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    welcome to your doge of Internet

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    cool stream dood

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    Poor daily dose, he doesn't know how to do a stream. awwwwwwwwwwwwww

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    gaime teim :D

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    Your voice😅😆

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    Hello everyone reading this in the future

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    Why does he say that this is a stream when it’s only 30 minutes long

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    His voice makes me wonder how he looks

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    *”Hello everyone this is YOUR Daily dose of gaming”* I’d actually love to see game clips in that format

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    Where it all started

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    Imagine he is dream?!?

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    Always trying to get to that 10 minute mark smh

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    So many verfied users commenting 😭

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    goodbye :)

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    gaime teim :D

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    The best part is that he’s self taught. *on youtube*

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    Hello everyone THIS IS YOUR daily dose of AMONG US

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    Look at the views for just a 39 seconds video

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    Why didn't you tell me SOONER!!!!

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    You are the best youtuber

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    Live streaming.

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    my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

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    he has the nicest voice its so calming

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    @yasio bolo Like a voice you dont hear every day.

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    His voice is so weird ad not like in a bad why not trying to be mean

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    Will you be playing Hello Kitty Island Adventure??

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    We are alive

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    @Daily Dose Of Internet your voice is different here

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    Why didn't you tell me SOONER!!!!

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    Wowie let's see some PC Building Simulator! That would be cool. Absolute legend by the way!

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    Why’d u say goodbye 😔 it’s pronounced ‘later’

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    A daily dose of a daily dose of gaming and videos...DAILY?! SUBBED!

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    All right everybody set... all ready to go... sweet.. GOODBYE. 🤣

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    Oooooooo you should maybe play halo

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    Ooo so cool you have a new channel!

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    He wasn't a robot after all

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    His voice is so weird ad not like in a bad why not trying to be mean

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    oh god

    GAMING WITH WARRIOR5 dager siden

    Here before half a million subs

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    Um... ok

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    Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Gaming

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    So much verified people

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    Sub to this amzin dude

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    Hey everyone this is your daily dose of streams

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    Epic moments

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    a legend was born

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    It feels so weird that this video ended without the iconic "later"

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    Is that a thing now? Are you going to say goodbye on this channel instead of later?

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    daily dose of livestreaming

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    39 seconds of epic

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    Wow this was live on my birthday

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    its big brain time

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    hey, thank you for posting this :)

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    7 verified channels in the comments

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    PubG mobile

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    Toby?! Are you Toby, the Scranton Killer?!

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    I don’t know what to put here5 dager siden

    This will be just as good as your other NOlocal channel

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    great stream

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    Omg hearing him talking longer sounds better

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    :0 your brother just committed on your channel

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    He sounds so nervous

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    You should do t,a,b,s

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    That was a cool video! When is part 2 of this coming out?

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    Do a face reveal on this channel

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    Sir what types of games u like. One last question when you are gonna reveal your face🙏❤️💕 Dieing for it to see you as a real one.

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    4 dager siden

    he has already done one you just gotta put face reveal after daily dose of internet

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    Your voice is AMAZING.

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    Can you please have a face reveal

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    Did he say the f word at 0:25 or 0:24

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    Good fresh tip Do a cyberpunk 2077 review

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    when do you stream? i’m looking forward to watching

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    Looks pretty legitness

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    Shortest livestream ever.

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    Hi I'm an og remember me when he hits 20 mil

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    so the gaming legend will be starting to play games and show his sKiLLs thats awesome

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    You actually talk like that irl

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    He's really a nice person

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    Hello new channel

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    Goodbye lol

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    293th k subscriber

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