CRAZY FAN Breaks Into FaZe House on LIVESTREAM!

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  • Ian Chan
    Ian Chan2 måneder siden

    Who’s watching in 2020 cause ur bored

  • ryan 979
    ryan 9793 måneder siden

    miss the old 2015-2016 adapt vids

  • M Davis
    M Davis6 måneder siden

    0:42 how is he aiming in without his hands

  • Kenos Uio
    Kenos Uio7 måneder siden

    His no scope was the best

  • PB Ninja
    PB Ninja7 måneder siden

    Who saw Travis Scott pic

  • Frostyz LF
    Frostyz LFÅr siden

    That's the bully

  • Paradonja 1
    Paradonja 1År siden


  • Paradonja 1
    Paradonja 1År siden


  • Abdirahman Hussein
    Abdirahman HusseinÅr siden

    At 0:35

  • Simple Snagger
    Simple SnaggerÅr siden

    5:45 I couldn’t take it!😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • jazminee flores24
    jazminee flores24År siden

    His so cute😂

  • ZakyCODM
    ZakyCODMÅr siden

    I’m here when there’s 999,999 views guess I’m the 1,000,000th

  • Crxzy
    CrxzyÅr siden

    Why you so clickbait like I dont even wanna watch you???

  • Michael Patz
    Michael PatzÅr siden


  • KidKoogii
    KidKoogiiÅr siden

    6:55 Adapt’s statured 😂

  • Zhoyd
    ZhoydÅr siden

    7:37 in the Philippines we let chickens fight

  • Zhoyd
    ZhoydÅr siden

    9:46 bruh

  • Viser Clan Fortnite
    Viser Clan FortniteÅr siden

    *jarvis gets fall damage* That’s InSAnE BRO

  • Chico Played
    Chico PlayedÅr siden

    0:40 fake

  • Loganaz7281


    11 måneder siden

    Chico Played no it’s not

  • ItsCbas
    ItsCbasÅr siden

    Hahah I’m dead

  • Bunnyツ
    BunnyツÅr siden

    7:27 what ur looking 4

  • Sports Seb
    Sports SebÅr siden

    Lol fake

  • Ethan Lord
    Ethan LordÅr siden

    Jarvis DIES Kay ThAts InSanE BrO

  • ItzYaboiCarlos
    ItzYaboiCarlosÅr siden

    Damn no matter how long adapt doesn’t upload for he always comes back with a BANGER

  • Yahya S
    Yahya SÅr siden

    Yo that trick he hit is fake both hands were on his face but the in game character was aiming in

  • Abetthewizard
    AbetthewizardÅr siden

    0:38 how was jarvis aiming

  • Loganaz7281


    11 måneder siden

    Yahya S no his controller was upside down so it just kept moving

  • Yahya S

    Yahya S

    År siden

    His hands was on his face

  • Sxolar
    SxolarÅr siden

    FaZe Adapt Pls do videos back like in the ny faze house

  • Kiazit
    KiazitÅr siden

    You thats insane

  • KDOmeme
    KDOmemeÅr siden

    0:40 how his character still aiming in and out with Jarvis with no hands on the controller

  • Loganaz7281


    11 måneder siden

    KDOmeme his controller was upside down so it kept moving

  • Angelo Roberts
    Angelo RobertsÅr siden

    8:41 😂😂😂

  • Angelo Roberts
    Angelo RobertsÅr siden

    8:13 og fans know 😂😂😂😂

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra HernandezÅr siden


  • Nathan Law
    Nathan LawÅr siden

    Jarvis YOUR INSANE

  • Deltafficial
    DeltafficialÅr siden

    Bro the ending was hilarious 😂 I

  • Tyler wa
    Tyler waÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to call in sick to a doctors appointment

  • Nathanial Tatum
    Nathanial TatumÅr siden

    Adapts actually funny asf.

  • Ray
    RayÅr siden

    You guys shouldve kept it going for longer

  • Charlie Suh
    Charlie SuhÅr siden

    That’s insaaaane broooo

  • Ehban Awan
    Ehban AwanÅr siden

    why do i see the ghost gaming logo on the wall at 0:13

  • Rage Punisher23
    Rage Punisher23År siden


  • Imanol Saldana
    Imanol SaldanaÅr siden

    Bring back the pollo(chicken)

  • Melk
    MelkÅr siden

    Please do another one of these to anyone who streams

  • Elijah webber
    Elijah webberÅr siden

    best acting ever 2:49 🤣😂

  • Joe Hale
    Joe HaleÅr siden

    Click bait

  • brodan
    brodanÅr siden

    They really left his stutters in

  • Play Boy Agent
    Play Boy AgentÅr siden

    FaZe Kay smokes to much wèèd

  • Connor Moore
    Connor MooreÅr siden

    I deadass miss chief cheo 😭

  • prod BAV
    prod BAVÅr siden

    U should’ve kept it longer lmao It would be way funnier

  • Jake Watkins
    Jake WatkinsÅr siden

    Isn’t that the same crazy fan that went to prison for breaking into the faze house before

  • Tom Ehlen
    Tom EhlenÅr siden

    Jarvis is the new faze clickbaited face

  • Paizxu On top
    Paizxu On topÅr siden

    I guess he’s cuckoo

  • Sanspacito
    SanspacitoÅr siden

    Mocking FaZe Blaze

  • PreciousBox1969
    PreciousBox1969År siden

    7:03 “he thought it was a real dude”

  • Grayson Thomason
    Grayson ThomasonÅr siden

    Mocking Faze Banks

  • Bobux
    BobuxÅr siden

    You in faze?

