David Brent: Life on the Road (Official Audio)


The title track of David Brent's album, Life on the Road, available now to download and stream.
Apple Music: apple.co/3lnJCbx
Google Play: bit.ly/2YEozry
Spotify: spoti.fi/3jjedoL


  • GrotrianSeiler
    GrotrianSeiler4 dager siden

    God, I love this guy.

  • NahNah52
    NahNah5227 dager siden

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this sound! Miss hearing you online, Mr. Gervais! Sending MUCH Love Your Way!

  • Andrew Blackburn
    Andrew BlackburnMåned siden

    love davids music!!!!!!! my idol!!!!!!!

  • One2mic Review
    One2mic ReviewMåned siden

    Here’s a song Ricky might like nolocal.info/have/video/rmeXa9SBy6aA0qY

  • Phil Royston-Ford
    Phil Royston-FordMåned siden

    Then to Gloucester to get a Costa🚗☝☕

  • Nick
    NickMåned siden


  • Lis
    LisMåned siden

    Sidcup massive! Love you mate you’re a legend.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike MillerMåned siden

    Don't give the people half the truth Ricky

  • Mike Miller
    Mike MillerMåned siden

    Tell them what's really coming soon Ricky gervais

  • Mike Miller
    Mike MillerMåned siden

    FEMA is starting to hire in mass people. They are doing it on the DL and they are paying hefty.

  • Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    26 dager siden

    @NahNah52 It's quite obvious you know what I mean. I will not elaborate.

  • NahNah52


    27 dager siden

    Hiring ... what for .. can you elaborate, please?

  • Jennifer Morrison
    Jennifer MorrisonMåned siden

    God i just love you.

  • Canadian IRONMAN
    Canadian IRONMANMåned siden

    Thanks whole new world of your wisdom and Shite for me to Enjoy!😜✌🇨🇦

  • Canadian IRONMAN
    Canadian IRONMANMåned siden

    ❤Just loved it! You got skills bro! Keen on the Seen. Brother of another Mother Just realized thats you !😜 Never more than 70 😄 You're full of shite🤫 SIR (cause your a man of God Work )🙃Ssorry like U 👍 say I didn't do it you all did 😜 You made my Flipping Day Bright in the dark Mate❤ LOVE ❤ from the Land of the NORTH!🇨🇦.✌❤🙏👼🌍.I am gonna pen a blues tune for you and I dont care if you hear it. You ever need a hand with your dogs I Speak Dog well most animals humans to soft for me I to sensitive 🏗😜 God-bless any who read to end🙏.❤Love and fight ✊for the Babys kids Old Vets and Slaves of any sort.✅👨‍✈️

  • Starlings murmuration
    Starlings murmurationMåned siden

    My favourite band and singer...

  • letsflyaway1
    letsflyaway1Måned siden

    Will there ever be another film Ricky?

  • RentalWaffle
    RentalWaffleMåned siden

    Hello from a few years from the past I'm writing this In case this goes viral in everyone recommended

  • vomitedshit
    vomitedshitMåned siden

    boycott white people music

  • HW
    HWMåned siden

    I’m looking forward to the sequel

  • Sam Pendleton
    Sam PendletonMåned siden

    Which town is Equality Street in? And can I get there via the Free Love Freeway?

  • Glockta
    GlocktaMåned siden

    I love it, so good to sing along with.

  • Crisadder
    CrisadderMåned siden

    Sorry to say, but you sound like Mick Jagger 😂😂

  • Tyrion Lannister
    Tyrion LannisterMåned siden

    I love it. A man of no particular talents or significance who thinks he's an Olympian, singing about his mediocrity as if he's a god. 😁

  • Rene Philippus
    Rene PhilippusMåned siden

    Love the album❤️❤️❤️

    THE GESARA CLUBMåned siden

    Would love to see Ricky Gervais go on the Charlie Ward Show

  • Michelle S
    Michelle SMåned siden

    How good is the music, arrangements etc! You could've been a contender, Ricky. Glad you found your comedy feet though. Afterlife, Derek, Humanity...do I need to go on! ♥️

  • Neil Groves
    Neil GrovesMåned siden

    Life On The Middle Of The Road........just like the movie

  • Bryan Guzik
    Bryan GuzikMåned siden

    Not quite sure what I mean by saying the Amount of quality he's produced must be categorized as some form of genius.

  • Drinking Mercury

    Drinking Mercury

    Måned siden

    Surely. A piercing comedian, yet heartfelt and soulful actor. And a hell of a musician for no reason. And knowledgeable in most things. In an atheist society, he would surely be a model human.

