COMING 2 AMERICA Trailer 2 (2021)


Second trailer for Coming 2 America starring Eddie Murphy


  • Jason Nabors
    Jason Nabors2 timer siden

    It was kinda good but they focused way too much on gender norms or whatever pc term is used. It could’ve been better but I understand why they can’t freely write anymore

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee2 timer siden

    Movie isn't funny sorry people

  • T. Mont
    T. Mont3 timer siden

    Especially eating plates of collard greens, neck bones, and cornbread! I just hope that they don’t comedic overshoot and create to many plots.

  • M Alc
    M Alc3 timer siden

    Damn! Black indeed don't crack.

  • Kat2cents 4u
    Kat2cents 4u3 timer siden

    It’s today lol. Today is March 5th yes!!!!

  • noxolo mpama
    noxolo mpama3 timer siden

    Oww nanku ndiyambona go SA

  • noxolo mpama
    noxolo mpama3 timer siden

    U Nomzamo ulapha kanene?

  • Bill Knott
    Bill Knott4 timer siden

    Just watched this. leslie jones ruined the whole vibe with each scene. It's like watching two different movies each time she is there.

  • Pankil’s Videos

    Pankil’s Videos

    2 timer siden

    Agreed she’s good at other stuff but ......she didn’t fit into this movie ..... every scene was off ...oh well

  • Jason Nabors

    Jason Nabors

    2 timer siden

    She really did she made the movie ghetto but not the funny type just the stereotypical ya know

  • falvalisious
    falvalisious4 timer siden

    So many mixed emotions

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy5 timer siden

    Worth watching once. Over did it with that wack 😴 ass cast. They fucked up a classic

  • 製作點Smilin J. Hawkins
    製作點Smilin J. Hawkins6 timer siden

    I just watched it on Amazon prime. It's crap.

  • Jerry Jazzbo
    Jerry Jazzbo6 timer siden

    "Hey Ho" 😂

  • Mpilende Londeka
    Mpilende Londeka6 timer siden

    Nomzamo Mbatha 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • FrankieMJr
    FrankieMJr6 timer siden

    Shit was funny decent movie Wesley snipes is funny

  • Cosmic Cloud
    Cosmic Cloud6 timer siden

    I just watched it and it seems like Rasputia is in every character he plays Not that it’s a bad thing, still funny as hell

  • Bruh_Oly
    Bruh_Oly7 timer siden

    I'm four minutes in and it feels like I'm watching the force awakens with that obvious homage thing scene for scene. The lad from McDowell's is there who washed the lettuce, then the fries , soon I'll, 2 years from now ill make assistant manager and that's when the big bucks start rolling in...but he never capatalised on that line ...he is just there in zemunda. What the hell did akeem do ? Take everyone he met in new York to zemunda ? I'm waiting for Cuba gooding jnr to pop up with his own barber shop after being an extra in the first films shop

  • seasonalfashionforward Ilao
    seasonalfashionforward Ilao7 timer siden

    The 1st movie is and will always be my family's classic fav and now this one. So so happy to see a bunch of the original cast. What memories

  • A Person
    A Person7 timer siden

    So, um..... You guys watch this yet? I did. One word. *YIKES*

  • J Wade
    J Wade7 timer siden

    Didn't need a sequel, was disappointed

  • Frank Dux
    Frank Dux8 timer siden

    I think I saw the whole movie with this trailer. OKAY USA!

  • birdhovno
    birdhovno8 timer siden

    No white people in the movie!? No gays? No Asians? That is not politicely correct! :-(

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin8 timer siden

    FYI, this is already on Pirate Bay😂

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin8 timer siden

    FYI, this is already on Pirate Bay😂

  • Milliana Burl
    Milliana Burl8 timer siden

    It was hilarious! They did a great job. I loved seeing everyone again.

  • The Triage Room Jehovah-Rapha
    The Triage Room Jehovah-Rapha8 timer siden

    It's nice to see the original crew 30 years later looking healthy. Its true black don't crack !! It has a Black Panther feel but funnier lol

    LIL JON'S9 timer siden

    Got good laughs so ..dang the haters had good music too..

  • RAServicesGroup Relatively Aware Services Group
    RAServicesGroup Relatively Aware Services Group9 timer siden

    Me waiting to see our AFRICAN FAVE! NOMZAMO MBATHA!!!!!!

  • bela_ princesa_
    bela_ princesa_10 timer siden

    Who in the world told Americans and the rest of the world that Africans own wildlife as pets 🙄🙄. Let me look at this on a positive angle .

