Complete Guide To Starship: Falcon 9 VS Starship. What's new? What's different?

Vitenskap og teknologi

SpaceX is taking everything up a notch with Starship. This thing is the ultimate challenge in aerospace engineering, a FULLY and rapidly reusable super heavy lift launch vehicle, capable of taking 150 metric tonnes to low Earth orbit.
But Starship’s ultimate goal goes way beyond just terrestrial orbital ambitions, Starship is the first vehicle designed to actually take human beings to Mars and back again.
In order to achieve this absolutely bonkers goal, SpaceX has had to employ a litany of new technologies, use new materials, develop the most advanced rocket engines ever made and come up with some wild ideas that have never been tried before… and maybe for good reason.
So today I wanted to go over all of these new technologies and compare it to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy to help point out what things are new, what things are different and what they’ve learned from the Falcon family that will apply to Starship in order to really understand just how ambitious this project is.
We won’t be just scratching the surface here, in fact we’ll actually be taking you inside the rockets and showing you basically every single part and going over all of them with a fine tooth comb so you can learn as much as possible and have a definitive guide to Starship.
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00:00 - Intro
05:05 - What's the same
06:00 - What’s Different // Engines and Fuels
23:05 - What's Different // Size, Capabilities, Construction, Costs
32:15 - What's Different // First Stage Reuse
41:50 - What's Different // Second Stage Reuse
53:40 - Conclusion
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    3:28 You left out the gravity tug. Asteroids spin. So landing on one and boosting it direct is not practical. Cruising alongside, countering gravity with an ion thruster package, our 300 ton mass will gradually steer multi-billion ton Apophis in the direction we want it to go. A 5 year mission. We could call the first one 'The Enterprise'. We always do. Because it means, 'that amazing thing which we are up to, now'. Steering asteroids is the hobby of the gods.

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    Great job, Everyday Astronaut. Thanks so much. Many factories are built around the product. That´s not really new - in fact it is the proper way to do it. It might be the first time a factory is built around one particular model, specially in the spacecraft industry.

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  • shawn douglass

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  • Stephen Carter
    Stephen Carter6 dager siden

    A stripped-down Cargo Starship, packed with multiple sensor suites, will embark for Mars in 2024. It will be primarily a fact-finding mission, measuring every aspect of Starship performance over the 6 month duration mission. All the data will be beamed back to Earth for immediate and extensive analysis, and will likely result in changes made to Starship for future missions to Mars. The vessel's return to Earth will have to wait for the next departure window. The trips to the moon will be fairly straight forward by comparison. This year, 2021, will see multiple Starship test flights to Earth orbit, and perhaps the first crewed flight to orbit. In 2022 it's likely several lunar uncrewed Starship flights will launch to the moon, orbit, land, and return. And then late next year the first crewed Starship lunar mission will launch. It's unlikely SpaceX's bid to join Artemis will happen, and thus Starship can be launched without that NASA distraction slowing down their progress. The space tourism Starship mission to the moon with the Japanese guest will likely occur in 2023. Also in 2023 the fuel transfer capability in Earth orbit will be completed. There will also be 2 other uncrewed missions to Mars launched in that brief 2024 window, with slight design variations to test in situ in Mars orbit and on the surface. This in 2026, building on everything learned from the 2024 Mars launches, several Starships will be launched to Mars, 1 or 2 crewed, the others as Cargo versions. I get the sense Elon will move aggressively and rapidly once the reusable and fully reliable Starship is a reality, which seems 99% certain now. Ad astra!

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  • glenn alexon
    glenn alexon9 dager siden

    Excellent work. At 45:25ish, it's said that slowing the second stage would require as much propulsion as it took to get there in the first place, but that seems incorrect. You need to reduce the orbital speed, but you don't need to negate all of the work of lifting the mass from the surface (gravity will pull it back down). It would take much less energy if all you want to do is stop it in it's track. Tell me why I'm wrong...

  • Adam Řežábek

    Adam Řežábek

    7 dager siden

    tim means: to get from zero velocity on sea level to orbit reqire same deltaV as to get from orbit to zero velocity on sea level. But yeah, on way up, all delta V must be given by motor, while on the way down, you can slown down using atmosphere, or ground (if u fall to the ground in speed 5m/s, it slows you down to zero, so it gave you 5m/s delta V)

  • allison allison9 dager siden

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    Great video Tim, you have really done your home work and now I understand the process a bit better, do you get all this information from SpaceX or is it available on the web, keep the great content flowing been following you for awhile now and all your vids are great.

