Daddy Is Back In Town!


Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • Jake’s outdoors 57
    Jake’s outdoors 57Time siden

    Why does Aron have a fucking skate board on the shady bech

  • Jackson Holbein
    Jackson Holbein21 time siden

    Papa Jim Is The Biggest Pimp And David’s A Simp

    CALEB WILKINSON23 timer siden

    Danny rocks

  • Damon Lee
    Damon LeeDag siden

    I’ve seen this video like 10 times. Just now did I realize papa Jim was sippin a WHITE CLAW!

  • Kellenplayzz
    KellenplayzzDag siden


  • Connor Sharpe
    Connor SharpeDag siden

    aye good times, when you could play football with david because his wedding didn’t happen. David if your reading this why...

  • Kamden Miles
    Kamden MilesDag siden

    You guys need to play nut ball

  • John Harper Hughes
    John Harper Hughes2 dager siden

    Was that snot

  • jaxon w
    jaxon w2 dager siden

    im gonna cry so hard when poppa jim dies

  • zVelidium
    zVelidium2 dager siden

    Just bought my first hoodie. Subscribed last week and I'm pissed I'm just now joining. FUNNNY ASS DUDE

  • Anthony Conka
    Anthony Conka3 dager siden

    Ay my nigga $not

  • Angel Mendoza
    Angel Mendoza4 dager siden

    So this is how white boys act when they get the biscuits to come over no wonder they left😂😭

  • ツVybin
    ツVybin5 dager siden

    When $not pulled up in the van I was dying of laughter 😂

  • Connor
    Connor5 dager siden

    $not underated

  • Triadic Apollo74
    Triadic Apollo746 dager siden

    Is he dead

  • Eder Escandon
    Eder Escandon6 dager siden

    7:17 whats his channel

  • Eli Davidson
    Eli Davidson7 dager siden

    Papa Jim is packin 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 SHEEEEEESHHHH

  • M!LLER
    M!LLER7 dager siden

    Papa Jim has the same birthday as me unless this was posted later

    TRENT GRODY 2024 WCHS 97 dager siden

    im i the only one who loves papa jim

  • Jarlos 420
    Jarlos 4208 dager siden

    Yo I need people to find out the girl I. The pink leggings Instagram please

  • Suddenghost M
    Suddenghost M8 dager siden

    Love the vids with $not

  • topian and fox
    topian and fox8 dager siden

    rip papa jim :(

  • Castawayyy Beats
    Castawayyy Beats8 dager siden

    ive got this strange feeling papa jim has no idea who they are 😂

  • MrJayPerfect
    MrJayPerfect8 dager siden


  • Austin Arreola
    Austin Arreola9 dager siden

    Dude put some turtle wax on that football it will get more tackier when it gets wet you’re welcome life hack baby

  • xxxMotherland
    xxxMotherland9 dager siden

    Wait who is the guy that brought the bitches I want to watch his videos

  • Luis Vazquez
    Luis Vazquez10 dager siden

    What’s the white boy with the glasses youtube channel

  • YNR- ICE_-
    YNR- ICE_-11 dager siden

    Damn papa getting bored bitches then I ever will

  • Jill Rolleston
    Jill Rolleston12 dager siden


  • CU Buff -
    CU Buff -12 dager siden


  • Dillon Jansen
    Dillon Jansen12 dager siden

    i want this sent to me on my birthday but with my name

  • Caylen H.
    Caylen H.13 dager siden

    dude imagine being friends with $not

  • De Boy ' s
    De Boy ' s13 dager siden

    Whats de boys Chanel naam

  • QuickJrx
    QuickJrx14 dager siden

    ( ^∀^) thats lauging just letting you know

  • ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C
    ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C14 dager siden

    I finally found the video

  • ً
    ً14 dager siden


  • Patton’s Pets Official
    Patton’s Pets Official14 dager siden

    What rapper is it

  • ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C

    ONLY 4C A E S T H E T I C

    14 dager siden

    $NOT he just dropped a song and Danny is in the music video

  • LightningLion51
    LightningLion5115 dager siden

    I like listing to $not his songs are 🔥Fire

  • Animal
    Animal15 dager siden

    I know everybody says this but, How the fuck is he good at everything?

