David Brent - Lady Gypsy: Official Music Video

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  • Brix Broox
    Brix Broox7 dager siden

    'And Clean' Hahahaha!! And his smile. This is priceless

  • John Smith
    John Smith8 dager siden

    there's roughly 4 lines about the girl, the rest is about heather

  • Neil MacDonald
    Neil MacDonald8 dager siden

    That tree 🤣

  • Robert Pembroke
    Robert Pembroke17 dager siden


  • Coin
    Coin25 dager siden

    She kinda reminds me of Aubrey Plaza

  • dylankellyyyy
    dylankellyyyy26 dager siden

    The part at the very end when he looks straight into the camera as if he has pulled off looking like an 18 year old

  • A F
    A F29 dager siden

    he did NOT like that fistful of heather on his chest...! hmph.

  • Constructioneerful
    ConstructioneerfulMåned siden

    Here's the Christmas no.1

  • Constructioneerful
    ConstructioneerfulMåned siden


  • Croagh
    CroaghMåned siden

    But she was clean!

  • MM
    MMMåned siden

    he forgot her name !

  • MM
    MMMåned siden

    that branch

  • Chris
    ChrisMåned siden

    I'd have a pelvis like a bag of gravel if she was into folksy fat dudes. Wouldn't stop us until the council came round to investigate the smell

  • Mario Mantero
    Mario ManteroMåned siden

    Ricky looks great, I started laughing after 10 seconds into the video.....

  • Carolyn Crider
    Carolyn CriderMåned siden

    Renaissance man. Read poetry in the woods while I drink honey mead.

  • Alex Powers
    Alex Powers2 måneder siden

    Ricky should be president of the world

  • Croagh
    Croagh2 måneder siden

    I taught for 1 term in Whitley Wood in 1998 as a newly qualified teacher. It was ... magical 😏

  • dvdvideo10
    dvdvideo102 måneder siden

    Love how the lyrics are just the typical David Brent talking to a woman

  • ozzie321
    ozzie3212 måneder siden

    It's all happening just south of Didcot

  • Ferghal Molloy
    Ferghal Molloy2 måneder siden

    Look, it's a great song 😍🤣

  • Graham Wallace
    Graham Wallace2 måneder siden

    😂😂😂😂 👏👏👏👏

  • Yes
    Yes2 måneder siden

    Just south of Didcot…

  • tom
    tom2 måneder siden

    That pose on the tree at the very start 😂

  • TechBro404
    TechBro4042 måneder siden

    The david brent movie was an absolute gem. THANKS RICKY

  • Susan R
    Susan R2 måneder siden

    Who can say no for this?

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K3 måneder siden

    love this song! I now listen to this everyday before work.

  • Lochlanist
    Lochlanist3 måneder siden

    I've been wondering what missing from my life. Now I know it's seeing Ricky in a sleeveless shirt😂😂😂

  • Paul Walker
    Paul Walker3 måneder siden

    He's very good .

  • Gabi S
    Gabi S3 måneder siden

    Oye Brent, well done on this one. This is actually very good song :)

  • Joao Cruz
    Joao Cruz3 måneder siden

    He is a mixture of J. Cash B. Springsteen George Michael Jackson P. J. Harvey del Rey?...

  • Jakub Gorka
    Jakub Gorka3 måneder siden

    holy shit what i just found xd a true gold

  • Joe Howes
    Joe Howes3 måneder siden

    Is it me or does Ricky looks like Joe exotic

  • Jambo


    2 måneder siden

    Just you

  • Gerard Ferry
    Gerard Ferry3 måneder siden

    in there is a good song, in there is a good comedian, maybe two

  • keel846
    keel8463 måneder siden

    Rick is a funny dude who's made great television comedies. There's a part of him that craves adoration for this, desperately .

  • Paul McCluskey
    Paul McCluskey3 måneder siden

    😂. The heather’s a pound.

  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson3 måneder siden

    Just south of DIDCOT - brilliant haha

  • galedorman
    galedorman3 måneder siden

    Gervais lost it after extras

  • KDC4eva 200267050494
    KDC4eva 2002670504943 måneder siden

    So much wood🤘

  • TheMaxthesis
    TheMaxthesis3 måneder siden

    he's a chunky lil potat ain't he?

