Claudia Conway Sings Adele Song And Shocks The World To Earn A Golden Ticket - American Idol 2021


It’s Claudia Conway’s time to shine! Claudia performs Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain” and Adele’s “When We Were Young” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan during her American Idol audition, while an emotional George Conway listens from outside the audition doors. Lionel believes that this is Claudia stepping forward and announcing who she is. Will Claudia take Katy’s advice going into Hollywood Week and block out the noise that surrounds her?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.


  • Video Troll
    Video Troll40 minutter siden

    It's a nope for me WTF!!

  • Lorraine Hernandez
    Lorraine Hernandez51 minutt siden

    I don’t like this girl . Her audition wasn’t good at all.

  • Pete K
    Pete K52 minutter siden

    This wasn't good. Oooof.

  • LNG -
    LNG -Time siden

    Oh wow. They found a way to make Idol political. Shocker.

  • vucich34
    vucich34Time siden


  • Lillyanna Anne Rose
    Lillyanna Anne Rose2 timer siden

    her voice is so pretty tho

  • Southern Patriot
    Southern Patriot3 timer siden

    Its a little nauseating to hear kids opine on matters they know nothing about!

  • Mohammad Al-Drees
    Mohammad Al-Drees3 timer siden

    She sounds like Cher Lloyd!

  • Dopey Tripod
    Dopey Tripod3 timer siden

    @5:42 close yer eyes 'n listen: IT'S SO WRONG

  • Corren love
    Corren love3 timer siden

    Dude Claudia Conway needs help. I am so happy to see her shine and I truly hope this helps because she has been SCREAMING for help for a long time now.

  • Amy Huffines
    Amy Huffines3 timer siden

    She has the prettiest eyes!!

  • Oracle
    Oracle3 timer siden

    She's a spoiled brat! She was put through only because of her parents because A.I. knows once the audience starts voting she is out!

  • Nataley
    Nataley3 timer siden

    Is it just me but does the entire family feel like a bunch of psychopaths 💀💀💀

  • Irena Michelle
    Irena Michelle3 timer siden

    she was meh...its clearly all just for the views, she won't make it very far

  • Rebecca Lee
    Rebecca Lee4 timer siden

    I feel so bad for all of these comments. My heart hurts for this girl. Why are her parents allowing this?

  • M. Linder
    M. Linder4 timer siden

    It's just the beginning: she needs to rise from the noise in her life; she has a good soft angelic voice. She sings with passion and with an emotional voice, which is very important. When we were young by Adele was the perfect song choice. 🥰

  • Toujour L'amour
    Toujour L'amour4 timer siden

    Seeing her father makes me wonder if he's also not abused by Kellyanne. The woman is wicked. No two ways about it.

  • Jeffrey Hayden
    Jeffrey Hayden4 timer siden

    Completely scripted favoritism....not surprised from idol.

  • Brenda Bodwin
    Brenda Bodwin4 timer siden

    Nothing great in the singing. Pretty basic, & common sound. Needs vocal coaching badly. Couldn't win where she is vocally. Can't win anyway.. she threw the right vote out the window when she walked in the door and ran her mouth. We all know she is just a spot filler. They know she cant win.

  • Andrew Brase
    Andrew Brase4 timer siden

    Ngl, I actually hated everything about this clip

  • J. Ray Redden
    J. Ray Redden4 timer siden

    She resembles Kate Hudson.

  • J. Ray Redden
    J. Ray Redden4 timer siden

    Perhaps some hidden talent there, but ain't there yet. Trying too hard.

  • Deco
    Deco5 timer siden

    Why did she need to tell everybody who she was ?..say your name and than sing....

  • AlbaDoggy
    AlbaDoggy5 timer siden

    I feel like her voice is damaged :(

  • Dajana Lulaj
    Dajana Lulaj5 timer siden

    The tik TOK political bs was staged for her to be a singer? And she’s not even that good?

  • Space Channel G
    Space Channel G5 timer siden

    lets be kind. if you don't like the performance thats chill but you dont have to say rude things about her and her family. she's still a person you know.

  • nona poppy
    nona poppy5 timer siden

    Sorry she sucked

  • Julia Diaby
    Julia Diaby5 timer siden

    I’ve seen a lot of negative comments, but I actually really like her voice, I really like how it’s a little raspy but also really sweet

  • terri bishop
    terri bishop6 timer siden

    Horrible voice!

  • Izzy Conlon
    Izzy Conlon6 timer siden

    idk maybe the songs she chooses don't suit her voice or something but their is really nothing special or unique about her voice

  • Shasha8674
    Shasha86746 timer siden

    Judges were kind/awesome! God bless Claudia!

