Concrete Demolition & Sawing Tires

*These events took place before Leg Arms accident
Continued demolition of the old concrete foundations and a start at a new playground addition for the kids.
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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  • Dr Tommy Wells
    Dr Tommy Wells2 dager siden

    Right on man,cool video,looks like nothing but work running a farm,thank you good luck God bless

  • Kevin H
    Kevin H12 dager siden

    The alternative to hunting them is they overpopulate and get disease or starve to death. That is the reality of wildlife in the great state of Montana. PS what’s an antelope? 😂😂😂😂

  • Jack Massie
    Jack Massie12 dager siden

    Show more hunting. 🇺🇸👍

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson12 dager siden

    Great job with antelope hunt! You are so blessed to be able to hunt on your own property

  • Ron Grace
    Ron Grace13 dager siden

    That is a long way for a shot good job

  • Mike Burrows
    Mike Burrows14 dager siden

    Nice job

  • mfanwe Likeit
    mfanwe Likeit15 dager siden

    Hunting’s not my thing personally but it needs to happen here in Australia where I am to keep feral animals down. If you can use your kill by eating it, all the better!

  • Darryl Ackimenko
    Darryl Ackimenko15 dager siden

    what was on those foundations?

  • Jonathan Hageman
    Jonathan Hageman15 dager siden

    I was curious u guys don't burn the wood in the winter as a bond fire. Or dig a hole to burn the wood in

  • Chris Clemens
    Chris Clemens17 dager siden

    What kind of building was in that location with that much concrete?

  • Daniel
    Daniel18 dager siden

    Show it, it's a part of life. If someone wants to eat meat but can't stand to see where it comes from they have no right to. People need to understand that the piece of steak on their plate was once a living animal and give it the respect it deserves. They need to understand how precious that resource is and not let it go to waste. If you do show it in significant detail (you should) just put it at the end and a warning up beforehand so that those who don't want to see it can turn it off.

  • doppydopp
    doppydopp21 dag siden

    No need for excuses to the hunt. Better to shoot a happy free roaming animal than eat a cow thats only breaded for slaugther..

  • Donald Tayloe
    Donald Tayloe22 dager siden

    For cutting tires or cars or even rims a wood and nail sawsaw blade works amazing

  • iBelieve
    iBelieve22 dager siden


  • Russell Williams
    Russell Williams23 dager siden

    Hunting to feed the family...two thumbs up!

  • Green thumb
    Green thumb23 dager siden

    Antelope are not delicious, nor delicate animals to eat. I truly doubt one could tell the difference between the hoof and a cooked tenderloin. But a little beer, a grill, combined with a host of friends yeah you could enjoy a evening of eating one. Onions, lots and lots of onions. Yeah lots of onions... good times...

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    They are very tame tasting here. Only eat grass and crops.

  • G *O
    G *O23 dager siden

    Nothing wrong with hunting so long as you eat what you kill.

  • Troy Dunn
    Troy Dunn23 dager siden

    Nice antelope Nick! Can't wait to see you and Leg Arms back on some projects together. I hope he's good to go soon.

  • hibiki54
    hibiki5424 dager siden

    Responsible hunting of wild game should never be controversial. Nice catch.

  • catfischer86
    catfischer8624 dager siden

    One word: CHAINSAW. I make mineral feeders out of implement tires all the time, trust me, CHAINSAW

  • TWLML420
    TWLML42024 dager siden

    I'm in the OTR/AG tire game, so I know all about the "Hidden from sight piles of junk tires". I love your videos. Leg Arm's accident has been weighing heavy on my mind. I almost lost my thumb in a crushing incident awhile back , (changing front end loader tires) And I agree with the statement "all I could think of was my family". It all turned out ok in the end although I ended up with a thumb that looks gross but is still there. I harvested a nice mule deer in Montana when I was 14 with my Grandpa on his buddy's farm. More families need to hunt, some of my most treasured memories are of hunting in Montana when I was a teenager.

  • Anne O'Reilly
    Anne O'Reilly25 dager siden

    Enjoy that wild meat. Thx for sharing that part of Welker Farms.

  • Dirtyharry70585
    Dirtyharry7058525 dager siden

    220# 14 point buck 30 yds behind the house today, could have used a slingshot

  • Kevin Amstutz
    Kevin Amstutz25 dager siden

    Congrats on filling your tag!