  • Rodney Monaghan
    Rodney MonaghanMåned siden

    That album is definitely in my car's hard drive and I'm gonna blast it out later, as I put the foot to the floor, on my drive from New Ross to Dublin...Obviously 70mph and no more! 😜 The song Slough is great too, Gervais makes it sound much better than John Betjeman did!

  • Lisa Philmlee
    Lisa PhilmleeMåned siden

    Catchy line - 70 miles an hour but no more I really think it’s an inner ear thing, at 75 miles an hour or 80, I feel like I am gonna break the sound barrier.

  • caddy vw
    caddy vwMåned siden

    Ricky,so much respect for you after exposing those pedos at the golden globes,your a legend mate WWG1WGA 😎🇬🇧🤪✌ also will you be making another series of derek?🤣

  • dilwich
    dilwichMåned siden

    Brilliant Bass Playing . . .

  • Alfie Mitchell
    Alfie MitchellMåned siden

    Oasis who? Foregone Conclusion reunion, NOW, Brent.

  • Sam Pendleton

    Sam Pendleton

    Måned siden

    Was _Oasis_ ever supported by a little-known Scottish outfit called Texas?

  • Jon Gill
    Jon GillMåned siden

    I actually bought the album some time ago. It’s great ,

  • Kelly Glen
    Kelly GlenMåned siden


    LAZKEL DESIGNSMåned siden

    When a Comedian makes better Music than those so called Popstars

  • seaweedWorkers


    22 dager siden

    what do you mean comedian? he's an office manager

  • BenBenson


    Måned siden

    According to the song info he didn't write this. Matt Corby did.

  • GorillionDollarExtreme


    Måned siden

    @KGBgringo Damn he should have continued with Seona, or have a reunion 😅

  • KGBgringo


    Måned siden

    You might want to look up Ricky's original job in Seona Dancing.... m.nolocal.info/have/video/gKetZb5t3KmImK4 He's a failed popstar who became a comedy actor.

  • GorillionDollarExtreme


    Måned siden

    @LAZKEL DESIGNS who?..

  • David ORourke
    David ORourkeMåned siden

    How can I buy it to donate to a Dog Sanctuary? Thanks

  • Bull God
    Bull GodMåned siden

    Please oooo please bring back Brent again 🙏

  • Bull God
    Bull GodMåned siden

    I was just writing a song... C major, my favorite key... Yea?... What's that?.... See ya later

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevaraMåned siden

    Oi Brent, niice suit... you're not fooling anyone, we know you're rock and roll through and through!

  • GorillionDollarExtreme
    GorillionDollarExtremeMåned siden

    now THIS is dad rock

  • LoG’s Maggot

    LoG’s Maggot

    Måned siden

    I’m 27 and I’m here for it

  • James Thorley
    James ThorleyMåned siden


  • Maher Dleikan
    Maher DleikanMåned siden

    Never gets old to listen to... Love u Ricky

  • Linus Richter
    Linus RichterMåned siden

    68th like hehe

  • Dr. HIPHOP
    Dr. HIPHOPMåned siden

    We should be thankful to this universe. Of all the infinite realities, we happen to exist in the one where there is Ricky Gervais. A true genius.

  • Stevie B
    Stevie BMåned siden

    Phew..... I thought for a moment he'd released another terrible Brent film Ahh, that's

  • Stevie B

    Stevie B

    Måned siden

    @Dan Lacey :(

  • Dan Lacey

    Dan Lacey

    Måned siden

    @Stevie B bro you were worse

  • Stevie B

    Stevie B

    Måned siden

    @Dan Lacey Yes...Yes you were.

  • Dan Lacey

    Dan Lacey

    Måned siden

    Terrible? It definitely wasn't terrible

  • Simply Lambert
    Simply LambertMåned siden

    70mph but no more ☝️

  • Nathan DC
    Nathan DCMåned siden

    17 miles an hour - but no more!

  • TheSoloAsylum


    Måned siden


  • George Cantstandya
    George CantstandyaMåned siden

    Play a record.

  • George Cantstandya
    George CantstandyaMåned siden

    "Fits perfectly"

  • Abir
    AbirMåned siden

    ricky please bring karl and steven in after life 3 ... as you earlier stated that you would focus on the individual lives of other characters , then why not bring stephen as the love interest of kath who has been working in finance and for karl ... well I'm not sure as of now , you might come up with something innit !!?? I am dying to see you 3 together once more

  • GoreJess11
    GoreJess11Måned siden

    I have the signed CD! 😆

  • janneke Emmerink
    janneke EmmerinkMåned siden

    😁👋👍greetings form the Nederlanders

  • Liam Read
    Liam ReadMåned siden

    I have the songbook :D

  • Michael Smith
    Michael SmithMåned siden

    Lady gypsy is brilliant.

