Confronting FaZe Jarvis about his Crush on My Little Sister..

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  • Snowbear2017gaming
    Snowbear2017gaming2 dager siden

    Every time he pauses the vid one of them is smiling

  • Snowbear2017gaming
    Snowbear2017gaming2 dager siden

    Bro that smile

  • Poised Goru
    Poised Goru3 dager siden

    Adapt always sounds like he’s sick

    BIG CHINA12 dager siden

    Jarvis getting all the tings 🔥💯🤣

  • Samuel Ebiefa
    Samuel Ebiefa15 dager siden

    He needs to realise he doesn't controll his little sisters life she can live how she wants to

  • Toxic_bot


    11 dager siden

    You need to realize it’s for content

  • Samuel Ebiefa
    Samuel Ebiefa15 dager siden

    Who else thinks adaps is too over protective and a bit controlling

  • lil mace
    lil mace18 dager siden

    Who's watching it in2021

  • Josh Courtney
    Josh Courtney25 dager siden

    Rah that’s over protective to another level, can’t follow this person can’t do this. She has her own life right? See who she wants. You wanna talk to kylie Jenner, go try then 😂😂

  • gabe Tabori
    gabe Tabori28 dager siden

    Shit was so funny lol

  • Sxicidez Gaming
    Sxicidez Gaming28 dager siden

    Half these comments are the same smh no creativity

  • Phantom Sharpe
    Phantom SharpeMåned siden

    Adabt mad 😡

  • dady sway styles
    dady sway stylesMåned siden

    𝕃𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕤𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕖 𝕠𝕟 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕞𝕗 𝕗𝕒𝕔𝕖

  • Toxic_bot
    Toxic_botMåned siden

    Seen this vid like 4 times

  • Laura Kaltniece
    Laura KaltnieceMåned siden

    hi wants tu f

  • Rejectionz
    RejectionzMåned siden

    i'm on adapts side, i don't think it's right, adapt beat his ass, ik adapt wont read this but

  • superhero loy
    superhero loyMåned siden

    Fuck Jarvis

  • Gaming Nature
    Gaming NatureMåned siden

    11:02 to 11:06 is just LOL

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro RodriguezMåned siden

    and thats how the beef started with Alex and Jarvis

  • Calvin Boyenneh
    Calvin BoyennehMåned siden

    What a winning smile 8:02

  • Stop Motion Studios - SMS
    Stop Motion Studios - SMSMåned siden

    Jarvis fighting adapt: Kay: YOUR INSANE JARVIS

  • Stop Motion Studios - SMS
    Stop Motion Studios - SMSMåned siden

    Adapt the whole video: 😮

  • navagamer shooter
    navagamer shooterMåned siden


  • Hugo M
    Hugo MMåned siden

    Jarvis Destroying them cheeks 😂

  • Keems
    KeemsMåned siden

    Jarvis whole head and face look like thoes blocks in mario kart 8 that smash you

  • Etienne Potgieter
    Etienne Potgieter2 måneder siden

    What your problem with them being together?

  • Alex Khawaja
    Alex Khawaja2 måneder siden

    5 years

  • Marquis Gawd
    Marquis Gawd2 måneder siden


  • udontwantthesmoke
    udontwantthesmoke2 måneder siden

    Holy ur insane

  • Myles Williams
    Myles Williams2 måneder siden


  • JJ gaming aa
    JJ gaming aa2 måneder siden

    He mad

  • Marisol Mireles
    Marisol Mireles2 måneder siden

    Why u so mad it ur little sister choice if she wants him or not so yea just hope u know that if shes chill with being with him it all good but peace and haave. Good day

  • The Weekend
    The Weekend3 måneder siden

    That Boy that boy has a crush

  • iMavRonn
    iMavRonn3 måneder siden


  • Strazyy
    Strazyy3 måneder siden


  • Godferg YT
    Godferg YT3 måneder siden

    Plz 1v1 Jarvis

  • Alfredo Dominguez
    Alfredo Dominguez3 måneder siden

    Adapt can be perfect boy for sister

  • Alfredo Dominguez

    Alfredo Dominguez

    3 måneder siden


  • Eiji Lindholm
    Eiji Lindholm3 måneder siden

    I am on quarantine

  • Agnivesh _10
    Agnivesh _103 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy who would get his own sister pregnant so that jarvis won't... lol

  • RunningDoritoBoi
    RunningDoritoBoi3 måneder siden

    I was there!

