completing the 0.00000001% possible sawblade challenge makes me cry


completing the 0.00000001% possible sawblade challenge makes me cry
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  • Boombloxbuildz
    Boombloxbuildz47 minutter siden

    I got notified of this video just now. That's what I get for not ringing that bell

  • David Shipp
    David ShippTime siden

    14:10 No context Gray.

  • Sulaiman Khan
    Sulaiman Khan12 timer siden

    Gray is driving a chey el camino

  • Cubed
    Cubed13 timer siden

    He will not beat it until. Gta 6

  • Dilly 70
    Dilly 7013 timer siden


  • DemonicRaver Gaming.
    DemonicRaver Gaming.13 timer siden

    Bto I've legit watched most of if not all of your 99 and 99.99 challenge videos they are so great.

  • Cris Acosta
    Cris Acosta14 timer siden

    3:4Runner had me laughing my lungs out

  • Joran Mueller
    Joran Mueller18 timer siden

    There are 2 games i wanna see Grey suffer *cough*cough* i mean play Space is key Undertale

  • ello there
    ello there19 timer siden

    The moment gray says something about balls the ad says I’m on my way

  • Hammyboi Gaming
    Hammyboi Gaming19 timer siden

    Where do I buy grand theft auto five ow?

  • I like foxes
    I like foxes23 timer siden

    i like how gray doesn't even play gta hes just playing jobs in it

  • Tyler Mathews
    Tyler Mathews23 timer siden

    Could you try goat simulator next maybe?

  • Obama
    ObamaDag siden

    Bro your videos are turning into a NOlocal kids recommended

  • Nicolas Inapart
    Nicolas InapartDag siden

    Gray failed to get it up

  • Minecraft Haxer
    Minecraft HaxerDag siden

    3:43 Gray: I don't know how I did just die right there The Wind Turbine: Oh Hello there

  • Sai No
    Sai NoDag siden

    I want a "every fricking day...a new torture with gray" song

  • Warren Keith
    Warren KeithDag siden

    At 5 mil please do a face reveal

  • Jack Waiksnis
    Jack WaiksnisDag siden

    3:50 best line ever

  • Δήμητρα Μαρκοπούλου
    Δήμητρα ΜαρκοπούλουDag siden

    Me:I want to die. My friend:Play this!

  • morganaravens
    morganaravensDag siden

    14:08 what Gray says to his wife

  • William Alexander
    William AlexanderDag siden


  • DemonPrince
    DemonPrinceDag siden

    i feel like the truck only refused to drive straight do it can make "i'm not either" jokes

  • Draconic Duelist
    Draconic DuelistDag siden

    "Just take out the Power-Steering and replace it with a dishwasher." I.. how do you even come up with these things?! That one just came up and slapped me out of nowhere! Hoo-boy. That's a good one!

  • Fftfttf Fdtdtx
    Fftfttf FdtdtxDag siden

    Gray just believe a d you will get past the side ramp first try next time

  • Linda Davok
    Linda DavokDag siden

    Gray in the sims 4 is a new Accessory Pack. Why are u not makeing some new Sims4 Videos. I miss them they were so funny.

  • E.R.I.N
    E.R.I.NDag siden

    Is there enough yeet yet? No. There is never enough yeet.

  • Xoplaygames
    XoplaygamesDag siden


  • Shs Dhsh
    Shs Dhsh2 dager siden

    Me: why have bodies in the back when you could just use water jugs Gray: well it no fun with water Me: oh yeah

  • The Godly GOAT
    The Godly GOAT2 dager siden

    Me:He doesn't know how to air fly Him:THATS POSSIBLE!?!?

  • Tanjiro Kun
    Tanjiro Kun2 dager siden

    3:42 Gray: I don't know I diddnt just did then. Windmill: OMAE WA SHINDERU

  • Therealblobfish
    Therealblobfish2 dager siden

    4.5 Mil pog Been here since before 2 mil I think

  • Adamson Fan
    Adamson Fan2 dager siden

    After turning off recommendations from grey i now have an eternity worth of videos. best mistake ever.

  • Taco Astley
    Taco Astley2 dager siden


  • Zachary Shonozaki
    Zachary Shonozaki2 dager siden

    14:08 That's what she said.

