Dash Cam Saves Citizen From Lying Trooper

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Arkansas Code § 27-49-107- bit.ly/3craPri
Coughlin v. State- bit.ly/31q4Ixe
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  • Audit the Audit
    Audit the AuditMåned siden

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  • In Saiyan One

    In Saiyan One

    2 dager siden

    Once, in a few (however you 'd like) episodes I wish you'd maybe reach out/compare/find similar cases where the race MIGHT show the differences in the entire interaction. I have watched a lot of content on the channel but maybe I've missed any like that. I would ALMOST bet my life that if the individual in the driver's seat was Black, that argument would be a totally different argument. I do believe it is with reason since the driver would have different experiences and responses, but also because general (let's call it "group") experiences of Black people (especially Black men) in a stop like that (especially with not obeying commands like "roll down the window all the way") doesn't turn out in a warning.

  • Craig Cole

    Craig Cole

    7 dager siden


  • Gwen Robinson

    Gwen Robinson

    8 dager siden

    @Jerome Breeding .. Interesting, that you the citizen has consider not exercising 'your rights', for fear that doing so will ANGER the person who has sworn to protect and serve, and who is allegedly trained to deescalate.

  • Jay Clink

    Jay Clink

    9 dager siden

    @vids2002 Thanks. I didn't have to ask after all.

  • Sheep Dog

    Sheep Dog

    10 dager siden

    @Anti - Ethnic Cleansing Dude you're clearly an idiot if you think for one second that's what I meant. Obviously, you have a child's mind and are stuck in the pattern that gives you the most comfort.

  • Luke Heller
    Luke Heller46 minutter siden

    This dude is just a douche. Follow orders and move forward

  • DreamScape
    DreamScapeTime siden

    yeah we do get those cops, but at the end of the say IMO i do whatever they ask and take the high road. that way they usually give me a verbal warning. cause yeah you can tty to combat it, but he will 100% write the ticket. $200-$400 ain't worth it in my eyes. just finished video THEN AGAIN. he probably wasn't speeding and IF the cop said he was and gave a ticket, then he also go to court to combat it.

  • Cheyanne Lee
    Cheyanne LeeTime siden

    This is sad. This country is just sad. Maybe people don't want to roll their window down because they are afraid the cops might kill them.

  • Fatal Travesty
    Fatal TravestyTime siden

    If this took place November of 2020 where is the troopers mask? we see the drivers on the passenger seat and could be reason to not want to roll the window down all the way

  • Kiko Kiklis
    Kiko Kiklis3 timer siden

    Some say, they are still on the road arguing

  • xw33b
    xw33b3 timer siden

    lmao ive never seen a stop like this.. both are just passive aggresively being petty and its hilarious

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White4 timer siden

    If this guy was black the window would’ve been broken and he would’ve already been taken out the car.

  • Tanjanika
    Tanjanika5 timer siden

    Mr. Transparency 😆

  • Jacob Helms
    Jacob Helms5 timer siden

    Last time I checked you have to be caught in the act to be charged with speeding. Admitting to it or not after the fact has no grounds.

  • pocket83²
    pocket83²7 timer siden

    It's as if these are two finalists in the category for 'least manly, most snarky human being in the entire history of the world'. This is the embodiment of what happens to flubby boys who _don't_ get bullied on at least one occasion during their development.

  • Tanucci
    Tanucci7 timer siden

    Fifth amendment PRIVILEGE? When did that happen?

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K7 timer siden

    That cop was given too high of a grade. He should have gotten a c-.

  • Musso Games
    Musso Games9 timer siden

    Went from Oblivion NPC in real life memes -> to 2020 Karen compilations -> to public fights -> to this channel that is one of the best channels I’ve found in a while. Good day for NOlocal suggestions. Thanks algorithm!

  • Watercooledguy
    Watercooledguy11 timer siden

    If you can remain silent to not incriminate yourself, can you be forced to surrender camera footage that you own which incriminates yourself. Wouldn't being forced to submit audio/video evidence that incriminates you be the same as answering a question that does the same thing?