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve25 dager siden

    This whole pc cancel culture have no life. So they have to mess with everyone else. Its insanity. Some of those people who think hunting is bad are the same that would run to the store and get a bunch of meat. What do you think everyone did 100s of years ago. It's his land, hes not putting the meat to waste and is far better than store bought meat. People suck

  • Philip Kimber
    Philip Kimber25 dager siden

    hi Guys - i have long wondered if those breakers shake the machines to bits?

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    not really.

  • Fast Ag Montana
    Fast Ag Montana25 dager siden

    That time-lapse of the jackhammer is awesome! Your getting my shirt dirty.......

  • xkencx
    xkencx25 dager siden

    How is ge working with a busted arm? Was this filmed before his accident or is he just beast mode.

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    filmed before problem

  • Matt Derr
    Matt Derr25 dager siden

    Nice Job on the antelope

  • Gabe Hernandez
    Gabe Hernandez25 dager siden

    Why would a higher yield lower the protein count??

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    If yield goes up and nitrogen soil levels aren't high enough the plant will continue to make starch but not as much protein.

  • Clark Hamlin
    Clark Hamlin25 dager siden

    Responsible hunters are some of the most conversationalist people around. We respect what we harvest, respect preserving the population of species, do not waste what we harvest, and do not kill an animal without utilizing the bounty. Most of us, when we walk up on the animal that we just took, will feel a moment of reverence and thank that animal for what they have provided. As many have posted, we never and I mean never need to apologize for responsible hunting.

  • Chris Godwin
    Chris Godwin25 dager siden

    Can you tell me where you got that hat from, the one that is camouflage with the American Flag

  • MN. STEEL - Andrew K.
    MN. STEEL - Andrew K.26 dager siden

    Have you guys ever considered talking to your local concrete business that poured your slabs for your new grain bins about possibly givig them your broken up concrete and get a discount on gravel from them when you need it??????

  • Chuck White
    Chuck White26 dager siden

    Ty keep being life.

  • Ethan Brooks
    Ethan Brooks26 dager siden

    Do more hunting videos

  • Mar thie
    Mar thie26 dager siden

    i wish a had those tires for my Training ^^ Strongman Dreams*

  • Lester Laskowski
    Lester Laskowski26 dager siden

    Yummy 🤤 send me some please

  • Aiden Link
    Aiden Link26 dager siden

    Can we try to get TRIPLE ROW CROP TIRES ON YOUR BIG BUD! I'm so exited cuz that's 12 tires on 1 bud also I would like to see a big bud with that many tires

  • no pet1749
    no pet174926 dager siden

    sorry wrong vid

  • no pet1749
    no pet174926 dager siden

    If my farm was like this DAD would come unglued. Even after you clean his mess up the next day he would have more goodies to put in to the same place LOL

  • OURv
    OURv26 dager siden !

  • A Girl And Her Cows
    A Girl And Her Cows26 dager siden

    look like super hard work cutting tires

  • Terry Mason
    Terry Mason26 dager siden

    congratulations on a good hunt

  • Jake Kramp
    Jake Kramp26 dager siden

    Nice animal, what rifle did you use for it?

  • Joel Cazel
    Joel Cazel27 dager siden

    What caliber of gun did you use

  • Jonathan Cranshaw
    Jonathan Cranshaw27 dager siden

    Process everything you can from that animal and respectfully leave the remains where other animals can feed off of what your family left behind. As you said you harvested an animal and will do all you can to make sure it nourishes the bodies of you and your family. Very nice. Well wishes and speedy recovery to your brother.

  • Magnus Troy
    Magnus Troy27 dager siden

    Congratulations god put animals on earth for us to feed are family and to survive

  • Soybean Farmer
    Soybean Farmer27 dager siden

    Cutting the sidewall out of that tire gave me a great idea for the tires I just took off of my combine.🚜🤠🇺🇸

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter27 dager siden

    I know you said there's going to be videos of him okay but I would like to see him okay

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter27 dager siden

    How is Lego arms doing

  • Michael Hunter

    Michael Hunter

    18 dager siden

    @Robert Welker that's good I hope you feel better and can get back to work sometime soonbecause you look like a working guy and I'll drive you crazy sitting around

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    healing well so far

  • john m
    john m27 dager siden

    Beautiful antelope. Sounds like a great shot.