  • Kopasai
    Kopasai3 dager siden

    Yo that was sus 4:51

  • Gold Money
    Gold Money3 dager siden

    Gray play getting over it

  • Krispy Kreme doggo_YT
    Krispy Kreme doggo_YT3 dager siden

    Gray Make a discord server

  • Random biker
    Random biker3 dager siden

    HTF the El Camino go fishtailing?

  • Tyler Gaming
    Tyler Gaming3 dager siden

    grey did u know when your in the air you can hold the right bumper to turn your car like when its flat out

  • The great Derp
    The great Derp3 dager siden

    "A painis in my anus"

  • Roman Withrow
    Roman Withrow3 dager siden

    Pink is not a good color for an El Camino

  • Merit Host
    Merit Host3 dager siden


  • owo its anz uwu
    owo its anz uwu3 dager siden

    Every day is a painus in gray's anus.

  • Karsten Walker
    Karsten Walker3 dager siden

    "Languidly fondle the donut holes"

  • Fayt May
    Fayt May3 dager siden

    Imma quote him on this “I gatta get really high ugngnhgnh... HELL YEAH”

  • 22 Co-pilots
    22 Co-pilots3 dager siden

    As a fellow New Jerseyan, I could say the “when in doubt, reverse it” is false. It is simply, when in doubt, take up 2 spots

  • Fallen Skye
    Fallen Skye3 dager siden

    Day 19? or giving Gray compliments: (I know I'm late, go away) Your outros are the greatest. ( Btw that first sentence ingrained in my phone.)

  • Cero
    Cero3 dager siden

    I didn't know you have GTA5 Gray!

  • terrell Tucker
    terrell Tucker3 dager siden

    1:25 that should be his merch

  • Random Games
    Random Games3 dager siden

    Gray saying mmmm Satan’s tight rope

  • hello bro
    hello bro3 dager siden

    He sounds like nick from l4d2 when he gets mad

  • The GHOST
    The GHOST3 dager siden

    Pink boat mobile for grey and four body's just for grey

  • Pedsx_PLayxground
    Pedsx_PLayxground3 dager siden

    all u had o do is get a damm faster vehicle

  • Jagger Bane
    Jagger Bane3 dager siden

    Bro Play BeamNG DRIVE you wont regret it ... or maybe you will lol

  • Marton Hamar
    Marton Hamar3 dager siden

    this episode was brought to you by gray’s cursed brain.

  • Me Also
    Me Also3 dager siden

    Should have put “wind turbines ruined my life.” In the title. To mess the the NOlocal algorithms.

  • godbeforeme
    godbeforeme3 dager siden

    10:55 Gray- “Ow. Now I know what it’s like to be abused.” Us - No Gray, You’ve subjected yourself to abuse for a LONG TIME. I think the abuse is finally starting to affect his memory.

  • Caminor Let ́s Hunt
    Caminor Let ́s Hunt4 dager siden

    11:30 normal people: ok its a little bit tight but hey its still doable. Gray: no explosives or things that yeet me into outer Space?

  • Matt Drotos
    Matt Drotos4 dager siden

    All I have to say is Gray is very inspirational. He shows you that even if something is deemed impossible, you can overcome it with perseverance... And a whole *LOT* of pain.

  • Eibmoz .Rats Revlis
    Eibmoz .Rats Revlis4 dager siden

    Hey Gray, you should share the link to the map, so we can try it too. Thank you.

  • elijah williford
    elijah williford4 dager siden

    I'm waiting for him to open by being like "alright, today we're checking out MY NIGHTMARES" and then just end the intro like it was normal.

  • Aadil J.M.
    Aadil J.M.4 dager siden

    damn gray is great singer

  • Lazar
    Lazar4 dager siden

    Gray you should play BNG.Drive belive me it's somehow more pain in the ass then GTA V

  • TheProAtPUBG 2
    TheProAtPUBG 24 dager siden

    Wait, gray, what does your gta character look like if they are not a story character?