  • Benji
    BenjiÅr siden

    Jarvis is fkn 17 oh my god

  • Tshepo
    TshepoÅr siden


  • lewis mceneaney
    lewis mceneaneyÅr siden

    Mocking FaZe Banks

  • Amon Hanson
    Amon HansonÅr siden

    I miss you homie!

    LOGAN FIFEÅr siden

    I watched that live

  • Shrek2onDVD
    Shrek2onDVDÅr siden

    Imagine becoming as cringy as faze kay

  • Noah Plassmeyer
    Noah PlassmeyerÅr siden


  • AP3Xx HunterWolf
    AP3Xx HunterWolfÅr siden

    Sta sta stutter

  • Eurwen
    EurwenÅr siden

    From 0:08 to 0:22 you can see the logo of ghost gaming behind alex

  • ZubSub15
    ZubSub15År siden

    *Hi My NaMe Is PoO Po0 CaN I TRy OuT FoR tHe ClAaN iM ninnnnnnnnne*

  • Hadden Thrasher
    Hadden ThrasherÅr siden

    Faze adapt stutter 8:11

  • Gurkan Beats
    Gurkan BeatsÅr siden

    FaZe Adapt is the type of guy to stutter when thinking

  • Camden Staton
    Camden StatonÅr siden

    8:14 "I love it but... I love it... I love it"

  • Axis
    AxisÅr siden

    You should have done this with sway when Jarvis didn’t know what he looked like

  • Wx7sh
    Wx7shÅr siden

    waiiiiit! at 0:40 there is nothing in his hands but he is still aiming like what

  • Loganaz7281


    11 måneder siden

    ITz AroZ yeah his controller was upside down so it kept moving

  • Wx7sh


    År siden

    Beastmode 7 Lol bro im just trolling u I know i was the only one that noticed that thing (probably)

  • yxng_garcia


    År siden

    RefLexPlayz , cuz he is aiming but not holding anything

  • Wx7sh


    År siden

    Beastmode 7 Why are u saying WHATTTTTTT DUDE

  • yxng_garcia


    År siden

    Dude what!!?!?!?!?

  • griz
    grizÅr siden

    The clickbait was real! The title and thumbnail barely matched up to the actual video.

  • Ze Orbit
    Ze OrbitÅr siden

    I was at school and thought the rooster was here, it’s morning too

  • leart 02
    leart 02År siden

    the faces that they make at 3:38 omg

  • Latinn
    LatinnÅr siden

    Jarvis is 17😭 he said it in the interview wit apex😂 ya just get his age wrong all the time lmao

  • Xeon
    XeonÅr siden

    “I love it and I I love it and I love it” like you know where that’s from

  • Tr!llz
    Tr!llzÅr siden

    Yo I'm gonna meet nate hill this summer. This girl in my class named Arden Palozzi is nate hills cousin and she said hes coming over the summer and she lives in my neighborhood

  • LegoMyEggo #7217
    LegoMyEggo #7217År siden


  • Ibrahim Ballouch
    Ibrahim BallouchÅr siden

    I haven't even watched the video I already like COMMENTED LOL

  • Nox Fish
    Nox FishÅr siden

    8:14 mega stutter

  • Wi11er
    Wi11erÅr siden

    Jarvis’s face in the thumbnail makes me want to punch him so bad

  • AZIF
    AZIFÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to say Jarvis is 15 years old when he is 17.

  • Arcxne
    ArcxneÅr siden

    Yo 2015 Adapt came back with the stuttering😂

  • Synohz
    SynohzÅr siden

    McDonald’s lit

  • Dozkid
    DozkidÅr siden

    he is 17

  • XxBobTheBuilder xX
    XxBobTheBuilder xXÅr siden

    “With my boy McDonald he straight out the trap” 7:28

  • 10 000 subscribers with no video
    10 000 subscribers with no videoÅr siden

    Your family will always live Subscribe to activate

  • ImUnguardable
    ImUnguardableÅr siden

    bruh they ruined faze

  • Colin Soileau
    Colin SoileauÅr siden

    When he hoped on his setup I was dead.😂

  • Twistaarrr -fortnite
    Twistaarrr -fortniteÅr siden

    Did anyone notice when he took his hands off it was aiming in ?

  • Levon sham
    Levon shamÅr siden

    tell me why jarvis built like this face >:(

  • DeezMiZzY
    DeezMiZzYÅr siden

    5:45 hahahhahas I'm actually dying of laughter

  • DeezMiZzY
    DeezMiZzYÅr siden

    FaZe Adapt funny af dude. Miss watching these videos :D

  • DEMIX Beats
    DEMIX BeatsÅr siden


  • Liam Oxborrow
    Liam OxborrowÅr siden

    His 17 not 15

  • emilio gallegos
    emilio gallegosÅr siden

    Prank videos

  • XHxrizonX
    XHxrizonXÅr siden

    Use me as a "Jarvis is 17 not 15" button

  • yeehaw
    yeehawÅr siden

    on god i cant tell the difference between the faze house and the clout house

  • FatalBeast90
    FatalBeast90År siden

    Broo!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex mock faze banks in public mess with him in public do a bunch of random shit piss him off like if y’all agree make sure alex sees this 💯💯

  • ThePlaystationCriminal
    ThePlaystationCriminalÅr siden

    That clip at the beginning is so fake.. he was aiming in without even touching the controller

  • Gamerava -_-
    Gamerava -_-År siden

    First time I heard Jarvis curse