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    Top notch video and well appreciated. As for speculations I have for future development, here you go: 1. SpaceX is already using solar electric propulsion for Starlink. As most of what you ship to the moon is fuel to push more fuel around and SpaceX has already proposed landing a massive Starship on the moon, which is going to take a lot more fuel than what can be loaded onto a single Starship in LEO, especially for reuse, I think they will use a solar electric space tug launched on on Starship to push tanker Starships out to the moon. The ISP on these solar electric drives already exceed 4,000s of ISP where Raptor vacuum gets up to 350s, so even with the extra mass of a space tug and the loss of using the Oberth Effect, it would be far more efficient and require far fewer launches than to LOX/LNG the whole way. Elon Musk has stated Starship should have very little fuel boil off on the way to Mars, so why would there be an issue spending say several weeks slowly pushing a tanker to the moon? I am thinking this could also be done for cargo only missions, except using a cargo Starship instead of a tanker Starship. The reason for pushing a tanker Starship to the moon would only be so a crewed mission could happen rapidly instead of at the slow pace of a solar powered ion drive in the Earth-Moon system. 2. Something cool about the cargo space tug idea when applied to Mars is while the space tugs will produce a lot less thrust around Mars, with cargo you mainly have to eventually get the job done. Also a space tug could separate from a cargo Starship before entering Mar's orbit and start its capture burn while the cargo Starship continues to the surface or swing by Mars and go back to Earth. Once the space tug gets into a highly elliptical capture orbit, it could circularize with its large delta-V potential and say get into a low Mars or low Earth orbit. The cargo Starships sent out to Mars could either be optimized with small fuel tanks designed to get an empty Starship into LEO and then once refueled and loaded with cargo, land the maximum amount of cargo on Mars in a one way mission or be a more generic cargo ship with some hardware for unloading on Mars and be able to fly back to an orbiting space tug to be brought back to Earth. Having a space tug with over 4,000s of ISP capability really expands the possibilities of what can be done for cargo missions, granted it just takes too long to speed up to be the primary mover on crewed missions. 3. I think the first generation of 'safe' crewed transport to Mars will involve building large scale nuclear thermal propulsed spaceships as that will get you up to ~1,000s of ISP, which really changes the dynamic of how a Mars mission could go while having enough thrust to do things quickly with either nuclear electric or solar electric drives to help speed along the 'coast' phase of the mission. Once we are gathering material from the moon, an important overlooked material is nuclear fuel. If you gather the nuclear fuel from the moon, you avoid a lot of fallout from trying to ship that nuclear fuel up from Earth with hopefully controlled explosions into space and the controversy attempting such a thing would cause. You really can't do a safe crewed mission to Mars without nuclear power shipped to the surface of Mars as one dust storm covering your solar panels and your crew dies, so it makes sense to extend this nuclear power into making the trip to Mars in the first place faster and safer as well as more comfortable. One reason why you need to go big with a crewed mission is surface area to protect from radiation is a square factor where volume covered by that shielding is a cubic factor. So as you go bigger, that shielding goes from being too heavy to eventually being a relatively trivial part of your space ship mass wise. There is a second thing where task optimized Starships are going to be a lot more effective at their job than jack of all trades Starships. So you do a jack of all trades Starship to Mars, maybe you stick 10 people on a one way mission to Mars and the Starship is loaded up with shielding and provisions and space to move around and equipment for once you get to Mars, etc. Also maybe some crews can handle the isolation and some crews go nuts and space each other on the way to Mars. However have a fleet of task optimized Starships riding on a mother ship to Mars allowing for tight coordination and your crewed lander Starship carries 100 or more people airliner fashion to the surface and then flies back up to refuel and carry another 100 or more people to the surface. A large ship means you can have thousands of people onboard and lots of space to move around, which is a lot easier to cope with than say 10 people trapped in a tin can for a long duration mission. Having a large ship also provides more room for trying out artificial gravity, though would think the artificial gravity experiments would be done in LEO first to determine what exactly would need to be done for this large ship going to Mars. Also such a large ship would always be in space and so would be optimized for a permanent space environment going between the Earth and Mars cruise liner style where Starship could then be left to focus on being a short haul airliner of sorts. If a good nuclear fission propulsion system could be achieved where maybe low to no fallout fuel is used around Earth while avoiding big flashes that could harm satellites in orbit (or even blind people looking up) and then you do whatever is cheapest a safe distance away from Earth, the efficiency gained in propulsion could allow very fast trips to anywhere in the solar system. So far with our fusion work we tend to go big to get the economies of scale to make it work and be more practical, so a large dedicated ship for this makes a lot of sense. Chemical rockets just cannot do such a job of going to and from Mars because the ISP is not there and so say a Mars mission is a one way mission with it being rather impractical to in-situ manufacture the large amount of fuel needed to send say a 9m wide Starship back. Nuclear thermal exponentially improves the equation to it at least being somewhat practical, though still somewhat expensive to go back and forth between Earth and Mars, but a lot cheaper, faster, safer, and more comfortable than doing chemical only. Ion drives makes it a lot cheaper to move cargo and fuel around and this is important because fuel tends to get a lot more expensive the further out from Earth you are, at least until you figure out a system of getting it from the solar system, which we are way far from doing in a practical manner right now, granted it should be doable one day with the right setup. Direct nuclear propulsion can really open up the solar system, though some thoughtfulness needs to go into the safest designs possible, especially when operating around Earth, which is really important because literally no humans live beyond LEO right now and at that the current count in LEO is 7. So if it is not safe to use that drive in LEO, another drive system will be needed to get to a safe distance away from Earth, but this leg of your journey is a huge part of your battle for basically every mission, so your drive system really needs to try to solve this problem if it can be done.

