David Brent & Foregone Conclusion - Lady Gypsy - Live at Eventim Hammersmith Apollo - Dec 19 2013


Coldplay organised "Under 1 Roof," an incredible night at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo on December 19 2013, for the benefit of the charity Kids Company, featuring appearances by Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Ricky Gervais as David Brent, & headlined by Coldplay themselves. What a wonderful start to the Christmas season this was, for audience, Kids Company and artists alike! Now as Jane Austen may have written, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a pound will never use it to buy lucky heather, especially if her already got lucky. So it was that David Brent (played by Ricky Gervais) came to deny his first love the pound she so cherished. It's a matter of principle, after all. Here is David Brent and his band, Foregone Conclusion, performing the new standard, "Lady Gypsy." :) Find David Brent here: DavidBrentMusic Find Kids Company here: www.kidsco.org.uk/ (Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement intended).


  • Earthly Greetings
    Earthly Greetings12 dager siden

    This is kind of a middle finger up to musicians, singers and poets. Very phenomenal. HHHhhhhhhaaaaaa!!!! haha

  • Sander
    Sander2 måneder siden


  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith2 måneder siden

    This is the funniest fuckin thing I ever heard

  • Shaun Sway
    Shaun Sway3 måneder siden

    Ricky is going to go down in history as the comedian of this age. Fucking legend

  • flamingfeline
    flamingfeline3 måneder siden


  • Marty A.
    Marty A.4 måneder siden

    I'm a sucker for a good tune, and Ricky is a very clever guy - not just comedy but great music and lyrics too. I noticed him getting a bit teary too and have to confess that when I'm sitting at the piano sometimes, I do the same. Manopause.

  • michel777ification
    michel777ification4 måneder siden

    Hilarious song, epic lyrics

  • MarcoValeKaz
    MarcoValeKaz5 måneder siden

    "Oh lie lie lie lie lie..."

  • YellowTissueBox
    YellowTissueBox5 måneder siden

    hes so bowie, mic grip and all. wish rick did more music

  • Paused Earth
    Paused Earth5 måneder siden


  • Mas ege
    Mas ege5 måneder siden

    listen "The Bitter Heart " one of his best song

  • Mas ege
    Mas ege5 måneder siden

    his dream

  • spanky x
    spanky x6 måneder siden

    I know it's satire but I love the drums

  • Ruski K
    Ruski K6 måneder siden

    Ricky seems to be tearing up. Something about the song has a deeper meaning than the literal lyrics. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

  • Sander


    2 måneder siden

    I think the deeper meaning is that he tried to be a singer when he was younger.

  • Ruski K
    Ruski K6 måneder siden


    PAUL THOMSON6 måneder siden


    PAUL THOMSON6 måneder siden


    PAUL THOMSON6 måneder siden


    PAUL THOMSON6 måneder siden


    PAUL THOMSON6 måneder siden


  • Keith Gordon
    Keith Gordon7 måneder siden

    This is an excellent song, and could have been covered by anyone of my fav metal bands, the melody is typical olde English trad folk, and Rocky sings it perfectly. The video made of this is very funny too.

  • jantestowy123
    jantestowy1238 måneder siden

    This is fucking amazing!

  • Anglo Saxon
    Anglo Saxon8 måneder siden

    If you head west through the Whitley Wood you end up in the sewage works!

  • bluegtturbo
    bluegtturbo8 måneder siden

    I'd listen to this just for the music itself - as opposed to the comedy element...

  • Zeproo
    Zeproo9 måneder siden

    Middle age singers are the most sexy creatures on the planet

  • Patriot
    Patriot9 måneder siden

    The official music video to this is hilarious. He really does have a good voice too.

  • Atheist
    Atheist10 måneder siden

    But she was pretty and Clean

  • Atheist
    Atheist10 måneder siden

    Best Love Song of all Times

  • DudeDad
    DudeDadÅr siden

    Gervais is david brent, if david brent succeeded in everything he wanted to do

  • callmedezz
    callmedezzÅr siden

    This actually bangs man!

  • Susan Jewitt
    Susan JewittÅr siden

    I really want him to tour for real

  • DudeDad


    År siden

    He did

  • The Quiet Room
    The Quiet RoomÅr siden

    I would definitely buy a Gervais album!

  • The Quiet Room
    The Quiet RoomÅr siden

    Beautiful song! 😊

  • Márk Varga
    Márk VargaÅr siden

    He is the 'Return of the Thin White Duke'

  • Doc Skate

    Doc Skate

    År siden

    BTW, here he is nolocal.info/have/video/jKhne5Wt1K98x6Y

  • Doc Skate

    Doc Skate

    År siden

    Nice one😂 And he indeed is a fan of Bowie.

  • big ol'
    big ol'2 år siden

    He looks painted

  • Leroid Footlong
    Leroid Footlong2 år siden

    I love the fact that man comes from Reading where I live he is a pure comedic genius

  • Welsh x file 1
    Welsh x file 12 år siden

    Lol as much as I not want to admit it but this is class

  • gav omes
    gav omes2 år siden

    And clean

  • Natnov
    Natnov2 år siden

    Kinda like the tune

  • Water Existing
    Water Existing2 år siden

    she was a traveler, but she was pretty and clean

  • Codex7777
    Codex77772 år siden

    Fleetwood Mac eat your heart out. lol

  • ivorbigonee
    ivorbigonee2 år siden

    she was pretty and clean..