  • Bored Demiurge
    Bored Demiurge12 timer siden

    Piglet is a bully

  • Privee Sure
    Privee Sure12 timer siden

    Trooper Little is a little man on a power trip. Trooper Little shame on you.

  • manuel cavieres
    manuel cavieres13 timer siden

    It's so much fun to see this interactions knowing that if I did that I would get murdered by a cop

  • Cuppz
    Cuppz13 timer siden

    The driver was just an asshole the whole time, can’t imagine he has many friends

  • Bob Sacamano
    Bob Sacamano14 timer siden

    Mr. Transparency gets an "A" for weaseling out of a speeding fine, but gets an 'F" for being a giant douche.

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen16 timer siden

    This fucking bs cop has no shit to do

  • Adam Epp
    Adam Epp17 timer siden

    Is that cop Ted Lasso?

  • Elian Gonzalez
    Elian Gonzalez18 timer siden

    These two should be friends lol

  • korencek
    korencek18 timer siden

    It was a good thing he didn't admit to speeding. Once I was stopped by police for speeding. Then because it was behind the corner I asked them where is the radar. He nodded into the car and siad that usually it's 20€. well that ended it all. corrupt policemen etc...

  • Florijn Roos
    Florijn Roos19 timer siden

    Driver is really juist being a dick. Like grow up man, you’re talking to an officer....

  • B. moneyYT
    B. moneyYT20 timer siden

    Nigga just roll the window down they had a hole argument🤦🏾‍♂️

  • bigddlover1
    bigddlover120 timer siden

    The cop was a sneaky smug piece of shit.

  • Eric Ride
    Eric Ride20 timer siden

    'I can do whatever I want.' What is this, the USSR?

  • Murdokstankfoot
    Murdokstankfoot21 time siden

    That is a rad 4runner.

  • iHuntBearsWithMyFist
    iHuntBearsWithMyFist22 timer siden

    "Whats the deal?" A fuckinh car with red and blue lights has me stopped on a high speed fuckinh highway

  • James Canterbury
    James Canterbury23 timer siden

    This is bull...roll your window down

  • Cracker Barrel
    Cracker BarrelDag siden

    Sorry. The driver is just being a dick. Interesting too how the camera is focused on the inside of the vehicle, not out the rear as if he was just waiting to bait someone.

  • Cunt Nugget
    Cunt NuggetDag siden

    The cop said “you gotta realize not every cop is a bad cop,” but the thing is, you don’t know if you got a bad cop. You could have a perfectly fine experience with a cop who last week unlawfully searched someone’s car at a traffic stop or one who planted drugs at a crime scene or something

  • Matt Maze
    Matt MazeDag siden

    Well COVID-19 would be a reason for not wanting to roll down a window. No masks either way.

  • Shuckle
    ShuckleDag siden

    The guy was totally in the right to not say anything. But he was pretty annoying regardless

  • Mariusz
    MariuszDag siden

    To me it looks like these two guys just had their first blind date...

  • Dylan Landry
    Dylan LandryDag siden

    These laws apply to criminal acts. Speeding is a moving violation conducted on publicly funded motorways. In order to operate on those roads a driver must have a government issued license. When one agrees to accept a license to operate on public roads they forfeit many of their rights that would normally be reserved for a citizen on private property. A lot of this video is bad advice and would not end in a resolution as seen here.

  • Clifton
    CliftonDag siden

    Honestly, of there's a chance the driver can pull up the window on his arm the window needs to be down. Also on the highway where it's just more dangerous tobe stopped. The window needed to be, maybe not all the way but, more down.

  • Gavin Jenkins

    Gavin Jenkins

    16 timer siden

    Then why didn't he say any of those things if those were his reasons, when asked multiple times for his reasons? Hint: because those weren't his reasons.

  • Matthew Truitt
    Matthew TruittDag siden

    This is so dumb, all of this could be avoided if he just complied with the very reasonable request. We are all human and being kind and not trying to make someone’s job harder isn’t a bad thing. I’ll never get why people can’t just act nice to each other it really isn’t hard. This is one of those just because you can doesn’t mean you should situations, this is just an ego contest.

