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how 2 vent #amongus
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  • João Pedro Coutinho
    João Pedro Coutinho2 timer siden

    I know this is a old video but I will say corpose you are the best among us player that I know i really like you bro

  • Nishi
    Nishi3 timer siden

    No one Literally no one Poki doing her makeup😂

  • zem 10
    zem 104 timer siden

    This is the 1st and last game i saw muselk and corpse in.... I'm sad

  • Giselle Dehuelbes
    Giselle Dehuelbes5 timer siden

    hi corpse

  • Mette Lønne Christensen
    Mette Lønne Christensen6 timer siden

    2.00 poki is just doing makeup😂😂😂

  • gamer 689 bruh
    gamer 689 bruh7 timer siden

    This is cool

  • Casualplayer
    Casualplayer11 timer siden

    No one stands a chance against this among us god

  • The Cucumber Of Fate
    The Cucumber Of Fate16 timer siden

    I'm happy you're getting exposure,I think you're cool.

  • cheriixbun
    cheriixbun18 timer siden

    omg i luv ur channel!

  • Escalot cat
    Escalot cat21 time siden

    50 MINUTES?!?!

  • Marquis Family
    Marquis Family22 timer siden

    everyone being sereious and all u see is poki doing her makeup lmao :D

  • Xx Yellow stone xX
    Xx Yellow stone xXDag siden

    Your so cool corpse! I want to be like you one day! The coolest person on earth!!

  • Edna Ascher
    Edna AscherDag siden

    Listen I'm not a simp I actually come because I like your videos😂 But my friends come for your voice😂

    SUBZEE7Dag siden

    In electrical he was doing divert but he says it's download data hahahah dude

  • Detove Alidon
    Detove AlidonDag siden

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  • Detove Alidon
    Detove AlidonDag siden

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  • Bharti Khedekar
    Bharti KhedekarDag siden

    Your brother name is sannidhi

  • ToXiC
    ToXiCDag siden

    Corpse has +666 iq

  • Alejandro Campo
    Alejandro CampoDag siden

    Corpse why is your voice so satisfying to me?

  • angel samaniego
    angel samaniegoDag siden

    why does corpes sound like bumkin

  • Ishaan Pillai
    Ishaan Pillai2 dager siden


  • gabby llamas
    gabby llamas2 dager siden

    Cool face

  • gabby llamas
    gabby llamas2 dager siden


  • purple top
    purple top2 dager siden

    im listening to this while studying

  • Ryan MAYBURY
    Ryan MAYBURY2 dager siden

    i love corpse

  • Crafted PvP
    Crafted PvP2 dager siden

    Just so you know that wasn’t download you were doing in the beginning but I don’t know what it’s called

  • Arayumii :D
    Arayumii :D2 dager siden

    nobody talking about poki doing her makeup while greeseball discustion time?

  • LongboardManiac
    LongboardManiac2 dager siden

    How the fuck did this get 25.5 million views, are you kidding me?

  • BPD Plays
    BPD Plays2 dager siden

    0:48 that’s not download

  • stephalee75
    stephalee752 dager siden

    1:57 lol poki i am bored let me do my makeup

  • Carter Mccollum
    Carter Mccollum2 dager siden

    Poki doing her makeup during the meeting lol

  • Kristyn Pedersen
    Kristyn Pedersen3 dager siden


  • •Peachy Dreams•
    •Peachy Dreams•3 dager siden

    I heard you have a medical problem and I feel really bad so I'm subscribing to another of videos so you can get more money and I heard its hard to upload take your time when you went to upload!♡;

  • adorrxgirlies
    adorrxgirlies3 dager siden

    omg my friend sounds exactly like him 😭😭

  • jouza alshammari
    jouza alshammari3 dager siden

    rea is so mad hahahahah

  • kait
    kait3 dager siden

    does anyone wanna be my friends that watch corpse aswell?

  • Lakeisha Davis
    Lakeisha Davis3 dager siden


  • Avi Orellana
    Avi Orellana3 dager siden


  • Truc Vy GD
    Truc Vy GD3 dager siden


  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia3 dager siden

    If your ok ansering that

  • Wendy Garcia
    Wendy Garcia3 dager siden

    Corpse are you levi in inquitormaster

  • Tooter Monkey
    Tooter Monkey3 dager siden

    Me and my friend daisy can speak ur tone of voice,corpse.and were only 10 yrs old in 4th grade😅😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • William Ferguson

    William Ferguson

    2 dager siden

    Yeah thats a lie unless you and you friends have medical problems including gurth

  • Atrix Canada
    Atrix Canada3 dager siden

    I betcha I could fall asleep to Corpse's voice even if he's just talking about random s**t

  • Estefany SG
    Estefany SG3 dager siden


  • Candy x Cane
    Candy x Cane3 dager siden

    i want corpse to read me a bedtime story

  • lil cherri san
    lil cherri san3 dager siden

    Anywayhere is clips of me killing my friends...

  • voidboy
    voidboy3 dager siden

    your voice is so deeP!

  • GumKitz
    GumKitz4 dager siden

    Anyways heres clips of me killing my friends.

  • Mia and the bunny sqaud
    Mia and the bunny sqaud4 dager siden

    omg 25 million views

  • maria rangel
    maria rangel4 dager siden


  • Amara Margo Larsen
    Amara Margo Larsen4 dager siden

    I know how is corpse he is....... Levi!