  • Nathan Stifel
    Nathan Stifel3 måneder siden

    I don't think I've ever seen adapt this mad in a video

  • viperz
    viperz3 måneder siden

    I’m a bit late to the party😂😭😂

  • Icz_Blnx
    Icz_Blnx3 måneder siden

    whos watching this in 2020 ⬇⬇⬇

  • TouchdownToby
    TouchdownToby3 måneder siden


  • King Hassan
    King Hassan3 måneder siden

    I’m gonna die goodbye peeps

  • MR. Nuggs
    MR. Nuggs3 måneder siden


  • Billy Sullivan
    Billy Sullivan3 måneder siden

    Y is he mad that Jarvis wants to get with his sister

  • Aditya Deora
    Aditya Deora3 måneder siden

    "2019, 2014. Sorry, I can't do algebra,"

  • Christian Ray
    Christian Ray3 måneder siden

    his face through the whole video 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • PrincessLove 0724
    PrincessLove 07243 måneder siden

    me: just watching random FaZe videos. also me: AYE THIS VIDEO WAS MADE ON MY BIRTHDAY

  • Tai Bach
    Tai Bach3 måneder siden

    Family is everything and family is going to live with me forever

  • Noize Nation
    Noize Nation3 måneder siden

    wats the big deal they like eachother u cant keep u sis small forever bruh

  • CannonAviationYT
    CannonAviationYT3 måneder siden

    Jarvis gotta be happy it’s not September anymore

  • Merc XD
    Merc XD3 måneder siden

    I died at never had the balls and Alex was like don GET the balls

  • Javarian Padgett
    Javarian Padgett3 måneder siden


  • Decks 63
    Decks 633 måneder siden

    😂😂😂😂 this to funny

  • Bhavvik The rocker
    Bhavvik The rocker3 måneder siden

  • HXC likes potatoes lol jkjk -second channel btw-
    HXC likes potatoes lol jkjk -second channel btw-3 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to make an irl video but the thumbnail has a Fortnite background

  • Foreign Virus724
    Foreign Virus7243 måneder siden

    Adapt I have been watching for like 5 -4 years

  • xd Alex シ
    xd Alex シ3 måneder siden

    that thumbnail you look like a tomato

  • Luuuca
    Luuuca3 måneder siden

    Adapt is too protective.

  • marcus lowe
    marcus lowe3 måneder siden

    Alex is secretly planning to eliminate Jarvis

  • ChadwickLUFC28
    ChadwickLUFC284 måneder siden

    she probly turned away when Jarvis cried about getting banned on fortnite l

  • Unknown Fiber
    Unknown Fiber4 måneder siden

    pause at 8:01

  • RageFMG
    RageFMG4 måneder siden

    Does that mean absorber lives in the faze house

  • Genaro Mata
    Genaro Mata4 måneder siden

    Who watching 2020 👇

  • YoClapz
    YoClapz4 måneder siden

    Ur kinda sad tbh stop over reacting it’s what ur sister wants so ur not protecting her cos it’s not like Jarvis is gonna get in a boxing ring w her 🙄

  • Evan Schaefer
    Evan Schaefer4 måneder siden

    Yo Adapt chill tf out OMG lol he kicked a chair

  • rose kahunda
    rose kahunda4 måneder siden

    I could see him hold in the rage 🤣🤣🤣

    BTSxARMY4 måneder siden

    Adapt is such a protective brother he is a type of guy that will kill his roommate for having a crush on his sister 😂😂