  • chunkee
    chunkee4 måneder siden

    2:19 you really have to be an incredible guitarist to pull that bridge off

  • caroline hand
    caroline hand4 måneder siden

    Brents writing/playing is so ecclectic,while only using one instrument one can still somehow hear all the influences he surely would’ve added had he not fell for a lady gypsy who has over time sold off all the rest of his instruments to a pawn. Undaunted by such a thing (which most ordinary celebrities would never come back from) brent took the challenge in his stride,indeed seemed to revel in it,and i believe he did all filming,editing,processing of audio etc to bring those influences to a perfect blend probably never seen before,thus poineering a sentiment of the inevitability of art,even under the dire circumstances such as the influence of his gypsy ladies 22 brothers who did not have the mental acuity one requires to begin to grasp brents music,which they railed against. It is not only a triumph for perseverance,and a musical master class,,but also a message of hope, coupled with a subtext which one who understands the medium,and brents methods yells dont ever be stupid enough to believe a female gypsy is a lady. But each time i listen i hear something i had not heard from first hearing to today (with over at 100,000 hearings later) so my feelings certainly will evolve on this. Hear hear brent!!!!!!!

  • keefsmiff
    keefsmiff4 måneder siden


  • Cooper
    Cooper4 måneder siden

    Ricky this is funny, and beautiful. You mix the two together perfectly. Brilliant song.

  • Joseph 316
    Joseph 3164 måneder siden

    Who is that beautiful gypsy girl tho 👀

  • helium 30
    helium 304 måneder siden

    All the downvoters must not know this is a pisstake song.

  • Sussie Quinones
    Sussie Quinones4 måneder siden

    I will see all gypsy stuff with different eyes from now on...well done (again) lovely R.G. ;)

  • Black Sunshine
    Black Sunshine4 måneder siden

    Half way through you forget its supposed to be satire. Gervais has actually got a decent voice and the musics good

  • panzerdriver
    panzerdriver4 måneder siden

    I love how he managed to keep the depth of the lyrics at exactly 0.

  • xamurai00
    xamurai004 måneder siden

    18... haha

  • scannaunderscore1
    scannaunderscore14 måneder siden

    shes hawt

  • Bill Chamberlain
    Bill Chamberlain4 måneder siden

    This is the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a while, and I’ve seen some shit, let me tell you... /add_to_playlist

  • John Paul
    John Paul4 måneder siden

    Its actually quite good even though it's meant to be a joke

  • Lord Howard
    Lord Howard4 måneder siden

    When I had known only 18 summers. I headed west through the Whitley Wood. To make my fortune and find a lover. And to lead the best life a young man could. Lie, La, la lie, la la lie. Oh La la lie, la la lie, la la lie. And by the lakeside, just south of Didcot. I spied an angel just standing there. She was a traveler, but she was pretty And clean, she was in the water, washing her hair. I lost my heart to a lady gypsy. So long ago, I forget her name. But I still remember the smell of the flowers And the way, my life, would never be the same. She laid me down on a bed of heather She said, please be careful, this is what I sell I said, you're a hooker she said, no, I mean the heather. I sell the heather like a lucky spell. I said huh, but to be clear then the sex is free She said, yes, the sex is free the heather is a pound. I said, I don't need no heather and if I did, I would just pick some it's free it's growing in the ground. I lost my heart to a lady gypsy. So long ago, I forget her name. But I still remember the smell of the flowers And the way, my life, would never be the same. I lost my heart to a lady gypsy. So long ago, I forget her name. But I still remember the smell of the flowers And the way, my life, would never be the same. When I had known only 18 summers...

  • Micah Goulet
    Micah Goulet4 måneder siden

    And clean

  • P N
    P N4 måneder siden

    I love the mock-folk dancing, which consists of skipping, spinning and waving a scarf

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith4 måneder siden

    Never a man better suited to a sleeveless high-waisted look plus neckerchief.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith4 måneder siden

    Whole thing= genius

    PEPPERS4 måneder siden

    not sure how much of the melody and lyrics he wrote himself but he got a good voice

  • Juro Chovan
    Juro Chovan4 måneder siden

    gotta love it...!...so funny.

  • colin ashby
    colin ashby4 måneder siden

    That cheesy grin...

  • Gary Wyatt
    Gary Wyatt4 måneder siden

    He is a genius.

  • Ómar Jónsson
    Ómar Jónsson4 måneder siden

    Reminds me of a Tiger king music video. It has a Joe excitic feel

  • Martin Agaba
    Martin Agaba4 måneder siden

    I love it!