  • Aaron Pederson
    Aaron Pederson6 timer siden

    Bruh, too many breaths. I as a former international winner with a choir I could sing a lot better than that

  • Jessie Le
    Jessie Le7 timer siden

    This is so embarrassing

  • David Sweeney
    David Sweeney8 timer siden

    She'll be cut by the group performances

  • J P
    J P8 timer siden

    George Conway looks like the guy that would play the Pillsbury Doughboy in a live action movie about the Pillsbury Doughboy.

  • Dandelion S
    Dandelion S8 timer siden

    Honestly I felt katy put way too much embarrassingly attention on her private home life making things worse. Her voice was not great and I feel was only put through for other reasons other than her singing capability.

  • hen ko
    hen ko9 timer siden

    My heart hurts for this girl. This whole thing feels so exploitative. I hope she gets the help that she needs ASAP.

  • Ayanna Watts
    Ayanna Watts9 timer siden

    Yeah she's just ok

  • Christopher Clark
    Christopher Clark9 timer siden

    Giving folks a chance is awesome. Luke have mercy

  • Skyler Johnson
    Skyler Johnson9 timer siden

    Reason #52978 why I do not watch American Idol anymore.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    9 timer siden

    politics should NEVER come between family.....

  • 2Swift4u
    2Swift4u9 timer siden

    somehow she's annoying and she's not a great singer either

  • Traci Sanders
    Traci Sanders9 timer siden

    Seriously, she received a ticket to Hollywood for singing? Here’s a case in point that your name means more than your skills.

  • Tatianna Mendoza
    Tatianna Mendoza10 timer siden

    Do you think she would get an chairs turned for her on the voice?

  • liya zulu
    liya zulu10 timer siden

    Forget the shenanigans I’m just touched by her dad’s emotions towards his daughter that gets a golden ticket for me .. I think she needs a lot of work she does have a nice tone and voice but it’s abit all over the place for me

  • Kantb Tamed
    Kantb Tamed10 timer siden

    She looks both 30 and 16.

  • Aaron Lott
    Aaron Lott11 timer siden

    I agree with Katy I don’t see it , she just wants more spot light and she’s already a spoiled little rich girl lol but I’m just a nobody so it don’t matter lol

  • Mempho Drumhead
    Mempho Drumhead11 timer siden

    She will do good if she stays away from the politics!

  • William Wood
    William Wood12 timer siden

    so she was oppressed by republicans? lol

  • GM T
    GM T12 timer siden

    Both her parents are deservedly successful and fameous successful in their careers. So, she is courageous to come out and show her choice.

  • Melvin Lang
    Melvin Lang13 timer siden

    Uhmmm nothing special tho

  • Diana Lastovska
    Diana Lastovska13 timer siden

    She is so annoying

  • JiTengful
    JiTengful13 timer siden

    Trump getting screen time 😁

  • throngcleaver
    throngcleaver14 timer siden

    She got through, not for her singing abilities, but because of her political leanings, and those of the judges.

  • Adrian San Juan
    Adrian San Juan14 timer siden

    This girl will not go places

  • tyrone loki
    tyrone loki14 timer siden

    politics should NEVER come between family.....

  • Penny Alvarez-Keller
    Penny Alvarez-Keller14 timer siden

    She is an embarrassment to herself ..... weird!!!!! She has a good supportive dad :) Love the wisdom of Katie! But I agree with Luke Bryan!

  • Paul Legge
    Paul Legge14 timer siden

    Pushing political agendas and positions through American idol is as tasteless as it gets.

  • Its Fern
    Its Fern15 timer siden

    First of all!!! I love Kellyanne and Trump. I wouldn't let it affect my relationship though.

  • Simon Richardson
    Simon Richardson15 timer siden

    She looks constipated when singing...was like watching really really bad drunk ksraoke 👎

  • Danelia SC
    Danelia SC15 timer siden

    She doesn't deserve a golden ticket.American Idol, I stop believing you!

  • Diane
    Diane16 timer siden

    haha winners are people who are willing to lose her mom says... me.. tell that to trump lol

  • Diane


    16 timer siden

    sorry had to say it

  • Diane
    Diane16 timer siden

    did i see luke kinda roll his eyes a bit in the beginning when she was talking about who her parents were lol

  • dawnm61767
    dawnm6176717 timer siden

    Some of the other contestants sing better than she does. I hate to say it. I don’t think she’s going to make top 10.

  • mike W
    mike W18 timer siden

    She wasn't good

  • Lisa Shimon
    Lisa Shimon18 timer siden

    More like her mom than she knows.

  • Jason Shapiro
    Jason Shapiro19 timer siden

    Holy nepotism Batman. That was terrible lol 😆

  • Kasey Stevenson
    Kasey Stevenson20 timer siden

    TRUMP 2024

  • kenvilify
    kenvilify21 time siden

    She's not good at all.

