Crashing Golf Carts!


Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny DuncanMåned siden

    Merch available at ❤️

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    5 dager siden

    I just bought some grey virginity rocks hoodie bro keep up the good work love u

  • Avery Stroh

    Avery Stroh

    7 dager siden

    You are the best Danny

  • Landon Edwards

    Landon Edwards

    14 dager siden

    Where Gary winthorpe

  • Nicholas Lovinggood

    Nicholas Lovinggood

    21 dag siden

    Where’s the fan interaction ?

  • Swaz


    25 dager siden

  • IcE Boi
    IcE Boi29 minutter siden

    Crazy as hell that Danny had to nearly pull Aaron away from the fight bru XDD

  • RC Legacy
    RC Legacy6 timer siden

    Funny shit

  • Kobe Talamantes
    Kobe Talamantes10 timer siden


  • TrEnCh KiD //
    TrEnCh KiD //Dag siden

    12:50 Nobody: OMAHAWW

  • Ricky Mejia
    Ricky MejiaDag siden

    Song? At 2:31

  • Mason DiDomenico
    Mason DiDomenicoDag siden

    Danny:Am just watching am not doing anything 3 minutes later crashing the fucking golf carts

  • SuS BoY 2.0
    SuS BoY 2.0Dag siden

    The dedication to that intro tho LMAO

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike HendersonDag siden

    Please send me merch

  • sam Petek
    sam PetekDag siden

    I love how Danny casually just FaceTimes jack dylan grazer 💙🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacob Hardeman
    Jacob Hardeman2 dager siden

    Zach was punching the air when he seen this video

  • William Rodriguez
    William Rodriguez2 dager siden

    It’s impossible to not laugh during Danny’s videos

  • Zawn FN
    Zawn FN2 dager siden

    My name is Zach😫

  • Raiden N
    Raiden N2 dager siden

    make a 'sissy la'la' shirt!!!!!!(or hoodie)

  • Kadennn
    Kadennn2 dager siden

    Dude being friends with Danny would be the best he thinks of the funnest shit ever

  • Kadennn
    Kadennn2 dager siden

    Bro why do they not wear masks but every one in ny has to?

  • Robert Dlenaey
    Robert Dlenaey2 dager siden

    Aaron finally snapped

  • Elijah Frysinger
    Elijah Frysinger3 dager siden

    Holy shit that was the funniest video ever 😂

  • Aka NateDawg
    Aka NateDawg4 dager siden


  • Aka NateDawg
    Aka NateDawg4 dager siden


  • Aka NateDawg
    Aka NateDawg4 dager siden

    Awww 11:30

  • Aka NateDawg
    Aka NateDawg4 dager siden


  • Brandon Berkebile
    Brandon Berkebile4 dager siden

    Need to come out with vids more often

  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz5 dager siden

    Rosco is a legend

  • FGBotzree
    FGBotzree5 dager siden

    I go from watching Waffle House fights to Danny Duncan what can get worse

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young5 dager siden

    You guys are the funniest people in the world lol

  • Victoria Gaviria
    Victoria Gaviria6 dager siden

    Danny's a billionaire who still helps people change their tires that's goals

  • Cristian Vasquez
    Cristian Vasquez6 dager siden

    4:08 he was trying to impress his girl. Didn't even help

  • Joseph Arias
    Joseph Arias6 dager siden

    You should have Aaron go up to random people, and do what he did last time pretend to be mad

  • Devon Dunbar
    Devon Dunbar6 dager siden

    I was published in a local newspaper for helping someone out with a flat tire on the highway 😹😹

  • Marcus Da Savage
    Marcus Da Savage6 dager siden

    Aarons a baby😂😂

  • Victor Tijerina
    Victor Tijerina6 dager siden

    “Don’t frick with me dude “

  • Nate Jarvis
    Nate Jarvis7 dager siden


  • cal healy
    cal healy7 dager siden

    Laughed so hard watching this video especially the go cart part

  • Em End
    Em End7 dager siden

    This is my absolute favorite video of dannys 😂 best you tuber out there I’m gonna invite him to my wedding

  • Goon
    Goon8 dager siden

    literally love the who cars dude bang crash laughing and no one cares

  • YouTube-Slavic
    YouTube-Slavic8 dager siden

    My throat hurts from laughing for the whole golf cart segment 😂😂

  • Jacob East
    Jacob East9 dager siden


  • Jolie Preiser
    Jolie Preiser9 dager siden

    is don’t frick with me on a shirt cause if not it needs to be

  • Randy Warren
    Randy Warren9 dager siden

    Did Zack return the arms and shirt?

  • Shikab Wahidi
    Shikab Wahidi9 dager siden

    im deadddddd lmaoo

  • Ricky Brown
    Ricky Brown9 dager siden

    1:45 that girl look like a dude

  • Lexi Brunswick
    Lexi Brunswick9 dager siden

    golf car part-funniest thing i’ve ever seen

  • StrawHat Playz
    StrawHat Playz9 dager siden


  • SerpaTCB
    SerpaTCB10 dager siden

    I replayed the scene of Aaron beating his ass up at least 45 times and it just keeps getting funnier

  • Trollzerium
    Trollzerium10 dager siden

    As a Buddhist I do not appreciate this 5:07 kind regards

  • Malachi Drake
    Malachi Drake10 dager siden


  • Trippy Troppy
    Trippy Troppy10 dager siden

    Rosco said he was scared of frogs watch the video where Danny first met Rosco. Rosco saw a frog and he was scared 😂

  • jazmyn fuller
    jazmyn fuller10 dager siden

    bruh i was laughing so hard when aaron almost just killed that dude like wth?? 😭

  • Damien Taylor
    Damien Taylor11 dager siden

    Dude and his girlfriend kinda bug me not gonna lie

  • ツ
    11 dager siden


  • RiveraXCEL
    RiveraXCEL11 dager siden

    Wow when I heard he hates everyone named Zach I thought I should leave the channel when I just started watching you