  • guy man
    guy manDag siden

    The police are only interested in the law so they know how to break it and lie.

  • Anthony Norton
    Anthony NortonDag siden

    The window rolling down test cuts both way "Why is it a big deal to you?". Answer: "Why is it a big deal to you?"

  • G Victor
    G VictorDag siden

    This is a perfect example of how weird the encounter gets as soon as you exercise your rights, even when both parties are level-headed.

  • MR Anderson
    MR AndersonDag siden

    awesome, great job

  • Donovan Blackwood
    Donovan BlackwoodDag siden

    Cops are (civilians on patrol) I hate when one flexes like he is a soldier "you have to do whatever I tell you to do" yeah ok you aren't a killer or a dom and he the sub. Your job is to serve and protect not flex and be a douche.

  • xele fonte
    xele fonteDag siden

    I swear ATA’s grading is always biased and skewed.

  • j S
    j SDag siden

    The liberties of a caucasian person, it's absolutely amazing wow

  • M. R.
    M. R.Dag siden

    Two men trying to dominate the other, but it's all about a window

  • Magnolia Morningstar
    Magnolia MorningstarDag siden

    There's just one thing though

  • Magnolia Morningstar

    Magnolia Morningstar

    Dag siden

    @Henery McGregor 🤦‍♀️

  • Henery McGregor

    Henery McGregor

    Dag siden

    @Magnolia Morningstar why should he?

  • Magnolia Morningstar

    Magnolia Morningstar

    Dag siden

    ................. Why wouldn't roll down his window? I just, I want to know, why not? I mean.. like, why?

  • pdrey100
    pdrey100Dag siden

    A B- for the cop after he says :"I'm not asking you, I'm telling you"? Should be a D for dick.

  • S W
    S WDag siden

    If he hadn't pointed out the camera recording, could have gone very differently.

  • Jake King
    Jake KingDag siden

    "why don't you want the window down?" Umm, cause sometimes cops in this country kill people and it'd be harder for you to shoot me if I don't roll the window all the way down?

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael JordanDag siden

    Funniest police stop ever 🤣

  • clinton stonich
    clinton stonichDag siden

    These guys are long lost twins.

  • Michael Gastright
    Michael GastrightDag siden

    See... but I feel like more often than not, the persons are being nice, sure, but still all of it could be avoided if he just rolled down his window. I feel like they are looking to pick a fight half the time. I dont blame the cops for getting agitated in most of these. The guy knew what he was doing. But the flip side is, he wasn't doing anything outside the law. The cops should see and respect that. Have the maturity to just say, ah man, here we go again and just let it go.

  • William Page
    William PageDag siden

    Cops lie and prosecutors frame. Tosser!

  • Santi Desmond
    Santi DesmondDag siden

    As a motorcyclist it be illegal for an officer to ask for my motorcycle key during a traffic stop, genuinely curious if it is or isn't

  • Don Bush
    Don BushDag siden

    This is a waste of money Cop should get a new career Loser

  • Scott Smith
    Scott SmithDag siden

    It so easy to see through mister transparency.

  • Robert Slater
    Robert SlaterDag siden

    This is just cringy....just kiss already

  • g d
    g dDag siden

    Shameless persistence coupled with his smug facial expressions recieves a F-.

  • Average D
    Average DDag siden

    Great use of brain power guys!

  • Rickardo Andersson
    Rickardo AnderssonDag siden

    Stuoid idiots why? A officer do his job and it dont say when or not bee shot at. Think if somebody speeding and kill YOUR child!!

  • Rickardo Andersson
    Rickardo AnderssonDag siden

    Shut up!! If officer of law ask you something why not get him what he need to ask. Somebody tried if a tazer is a nice thing or dead man walking?

  • Sassy Frassy
    Sassy FrassyDag siden

    Trooper Little had squat on Mr. Transparency and that's why he merely gave him a warning. I live in Arkansas and know how some of the LE is here..........it's all about getting their production in for the month.. in the form of tickets. Speed traps through several areas...............beware going thru Damascus and Greenbrier.

  • Mr. Nobody
    Mr. NobodyDag siden

    This sounds like an old married couple arguing about the window.

