Confronting my Little Sister's Crush Face To Face (FaZe Jarvis)

jarvis......dont play w me
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  • Brian Krisztina
    Brian Krisztina10 dager siden

    Adapt the type of guy to lose to Jarvis in ping pong then when Jarvis is playing Warzone so he has no ping and goes to him and says haha who loses now

  • jasaiah melong
    jasaiah melongMåned siden

    It's was my birthday

  • IMPUL53
    IMPUL53Måned siden

    Funny how he saw Charlotte messing with the pc but still confronts Jarvis Looool

  • Izayah Nonnenmacher
    Izayah NonnenmacherMåned siden

    I know this is a year later and I don't know much about you guys, but you guys definitely remind me of a group of guys I knew in highschool. The funny part is, one of them has a younger sister like you and would get pissed whenever someone else talked about how cute she was.

  • Shiven Pillay
    Shiven Pillay2 måneder siden

    I think this is my 15th time watching this today😂😂😂😂this is gold

  • Barae Snoussi
    Barae Snoussi3 måneder siden

    Type ofs

  • TLC_goat
    TLC_goat3 måneder siden

    Ayo don’t get so mad chill

  • kevin milburn
    kevin milburn3 måneder siden

    You rage to much

  • Golden Llama
    Golden Llama3 måneder siden

    jarvis is a simp stil in 2020 lol

  • A1an
    A1an3 måneder siden

    I like how he said he’s subscribed to Kay but then 0:39

  • Aydin Culhane
    Aydin Culhane3 måneder siden

    #stealyoting my boy jarvis

    HECTOR PERDOMO3 måneder siden

    why ur getting mad over a pic its a pic tf?

  • Isthat John
    Isthat John4 måneder siden

    Why is jarvis's british crying over a fortnite account ass trying to take everybody's girl or trying to date sister 😂

    RAIGAMER4 måneder siden

    you not kool

  • Brezzey Pro
    Brezzey Pro4 måneder siden

    Jarvis like shawty a lil bady shawty my lil boo thang

  • 3ev0
    3ev04 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy to call the cops on his roommates for throwing the FaZe sign,thinking they are in a gang.

  • Ashton Bailey
    Ashton Bailey5 måneder siden

    Jarvis simpin

  • jay
    jay5 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to water his beard so it will grow

  • Marissa Bernal
    Marissa Bernal5 måneder siden

    It’s funny when Adapt gets mad lol

  • Tekkerz gamez
    Tekkerz gamez5 måneder siden


  • Decimus Kennedy
    Decimus Kennedy5 måneder siden

    Your sister is very hot

  • Julio Cruz
    Julio Cruz5 måneder siden

    Adapt is annoying just let your sister date how ever she wants

  • BagPiper Gamer
    BagPiper Gamer5 måneder siden

    Alex where are many people who like you sister photos than you will go and tell everyone that don't like my sister photos ha. Idiot Alex FuCk You.🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Stupid.

  • Ali Khazin Abdul Salam
    Ali Khazin Abdul Salam5 måneder siden

    Dont do thet to aimbot

  • xXAnime GegeXx
    xXAnime GegeXx6 måneder siden

    Jarvis has a odd shaped head with no brain in it ahaha just kidding I love jarvis

  • lol
    lol6 måneder siden

    why this video so quiet wtf

  • Tristan Farhood
    Tristan Farhood6 måneder siden


  • Tristan Farhood
    Tristan Farhood6 måneder siden

    Why is adapt being so protective. If Jarvis want to date her he can bro

  • nightwolf Shadow
    nightwolf Shadow6 måneder siden

    Everyone knows you don’t date a homies sister

  • Menace
    Menace6 måneder siden

    You need to soon let it go though Alex. She ain’t no 13 YO innocent girl. She’s growing up.

  • Kai Moss
    Kai Moss6 måneder siden

    Alex: I’m obviously subscribed to Frazier he’s my roommate. 0:39 *isnt subscribed*

  • Eric's Mind
    Eric's Mind6 måneder siden

    FaZe Kay Is Always Scared In These Kind Of Situations.