  • Arianah Trujillo
    Arianah Trujillo12 dager siden

    Destruct full people

  • Domenico Fantozzi
    Domenico Fantozzi12 dager siden


  • Croc Kid
    Croc Kid12 dager siden

    Danny is the most talented person every no cap

  • FungusDickhead
    FungusDickhead12 dager siden

    Danny I saw u in amungus

    ABHISHEK KUMAR13 dager siden

    Rosco quit smoking

  • Becca Corona
    Becca Corona13 dager siden

    New danny fans are gunna be hella confused by the intro😭

  • Becca Corona

    Becca Corona

    11 dager siden

    @Twitch and bandit main haha anyways, David didn’t put him in his wedding that’s it

  • Twitch and bandit main

    Twitch and bandit main

    11 dager siden

    I was, this was the first video ive seen of his

  • Richie Gonzalez
    Richie Gonzalez13 dager siden

    1:40 ayo wtf 😭🤣 that’s a whole ass dude 😂😂😂😂

  • Big Yosher
    Big Yosher13 dager siden

    12:59 I can’t stop laughing 😂

  • Zach T.
    Zach T.14 dager siden

    This one had me rolling!!!!

  • ً
    ً14 dager siden


  • Keiran Richardson
    Keiran Richardson14 dager siden

    Omg that is the best thing ever when the baby crashes and is riding with the rims on the ground

  • Evan Darnes
    Evan Darnes15 dager siden

    4:08 the dude on the right is a perfect representation of me during group presentations

  • Timothy McDowell
    Timothy McDowell15 dager siden

    its is not roach just a water bug

  • gustavo ortiz
    gustavo ortiz16 dager siden

    I love his intros! FIRE

  • Og Snia
    Og Snia16 dager siden

    Love roscoe Lmaoo

  • gl0ckam0le
    gl0ckam0le16 dager siden

    2:45 ghetto bill bellicheck ( i dont know its spelt )

  • Kurrpyツ
    Kurrpyツ16 dager siden

    Im sitting here watching this for the 5th time at 2 am on a school night crying laughing I'm dead lmfao

  • Kurrpyツ


    8 dager siden

    @Ko O kinda did buddy

  • Utility __
    Utility __16 dager siden

    What part of Florida u live in

  • Vorp Y

    Vorp Y

    12 dager siden


  • Tayg Bush
    Tayg Bush17 dager siden

    more roscoe please

  • Maria Salvador
    Maria Salvador17 dager siden


  • Maria Salvador
    Maria Salvador17 dager siden

    Danny sead ni**a

  • Vorp Y

    Vorp Y

    12 dager siden


  • alejandro Patino
    alejandro Patino17 dager siden

    I wish I could rewatch this for the 1st time 😂🤣😂

  • Mya Heinle
    Mya Heinle17 dager siden

    I was like crying at the golf cart part

  • john dunlap
    john dunlap17 dager siden

    Aaron is such a baby

  • Derrick Animation
    Derrick Animation18 dager siden

    Stop smoking

  • noah
    noah18 dager siden

    Michelle told me about this video. 10/10

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B18 dager siden

    “Don’t frick with me dude”

  • Tapas Kumar Pal
    Tapas Kumar Pal18 dager siden

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  • Listen_Here_Feller
    Listen_Here_Feller18 dager siden

    Every day for Danny is like the best day ever

  • Chassidee McCarty
    Chassidee McCarty18 dager siden

    This is honestly my favorite video he’s ever made!!

  • LC_ stigre
    LC_ stigre18 dager siden

    Whats the song at 2:32 called?

  • Ozpa
    Ozpa18 dager siden

    Whoever reads this hope you have a great day 😁🍀

  • Larry Leos
    Larry Leos19 dager siden

    Danny Duncan would be a fun person to be around

  • Jay Stunnin
    Jay Stunnin19 dager siden

    Reporting live at the home of danny duncan where he and his friends died from exhaust fumes that poisoned them👁👄👁

  • Vorp Y

    Vorp Y

    12 dager siden


  • Zach Wear
    Zach Wear19 dager siden

    My baf

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson19 dager siden

    Mannn aaron clapped that guy 😭😭😂😂😂

  • Ronnie Blackburn
    Ronnie Blackburn19 dager siden

    How many men does it take to kill a roach

  • Sulieman Farg
    Sulieman Farg20 dager siden

    What type of scooter is that and dose it have cruise control

  • Hliquid gaming
    Hliquid gaming20 dager siden

    10:00 im fucking weak

  • Loser Kid
    Loser Kid20 dager siden

    Look at the daredevil

  • Loser Kid
    Loser Kid20 dager siden

    That’s crazy how all his subscribers almost watch this

  • Ginsburg Guadamuz
    Ginsburg Guadamuz20 dager siden

    I was dying when Aaron pulled up to the golf cart place

  • Jazia Matheney
    Jazia Matheney20 dager siden

    Anyone else notice how he went when the light was red😂💀 3:19

  • Philip Mecrack
    Philip Mecrack21 dag siden

    Everybody gangster till a Baby pulls up beating you

  • Big brain Boy
    Big brain Boy21 dag siden

    Laughed more in this video than any of Baylin lavines

  • Tyler Sizzle
    Tyler Sizzle21 dag siden

    What was the song when Rosco was driving from the start like 2 minute in

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum21 dag siden

    I just found my New Favorite NOlocalr!

  • lylly vallance
    lylly vallance21 dag siden

    y'all!! i freaking flipped a lifted one of those on august 25th and i broke my arm and skinned like my entire body :)