  • ABC Science Kids & Music
    ABC Science Kids & Music10 timer siden

    Eddi M, Leslie.... J...., amazing cast . Can’t stop enjoying the Mother land’s Accent

  • ABC Science Kids & Music
    ABC Science Kids & Music10 timer siden

    👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂 The Accentoooooo. Return to roots. 👍👍👍

  • Kim Nina
    Kim Nina11 timer siden

    Americans are weird. If they really wanted to know stuff about our continent and learn more about my people, they'd hire us for movies about us. Buuuuuuut they don't so , lol . The best we'll get is a couple soundtracks w. Beyonce and call it "an amazing opportunity" and then make more movies about African people played by not African people. And if there are African people we have like 3 seconds of screen time.

  • Jimmy B

    Jimmy B

    8 timer siden

    Always a victim lurking somewhere begging for attention..... just enjoy the film!!

  • di Victtoria
    di Victtoria11 timer siden

    Had some good laughs.Wesley Snipes did really good! Good conclusion and seeing some of our fav characters return👍

  • Garrett Mitchell
    Garrett Mitchell11 timer siden

    I'm excited to see this.

    WORD OF LIFE11 timer siden

    Awesome 😎😎😎😎

    WORD OF LIFE11 timer siden

    Just saw the movie... Awesome... Awesome... Awesome Please do part#3

  • Mack Koloamatangi
    Mack Koloamatangi12 timer siden

    Yeah I just watched this movie and the story line is very disappointing..but all the actors are best..first 1 always better

  • SavageMarcus Veto
    SavageMarcus Veto13 timer siden

    This movie weak

  • Justice Bethel
    Justice Bethel13 timer siden

    Just got done watching it it was alright

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord13 timer siden

    Coming 2 America makes Norbit look like a master piece

  • Kareem Alamoody
    Kareem Alamoody14 timer siden

    After 30 yrs

  • Thoreo
    Thoreo14 timer siden

    1:15 My favorite part of the whole trailer 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jazz Head
    Jazz Head14 timer siden

    How is it that Eddie and Arsenio still look the same 😂🤔💯

  • E H
    E H14 timer siden

    Rip madge Sinclair💚💛🖤

    DIY/LETS CREATE14 timer siden

    Just watched it. Everybody character came back to do pt 2. It’s was good. And the fits were on point.

  • Brenda Foster
    Brenda Foster15 timer siden

    It free on TV when you find it.

  • Chris Lucas
    Chris Lucas15 timer siden

    This was trash and insult to original

  • Ridhwan Ali
    Ridhwan Ali15 timer siden

    Coming to America remixed with the storyline from Black Panther 1 and 2

  • Nayarda Peterson
    Nayarda Peterson15 timer siden

    I wish she didn’t play in it I sure will watch it but I don’t care for her so I will not be giving my views period I sure hate that for me😢😳

  • Travis Epps
    Travis Epps16 timer siden

    Im watching this ish at midnight. Can't wait.

  • Cherisse Mayers
    Cherisse Mayers16 timer siden

    This looks like pure rubbish and forced pc humor

  • Oneil Brown
    Oneil Brown16 timer siden

    Nice movie

  • Vivian Ogo
    Vivian Ogo17 timer siden

    This will be 🤩 2021❤️❤️❤️

  • Infinitiely V
    Infinitiely V17 timer siden

    At the end the daughter betrays and wants the crown or some other prominent character that has less of a role and the son he gets goes all gay and heartfelt and says a bunch of family bullshit and either gives the crown to the daughter or the daughter saves the son from the other guy who tries to take over cause she is so well trained and there all a happy family in the end

  • kam
    kam17 timer siden

    lol cant wait for this

  • yvonne
    yvonne tillmany@att.net18 timer siden

    I can't wait, glad I have Prime Video

  • UGLY Bro
    UGLY Bro19 timer siden

    I’m hella excited cuz I saw the first one years ago my mom introduced me 😭😭😭

  • Timira Campbell
    Timira Campbell20 timer siden

    We need something funny in the Movies it been so hard, stressing a lot of loss we need something the release our endorphins and bring back some normalcy to everything

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    9 timer siden

    Yes you are right

  • Chanice Stora25
    Chanice Stora2520 timer siden

    This bout to be littt!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Morena Moeketsi
    Morena Moeketsi21 time siden

    Maxhosa attire🥰🥰

  • BRENDA ebonitia NERO
    BRENDA ebonitia NERO22 timer siden

    I'll be looking to see if "dark-skinned" women are exploited, and marginalized, in the sequel like the first movie.