  • LivixFPS
    LivixFPS6 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt The Type of guy to Use aimbot to mock Jarvis

  • TPH
    TPH6 måneder siden

    We love these 6 frames per second

  • MrPakkmann
    MrPakkmann7 måneder siden

    You may as well tell your sister not to have Instagram and to stay of social media altogether 🤔‼

  • OpiumRecords
    OpiumRecords7 måneder siden

    we rlly ain’t gon talk bout how alex watched cody ko

  • Ghost Zero
    Ghost Zero7 måneder siden

    Like Alex have u seen your sister

  • J King Jojo
    J King Jojo7 måneder siden


  • Pang Yang
    Pang Yang7 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type to call the faze members for a video for 1000$ the when the video is done he does not pay them who ever wins

  • tahmina banu
    tahmina banu7 måneder siden

    Love the video but audio is shiT

  • Bongamerz 123
    Bongamerz 1237 måneder siden

    Gud job Jarvis u got perm ban and hitting his little sister

  • Dominique Barton
    Dominique Barton7 måneder siden

    jit buggin

  • Markus Mark
    Markus Mark7 måneder siden

    Adapt is just jealous

  • Rafaelito Coba
    Rafaelito Coba7 måneder siden

    Adapt should just marry hi sister

  • Eli Explores
    Eli Explores7 måneder siden

    I live in az

  • SoloMoney Grow
    SoloMoney Grow7 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type to wash his clothes with baking soda & listerine

  • Pointy
    Pointy7 måneder siden

    Jarvis and adapt talk about Milan at 6:53

  • Xavier 私
    Xavier 私7 måneder siden

    Bro is your sister not your kid

  • Menace


    6 måneder siden

    He’s being an overprotective brother I understand. It’s fake anyway.

  • Double LL Gaming
    Double LL Gaming8 måneder siden

    Bruh you should talk to Milan about this I’m sleep

  • OKYS keon
    OKYS keon8 måneder siden

    0:13 playing fortnite

  • ANC Carter
    ANC Carter8 måneder siden

    Get over you self

  • The Guy Who Asked
    The Guy Who Asked8 måneder siden

    Bruh not to be a hater but you should let it go they both almost the same age

  • Jofen
    Jofen8 måneder siden

    Jarvis when around Kay:I LIKE SOMMAR RAY! Javis when around Alex:I LIKE UR SISTER AND SHES HOT!!

  • NickFlix
    NickFlix8 måneder siden

    am i the only one that noticed? wtf is that lighting? its all blue

  • Anonymous Rehan
    Anonymous Rehan8 måneder siden

    adapt when you said what if i liked your brothers picture i just started wondering HE IS NOT A GIRL and he is your friend/room mate

  • Hellioser Fermin
    Hellioser Fermin8 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy to abuse his role of a top Faze member and threaten Jarvis to kick him out of Faze if he doesn’t stop liking her photos

  • Mk_chrxs
    Mk_chrxs8 måneder siden

    i dont blame jarvis mulan is a ting

    LOGICALP1RK ZR YT8 måneder siden


  • Itsnotbailey -06
    Itsnotbailey -068 måneder siden

    Got a feeling this was all for views

  • Pol Romo
    Pol Romo8 måneder siden

    Why is adapt mad??

  • R3SET
    R3SET8 måneder siden

    nigga u been stupid they would look good together broh don't such a rat nigga

  • Alonso Munoz
    Alonso Munoz8 måneder siden

    Bruh look at his head

  • Ghost Panther
    Ghost Panther8 måneder siden

    0:23 the bag in the back it’s tag keeps moving longer then it should

  • FlashySZN
    FlashySZN8 måneder siden


  • Theyolopoliceboy
    Theyolopoliceboy8 måneder siden

    8:05 Jarvis is just playing fortnite not anymore

  • Xarb
    Xarb8 måneder siden

    FaZe Adapt the type of guy to give money to FaZe Banks Just because he has banks in his name

  • White Out
    White Out8 måneder siden

    Adapt : What if I was liking your brother’s pictures Jarvis: I mean that’s fine with me me: 🤣🤣🤣

