DaBaby - Handgun (Ft. No Cap & Polo G) [Official Audio]


DaBaby - Handgun (Ft. No Cap & Polo G)
DaBaby - [SONG NAME]
My Brothers Keeper (Long Live G) Out Now
Listen: smarturl.it/DABABYMBKLLG
Spotify: smarturl.it/DABABYMBKLLG/spotify
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  • Luke Bryant
    Luke Bryant10 timer siden


  • Anthony Magallon
    Anthony Magallon11 timer siden

    Hmmmm who really is the GOAT ???

  • Global Darius
    Global DariusDag siden


  • Mr. BuckWeed
    Mr. BuckWeed3 dager siden

    I think polo hit this little too hard they gave it a moment of silence 🔥🔥💯💯

  • Chay53boii Gaming
    Chay53boii Gaming3 dager siden

    Tjay needs to drop song with polo also

  • Chay53boii Gaming
    Chay53boii Gaming3 dager siden


  • Tyaire draco
    Tyaire draco4 dager siden

    Why NoCap sound like lil baby??

  • Albony Tucker
    Albony Tucker5 dager siden

    No Cap verse at the end was fire

  • Ivan Molina
    Ivan Molina5 dager siden


  • Jeremiah Gordon
    Jeremiah Gordon6 dager siden


  • Calzion
    Calzion6 dager siden

    DaBaby got carried on his own song...

  • Calzion
    Calzion6 dager siden

    Everyone's talking about Polo G but NoCap killed it as well 🔥

  • Aaron Ruska
    Aaron Ruska6 dager siden

    Polo and Baby needa make an album

  • Lil Kash
    Lil Kash7 dager siden

    No cap killed the beat 🔥

  • Teddi Wetu
    Teddi Wetu8 dager siden


  • orcholul
    orcholul8 dager siden

    this beat mad heart

  • Team 5 Star
    Team 5 Star9 dager siden

    freecap !

  • jax.
    jax.9 dager siden

    The DaBaby verse is my favorite and everyone is dissing it, I feel personally attacked

  • BasicGaming7
    BasicGaming712 dager siden

    When polo comes on the song u know it’s fire idgf what y’all say he da 🐐

  • Your Boi
    Your Boi12 dager siden

    Polo G's first flow feels so much like Juice to me

  • VVS Skidoosh
    VVS Skidoosh12 dager siden

    I wish lil baby was in this Because his voice connected with this music

  • Ali Baker
    Ali Baker13 dager siden

    this song go brazyy

  • DarylX 9
    DarylX 916 dager siden

    This song is underrated asf

  • Jacoby Johnson
    Jacoby Johnson16 dager siden

    2021 hear

  • Its_rosey96
    Its_rosey9616 dager siden

    Da baby and polo? Fuck man I never called 911 I ain’t no bitch... but my house on fire cause I Played this on my speakers 🔊 🔥

  • Emotional
    Emotional17 dager siden

    0:05 dababy kinda sus for this

  • Pushyshinobi


    4 dager siden


  • J


    12 dager siden


  • Alexxx
    Alexxx17 dager siden

    This gimme that 2016 yachty vibe

    SHAWNWK17 dager siden

    Polo gave me the chills

  • RipJaw 3400
    RipJaw 340017 dager siden

    This song is so underrated

  • Anthony George
    Anthony George18 dager siden

    Idc what nobody gotta say polo had the best verse

  • Gatlin Empire

    Gatlin Empire

    15 dager siden

    He sure did

  • Ruth Abraham
    Ruth Abraham18 dager siden


  • 엄희태
    엄희태18 dager siden

    music video where?

  • MinimumWageLife
    MinimumWageLife19 dager siden

    If you like the beat, South Korean Rap has this beat too nolocal.info/have/video/iXSTqs-cu4dnqnw which is based of the sample of another song I couldn't remember.

  • Jose Andrade
    Jose Andrade19 dager siden

    The song starts at 0:55 and ends at 2:04 no cap and polo spazzed

  • Polo.capalot
    Polo.capalot19 dager siden

    No cap didn't go in no cap

  • fikerr
    fikerr21 dag siden

    y’all talkin bout polo, and he killed this shit but cap did his shit too

  • Precedence Is Daddy
    Precedence Is Daddy21 dag siden

    All 3 were fire in this song

  • joe
    joe21 dag siden


  • Rodolfo Castaneda
    Rodolfo Castaneda21 dag siden

    Hey boy, it's cold.

  • 김어흥
    김어흥22 dager siden


  • iLOVE LiFE
    iLOVE LiFE22 dager siden

    I remember you use to scroll through comments and people posted the lyrics now it’s a bunch of attention grabbers smh

  • Cameron Small
    Cameron Small23 dager siden

    I think I know which one is Dababy 👀😏

  • Kinghulk21
    Kinghulk2124 dager siden

    Yes sir

  • Staksenatoxic Gemini
    Staksenatoxic Gemini24 dager siden


  • Yxng.Pluto忍
    Yxng.Pluto忍24 dager siden


  • Earl Brandon jr
    Earl Brandon jr25 dager siden

    Polo g stole this

  • Josh Bronson
    Josh Bronson25 dager siden

    Damn can’t believe nocap had the best verse over Dababy and polo

  • A J

    A J

    17 dager siden

    @Sparty cap had actual bars if u listen

  • Sparty


    19 dager siden

    Immaculate cap

  • Brandon Benn
    Brandon Benn25 dager siden

    cap had da hardest verse... yall sleep

  • Sirski Plays
    Sirski Plays26 dager siden

    Beat hits different when u smoke Fr

  • 르미
    르미27 dager siden

    Boycold youth랑 똑같은데?

