We're bringing back the yoga challenge with my girl Katie Bell, and things got interesting...
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  • Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUNMåned siden

    2:39 woah Very strange

  • Aurora Mendoza
    Aurora Mendoza4 måneder siden

    10:20 his pipi nugget grew lol

    ELVAR5 måneder siden


  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan Cuchilla5 måneder siden

    Her feet’s stinks flicking tea was got me dead 🤣

  • Matt M
    Matt M6 måneder siden

    The fuckin sound effects throughout this video got me dead🤣😭😭

  • vennaldo_IOS
    vennaldo_IOS6 måneder siden


  • Tan
    Tan6 måneder siden

    Don't kill Katie 😆

  • Paul Hoang
    Paul Hoang7 måneder siden

    I see you glancin at that ass

  • Retro on sticks
    Retro on sticks7 måneder siden

    9:01 that must feel good

  • Jogee
    Jogee7 måneder siden

    3:08 I’m deadddddddd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lilxxito
    Lilxxito8 måneder siden

    2nd part in pornhub

  • DIY The North
    DIY The North8 måneder siden

    Yeah sure, she's with you for you lol

  • Muffinz TZ
    Muffinz TZ8 måneder siden

    5:40 this video is gonna end up somewhere else

  • Muffinz TZ
    Muffinz TZ8 måneder siden

    5:05 I’ll leave it to you guys to figure it out

  • Adham
    Adham8 måneder siden

    Yeahh u kno he smashed

  • AX_15
    AX_158 måneder siden

    You ended the vid too quickly 😏

  • Jose Sosa
    Jose Sosa9 måneder siden

    you want me to be on the top - aadapt

  • CanadianPartyLife
    CanadianPartyLife9 måneder siden

    at least she upgraded from dan bilzerian to faze

  • AdrianSkillful
    AdrianSkillful9 måneder siden

    are they purposely doing these yoga poses wrong?

  • princess bubblegum
    princess bubblegum9 måneder siden

    He wears like the longest T-shirt to hide that boner 200IQ play

  • vision
    vision9 måneder siden

    3:09 😂😂😂😂

    SFX AQUA9 måneder siden

    Alex is choosing the Dirty ones 😂😂

  • Malachi Thomas
    Malachi Thomas9 måneder siden

    he said sniff sniff

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez9 måneder siden

    "She wasn't ready"🤣

  • l._.l
    l._.l9 måneder siden

    3:08 😂

  • W 118
    W 1189 måneder siden

    Stop screaming omg

  • Benjamin Birkic
    Benjamin Birkic9 måneder siden

    Bro that a**

  • vivi d
    vivi d10 måneder siden

    Adapt sniffing but

  • Kyle.H2Os
    Kyle.H2Os10 måneder siden

    bro that sniff just killed me 3:08

  • Gabriel Valverde
    Gabriel Valverde10 måneder siden

    Adapt your so lucky

  • NuGGetZ
    NuGGetZ10 måneder siden

    Now katie is with banks’s editor and adapt is living in the same house😂😂😂😂

  • Siego Reena
    Siego Reena10 måneder siden

    She is hot look at her 👀

  • yvng_niji
    yvng_niji10 måneder siden

    3:08 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seb
    Seb10 måneder siden


  • Jeff Ace
    Jeff Ace10 måneder siden

    You should date her

  • Manvir Kainth
    Manvir Kainth11 måneder siden

    The cameraman and editor r the true hero’s

  • SiiK Rococo
    SiiK Rococo11 måneder siden

    Shes so fuckin hot

  • Schoolish
    Schoolish11 måneder siden

    bro she flirtin hard

  • Axel Edwards
    Axel Edwards11 måneder siden

    Why is this hot as chick in a room with this muppet

  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan Cuchilla11 måneder siden

    I ship y’all

  • Submarine Feline
    Submarine Feline11 måneder siden

    You know he tape that shit down like a bookshelf in a earthquake

  • beehive
    beehive11 måneder siden

    How long did this one last

  • Daniel Main
    Daniel Main11 måneder siden

    Is this content ?

  • yastheel Singh
    yastheel SinghÅr siden

    I'm a simple man I see Katie I click 😇🥰😍😍

  • CosmicEpicYt
    CosmicEpicYtÅr siden

    She's thicc

  • OCJason
    OCJasonÅr siden

    Pause it and go to 10:32 Ik dam well he loved that moment that’s why he kept saying let’s te try It 😂😂😂

  • RoManBgoin
    RoManBgoinÅr siden

    5:09 reverse cow??

  • merks
    merksÅr siden

    bro how do I sign up for this shit. FaZe Clan let me in

  • Brogen1818 IG
    Brogen1818 IGÅr siden

    If he didet hit that ina be mad asf

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge BobÅr siden

    no cap they would both be a good couple NO CAP

  • Dan Hammond
    Dan HammondÅr siden

    He fired shots at Adrianna 😂

  • hamoodi abo shahlool
    hamoodi abo shahloolÅr siden

    WW3 China, russia, and iran vs america Britain saudi Arabia and israel Gl to you guys imma head back to 2043

  • Aimzdz
    AimzdzÅr siden

    what are you doing with my gf

  • S Sawa
    S SawaÅr siden

    Jesse has Katie Bell on the end of this finger bud #Nelk #NowIGottaGoFap

  • WeezMaster
    WeezMasterÅr siden

    Bro i thought he was with adriana again at first bcuz i haven't really watched him since 700k subs but ive been here since 500k subs that trip me tf out

  • Joe mom should’ve aborted u
    Joe mom should’ve aborted uÅr siden

    10:23 adapt got a decent view

  • Cntrix
    CntrixÅr siden

    She’s thicc asf how didn’t adapt nut the second she fell on him

  • Peculiar Shadow

    Peculiar Shadow

    År siden

    MateoFN just a question, no negative energy whatsoever towards you. How old are you?