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown27 dager siden

    What were the big concrete pads for? I must've missed that.

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    18 dager siden

    old Nat Gas engines

  • Kevin Anthony
    Kevin Anthony27 dager siden

    Congratulations on the antelope. That’s a nice buck!

  • Ron Chappel
    Ron Chappel27 dager siden

    Would a tractor tire make a good hot tub? Cut one side off completely,seal off the other side and install some seats.Easy Or maybe the hot rubber would smell too strong?

  • canadian_gamerzs lol
    canadian_gamerzs lol27 dager siden


  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    Recovering and home with a new son

  • Aidan
    Aidan27 dager siden

    hunting side channel?

  • Leslie Parker
    Leslie Parker27 dager siden

    I think im in the wrong place ima john deer fan lol

  • Mike Pagel
    Mike Pagel27 dager siden

    I think it is fun, that you guys are always changing the name on the skidsteer. I am curious of why the name change all the time.

  • Mike Pagel

    Mike Pagel

    27 dager siden

    @Robert Welker which one as been the most liked so far? 🤣

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    trying different brands 😁

  • Travis Tharp
    Travis Tharp27 dager siden

    How is leg arms doing guys?

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    Recovering and home with a new son.

  • Travis Tharp
    Travis Tharp27 dager siden

    Leg arms use the crane for the draw bar on the big bud

  • leeroy Crankens
    leeroy Crankens27 dager siden

    that gun looks amazing, wish I knew more about it. Must be pretty good at long range.

  • leeroy Crankens

    leeroy Crankens

    27 dager siden

    @Welker Farms thanks for the reply! Never heard of that rifle or a .260, will look into it.

  • Welker Farms

    Welker Farms

    27 dager siden

    Desert tech srs a1 chambered in .260

  • Carl Groover
    Carl Groover27 dager siden

    DUDE, you are hunting with a desert tech SRS>!!! can't tell which can that is but mad respect. nice setup. and a 450 yard shot in the wild on a live target is NUTS... good job!

  • Carl Groover

    Carl Groover

    27 dager siden

    @Welker Farms .260 is an interesting choice. Still though, super respect for your taste in weapons... and a pilot too... dang. you have a good airfield nearby to drop in some time if we are out that way?? haha

  • Welker Farms

    Welker Farms

    27 dager siden

    Thank you, it is a srs a1 chambered in .260 with viper pro optics and a thunderbeast can. Took awhile to convince the wife I needed it... Plus a black Friday special.

  • Robert Quast
    Robert Quast27 dager siden

    Eventually you will forget what is buried and where till you go to dig something in then it’s “oh yeah that’s where that is”

  • Dan Finley
    Dan Finley27 dager siden

    Great shot feeding the family amen to that love the content you all put on your channel god bless you all

  • Colton Scheid
    Colton Scheid27 dager siden

    Good looking speed goat, congrats on the successful hunt. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work. Prayers for Scott and hope all goes well.

  • Pete Schiavoni
    Pete Schiavoni27 dager siden

    I believe in hunting to help feed the family. Nothing wrong with that. It’ll be great teaching the next generation. My grandfather taught me. We shared some amazing times hunting.

  • J Essary Farms
    J Essary Farms27 dager siden

    I’ve used a chain saw before on tires. A carbide chain works great on them. Fast too.

  • John Ratcliff
    John Ratcliff27 dager siden

    I'm glad you and your family do decide to exercise your 2A rights and share with us. Yes! Teach your children so they can enjoy and pass it on to their children! I have been watching your videos for just a while now but am constantly amazed at the beautiful land! And that amazing sky!

  • Lewann Anderson
    Lewann Anderson28 dager siden

    Hey nick do you mind if I came to your farm?

  • Lewann Anderson

    Lewann Anderson

    27 dager siden

    Ok well I thinking about coming but I won't

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    We had to discourage visitation do to liability and work load.

  • Quade AcrE
    Quade AcrE28 dager siden

    I’m play Welker farms map in FS19

  • Jerry Ratchford
    Jerry Ratchford28 dager siden

    I guess having a great supportive dealership nearby sometimes dictates whether you buy red or green. Hard to buy red or green if dealership/service center is hours away or they give crappy service.