  • William Khristmas
    William Khristmas22 timer siden

    Sequels are never better than the original movies....remains true.

  • Samuel Ayantoye Alabi
    Samuel Ayantoye Alabi23 timer siden

    I can't wait to watch this thriller!

  • Glory Mosby
    Glory MosbyDag siden

    I can't wait to see this movie

  • RaginCajun311
    RaginCajun311Dag siden

    They tried too hard Total Comedic failure 😞

  • Stevie teach
    Stevie teachDag siden

    holy shit Wesley is back !!!

  • M S
    M SDag siden

    they better have another scene of that dog and the doorbell - that was genius

  • DiamondFace Drea
    DiamondFace DreaDag siden

    Only on prime smh thisshould be out on every platform

  • Feli Amanis
    Feli AmanisDag siden

    Oooh yeah,can’t wait

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamerDag siden

    There all alive and look the same after all these years.

  • King
    KingDag siden

    ? ? ? ? ?

  • Keisha Messam
    Keisha MessamDag siden


  • Saponi Queen
    Saponi QueenDag siden

    EPIC!!! History made again! Thanks Eddie! ❤️

  • M D
    M DDag siden

    Why mickael blackson is not in the movie?

  • Bruce David
    Bruce DavidDag siden

    Coming 2 America is a STINKER, whew hold your noses folks! ... Movie falls flat on it`s face right out of the gate. Studio is losing MILLIONS. Trying to sell it now with controversy saying things like Louie Anderson was surprised to hear he was only in the first film because he was white.

  • Frances Walker
    Frances WalkerDag siden

    The barbershop crew, I'm sure, they're old as Methuselah. lol. Most definitely older than 137 year-old Joe Louis! LOL

  • Steven Bennett
    Steven BennettDag siden

    2 more days and counting hey it's kunta kinte

  • Bee J
    Bee JDag siden

    Queen of the Bluntda

  • sajidkhanmahmood
    sajidkhanmahmoodDag siden

    Im not sure anything can compare to the original.

  • Ngozi's WORLD
    Ngozi's WORLDDag siden

    I can't wait!!!!

  • Leo Moore
    Leo MooreDag siden

    Coming to America, both #1& #2 , are complete idiotic bullshit ! I would have preferred it, if the filmmakers would not have insulted our intelligence and actually made a film that was genuinely funny !

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan SiddiquiDag siden

    Its like fresh prince

  • YoErickTv
    YoErickTvDag siden

    I have a feeling the part of this movie will include Wesley Snipes 😂😂😂

  • Jacquelyn Davis
    Jacquelyn DavisDag siden

    Yes yes. I liked vampire in Brooklyn also

  • Jasmine Delee
    Jasmine DeleeDag siden

    This will be good

  • Gypsy Gypsy
    Gypsy GypsyDag siden

    Wesley looks so great ,glad to see him

  • Tonya Strong
    Tonya StrongDag siden

    I be at home enjoying part two.

  • Al Brown
    Al BrownDag siden

    Besides this looking stuupid funny, I have to see it because everybody is in it like it should be and for historical reasons!!!

  • Tori Frenchroll
    Tori FrenchrollDag siden

    Eddie Murphy my favorite comedian

  • capri kingg music
    capri kingg musicDag siden

    2:07 "hey, ho" 🤣🤣


    I can’t wait but where the original queen at?

  • Barbara Novick
    Barbara NovickDag siden

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  • Edward Jones

    Edward Jones

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    His stories are everywhere 😱

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    Frank Jerk

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    Ralph Schlosstein

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  • Blue Rose
    Blue RoseDag siden

    Izzi is the name of the wife he rejected

  • Shay Thomas
    Shay Thomas2 dager siden

    I cant wait

  • BeStill Patience
    BeStill Patience2 dager siden

    Murphy and Hall said Paramount Pictures was concerned with the cast in "Coming to America." Hall said they were given a list of three white actors to choose from for the 1988 film.

  • mito . . .
    mito . . .2 dager siden

    wesley snipes + eddie murphy = LOL ROFL

  • Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson2 dager siden

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  • Steelz MB
    Steelz MB2 dager siden

    Who Cares!

  • Eric Kwakye
    Eric Kwakye2 dager siden

    Wakanda city of Return is yet to be commenced in West Africa Ghana. Wakanda still reigns

  • Sia Blank
    Sia Blank2 dager siden

    The best

  • Sia Blank
    Sia Blank2 dager siden

    Love this kind of movie