  • C V
    C VDag siden

    That trooper is super butt hurt.

  • Doug
    DougDag siden

    what a good officer! didnt get all crazy and aggressive

  • AEfilms
    AEfilmsDag siden

    If he was black or latino he would've been shot right in the spot for not bringing the window down

  • Rich Kraft
    Rich Kraft2 dager siden

    I don't need to even watch the video. Only white people can "correct " a officer. So I'll open a big book of prior cases? When have you ever seen a black man talk this much back to an officer and their was no violence or restraint take against them? Very seldom. These example doesn't work for everyone because of the lack of patience and latitude given towards minorities. He would have been pulled out or asked to step out and then shots fired. Where are the people talking about just comply?

  • McGregorGirl
    McGregorGirl2 dager siden

    I would not argue a thing. Just take my ticket and then contest it in court, just to see the idiot's face fall when its proved he was full of shit.

  • Johnathan Greene
    Johnathan Greene2 dager siden

    Just invoke the 5th and shut up!

  • donald bell
    donald bell2 dager siden

    Its all great but if you don't have a camera you're probably screwed. I do as I'm asked and the whole thing takes 5 mins

  • Nerdy punk
    Nerdy punk2 dager siden

    Wow even laws that seem very clear are messed up. You have the right to remain silent as long as you make sure to tell us otherwise you being silent doesn't count lol

  • D A M
    D A M2 dager siden

    This guy needs something productive to do.

  • Imagine Nation Music
    Imagine Nation Music2 dager siden

    Its ridiculous how many laws are left vague so the police can use them as loopholes...

  • NickTheProfessor
    NickTheProfessor2 dager siden

    F- Cop was just trying to arrest someone and got butthurt when the person knew their rights.

  • Alfredo Cordero
    Alfredo Cordero2 dager siden

    Everyone saying cops should have a camera on them recording at all times.... Fuck those guys.. WE THE CITIZENS should be the ones that should have a camera on us recording ourselves at all times! Cop can turn on and off the camera.. Trust me ladies and gentlemen... Record yourself when confronted with these power trippers

  • SpcT0rres
    SpcT0rres2 dager siden

    The guy says he's not trying to be difficult then proceeds to be difficult. I never understand why these people prolong the encounter.

  • Grimmrok
    Grimmrok2 dager siden

    But was he indeed speeding? Hmm.

  • Adina Vargas
    Adina Vargas2 dager siden

    Oh Good Lord . Can these men be any more annoying?!?! lol

  • Papa Van Twee
    Papa Van Twee2 dager siden

    Legit question here, if the police officer said something along the lines of, "I would feel more comfortable if you would roll the window down" is there something in the law that would compel Mr. Transparency to do so?

  • Gavin Jenkins

    Gavin Jenkins

    16 timer siden

    I think you should not worry about it and just ask the cop if it's legally required. If he's not willing to even himself commit to that, then you have a very good excuse not to. If he does commit to it, then just go ahead and do it, but look it up later and you can follow up if it turns out he was wrong.

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards2 dager siden

    He’s just being complicated for no reason, the only reason he isn’t rolling the window down is just because he wants a reaction.

  • Delta Movies HD
    Delta Movies HD2 dager siden

    American laws are messed up, and even worse depending on states.

  • Andrew
    Andrew2 dager siden

    Every person that I personally know who grew up to become cops recently were racist pigs and used to post the n word on snapchat. I wish I could go back and screenshot it and post their racism.

  • Dr Sarat Anandh
    Dr Sarat Anandh2 dager siden

    They think they are the law. They should know that they are law enforcement officers.

  • Dr Sarat Anandh
    Dr Sarat Anandh2 dager siden

    Just say covid19. It says it was recorded on nov 2020. So ask him to wear mask and wear one also to be a responsible citizen.

  • xandervk
    xandervk2 dager siden

    Your rights exist until you try to exercise them.

  • Martin Martin
    Martin Martin2 dager siden

    Just give me the dam ticket and let me be on my way .

