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  • Marzia Amiri
    Marzia AmiriTime siden

    The one Where u cut the AirPods Off Do they Like Break? Like never work again? Cause I’m confused

  • MisusedBandwidth
    MisusedBandwidthTime siden

    Who needs perfect vision? Only nerds like to look at things

  • Pixel_Cupcake
    Pixel_Cupcake3 timer siden

    “You and your gross cords should get a life” how about you and your fake wig should get a life ._.

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    Asilo en español

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    I love your videos because I very love your videos ok

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    1:20 they wont work. They *NEED* wires to work. 3:18 purple AND green. Well heck, your ugly now.

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    “Ew she’s like dancing to her music”

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    Omg the hair color one kills me

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    You are boring

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    Ejtjguf Thdjf Rdhf😍😘😅😍

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    Tdhfjgi Ehjjhku

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    Bring a functional crossbow to school

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    You are literally teaching people how to get rid your true selves for others and the AirPods hack won’t work. You’re just breaking your EarPods just to look cool. And people NEED glasses, they don’t just throw them off for popularity. being popular is not about being cool and perfect for others ya know? Think about it.

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    Wolfgirl 8919 timer siden

    Entertaining but stupid lol

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    Zombie video you are copying troom troom

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    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo Oooo

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    why is dis on mah reccomended mate?

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    NEVER scut your headphones they won’t work I swear

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    Ur earbuds wouldn’t work if you cut them...

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    Oh yeah that's right I have to go to bed for lunch and lunch and lunch on the way

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    first of all glasses aren’t nerdy, second why the hell would you just cut your working earbuds and make them “wireless” that aren’t even working. geez these channels annoy the shit out of me. 🤠✋🏽

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    Drazenko Lugonja

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    Same. 😭😤

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    This is probably the worst video I've ever watched in my entire life

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    how long for the hair green hair and puple

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    um with the earbuds you could not listen to music anymore so.......

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    Wtf did I just watch...

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    Be yourself (lifehack)

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    Girl: Ugh I need to be cool! Also her: Takes her hair out, takes her glasses off and throws them away, throws clothes on ground. Her:Im cool now! 👁👄👁 Sorry for my bad English!

  • Drazenko Lugonja

    Drazenko Lugonja

    Dag siden

    Sooooooooo true like when they take of glasses they be like: wOw I aM sOo PrEtTy NoW eVeRyOnE lOvEs Me👁👄👁👑

  • Groove Good
    Groove GoodDag siden

    Wait......what he is a she 9:31

  • Groove Good
    Groove GoodDag siden

    Do you know how much girls love their hair.....why th would someone put ink on their hair

  • Josh Van der Byl
    Josh Van der BylDag siden

    Wheres the teacher to stop the bullying

    AKH MORN / DANTEDag siden

    Ewww this video is gross.

  • Daud Yousaf
    Daud YousafDag siden

    When she cut het earbuds it wont work bc the wire is linked to the phone so she wont hear anthing dont they no that.

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    Bruh she cut her handsfree she cut it

  • Mercy Kays
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  • drshabana begum
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    It is impossible how u will cut headphones and make them AirPod how will u hear sound crazy hack I know it is just to show but u will waste ur own headphones

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    1 word, Cringe

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    fok One two three english

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    At this point I’m just watching this to lose brain cells

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    he looks like harry potter

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    زيدو أعملولن فيديوهت يا 123GO!

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    What the actual fuck

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    Why youtube Algorithms recommended this to me?


    Please on the next video make it easy for me to get hair dyes


    I really want hair dyes.

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    i do not like you

  • raelyn fun and games
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    i hate you

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    Love you guys videos hopefully you guys make more

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    Wow 😣😣😣 the girl is so rude

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    Kevin you are the best whole wide world

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    Let’s just destroy good earphones so we can cut them and pretend that we are listening to music

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    Now this is what I call cancer

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    On tik tok 123 Go

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    If you cut the wires it does not work unless I’m wrong but pls tell me if I’m right or wrong

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    I like the hair color

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    I love the colorful hair

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    Nice girl

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    How come everyone said: "look there he is" And then it's a a boy and then They said: "no not you get out of the way" And then a girl shows up who is a she

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    @Ivy Ramirez huh

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    Don't cut your earbuds and think they will work although you can pretend that they are actually ones so win win

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    I am a popular girl in class not so popular

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    So this is what they made Rio watch during his interrogation. No wonder he was so traumatized 😣

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    123 GO, please stop hating on nerds. Just because they have glasses it doesn’t mean there a nerd. Plus the nerd will have a better future anyway

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    My name is B T S

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    Is this serious? No wonder this generation is lost... Full anxiety and mental health issues. If you need earbuds to be liked im giving up on people

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    *SATURATION 100*

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    This video is way too toxic for it to not be a troll

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    Imam Nasser Muhammad al-Yamani (10 - 07 - 1441 Hejri) (05 - 03 - 2020 Kr.) Skrevet Kl. 12:51 Natt ((I følge den offisielle kalenderen til morens-byene (Meka) .(Corona Virus av de lavest pine før den største pine da kanskje de vil vende tilbake(til sin Herre 👇🏻👇🏻

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    I always think these hacks are fake but i still keep watching them😂😂

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    Yes this is good inspiration for kids....