  • t2antisocial_1 T
    t2antisocial_1 T27 dager siden

    Polo part had to be my new ringtone 👌🏾😂

  • JoJo Torres
    JoJo Torres27 dager siden

    Only come for Polo, not DaShit and YesCap

  • Its Preston

    Its Preston

    25 dager siden


  • Nestor
    Nestor27 dager siden

    This one going on the playlist

  • IronWall Water
    IronWall Water27 dager siden


  • Storytelling by Noblesse
    Storytelling by Noblesse28 dager siden


  • keithson Burnette
    keithson Burnette28 dager siden

    Polo g part goes hard

  • Aryx
    Aryx28 dager siden

    Dababy ruined it

  • Yvng J

    Yvng J

    23 dager siden

    Not really

    RaZe FACTION29 dager siden

    lil polo only wwwwwwwww exsepted first class i like liltjat but that song was ok

  • sleth.
    sleth.29 dager siden

    Underrated song..

  • Devontea Blow
    Devontea Blow29 dager siden

    Need a baby × rod wave

  • Abdullah Ayyash
    Abdullah Ayyash29 dager siden

    try listen haon-youth the beat are same

    CLEVELAND ENTMåned siden

    my first time listening and then polo hopped on i was like yeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

  • Jimmy Harris
    Jimmy HarrisMåned siden

    polo should do his own song on this beat no features

  • Yvng J

    Yvng J

    23 dager siden

    Not really a Polo beat

  • ApxGravity
    ApxGravityMåned siden


  • ApxGravity
    ApxGravityMåned siden


  • Connor Traugott
    Connor TraugottMåned siden

    yachty would go crazy on this beat

  • Tj da beast17
    Tj da beast17Måned siden

    WaWaby WandWun Wt Wolo W Wnd WoWap

  • Tj da beast17
    Tj da beast17Måned siden

    At first I thought this beat was trash they killed it

  • Tj da beast17
    Tj da beast17Måned siden

    Someone coming ruuuu I think thats the cop sound scurrrrrrrr

  • Rise Taken
    Rise TakenMåned siden

    Why polo g always Killin a song like it's nothing definitely one of the best and why no cap always ruining a song like he always miss

  • J Merge
    J MergeMåned siden

    I want a Nocap and DaBaby album🔥🔥💪🏾💯

  • Corey Wiseman
    Corey WisemanMåned siden

    Nocap talked his shit

  • xMMx Cloud
    xMMx CloudMåned siden

    Any1 else have a stroke when polo came on

  • J Moneybagz
    J MoneybagzMåned siden

    No cap x Cap alot

  • Carla Stuart
    Carla StuartMåned siden


  • Jace McDonald
    Jace McDonaldMåned siden

    Errbody went hard on this song I can't decide who went the hardest there all the best

  • Jace McDonald
    Jace McDonaldMåned siden

    All the fucking goats in one song??? I've watched this like 30 times I'm actually not joking

  • Aidyn Jenkins
    Aidyn JenkinsMåned siden

    I didn’t get to complete the rest of the album so now I’m completing the rest of the album this album is fire 🔥🔥🖤👊🏿🙏🏼

  • Sage On 3fps
    Sage On 3fpsMåned siden

    Polo the goat literally and figuratively

  • iamtheone On Xbox
    iamtheone On XboxMåned siden

    Stunna would have been lit on this song

  • Ashish Bhajan
    Ashish BhajanMåned siden

    Polo g never disappoints

  • Terron Smith
    Terron SmithMåned siden

    Cap don’t miss

  • Derek Rodriguez
    Derek RodriguezMåned siden

    1st: NOCAP 2nd: polo g 3rd: dababy

  • Derek Rodriguez
    Derek RodriguezMåned siden

    i hate to say it but nocap's verse was the best

  • Anti_11k H
    Anti_11k HMåned siden

    When polo came in I was like- nice hook, then I realised it was a verse and I was like how is a mf gonna come in THAT hard

  • CAPO G
    CAPO GMåned siden

    We a need video ASAP

  • Mahmud Abbas
    Mahmud AbbasMåned siden

    Is the song getting music video

  • bob saget
    bob sagetMåned siden

    Sounds like youth! by boycold

  • cmanking cmanking
    cmanking cmankingMåned siden

    Preseason starting up 🏀🏆I'm ready 💰 who we betin on

  • Carlito Burrito
    Carlito BurritoMåned siden

    0:55 if you're just here for polo g :)

  • onieox
    onieoxMåned siden

    Here for polo 🐐

  • morning with
    morning withMåned siden

    capalot and no cap hmm....🤔

  • 하이
    하이Måned siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/bGuWk5ltzayx2oA Same beat???

  • ᄏᄏᄏᄏᄏ


    7 dager siden

    비트가 같은게 아니게 샘플이 비슷한듯..... 딱 들어봐도 비트가 다른 건 느껴지는데....

  • ilyAidn
    ilyAidnMåned siden


  • Anneliese Lane
    Anneliese LaneMåned siden

    Polo went off

  • Zhiic
    ZhiicMåned siden

    1:36 no cap 🔥

  • Evz
    EvzMåned siden

    Hands down my favorite project and track DaBaby has ever done, he crushed this. The beat and chorus 🥵 and I’m just getting woke to Polo G, kid doesn’t miss.

  • CJA17


    19 dager siden

    I love this project but it isnt getting as much recognition which sucks.

  • Lazy
    LazyMåned siden

    “Suicide doesnt stop the pain,” “it gives it to someone else

  • Ok Whatever You Say
    Ok Whatever You SayMåned siden

    "People say I'm The Goat but I don't hear that enough" Polo G really a god

  • Sneh Patel
    Sneh PatelMåned siden

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