  • howard mckenna
    howard mckenna2 år siden


  • Michael Stack
    Michael Stack2 år siden

    there's only one joke in this song .....and it's FUCKING HILARIOUS

  • ivorbigonee


    2 år siden

    Michael Stack no more than 1 joke bless

  • 197922007
    1979220073 år siden

    Wasn't this composition arranged by the guy from Razorlight? Still quality.

  • Louise Conroy
    Louise Conroy3 år siden

    D You are ample and huge. You have a beautiful voice Ricky. l know shit tined tune's .Go can sing xxx

  • doqille
    doqille3 år siden

    this music is really good tho. make more songs, David!

  • Jax Nean
    Jax Nean4 år siden

    Really beautiful song, even though it's mostly for comedy

  • Thomas Revill
    Thomas Revill4 år siden

    Ricky is a decent singer.

  • omnivorous65
    omnivorous654 år siden

    That is ... actually ... a decent song. Some genuine skill went into it...

  • C O

    C O

    4 måneder siden

    @Joe Bloggs but it's free, it grows in the ground

  • elijah pink
    elijah pink4 år siden

    I haven't been to the cinema in years - hate it. But i'm definitely going to make the effort to see Brent. Can't wait. Love Ricky !!

  • taliwakka27
    taliwakka274 år siden

    ..and the way.. the best fucking change I've heard in a song for some time

  • tyler0896
    tyler08964 år siden

    The key word, in the phrase, "yelling out" .................is fucking OUT! It's OUT there, that you're trying to connect with as opposed to, you know, over here. Over here by us. See, over here by us is already covered. It's covered by you being here. It's right here. God almighty I pray that the person who recorded this died the very next day.

  • Gulgul
    Gulgul4 år siden

    He's got a nice voice

  • David Fuentes
    David Fuentes4 år siden

    FOR SALE : DAVID BRENT LIFE ON THE ROAD / WORLD PREMIERE / LONDONwww.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/david-brent-life-on-the-road-world-premiere-london/1182253023

  • HostDisorder
    HostDisorder4 år siden

    Gervais def wanted that musician career more than anything. U can tell he could write serious stuff.

  • Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith

    2 måneder siden

    @Max Bateman it's 100%Brent, stylistically it's Ralph Mccall, fuckin hilarious

  • George Wilson

    George Wilson

    10 måneder siden

    lol free love highway is an amazing song lol, he is good

  • Fraser Lally

    Fraser Lally

    År siden

    Max Bateman Of course but David Brent is an extension of himself

  • The Quiet Room

    The Quiet Room

    År siden

    He's talented and good enough...

  • Max Bateman

    Max Bateman

    År siden

    HostDisorder no he said in a interview that when he does these songs it’s not him trying to become a musician (or re-try his failed music career). He is doing it as David Brent, not Ricky Gervais.

  • Dalears Ilqit
    Dalears Ilqit4 år siden

    You can just feel how this was always Ricky's big dream ;)

  • Ruski K

    Ruski K

    6 måneder siden

    omnivorous65 good observation.Thank you!

  • Dalears Ilqit

    Dalears Ilqit

    4 år siden

    @Michael Wilson hahaha, made me day ;)

  • Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson

    4 år siden

    Yeah something about this makes me think this is just as much Gevais's mid-life crisis as it is David Brent's

  • taliwakka27


    4 år siden

    @omnivorous65 well i think it would be a bit shit (especially compared to the music videos) if he sang the songs on this stage as David Brent... Its not like he lost the character because he got lost in the moment, they're decent songs and he can takin in between them. I'm not sure there isn't a little bit of David Brent in him though and he isn't carrying on his unfulfilled rockstar dream a little ha

  • Dalears Ilqit

    Dalears Ilqit

    4 år siden

    @omnivorous65 My thought exactly! He doesn't try to make people laugh here -He generally wants to touch them with his song.

  • Antoine Savelli
    Antoine Savelli4 år siden

    Great job screming into the camera.

  • Leo
    Leo4 år siden

    He looks almost Bowie esc:)

  • GhOsT 420

    GhOsT 420

    2 år siden

    Bowie was his favorite

  • Michael Sallai

    Michael Sallai

    4 år siden

    lol even more so back when he was in a band back in the 80s entertainment.inquirer.net/files/2014/03/0316gervais-1.jpg

  • Shaney Boy
    Shaney Boy4 år siden

    "But just to be clear then the sex is free?" Lol

  • H


    4 måneder siden

    Shaney Boy he has to be sure, I mean what if he doesn't have change?

  • Aleka A.
    Aleka A.4 år siden

    It seems as if Ricky's forgetting to stay in character. He's obviously loving this :P

  • Daniel Card
    Daniel Card4 år siden

    Nice One David Brent ..it seems you get the last laugh after the way it all ended @TheOffice (cheers Ricky Gervais)

  • Bege Motik
    Bege Motik4 år siden

    clean - no eczema

  • Matthew Noble
    Matthew Noble4 år siden

    so funny. and good comments on here for a change

  • D'Ascoyne
    D'Ascoyne4 år siden

    And clean! lol

  • wojeeee
    wojeeee6 år siden

  • Kasey Escape
    Kasey Escape6 år siden

    Second verse is golden.