COD Warzone is about to change Forever...


Call of Duty Warzone is in trouble. A giant cargo ship with biological material and a storm is headed to the shore, but what will happen? Map changes, Zombies, Aliens, anyone have a good guess? Use code JACKFRAGS in the COD Store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. #COD_Partner


  • cristian festeu
    cristian festeu8 timer siden

    I think is lady Dimitrescu there

  • Phantom Fire
    Phantom Fire10 timer siden

    zombies.. wow... thats so .. new

  • FromFilmToCode
    FromFilmToCode14 timer siden

    Plunder 4 mode + zombies + night time Verdansk before it is nuked in the Summer.

  • Dagwood Chat
    Dagwood Chat14 timer siden


  • niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden
    niet biggi doen g beste voor je tanden15 timer siden

    wow the amount of sad fatty''s camping in this game is ridiculous

  • Ryder Nigga
    Ryder Nigga19 timer siden

    I was wondering why I was hearing whispers during gameplay it was kinda freaking me out. But the update was just a shipwreck and zombies on the ship that was it.

  • Derek Southers
    Derek Southers20 timer siden

    Verdansk port seems like it’s most practical stop

  • Derek Southers
    Derek Southers20 timer siden

    That boat has zombies or dinosaurs on it!

  • Anndreass. rr
    Anndreass. rrDag siden

    Get a life

  • Extreme warzone epic clips
    Extreme warzone epic clipsDag siden

    3.6 million subs crazy man am on at 700

  • Colby Ward
    Colby WardDag siden

    now we get to wait 8 more months for the new map.

  • SoppingClam
    SoppingClam2 dager siden

    It was confirmed zombies but only cos they are all blistered. They teleported from the neutron weapon with a new map release. With the cold war it was mutated already zombies to be super smart AI and the captain of the ship is zombie that is a really sweet ship captain. Able to navigate using best economy from the diesel

  • Yusgrk
    Yusgrk2 dager siden

    Is that the rushalka?

  • maaz
    maaz2 dager siden

    Bruh I just lost to you and tacticalbrit and stoddeh in warzone GG u filthy animals

  • david stockman
    david stockman2 dager siden

    People are such nerds holy fuck 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tasty Toast

    Tasty Toast

    Dag siden

    True lol

  • Barry Huxley
    Barry Huxley2 dager siden

    Could be all the banned hackers returning with new accounts.

  • Snehil Bhogal
    Snehil Bhogal2 dager siden

    Got that chills after such a long time, that we use to have during battlefield 4 easter eggs. Have COD Warzone hired all the staff of battlefield or they learned from it a lot.

  • Daniel bolland
    Daniel bolland2 dager siden

    Please tell me somebody saw “Pete the nonce”

  • Sio Immortale
    Sio Immortale2 dager siden

    Not with season 2 update thought as it seems

  • Tucker
    Tucker2 dager siden

    It's Covid21

  • Drew Pauley
    Drew Pauley2 dager siden

    It’s not that epic

  • Drew Pauley
    Drew Pauley2 dager siden


  • Vincent Marduk
    Vincent Marduk2 dager siden

    Not Zombies, just Corona.

  • Chum bucket Perez
    Chum bucket Perez2 dager siden

    Its Keanu Reeves

  • brad clowes
    brad clowes2 dager siden

    Maybe it's Kong.. And godzilla is following the ship underneath? 😂 Now that would be sick imagine a variant of verdansk where a load of areas have been smashed to bits by their fight which opens up new spaces within the map and maybe a godzilla easter egg like the megladon one from BF... I know its probably to do with zombies though. A zombies prison map would be sick as well if the "biological threat" escapes when the ship crashes into the prison? like the alcatraz map from BO2?