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevara4 måneder siden

    You don't see heels like those much nowadays

  • M Border

    M Border

    4 måneder siden

    GaryGuevara You can still get ‘em.

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevara4 måneder siden

    "But to be clear then, the sex is free" classic Brent

  • Paul Langdon
    Paul Langdon4 måneder siden

    When I had known only eighteen summers 😂😂😂

    FLY ON THE WALL4 måneder siden


  • MrUmandMrEr
    MrUmandMrEr4 måneder siden

    Haha, revisiting. 2:20 instrumental flourish mime!

    SECRET SQUIRREL4 måneder siden


  • BOsS Macshouty
    BOsS Macshouty4 måneder siden

    absolute banger

  • Ross Mac
    Ross Mac4 måneder siden

    the whitley wood hahaha, classic spot in reading

  • SpaceProber Sen
    SpaceProber Sen4 måneder siden

    That's one hell of a woody you've got there Brent. Hahaha brilliant as always from Ricky.

  • Lucky Starship
    Lucky Starship4 måneder siden


  • daz twentyeight
    daz twentyeight4 måneder siden

    this is better than all that utter shit played on radios today

  • MediMediMedi


    4 måneder siden

    Probably a good thing it isn’t cause I 100% guarantee I’d cause a collision due 2 uncontrolled laughter.

  • icgeorge
    icgeorge4 måneder siden

    it's just like the guy from tiger king

  • Dr. Debajyoti Bose
    Dr. Debajyoti Bose4 måneder siden

    Michael Scott would make it better !

  • asdreww
    asdreww4 måneder siden

    221 gypsies took needless offense.

  • Shaun Sway
    Shaun Sway4 måneder siden

    That tree stood for hundreds of years, then brent found it and it double for his knob betwics his legs 😆

  • BLU
    BLU4 måneder siden

    Lol..how the eff come i've never seen these before? How's it possible??

  • Colin Gale
    Colin Gale4 måneder siden

    fucking terrible

  • SlyRy
    SlyRy4 måneder siden


  • ToneLoc
    ToneLoc5 måneder siden

    "and clean" 😂

  • BLU


    4 måneder siden

    Right! That is very noteworthy in a girl ;))

  • ChrisMeerkat
    ChrisMeerkat5 måneder siden

    He still has all his teeth and his nose is still in the same place so i'm guessing he hasn't returned to Whitley since coming out with this.

  • Paul Arrowsmith
    Paul Arrowsmith5 måneder siden

    If you can't laugh at this,throw the towel in and prepare for a life without fun

  • álvaro 》
    álvaro 》5 måneder siden

    so insightful And Sexy

  • Barney Trouble
    Barney Trouble5 måneder siden

    Glad he clarified it was a lady and not a lad😂😂😂

  • Javi del Val
    Javi del Val5 måneder siden

    lmfao this ain't even that bad

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones5 måneder siden

    Still better than 100% of stuff released today

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams5 måneder siden

    The English tiger king

  • uttaradit2
    uttaradit25 måneder siden

    One way or another u pay for a leg over - Chaucer wife of bath

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds5 måneder siden

    Would be a great song if the video didn't make me want to puke..

  • Nicolas
    Nicolas5 måneder siden

    he looks like Rick Gervais

  • Simon Richardson
    Simon Richardson5 måneder siden

    Very funny , who is she in real life?

  • Jambo


    4 måneder siden

    Letty Butler

  • Helen Stentiford
    Helen Stentiford6 måneder siden

    I love bloody this song.

  • Greta Nightingale
    Greta Nightingale6 måneder siden

    I never used to feel insecure, until I saw Brent wearing those trousers! And that bandana shirt combo!

  • Ukulele Jo Woodstock
    Ukulele Jo Woodstock6 måneder siden

    OMG so good and hilarious. Love it. 🤪 And straddling that tree! 😂

  • Salo Woonton
    Salo Woonton6 måneder siden

    All the heather you have please 😁

  • Coconut Head
    Coconut Head6 måneder siden

    Actually got a good sounding voice

  • Angel La Canfora
    Angel La Canfora6 måneder siden

    This made my day.

  • wardybok
    wardybok6 måneder siden

    Crap song crap comedian

  • Jambo


    2 måneder siden

    Crap comment crap commenter