  • Ruben Cochran
    Ruben Cochran16 dager siden

    You mean Danny STOOPID

  • Glizzy clips
    Glizzy clips16 dager siden

    Nick is the biggest simp

  • TynerZ
    TynerZ16 dager siden

    was he a seal cuz he got the hat

  • Fuck Your feelings
    Fuck Your feelings17 dager siden

    7:56 Danny = Trump David = Biden

  • Landon W23
    Landon W2317 dager siden

    Snot is the Goat

  • JD Holt
    JD Holt17 dager siden

    90 years old and drinking white claws 😂

  • Outlez
    Outlez17 dager siden

    @ 10:22 papa looks sad

  • Respect The Blue
    Respect The Blue17 dager siden

    Bro the Gosha song is fire haha

  • Trivi vv
    Trivi vv18 dager siden


  • Venixe -
    Venixe -20 dager siden


  • Jesse Evans
    Jesse Evans20 dager siden

    Snot is funny asf lol

  • 999jasaiah YT
    999jasaiah YT21 dag siden

    Snot let go

  • Skriusher
    Skriusher21 dag siden

    was he watching nicole aniston

  • Small Burnout Films
    Small Burnout Films21 dag siden

    i’m the 200 thousandth like

  • The Misfit Jit
    The Misfit Jit21 dag siden

    The one and only $NOT

  • Mike Spahr
    Mike Spahr24 dager siden

    Does anybody else realize why pat never has a shirt on

  • John Moore
    John Moore26 dager siden

    Holy shiit I cant believe its $not

  • Semaj Brewster
    Semaj Brewster26 dager siden

    He said hey moooooove

  • carsen galvin
    carsen galvin28 dager siden

    whats song name

  • Bhenchode Yea
    Bhenchode Yea28 dager siden

    I wonder what papa jim was like when he was young

  • Nathan Mayfield
    Nathan Mayfield29 dager siden

    He a player

  • XanEatsXanax
    XanEatsXanax29 dager siden


  • Mark Vincent Matos
    Mark Vincent Matos29 dager siden

    If papa Jim dies I'm gonna cry all day

  • Jack Watkins
    Jack WatkinsMåned siden

    me and papa jim have the same birthday haha

  • Yvish
    YvishMåned siden

    Anybody here know the name of the girl in the tv

  • Nigel Hornan
    Nigel HornanMåned siden

    Anyone know the song used in the transition @ 3:30?

  • 44Club-Ray
    44Club-RayMåned siden

    I knew Papa Jim would end up beating a sailor!!! Go Navy!!

  • andra shelby
    andra shelbyMåned siden

    What rapper

  • Willie SanMartin
    Willie SanMartinMåned siden

    My man dalton🔥freestyle

  • ClassicCulturewear
    ClassicCulturewearMåned siden

    Just realized $not is in this video

  • Victor G
    Victor GMåned siden

    Song at 2:20?

  • Jace Blanchard
    Jace BlanchardMåned siden

    What is the song in he intro and outro

  • scivics
    scivicsMåned siden

    wait that night lovell

  • GGr Priest
    GGr PriestMåned siden

    Funny how the baby is molly grabbing

  • Ana Araceli Munoz
    Ana Araceli MunozMåned siden

    What youtuber was that

  • Sami Kapadia
    Sami KapadiaMåned siden

    Living hoffman......

  • David Lambs
    David LambsMåned siden

    What is nicks youtube

  • Jeremy Cook
    Jeremy CookMåned siden

    I feel like I know why he wears that pat tillman Jersey

  • Andre Souto

    Andre Souto

    13 dager siden

    he kida looks like Tillman and pat was a hero

  • Spac3Mat3
    Spac3Mat3Måned siden

    wait so me and papa Jim share the same birthday

  • Diego Romero
    Diego RomeroMåned siden

    What’s the dudes name the ok that kissed the girl

  • bunnyboy 7
    bunnyboy 7Måned siden

    Live life at the fullest or don’t live at all

  • D W.562
    D W.562Måned siden


  • Whop Junior
    Whop JuniorMåned siden

    I want to be like Poppa Jim when I get to be his age....GOD willing!🙏 one cool dude! 😎

  • tyler rice
    tyler riceMåned siden

    Poor nick

  • Kyan Blacklock
    Kyan BlacklockMåned siden

    its gonna be a sad day when papa jim passes

    HUNTER WILSEYMåned siden

    wonders aimlessly in street

  • Logan Evans
    Logan EvansMåned siden

    😭😭😭RIP papa Jim

  • Dat Pothead kid
    Dat Pothead kidMåned siden

    Im gonna fucking cry when papa jim dies :((( 😭 were in this together boys

  • Kevin
    KevinMåned siden

    11:42 Joe Biden confirmed

  • Karrington Karney
    Karrington KarneyMåned siden

    They just have PORN playing in the background like now problem Danny Duncan is a fucking beast and papa Jim is a awesome person

  • Javier Mata
    Javier MataMåned siden

    Papá Jim 🇲🇽

  • John Oliver
    John OliverMåned siden

    Papa jim got some on his birthday 😂😂😭

  • MnG G
    MnG GMåned siden

    My number one goal in life is to be one apart of Danny's friends group and just fuck around with him all day. Fucking love you danny and the gang

  • Sinn100IQ
    Sinn100IQMåned siden

    Was that $not

  • Aaron Bauer
    Aaron BauerMåned siden

    Whats the name of that rapper???

  • DailyDankDabs
    DailyDankDabsMåned siden

    Bruh the guy rapping in the ad before the start of the video kind of fire ngl.

  • Jake S
    Jake SMåned siden

    I would watch this 10000 times just to see the donde esta part

  • Jake S
    Jake SMåned siden

    Como esta? Donde esta?

  • Nickmvp 3
    Nickmvp 3Måned siden

    This is how many minutes we would cry if papa Jim dies 👇🏻

  • adrian w

    adrian w

    3 dager siden

    using him to beg for likes lmao

  • TheCleverJoker


    14 dager siden

    328 minutes isn't a very long time

  • fwvanzo


    17 dager siden

    @Andy Dietrich more like years

  • Respect The Blue

    Respect The Blue

    17 dager siden

    CNVQ Exactly

  • CNVQ


    20 dager siden

    Shut up, quit begging for likes

  • Boqueefeus
    BoqueefeusMåned siden

    We need Donald, Aaron and papa Jim meet

  • Riley Fernie
    Riley FernieMåned siden

    Which NFL team does the 🐐 like?