  • James Collin
    James Collin8 måneder siden

    When ur so late that all the comments are “faze adapt the type of guy”

  • Krenicss
    Krenicss8 måneder siden

    “you said wHaT, WHaTttttttttt

    MUSTYMAN 698 måneder siden

    9 months later, adapt sees a British baby

  • Kevin Moussato
    Kevin Moussato8 måneder siden

    Alex bro you need to chill sometimes man funny shit tho mad respects

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams8 måneder siden

    Somebody needs to chill it's liking a picture calm down you hella stupid he said he wouldn't go there calm down

  • Carson bautista
    Carson bautista8 måneder siden

    you suck adapt

  • jaylon rith
    jaylon rith8 måneder siden

    when adapt poped his chain out i was dead

  • Ayoub el yattouti el yato
    Ayoub el yattouti el yato8 måneder siden

    Feze Adapd is aidot

  • Ch33zydawg
    Ch33zydawg8 måneder siden

    Adapt the type of guy to step on a tug and start crying because he thought he squished faze rug

  • Ch33zydawg


    8 måneder siden


  • wewillwjajjakqma t
    wewillwjajjakqma t8 måneder siden

    Jarvis got a weird head

  • Eduardo Ruiz
    Eduardo Ruiz8 måneder siden

    Can faze adapt just let her sister live her life I mean she’s going to have a boyfriend either way

  • Tyler Phan
    Tyler Phan8 måneder siden

    adapt overreacting hard

  • Javid Akhtar
    Javid Akhtar8 måneder siden

    Lisen there soooooo cute leav them ik haw you feel

  • Charlie Reed
    Charlie Reed8 måneder siden

    Faze adapt the type of guy to date his own sister so Jarvis can’t date her

  • William aikin Aikin
    William aikin Aikin8 måneder siden

    This has to be fake but it’s funny

  • vScxpe Dom
    vScxpe Dom8 måneder siden

    i am so srry adapt but u need to chill jarvis is like 17 and u r tryin to go off on him beacuse he like ur sister i get uit u mad but take it down a notch

  • Hey Woah
    Hey Woah8 måneder siden

    You are bullshit

  • ismail siddiqui
    ismail siddiqui8 måneder siden

    Drama alert nation

  • realoncrack
    realoncrack9 måneder siden

    Who is here after jarvis broke adapts window😂😂what's wrong with my head😂😂

  • Amman Osnab
    Amman Osnab9 måneder siden

    Lol these comments made me pee on myself in laughter

  • SimplyVibing
    SimplyVibing9 måneder siden

    they sound like elementary kids fighting

  • XLNC Esports
    XLNC Esports9 måneder siden

    Adapt trippin😭

    MACON BROZAK9 måneder siden

    You need to stop

  • Oskar Willberg
    Oskar Willberg9 måneder siden

    Wtf dos carla do???

  • BlueSwitch
    BlueSwitch9 måneder siden

    Faze adapt is the type of guy to sleep in the pool

  • Logan Niblo
    Logan Niblo9 måneder siden

    What about sommer

  • FNCS Ej
    FNCS Ej9 måneder siden

    Jarvis be getting bitched around and Frazier not sticking up for him

  • Milan Bashirtash
    Milan Bashirtash9 måneder siden

    My names is Milan too

  • HA5H Psychotic
    HA5H Psychotic9 måneder siden

    Milan is hot as fuck

  • Tato Quineche
    Tato Quineche9 måneder siden

    My b day was there

  • rose blisses
    rose blisses9 måneder siden

    The part when Jarvis said he would slide in his sisters dms is so fake and plus Jarvis would tell adapt it was charolette who did it

  • Critical Moisture
    Critical Moisture9 måneder siden

    If I was Jarvis I would make adapt life hellllllll for years and years to come

  • AN1me
    AN1me9 måneder siden

    Adapt is the type of guy that wont let jarvis date Milan

  • AN1me


    9 måneder siden

    @MLT Metallic ok bravo your problem and i wont gonna cry

  • MLT Metallic

    MLT Metallic

    9 måneder siden

    Not funny didnt laugh