  • SoooEsoteric
    SoooEsoteric28 dager siden

    Working on a tug boat and I could use those tires lol

  • oldschool
    oldschool28 dager siden

    man, that arm healed fast!

  • Billy Braswell
    Billy Braswell28 dager siden

    I have never had Antelope how does it compare to venison?

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    We like it better. Less gamey

  • Trey Lewis
    Trey Lewis28 dager siden

    all the Deer's working together!

  • Vladirusterling
    Vladirusterling28 dager siden

    Nothing like YT's Autoplay finding and playing a Welker Farms video when playing on the FS19 Welker Farms Map!

  • christopher lind
    christopher lind28 dager siden

    Love the video keep up the great work

  • xd Clears
    xd Clears28 dager siden

    Go to google earth, search Welkers Farms, for some reason welker farms is located in the pacific ocean left of washington just of the shore....

  • Sbf Performance
    Sbf Performance28 dager siden

    That’s why they where put on the earth! Heck make a second channel I’d subscribe I’m a big hunter and travel all over doing it. If you haven’t elk hunted you need to.

  • Blaine Riach
    Blaine Riach28 dager siden

    If the milliniel farmer can deal with red you can deal with John Deere

  • Michael Neuman
    Michael Neuman28 dager siden

    That is a great Pronghorn!!!

  • Caleb Bailey
    Caleb Bailey28 dager siden

    We have a 844 that's been re-powered by a Detroit. Love our loader!

  • C Z
    C Z28 dager siden

    Wait... meat doesn't come from packages from the grocery store? Most of us here in Montana hunt for survival, that's how we feed our families.

  • Dennis Olsen
    Dennis Olsen28 dager siden

    Add a mule deer and some pheasants to the antelope, maybe a few geese and you're set!

  • Jeffrey Boarman
    Jeffrey Boarman28 dager siden

    You won't think much of them when you have to start working on them

  • James Cullen
    James Cullen28 dager siden

    Would love to see you hunting out in the big country!!! What hat were you wearing during your hunt it was cool looking?

  • Valley view Acres
    Valley view Acres28 dager siden

    How many pounds of meat would you get out of a antelope like that? Would they dress less than a white tail? Just curious

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    25 to 30 boneless

  • OnTheFarm
    OnTheFarm28 dager siden

    why don't you get rid of all your scrap?

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    Hoping scrap price to rise

  • Gerald Felch
    Gerald Felch28 dager siden

    Speed goat. White tail is jump steak

  • Gerald Felch
    Gerald Felch28 dager siden

    Poor poor Nick. Can’t afford two sawzalls. Go cordless. In Vermont white tail deer on the table is venison. What is antelope called Other than good. Ha ha beat you to the one liner Bob Thanks Welkers

  • Steven Start
    Steven Start28 dager siden

    Leave the wildlife alone and buy a few more of our Aussie Lambs. You guys are one of our biggest export markets and the product taste better than anything else. Sunday roast, lamb chops, French cutlets, yum.👍🇦🇺

  • Colin Costine
    Colin Costine28 dager siden

    Kudos to you guys for sorting your junk!! I hate seeing people filling roll-offs with more junk to make the trash mountains higher when 2/3rds of it could be recycled. I have recently been cleaning out the 150 year old barn of junk that was in it when we came here 30 years ago and was thrown into a corner.

  • Thijs Korthuis
    Thijs Korthuis28 dager siden

    Strange world, Welker using only Deere, ML farmer only posting clips about a Case quadtrack.

  • Dale Hoffman
    Dale Hoffman28 dager siden

    Earlier this b roll ?

  • Dale Hoffman

    Dale Hoffman

    26 dager siden

    Sorry, my brain was off, thank you for your time.

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    These events took place before Leg Arms accident

  • Dale Hoffman
    Dale Hoffman28 dager siden

    How did legarm remove his cast?

  • Robert Welker

    Robert Welker

    27 dager siden

    With the cut off saw ............. 😁 These events took place before Leg Arms accident

  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard28 dager siden


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard28 dager siden


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard28 dager siden


  • Verlyn Nygaard
    Verlyn Nygaard28 dager siden


  • Bo LeMay
    Bo LeMay28 dager siden