Andy2Sav

    20 timer siden

    dead joke

  • kerycainy1
    kerycainy1Dag siden

    HD cutz saved chunz's hair💥💥💥

  • Tak sambizi
    Tak sambiziDag siden

    Why is it not on chunkz channel

  • NTA Games
    NTA GamesDag siden

    This is a whole vibe! 👏

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzyDag siden

    Where did. chunk bought hairline ?

  • Layezee Boy
    Layezee BoyDag siden

    Listening to this walking to work at 5am for my daily grind 💯 vibes

  • aaronthebest0
    aaronthebest0Dag siden

    Chunkz looks like M Huncho without a mask at 0:14

  • Justin
    JustinDag siden

    kinda pants ngl

  • O-G Kush
    O-G KushDag siden

    From i never meant to leave her to my feelings i had her was deeper huhahhhahhh that bit is too sik man yung fillys vocals got vibes . I think dem bois twins jus look at der forehead same to same lol

  • dylan morgan
    dylan morganDag siden

    Fricking sick man🔥🇯🇲

  • 53o.1
    53o.1Dag siden


  • Scruffy
    ScruffyDag siden

    2:32 best part no 🧢

  • Fionn OBrien
    Fionn OBrienDag siden

    Stupidly good

  • Yusuf Gambi
    Yusuf GambiDag siden

    Chunkz people said me and you are twins

  • Yusuf Gambi
    Yusuf GambiDag siden

    Chunkz and young filly y are the best

  • A Kara
    A KaraDag siden


  • Yep
    YepDag siden

    Did anyone spot the Bunda.Inc on the plane

  • Damian Charles
    Damian CharlesDag siden

    still the hottest track dropped this winter

  • prxnce49
    prxnce49Dag siden

    Bro he actually like good.

  • Lughan MacConIomaire
    Lughan MacConIomaireDag siden

    Here from the start of ye guys and look what ye are now bro

  • marshan
    marshanDag siden

    100% this is a banger like this vid if you agree

  • L J
    L JDag siden

    It's the white Guys at the end for me

  • santiago
    santiagoDag siden

    Dis a banger fam

  • cr3amiez mail
    cr3amiez mailDag siden

    the tune at the start sounds like a somali song

  • Lifes Short
    Lifes ShortDag siden

    This dropped a week ago and I'm hearing now mosh up

  • Cassie
    CassieDag siden

    The dislikes were the ones who were put on hold.

  • ahmed dawoud
    ahmed dawoudDag siden

    I had to put this track on HOLD while I answered a call...

  • Aobakwe Lelaka
    Aobakwe LelakaDag siden

    Hella hella vibey!!! 😄 love it!

  • Cassie


    Dag siden

    This is a banger bro

  • Son Goku
    Son GokuDag siden

    I swear this reminds me of all of DJ Subeer’s snaps

  • King Scorpion
    King ScorpionDag siden

    It’s ok

  • Clipzzz_ Sss
    Clipzzz_ SssDag siden

    Put you on hold ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrr

  • Layla Egaal
    Layla EgaalDag siden

    omggggg tihis is fireeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Bryan
    BryanDag siden

    Anyone else saw the presentation on ‘Different types of bunda’

  • Axispri
    AxispriDag siden

    chunkz no homo but his voice is too beautiful

  • G Me
    G MeDag siden

    So we not gonna talk about how good filly looked when he walked in?

  • Charlie Robson
    Charlie RobsonDag siden

    anyone hear clean up at the start ^

  • Planet Chuckiefied
    Planet ChuckiefiedDag siden

    Damn i slept on this too long😭🔥

  • DJ Thomas
    DJ ThomasDag siden

    AT 2:07 looking at you like that

  • KylaeighA
    KylaeighADag siden

    Harry throwing the money 😭

  • Moiz Pishori
    Moiz PishoriDag siden

    Bassline goes in

  • zai hardiman
    zai hardiman2 dager siden

    Different types of bunda Nah I’m done

  • Crxw Abzz
    Crxw Abzz2 dager siden

    chunkz singing sounds like somali tune

  • Kumnan Lipdo
    Kumnan Lipdo2 dager siden

    This is a banger bro

  • Dylan
    Dylan2 dager siden


  • Grace Akwaboa-mensah
    Grace Akwaboa-mensah2 dager siden

    Fantastic 🤩

  • Abdulqader Bakhshi
    Abdulqader Bakhshi2 dager siden

    This is sick

  • Blizzard4K
    Blizzard4K2 dager siden

    Imagine disliking this song

  • M1 M1
    M1 M12 dager siden

    Roscoe does a good job directing

  • Aisha Khamis
    Aisha Khamis2 dager siden

    This song is all smiles for me!! Congrats to both my young brothers 🤎🤎🤎

  • Chop Chop27
    Chop Chop272 dager siden

    This song is just a vibe

  • Madame Ry
    Madame Ry2 dager siden

    Love it big respect Chunks and filly but I must say I like filly's singing voice I was in shock😃😑💕💟😘

  • Henny Fennandine
    Henny Fennandine2 dager siden

    Fave song by you two so far, was stuck in my head before you even dropped the full song.

  • Steve empire the Cheshire cat
    Steve empire the Cheshire cat2 dager siden


  • Shadreck .k
    Shadreck .k2 dager siden

    People dislike this song those are haters

  • Connor McCarroll
    Connor McCarroll2 dager siden

    2:12 is that one of the gyal from does the shoe fit season 3

  • Safiyya Mukhtar
    Safiyya Mukhtar2 dager siden

    This song bangssssssss

  • Olly Myke
    Olly Myke2 dager siden

    Mandem discussing types of bundas with charts and everything...gotta love Filly and Chunkz 🙏🏾😂

  • Lebontempviendra
    Lebontempviendra2 dager siden

    So much autotune