  • WARPIG 645
    WARPIG 6452 dager siden

    Yepz that's zbies

  • Daniswara Putra
    Daniswara Putra2 dager siden

    This is soo scary even the russians are scared its going to be big

  • Noah Lippert
    Noah Lippert2 dager siden

    OH NO.. anyway

    I LOVE GOD AND JESUS JOHN 3:16 REVELATION 21:42 dager siden

    Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

  • Jammal Flowers
    Jammal Flowers2 dager siden

    It’s a FCKIN ZOOMBIEEEEE BOOSSSS!!!!! Let’s fucking goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  • Tochigit
    Tochigit2 dager siden

    And they cant still optimize the game for better

  • newton3010
    newton30102 dager siden

    its even closer today !!!!!

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford2 dager siden

    NUKE VERDANSK! The map fucking sucks!

  • COD Warzone
    COD Warzone2 dager siden

    Is it a boat where Zombies have took it over?!?!?!

  • Curacaorider
    Curacaorider2 dager siden

    That ship is like the SBMM system going haywire.

  • Jesus Solis
    Jesus Solis2 dager siden

    It’s everyones’ wives coming to drag us out of the game

  • RandoBrando
    RandoBrando2 dager siden


  • Pendar Khaluei
    Pendar Khaluei2 dager siden

    Zombies 🧟‍♂️

  • Man from Congo
    Man from Congo2 dager siden

    i got it too but i got morse code it was a following - - --- -- or . . ... ..

  • double chin
    double chin2 dager siden

    Better start the download on the 23rd

  • nick lagarde
    nick lagarde2 dager siden


  • Pale Horse
    Pale Horse2 dager siden

    It should hit the port gate breaking it so the ship can come up more upstream.

  • some anarchist
    some anarchist2 dager siden

    Verdansk is a rubbish map

  • Kyle McW
    Kyle McW2 dager siden

    Imagine if the ship beached & there was a shed ton of zombies & a pack a punch machine in the wreck! 🤯🤞🏻

  • some anarchist
    some anarchist2 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure that it's the open world zombies maybe

  • Vincent V
    Vincent V2 dager siden


  • St.Clair Bloom
    St.Clair Bloom2 dager siden

    My educated guess is they are going at zombies to warzone.

  • Jordan Garcia
    Jordan Garcia2 dager siden

    I think zombies are coming to war zone like the zombies update

  • Grimmz
    Grimmz2 dager siden


  • TenPoem lagrave
    TenPoem lagrave3 dager siden

    It might be a Mimic or an Orda or maybe another boss.

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson3 dager siden

    They bringin King Kong vs Godzilla to fuckin Warzone LETS GOO

    LEE YEREX3 dager siden


  • LiveLoveLaugh.
    LiveLoveLaugh.3 dager siden


  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM3 dager siden

    I immediately think ZOMBIES!!!

  • ANDU
    ANDU3 dager siden

    dude fix your damn screen tear

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith3 dager siden

    Love how they keep adding shit to buy but can't fix basics problems that's been there since the launch of the game. The developers should be lined up and shot imo 👍😁🙌💣

  • Supisici
    Supisici3 dager siden

    I feel it is really hard to get back into the game once you stopped playing it for a few months. Feels like counterproductive. I lost the connection to it. Can't wait for Bf6!

  • Fredrik Martinz
    Fredrik Martinz3 dager siden

    THE BOAT FROM REBIRTH HAS DISSAPEARED, think its the new boat

  • Bryan Alvarez
    Bryan Alvarez3 dager siden

    It's zombies

  • Dave Tebbitt
    Dave Tebbitt3 dager siden

    We already know it's crashing into the prison. Then zombies will be released due to the crash and then they will have to nuke the whole of verdansk. Thus the new map, duh!! 🤣💪

  • Ash Richardson
    Ash Richardson3 dager siden

    Could be heading to the Port, maybe check things over there too!