  • mr.inpasta cat UwU
    mr.inpasta cat UwU4 måneder siden

    Im sorry im just Insane

  • Đạt Thành
    Đạt Thành4 måneder siden


  • kino!
    kino!4 måneder siden

    Bro he said “u don’t have the balls to do that” don’t get the balls mallan💀💀😭😭😭😭

  • Raveed Murshed
    Raveed Murshed5 måneder siden

    come on alex milan and jarvis might be a cute couple i ship it

  • Coco Butta
    Coco Butta5 måneder siden

    Milan is so pretty

  • Alex Uzougbo
    Alex Uzougbo5 måneder siden

    This man is overreacting

  • Nephilslayer
    Nephilslayer5 måneder siden

    Lol if adapt wasn’t recording he’s prob scream at Jarvis lol

  • Yorlene brisss
    Yorlene brisss5 måneder siden

    Yooo I just love how protected he is with his sister mannnn I wish I could have a brother like that 😑 but I’m the oldest

  • StevieFeelinGood
    StevieFeelinGood5 måneder siden

    How about JARFISH

  • Yeetforever
    Yeetforever5 måneder siden

    Busted heads you should calm down

  • streamix
    streamix5 måneder siden

    Jarvis has stretch resolution in real life breh

  • Adais Mann
    Adais Mann5 måneder siden

    I couldn’t understand a single word that Milan said. 😂

  • Alex Da goat
    Alex Da goat5 måneder siden

    I could feel his pain from the screen😂🤣

  • Dazem
    Dazem5 måneder siden

    i cant tell if this video is serious

  • Matt Jobin
    Matt Jobin5 måneder siden

    i ship marvis brooo

  • karson kwong
    karson kwong5 måneder siden

    Adapt whats wrong with your roommate following your sister doesn't matter.

  • Stopjosh47
    Stopjosh475 måneder siden

    8:15 this dude turned into swoozie

  • Amy Osborne
    Amy Osborne5 måneder siden

    adapts a little bit overprotective by a little bit i mean a lot!

  • Waseem Ibrahim
    Waseem Ibrahim5 måneder siden

    I am

  • I Sniff Bannanas
    I Sniff Bannanas5 måneder siden


  • I Sniff Bannanas
    I Sniff Bannanas5 måneder siden


  • I Sniff Bannanas

    I Sniff Bannanas

    5 måneder siden

    @Dazem Will it just kill you to screw off?

  • Dazem


    5 måneder siden

    @I Sniff Bannanas yea u are

  • I Sniff Bannanas

    I Sniff Bannanas

    5 måneder siden

    @Dazem Im not, and mind your own buisness.

  • Dazem


    5 måneder siden

    stop liking ur own comments

  • Uzamaki tanjiro
    Uzamaki tanjiro5 måneder siden

    He just be over protective of his lil sis he wants to make sure. Shes safe thats it

  • rewrldd
    rewrldd5 måneder siden


  • ZS - 06VA 780094 McCrimmon MS
    ZS - 06VA 780094 McCrimmon MS5 måneder siden

    How many crushes does Jarvis have

  • Ryder Ruzzano
    Ryder Ruzzano5 måneder siden


  • ETN Clan
    ETN Clan5 måneder siden

    Whos here after Jarvis and Avani 🤣

  • Taylor Kane
    Taylor Kane5 måneder siden


  • Frosty Boy
    Frosty Boy5 måneder siden

    Jarvis: smashing sister Kay: HOLLYYY Jarvis: GET OUTT don’t tell ALEX

    SOAR CLAN5 måneder siden

    Why are u so overprotective bro jarvis is not ur brother

  • Jbzf
    Jbzf5 måneder siden

    Alex: Kylie Jenner is my age , she might even be younger then me ! Me: Well how tf do you know tha-

  • 2Step Auto
    2Step Auto5 måneder siden

    Sommer ray be like....👁️👄👁️