  • Danish Danny J
    Danish Danny J21 time siden

    Her singing is just okey for me . Enough to pass this round but next round erm I don’t know I’m not quiet sure unless if she practice her singing and go for singing classes maybe ya maybe not . But ya let just see what happen during hollywoood week .

  • C.A. Toro
    C.A. Toro21 time siden

    She tried too much with the theatrics...just sing.

  • Rick Borah
    Rick Borah21 time siden

    So the point is if your mom works for Trump , she is a bad person & if father works against Trump he is the best person. My gosh what is happening to this world ...

  • Susan Adam
    Susan Adam22 timer siden

    Fuck not this kid again 😂🤣😂🤣

  • PL Robertson
    PL Robertson22 timer siden

    It would help if chasing fame would include being attractive. This one is not.

  • Elle Desperado
    Elle Desperado22 timer siden

    She’s so young, she will improve so much as she gets older

  • RaiRaiBrown
    RaiRaiBrown23 timer siden

    Golden ticket? How about a Hair Brush, a proper shirt, proactive, make-up not found at the dollar store, singing lessons, a day job?.

  • RaiRaiBrown
    RaiRaiBrown23 timer siden

    Mario Adrion was my pick😉

  • RaiRaiBrown
    RaiRaiBrown23 timer siden

    She should do a duet with the German Male Model in the red bikini.

  • Travis Fletcher
    Travis Fletcher23 timer siden

    American idol became a joke when the judges changed from the original, don’t get me wrong it was a joke then also but at least with actual real good voices making it through. They just play the sympathy card for everything 🙄 bring back Simon 👏🏻🤣

  • llp4321
    llp432123 timer siden

    Her voice lacks depth and resonance and she is frequently pitchy. Without the family story, she’s got no appeal.

  • greeneyes92061
    greeneyes9206123 timer siden

    Politics...really???? Why on earth did she need to even mention that? She didn’t. Can you say.....staged, forced, planned...handed to her on a silver platter.

  • Lukas James
    Lukas James23 timer siden

    They hoping for political favors with letting that one through lol

  • RaiRaiBrown
    RaiRaiBrown23 timer siden

    I was like, "who is this malnourished 35 year old that had a rough life on skid row?". "I really think smoking and drinking can take it's toll". Then I realized the truth, which was just as shocking.

  • RaiRaiBrown
    RaiRaiBrown23 timer siden

    Something doesn't seem right. I'm sure she'll find out certain things about life, once they go to Hollywood and all those singers SANG HONEY.

  • Ryan Rice
    Ryan Rice23 timer siden

    I'm a 53 year old man this girl is very pretty but she's also very what would you say spoilt . Honestly do wish her a great future but I don't think it's being an Idol. They need to get better writers because this was so so scripted and they probably paid linal off to say what he said

  • Miss Kathy
    Miss Kathy23 timer siden

    It's a fat " NO" from me. They turned away other 16 yr Olds that could sing much better than this conceited child. She seems ever so spoiled

  • Lucho O
    Lucho ODag siden

    Yesssssssssssssss ........

  • emilyb2122
    emilyb2122Dag siden

    The fact they are giving her a platform.

  • Lori Maurer
    Lori MaurerDag siden

    Katy Perry is such a snob and an obvious Trump hater. I love listening to these talented contestants and hearing their stories, but I have to tolerate Perry in order to do so..ugh!

  • Caroline Gilmore
    Caroline GilmoreDag siden

    The way they brought up her trauma and immediately made her sing afterwards :/ when ppl get emotional and their throat closes up, it messes up their voice.

  • Robert Bjorkgren
    Robert BjorkgrenDag siden

    She wasn't good. Ended video early.

  • Mama And Ozzie
    Mama And OzzieDag siden

    Katy is right she has something there. But I feel like this was pressured and scripted

  • Lydia Estrange
    Lydia EstrangeDag siden

    Yeah this was dramatic for no reason and treated this contestant very differently in many ways. The filming of this was entirely different then others and i think that’s not fair. The way they spoke to her and everything. Why were the parents involved, sorry but It’s a no from me. Her going to Hollywood was totally scripted and unbelievable. Laaaame.

  • jird15
    jird15Dag siden

    I am so glad for youtube so I can skip their stupid stories. It should just be about singing. I'd like to see more contestants.

  • Terri Chiappi
    Terri ChiappiDag siden

    She is definitely NOT American idol material sad to say.

  • 4gave1
    4gave1Dag siden


  • david simte
    david simteDag siden

    Really AGT ???

  • Dani Girl
    Dani GirlDag siden

    Ummm 🤔

  • VOreason
    VOreasonDag siden

    She may not be ready yet, but she is probably a contralto. They will probably transpose keys for her which should be more comfortable for her.

  • Next Level Nugz
    Next Level NugzDag siden


  • Cody Ash
    Cody AshDag siden