  • Dusty Levi
    Dusty Levi3 dager siden

    2 very very big but at the same time small changes i think many would appreciate.. 1st is why do bots see through smoke. I know countless guys warm up like me with bots before jumping online.. Why is it bots can see through smoke? I think everyone would agree this is ridiculous.. 2nd why is there flinch on pistols so extreme. There is little to no flinch on smg and ars. I can understand flinch with sniper rifles and marksmans but why pistols they are the hardest to run around with and play competitively

  • Gabriel Achmann
    Gabriel Achmann3 dager siden

    Resident Evil

  • Soggy Socks
    Soggy Socks3 dager siden

    Defo Zombies xD

  • Anton Gerstlohner
    Anton Gerstlohner3 dager siden


  • Keko
    Keko3 dager siden

    I happened too

  • Moonlit Foxling
    Moonlit Foxling3 dager siden

    Now that I think about it, there's going to be an open world zombies mode by the start of this upcoming season, I'm hyped over it

  • Moonlit Foxling
    Moonlit Foxling3 dager siden

    Sounds like zambies

  • stlmtndew
    stlmtndew3 dager siden

    But did you win the game?

  • mfamusic
    mfamusic3 dager siden

    I hope it’s a new map sick of this campsite

  • MykoSayyad
    MykoSayyad3 dager siden

    I got those dumb messages and it got me killed. Mine was a distress signal with a bunch green writing and beeping lol.

  • Just some Spartan with internet access
    Just some Spartan with internet access3 dager siden

    Anyone remember there was like a dragon in the trailer


    if its related biologically it is zombies

  • Matas Revinskas
    Matas Revinskas3 dager siden

    Its simple... Overwatch

  • Carmine4976
    Carmine49763 dager siden

    I got the static transmission it was cool

  • ByKross8
    ByKross83 dager siden

    Damn this is exciting

  • Casper Jensen
    Casper Jensen3 dager siden

    new Anti-Cheat System

  • TheManOnDaCouch
    TheManOnDaCouch3 dager siden


  • joshuaugc
    joshuaugc3 dager siden


  • WarriorRC31 -
    WarriorRC31 -3 dager siden


  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez3 dager siden

    All vs zombies

  • spencer watts
    spencer watts3 dager siden

    We will for sure have zombies for a bit then the maps gonna get nuked!

  • Buddy T-dawg
    Buddy T-dawg3 dager siden

    Yknow how cold war and modern are together because zakheav is in col war and cold war has zombies. They both include a fight against the soviet union. It has to be zombies a biological danger would normally mean a mutated or radiated thing so yes. It is zombies but it may go in the mw story line.

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton3 dager siden

    It’s repeats of Mrs Browns boys

    ZOIDENVOID3 dager siden

    yeah i heard something too wierd

  • Ataru Moroboshi
    Ataru Moroboshi3 dager siden


  • Teddy Rugspin
    Teddy Rugspin3 dager siden

    It will b zombies warzone mode guaranteed guys!!! Theyve been releasing like intelligence easter eggs for a while testing out the engine for zombies

  • Cixtos
    Cixtos3 dager siden

    So much Aetherium it’s causing a weather phenomenon

    SHIN MT3 dager siden

    Russians zombies are comming😵😵. I’m more scared of the Russians tho.

  • Seive
    Seive3 dager siden

    This is how they are doing the open world zombies thing

    COFF FLAVOUR3 dager siden

    the ships just look like standard pixel boxes on my ps4

  • Cyberus
    Cyberus3 dager siden

    Zombies/mutants on this ship.... the Russian that was speaking on this ship clearly mentioning that it is biological something that can’t be contained safely anymore.

    JELLYTREE273 dager siden

    Try putting an airstrike on it

  • Shiv Silverhawk
    Shiv Silverhawk3 dager siden

    “And then the: Zzz, some screams” Freudian slip, perhaps?

  • tomikhe
    tomikhe3 dager siden

    it could get to downtown and blow it all up

  • Boyce Willingham
    Boyce Willingham3 dager siden


  • Proxspec
    Proxspec3 dager siden

    Bio it means zombies are in the ship and it's going to be combined with warzone. That's going to be crazy.

  • SpaceX
    SpaceX3 dager siden

    That ship definitely has those zombies. Hear those zombies screams from people you hear in trailers.

  • SpaceX
    SpaceX3 dager siden

    Had gas mask should've used it up and waited for them to leave building or just swing wide.

  • LaughAtHimAgainJB
    LaughAtHimAgainJB3 dager siden

    looks like the map from COD4