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams2 dager siden

    It's literally just a parking ticket. I don't get why he's being so difficult. He can't he roll the window down for a few minutes and then roll it up when they are all done and tell the officer what speed he thought he was going. Also noticed that the video doesn't show how fast he was actually going on the cam.

  • Gavin Jenkins

    Gavin Jenkins

    16 timer siden

    that's the rear cam, the speed (and timestamps and so on) is likely imprinted on the front cam. About the window I found that pretty petty, but about telling speeds that's a TERRIBLE idea, never ever answer questions like that unless maybe you're convinced that your life and limb are in actual imminent danger from a frothing at the mouth crazy cop if you don't. You stand to gain absolutely nothing, and can only help build a case against you, whether legit or trumped up.

  • imtypingwords 41
    imtypingwords 412 dager siden

    Idk, I've told the police after they asked if I was speeding yes multiple times and almost always got away with a warning except for one time not knowing about a school zone with a cop right at the line for the school zone. Usually just being honest and polite though goes a long ways. Just make things easier. For traffic stops at least.

  • SpcT0rres


    Dag siden

    @imtypingwords 41 I was agreeing with you. Just cause the driver was legally allowed to do something didn't mean the driver wasn't being a jerk.

  • imtypingwords 41

    imtypingwords 41

    2 dager siden

    @SpcT0rres I didn't say he did anything wrong. I just think he was making his life difficult. That's all. Like not answering how fast he thinks he was going. If he wasn't speeding and the officer wrote him a ticket it wouldn't matter cause like he said it's on camera with a GPS. So all that guy did was just make his own life more difficult. Legally he did nothing wrong.

  • SpcT0rres


    2 dager siden

    Just cause you're legally allowed to do something doesn't mean you're not being a jerk. The cop had every right to give him a ticket but didn't.

  • Chris Vargsy
    Chris Vargsy2 dager siden

    We need someone to police the police

  • 069.Sakshi kallakuri
    069.Sakshi kallakuri2 dager siden

    What was his damn speed???!

  • kerrywsmyth
    kerrywsmyth2 dager siden

    I cannot believe that some dumbass court ruled that silence can be used as evidence of guilt. That CLEEEEEEARLY is a direct violation of the principle of innocent until proven guilty. You also obviously don’t need to tell the government that you expressly want to invoke your 5th Amendmwnt. Our rights were deemed by our Founders as natural rights endowed by our Creator, meaning they are yours by default. You don’t lose them simply because you fail to announce that you want them. This is fucking insane.

  • Phoenix Rose
    Phoenix Rose2 dager siden

    Cops always want you to roll down your window fully so they can easily use their gun- I mean taser on you

  • Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon
    Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon2 dager siden

    Why do cops do this...... This is the reason why so many people do not trust the police, & this kind of situations really need to be addressed!!!

  • Mr.Tickles
    Mr.Tickles2 dager siden

    "Let's start over." Pretty sad when the citizen is better at de-escalating the situation then the officer.

  • Mr.Tickles


    2 dager siden

    @SpcT0rres No, he wasn’t. The officer gave an order that did not have to be followed. But instead of proceeding with the purpose of the stop he escalated the situation and made it about his ego.

  • SpcT0rres


    2 dager siden

    Was he though? He was the one who escalated it to begin with.

  • D2theLEO
    D2theLEO2 dager siden

    Personally I thought Mr. Transparency was kind of an asshole

  • john p.jones
    john p.jones2 dager siden

    Trooper- it's not a big deal it's just speeding. Me- if it's not a big deal why did you pull me over?

  • Ron M
    Ron M2 dager siden

    Cop was kind. Citizen was typical american.

  • SpcT0rres


    2 dager siden

    Simple interaction. Officer: can i see your info. Citizen: here you go. Officer: do you realize you were speeding. Citizen: yes. Officer: ok everything checks out. I'm letting you off with a warning. It was just that simple.

  • RavenThePlayer
    RavenThePlayer2 dager siden

    Honestly this whole thing was from rolling the window down, just do it. Seems petty.

  • SpcT0rres


    2 dager siden

    No one tells him what to do. He also probably doesn't wear a mask or get the vaccine cause the government told him to.