  • PiANoGoOSe Music
    PiANoGoOSe Music4 dager siden


  • Wil liam
    Wil liam4 dager siden

    Out of context gray: "*grunting noises* I gotta get it up really hard"

  • William Potter
    William Potter4 dager siden

    14:07 that what she said😂

  • Little Leaf
    Little Leaf4 dager siden

    2:42 Classic! 😂

  • AirGermany Parkour
    AirGermany Parkour4 dager siden

    Wrong Map 😜 I have more than 400 routes😉✌️🏁🇩🇪

  • Little Leaf
    Little Leaf4 dager siden

    "🎵Every freakin' day us just another torture with gray!🎵" 1:24 Yes it is, Gray.

  • jonoglouise107
    jonoglouise1074 dager siden

    0,00000001% possible?

  • TWN mikecrete7
    TWN mikecrete74 dager siden

    plot twist:he has a weird fetish and he actually enjoys it

  • A Fraser
    A Fraser4 dager siden

    pepto bismol? someone's been watching nilered

  • Rimadi
    Rimadi4 dager siden


  • gaming prince
    gaming prince4 dager siden

    in 2017 gray torture game, in 2021 game torture gray

  • Monji Bat-Erdene
    Monji Bat-Erdene4 dager siden

    The trucks the florida vehicle

  • Random LP
    Random LP4 dager siden

    Every freakin day. It's all new torture with Gray. I want this as a ringtone

  • Michael Afton
    Michael Afton4 dager siden

    Grey you should try this map

  • Missy Masters
    Missy Masters4 dager siden

    0:52 Board:*reverse card*

    JAMAR THE DANCING DEMON4 dager siden

    0:07 mm...



    4 dager siden

    7:33 Scooby-Doo 7:32



    4 dager siden

    5:50 YAP



    4 dager siden

    5:02 AHHHHH



    4 dager siden

    3:45 LOL 3:46



    4 dager siden

    3:44 AHHHH 😱😱😱😱

  • XxShelbyxX
    XxShelbyxX4 dager siden

    Gray has to be the most inspirational person I've ever watched.

  • This is Bait
    This is Bait4 dager siden

    Welp, it’s official. Grey is circumcised

  • Nur Liyana Abdul Hamid
    Nur Liyana Abdul Hamid4 dager siden


  • Nycolas Pierobon
    Nycolas Pierobon4 dager siden

    Why are these thumbnails becoming more and more like shitty mobile ads

  • Dayton Uphold
    Dayton Uphold4 dager siden

    New Merch: T-Shirt w/ "Every Freakin' Day it's all new torture with Gray". :)

  • Dominator
    Dominator4 dager siden

    "I have to shove a very big piece of equipment into a tiny hole." -GrayStillPlays

  • Jacoby Crowman
    Jacoby Crowman4 dager siden

    Grey, hey this isn't so bad! Looks up, WHAT THE HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO.

  • Josh Bowen
    Josh Bowen4 dager siden

    The amount of "thats what she said" moments in this video

  • Unknown_plays
    Unknown_plays4 dager siden


  • docette2015
    docette20154 dager siden

    *snorks* Oh, some of the noises you make when hit by a surprise boost or a wind turbine coming out of nowhere are priceless. And like I was telling my friend the other day, we DEFINITELY need some sort of compilation video of some of your best lines out of context. XD

  • BN 1
    BN 14 dager siden

    Gray 2021 Every fricken day, it’s all new torture with gray:).

  • lakshmivallabh
    lakshmivallabh4 dager siden

    Roverrrr name ob marsss

  • lakshmivallabh
    lakshmivallabh4 dager siden


  • Mmmk Allright
    Mmmk Allright4 dager siden

    I would love for gray to do just one more brickrigs episode

  • nooobiechild
    nooobiechild4 dager siden

    Yo Gray, when do you plan to do another the Guild 3 video, or another Sims video? I think there're some of us that like those, just saying.

  • Mark Rutte
    Mark Rutte4 dager siden

    Hey Gray, just a tip. If you hold handbrake (r1 on ps4) you can turn in the air.

  • Thak You
    Thak You4 dager siden

    You talk too much. SHUT UP

  • Char
    Char4 dager siden

    "I call this board the pink painus" *gmm fans have entered the chat*

  • ツ__ブロスナゲット__ツ
    ツ__ブロスナゲット__ツ4 dager siden

    Painus In the anus

  • Boring Chaos
    Boring Chaos4 dager siden

    3:54 as someone who lives in Cheshire and hearing GSP say if like that hurts