  • Reeta Dubey
    Reeta Dubey4 dager siden

    6.34wtf he killed pink without nyone noticing like wooowwww how????

  • Minecart Men
    Minecart Men4 dager siden

    People asking for a face reveal, but what is his first name?

  • Emmanuel Pourreuix
    Emmanuel Pourreuix4 dager siden


  • Emmanuel Pourreuix
    Emmanuel Pourreuix4 dager siden


  • أنس anas
    أنس anas4 dager siden

    god in the last game god you're the most genius imposter ever

  • أنس anas
    أنس anas4 dager siden

    28:43 that killed me dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • tamara micheal
    tamara micheal4 dager siden

    u are good corpse very

  • Carrie
    Carrie4 dager siden


  • Ay’sa’s Unicorn World
    Ay’sa’s Unicorn World4 dager siden

    When corpse said AAAAA this is so hard my ears were like 😭

  • BrokenLucy
    BrokenLucy4 dager siden

    i love yoooooooooooou

  • Angela Keisham
    Angela Keisham4 dager siden

    Can't corpse do roleplay ASMR I just ....can't

  • Lena Veerasamy
    Lena Veerasamy4 dager siden

    *Poki just doing her makeup* 1:57

  • Eduardo Arroyo
    Eduardo Arroyo4 dager siden

    Why is sykunno not talking a lot

  • NaturalHi
    NaturalHi4 dager siden

    I like how courage is just afk getting food the whole time! LOL Rae is so pissed XD

  • CRINGE4U Cringe4u
    CRINGE4U Cringe4u4 dager siden

    I also love you

  • CRINGE4U Cringe4u
    CRINGE4U Cringe4u4 dager siden

    Hi corpes I’m a fucking bitch your the best

  • GX_Maxim-brawl stars
    GX_Maxim-brawl stars4 dager siden

    nic games

  • Arin Gokdemir
    Arin Gokdemir5 dager siden

    Corpse kills in front of somebody. Them: It’s Corpse! Corpse: Nah Them: you’re right, looks can be deceiving

  • yoitslebronxxx
    yoitslebronxxx5 dager siden

    Pray to corpse

  • Mylee Thuran
    Mylee Thuran5 dager siden

    corpse you are awesome :)

  • david deskin
    david deskin5 dager siden

    I wish I could play with them....

  • MaxMillion404
    MaxMillion4045 dager siden

    that was not

  • Victoria Garcia Gonzalez
    Victoria Garcia Gonzalez5 dager siden

    Corpse: I’m gonna do download Also corpse: stands on divert power

  • Spirit Guard1
    Spirit Guard15 dager siden

    0:29 *"I LOVE YOU JACK"*

  • Alice Qi
    Alice Qi5 dager siden

    Everyone: discussing who the imposter is- Poki: *DOES MAKEUP*

  • punkmolly
    punkmolly5 dager siden


  • Makxla
    Makxla5 dager siden

    Hejnsiwbee is it me or his voice is so satisfying..

  • Regina Daniels
    Regina Daniels6 dager siden

    Dude corpse voice be fresh every day

  • Lindsey Silva
    Lindsey Silva6 dager siden

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  • Datheny Chanel
    Datheny Chanel6 dager siden

    HOW- how did he get away with venting w people in the room??

  • Noor Brenner.
    Noor Brenner.6 dager siden

    I love how corpse said he is doing the download task when he is standing by the divert power task lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Delilah Farley
    Delilah Farley6 dager siden

    Corpse, my mom said you sound like batman😂

  • Mohamed aalalat
    Mohamed aalalat6 dager siden

    I LOVE

  • Mohamed aalalat
    Mohamed aalalat6 dager siden

    I love you

  • Fateme Alinejad
    Fateme Alinejad6 dager siden

  • Zander Waters
    Zander Waters6 dager siden

    The reason corpse is not doing a face reveal is because he has had problems with stalkers in the past stop asking for one

  • jennifer lee
    jennifer lee6 dager siden

    James cant talk 😶

  • Faris Iqbal
    Faris Iqbal6 dager siden

    I love how it went from "i love you jack" to "here's a clip of me killing my friends"

  • 『 Scorpio 』[Single, Short, dangerous]
    『 Scorpio 』[Single, Short, dangerous]6 dager siden

    I love you corpse ☆☆ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

  • Keem Bogart
    Keem Bogart6 dager siden

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  • Gify zahi
    Gify zahi6 dager siden

    Anyone else wondering why boyintheband is in the call

  • Devilrogue Jenkins
    Devilrogue Jenkins6 dager siden

    Ok this is the first time I’ve seen Sykkuno and like he’s so pretty??

  • Supreme
    Supreme6 dager siden

    Corpse: everyone I have been friends with through Among Us has been ridiculously supportive Also Corpse: anyway here's clips of me killing my friends

  • Snow Tails
    Snow Tails6 dager siden

    ''this summer, one poki, one toast'' hahaha!!!

  • Mika Wilson
    Mika Wilson6 dager siden

    corpse is the best

  • Grace Bradford
    Grace Bradford6 dager siden

    Poor corpse he has GERD

  • Yim Yau Hei
    Yim Yau Hei6 dager siden


  • Yim Yau Hei
    Yim Yau Hei6 dager siden


  • Jonathan Missroon
    Jonathan Missroon6 dager siden

    pokie was doing her makeup in the vid😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