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    The starship is just a megalomaniacal toy by Elon musk. There is no scientific reason or economic sense in this thing. Furthermore, I doubt that this thing will land in one piece if it re-enter the atmosphere at orbital speed.

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    It's all about many different technologies and ideas such as reusability, cost reduction, innovative use of materials and making sure that ISRU can be utilized for fuel production. Each of this idea viewed separately is great but combined together, what Elon and SpaceX is doing, is truly revolutionary.

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox15 dager siden

    Ok--I've got to address the elephant in the room here. On orbit refueling is all well and good--but how are we planning to get all the way out to Mars holding a tank of Cryogenic fuel for landing? Even getting to the moon we're probably going to need some serious radiators to prevent that from boiling off. I mean--falcon 9 lands using cryogenic fuel, but all use of cryogenic fuel on a falcon 9 mission is basically done within 20 minutes of launch and the fuel super-chilling methods require those launch windows to be instantaneous. Not trying to be a detractor here--I want this to succeed as much as everyone else--I was just wondering how this was going to happen.

  • Everyday Astronaut

    Everyday Astronaut

    15 dager siden

    Elon talked about this at the 2019 Starship event. Header tanks by being inside the larger main tanks are essentially vacuum sealed and the amount of boil off can be relatively low. You can actually use a heater to keep GOX / GCH4 pressurized counter intuitively

  • Alberto Lepore
    Alberto Lepore15 dager siden

    To get back Starship second stage, wouldn't be easier to complete a whole orbit coming back from the west instead of reverting it's speed?

  • Everyday Astronaut

    Everyday Astronaut

    15 dager siden

    It will do exactly that. The second stage won’t reverse its speed. Only the first stage does that

  • Michael Cox

    Michael Cox

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    Tim, Love your Space content!! Can you comment on if spacex has considered making the starship outer hull the same way they make toilet paper roll tubes using the 300 series Stainless steel sheets? Would that not eliminate a lot of welds and be easier to automate?

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  • Stan Daymond
    Stan Daymond17 dager siden

    I read Starship can take 400 Starlink satellites. Based on the mass capability it should be able to take 600. So is 400 because of volume limitation ?

  • Peter James
    Peter James17 dager siden

    I think you made a mathematical error when you said if the vehicle is going twice as fast there is eight times as much energy. It depends on the starting and finishing speeds so that specific math only works if it is going 2 mph. Correct me if I'm wrong math wizzes. Anyway we're talking in the neighborhood of 28,000 mph. So we might be comparing 10,000 mph to 20,000mph so the energy difference is the cube of 10,000 isn't that right?

  • joe stewart
    joe stewart17 dager siden

    you got the standard hat & gotee working, does that mean you're balding too?

  • Dorothy Gray
    Dorothy Gray17 dager siden

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  • Michael Maylor
    Michael Maylor17 dager siden

    Come on... People are not going to Mars.

  • Vincent Cleaver
    Vincent Cleaver18 dager siden

    Kinectic energy at the square of the velocity, moving through that much more atmosphere

  • Gail Haraldson
    Gail Haraldson18 dager siden

    Well, since there seems to be a “fleet” of starships, seems we need Star Fleet Command running the show.

  • Raymond Siebert
    Raymond Siebert18 dager siden

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