  • wanderer1955


    Måned siden

    Pretty much most of the CD is Brilliant 😁👍

  • Ashley Bell
    Ashley BellMåned siden

    There goes David Brent.. I must remember to thank him.

  • Tobi Rosiak
    Tobi RosiakMåned siden

    But why now in 2020? Swear this film came out in 2015

  • Max Gibson

    Max Gibson

    Måned siden


  • Chris McKernan

    Chris McKernan

    Måned siden

    @BlueCrayon77 Thanks, I'll take a look at that.

  • BlueCrayon77


    Måned siden

    @Chris McKernan He's been doing them on Twitter/Periscope since the Covid lockdown started... he's still doing them twice a week, usually Wednesday and Sunday. I usually watch them on the NOlocal channel BALR. They put them up really quickly. nolocal.info/post/--mrc1w6e_5vGk0erm7Gsg.html

  • Chris McKernan

    Chris McKernan

    Måned siden

    @BlueCrayon77 Could you tell me a bit about the live streams? Like, what are they and where can I listen to them?

  • BlueCrayon77


    Måned siden

    Probably because on his current free live streams he says people can pay him back by buying this album or just a track from it. He's not totally serious about it, but it makes sense.

  • Davide Travelli
    Davide TravelliMåned siden

    Can we use it for travel vlogs and monetise?!?

  • Adam


    Måned siden

    Yes you can

  • Heather Bason
    Heather BasonMåned siden

    Love this song!!!

  • Jon J.
    Jon J.Måned siden

    Just in time for my commute to the office!

  • Steve C
    Steve CMåned siden

    Album is actually decent.

  • Gus Cox
    Gus CoxMåned siden

    "70 miles an hour but never more" lmao



    Måned siden

    Pandering. Our mother country used kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.

  • Amarynthos


    Måned siden

    @Stanley Smith He says "never more" the second time (1:14)

  • Stanley Smith

    Stanley Smith

    Måned siden

    No more

  • Green Dragon2005
    Green Dragon2005Måned siden

    David Brent is one of my favourite musicians!

  • Hetti Sille

    Hetti Sille

    Måned siden


  • Spright
    SprightMåned siden


  • Kenny Prewitt
    Kenny PrewittMåned siden


  • flamingfeline
    flamingfelineMåned siden

    Love the whole album.....

  • anon one
    anon oneMåned siden


  • LiverSpottedHunk
    LiverSpottedHunkMåned siden

    I wonder what life would be like for David if he were real... like how would he be messing up Covid rules?

  • wanderer1955


    Måned siden

    @claudia xander With Gareth Keenan ( in tha house) coming into the office wearing a camouflaged mask issued by the Territorial Army. As follows. Tim Cantobury. "Gareth mate, what on earth is that on your face". Gareth. What do you think it is stupid! It's a Territorial Army issue Covid 19 mask". Tim. "But Gareth, you don't need a Territorial Army issue Covid 19 mask". Gareth. "Listen stupid! This Covid 19 virus could wipe out the entire world'!! But I will survive". Now tellme what I am thinking". Tim. 'Umm, your thinking will Starfish ever find a cure for the Corona Virus". Gareth. "Nope"! Tim. "Umm your thinking. Can Superman CATCH the Corona Virus". Gareth. "Nope" Tim. "Ok Gareth. I give up what are you thinking". Gareth. "I'm thinking Can the Carona Virus Beat the Hulk in an arm wrestling competition'" Tim. "Of course you are, Gareth". Of course you are. Tim talks to camera. "If I have to put up with this Idiot for one more day"!!!!!.... Gareth. "DAVID"!!! "DAVID"!!

  • claudia xander

    claudia xander

    Måned siden

    He'd be wearing a black paisley bandana, twined with enough cowboyish clothes to make it look like a blended outfit, so as to be sexy yet utterly responsible. Just seen the gypsy vid and take it all back and say he'd go with that outfit and pull up the neckerchief.

  • Ezzeddine Zein
    Ezzeddine ZeinMåned siden

    Best singer ever!

  • John Drake
    John DrakeMåned siden

    70 mph but no more ......

  • carlos 21
    carlos 21Måned siden

    There goes David Brent, i must remember to thank him.

  • Michelle La Velle
    Michelle La VelleMåned siden


  • CGS
    CGSMåned siden

    From one Brent to another, great!

  • Freya Bird
    Freya BirdMåned siden

    I love this one Bought the full album today ❤️

  • Swift The Fox
    Swift The FoxMåned siden


  • Kieran Farrelly
    Kieran FarrellyMåned siden

    The boy

  • Glenn Douglas

    Glenn Douglas

    Måned siden

    It's actually a good album