  • Shi Tcnts
    Shi TcntsÅr siden

    Ladies and gentlemen the importance of having money

  • comqlex
    comqlexÅr siden

    Only the OGs remember who that shade was thrown to... Ariana

  • xxghostdelta13xx
    xxghostdelta13xxÅr siden

    He said I remeber doing this before with someone but I can’t remember who that killed me😂😂😂😂

  • Trudy Holmm
    Trudy HolmmÅr siden

    Big daddy dan blizeran be like who the fuck is that Katie and she says oh dan some kid I met on NOlocal

  • Shufflin Tony
    Shufflin TonyÅr siden

    They would honestly make a cute couple 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Noah Schwartz
    Noah SchwartzÅr siden

    he was hyped on that last pose, any guy would be.

  • ApeguGaming
    ApeguGamingÅr siden

    Katie Bell, harry potter?

  • faze luke
    faze lukeÅr siden

    1.28 acting like he dont know who he last did this with

  • Joe
    JoeÅr siden

    LMAO THE SNIFF at 3:08 .. dead

  • TheBoyBluu
    TheBoyBluuÅr siden

    Wait wtf adapt dating this ig model lmaoooo wtf

  • Jordan Channel
    Jordan ChannelÅr siden

    2:39 moans

  • piyush joshi
    piyush joshiÅr siden

    i love katie 😍😍 she is crush 😍❤❤ lucky adapt 😭😭😪

  • Joe Jacomo
    Joe JacomoÅr siden

    You guys did the first square one wrong...her body was in push up position when she was supposed to have her ass faced down towards your hips

  • Jacob Vallejo
    Jacob VallejoÅr siden

    The most best quote " but but but I love it"

  • Thomas G
    Thomas GÅr siden

    Ain’t this the chick dan bilzeran bought fake tits for😂

  • Tommy muthafuckin Vercetti
    Tommy muthafuckin VercettiÅr siden

    1:23 yeah throw shade at the b*txh Alex 👀

  • Kacy Turberfield
    Kacy TurberfieldÅr siden

    I bet everyone got horned lol

  • Kacy Turberfield
    Kacy TurberfieldÅr siden

    2:39 that moan

  • Akuma YT
    Akuma YTÅr siden

    It’s sad he said he did it in the past and then he said he don’t remember who are with but we all know he dose 😫😢

  • gravxty
    gravxtyÅr siden

    There’s a sound effect at 5:04 listen close

  • gravxty
    gravxtyÅr siden

    1:24 is big cap

  • gravxty
    gravxtyÅr siden

    3:08 3:08

  • Infamous Ctown
    Infamous CtownÅr siden

    3:08 sniffing her ass💀🤣

  • Jrod btw
    Jrod btwÅr siden

    Alex smashes her

  • Aldrun 0911
    Aldrun 0911År siden

    0:58 its Abby blown up on teawapp computer screen

  • ASAP JuJu
    ASAP JuJuÅr siden

    Yo bro where moe at

  • Haajacxc
    HaajacxcÅr siden

    Props to adapt for not getting a boner, even i got one

  • NitSUj
    NitSUjÅr siden

    Legends say adapt wore 15 pairs of under wear so his boner would be held down

  • Tawn Venios
    Tawn VeniosÅr siden

    Seems more than a yoga lesson 😂

  • Kilo
    KiloÅr siden

    At 3:09 I dead 💀

  • damian
    damianÅr siden

    she bout bad asf

  • NeeZ 21
    NeeZ 21År siden

    What is Dan Bilzerian say when he sees this!!

  • Speed Man68
    Speed Man68År siden

    That sniff had me dead 😂

  • Jamil Jimenez
    Jamil JimenezÅr siden

    this video made me fail nnn

  • chris barragan
    chris barraganÅr siden

    I bet Adriana regrets cheating on him now lmao

  • Armin Sadeghlou
    Armin SadeghlouÅr siden


  • Iván Castrejón
    Iván CastrejónÅr siden

    2:56 fucking died there 🤣😂

  • CyBoRg
    CyBoRgÅr siden

    Best video Alex has ever made.

  • SeaBass
    SeaBassÅr siden

    The sound effects have me dead

  • The Vision Alpha Legend Limited
    The Vision Alpha Legend LimitedÅr siden

    you actually dating? i see you as friends

  • Yandel


    År siden

    She says baby at 8:17 But I have no idea it don't seem like it

  • tyler quiroz
    tyler quirozÅr siden

    "acute angle"........................... my guy adapt did you go to school?

  • Patrick Adkins
    Patrick AdkinsÅr siden

    Wow I’m so glad you got yourself a girl now adapt congrats man

  • Regan Parenton
    Regan ParentonÅr siden

    She's got a really hot face of course at that age but a little tummy action going on. Just goes to show you them insta-bitches ain't always cracked up to be!