David Brent: Life On The Road - Official Teaser Trailer

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From Ricky Gervais, DAVID BRENT: LIFE ON THE ROAD is in cinemas August 2016.


  • Lane Mosser
    Lane Mosser5 måneder siden

    “Cumin to cinemas this August.” Brilliant.

  • andrew
    andrew11 måneder siden

    He's still a knob lol but that laffs abit odd

  • The Laundry Mat
    The Laundry MatÅr siden

    Thank you for your words at the Golden Globes!!

  • MM
    MMÅr siden

    I must remember to thank him

  • MM
    MMÅr siden

    the first 14 seconds are just out of this world. He is comedy personified.

  • Mat Mclean
    Mat Mclean4 år siden

    Looks shit. He didnt have to do it. Shitting on his own legacey...

  • jamie morrison
    jamie morrison4 år siden

    Oh God...he hasn't changed..

  • Derek Press
    Derek Press4 år siden

    .....juice...lost it

  • billyc2010
    billyc20104 år siden


  • MrSpartanm33
    MrSpartanm334 år siden

    Holy shit hes even more cringey than before.

  • billylai6
    billylai64 år siden

    I can't wait

  • meggwon
    meggwon4 år siden

    Thats cumin! Im fucking dead, omg!

  • JDx
    JDx4 år siden

    Was it Steve who said Karl would have done a good cameo in The Office for an Extra, just fixing something? Make it happen Gervais.

  • Dizzy_Arsenal
    Dizzy_Arsenal4 år siden

    Although some women...squirt. I don't know what...juice. I lost it! HAHAHA

  • Amara Zayas
    Amara Zayas4 år siden

    fuck I cant wait :D

  • Wendy Yup
    Wendy Yup4 år siden


  • Daniel Tipa
    Daniel Tipa4 år siden

    I knew this would be good...so!

  • nopotential
    nopotential4 år siden

    Fuuuuucckkk... "Juice". lmfao

  • Darren R
    Darren R4 år siden


  • Blue Monday
    Blue Monday4 år siden

    finally! a movie I can't wait to go and see. this made me laugh out loud...

  • SugarLillies Msp Gaming
    SugarLillies Msp Gaming4 år siden

    Kiss your hand 2 times do this on 4 more videos then look under your pillow

  • Old man and his baby Vlog
    Old man and his baby Vlog4 år siden

    Love it....I miss the Office!

  • jGmusicshow.
    jGmusicshow.4 år siden

    Ask me how I'm spelling coming. How are you spelling coming? C U m i n. That's cumin. Double M.

  • Andrey Ivanoff
    Andrey Ivanoff4 år siden

    Not as fat as on telly.

  • AlexBRuddy 95

    AlexBRuddy 95

    8 måneder siden

    "cheers mate."

  • Pepemarcaacme


    3 år siden

    Hey lanky...

  • expressrobkill


    4 år siden

    Well you are fat but your even fatter on telly.

  • Igor Alexeev
    Igor Alexeev4 år siden

    It's not the same office in Slough, is it? o.o

  • Chris Bonnell
    Chris Bonnell4 år siden

    Wish Steve was involved

  • Sam Pendleton
    Sam Pendleton4 år siden

    HOLY HELL- Brent is back! August can't be cumin fast enough.

  • Azphix
    Azphix4 år siden


  • Elliott _
    Elliott _4 år siden

    Holy shit they got the tone perfect. I was so scared it would be like, jangly guitars with like "He's back!" in an american accent with like an awkward phrase which cuts the music short but no, true to the mockumentary beautifully mundane style, couldn't have asked for anything better

    JMKOWL4 år siden

    canny wait!

  • Niamh Malone
    Niamh Malone4 år siden

    When all other endeavors fail, go back to what you know

  • lukassnakeman
    lukassnakeman4 år siden

    Cringe comedy, is not comedy

  • MaddAddam


    4 år siden

    I'm pretty sure it is. It's funny and it's got the word "comedy" in the name.

  • Sebastian Koehn
    Sebastian Koehn4 år siden

    So #theofficeus is gonna make a movie too, cross fingers!

  • Muazen
    Muazen4 år siden

    Oh dear sweet god.

  • Lee Ramsden
    Lee Ramsden4 år siden

    This looks so painful it hurts! I can not wait till its out! Bravo Ricky from bringing Brent back. He has been missed. Not like not seeing a loved one for a while, more like not seeing that weird creepy old guy who lives down the road. For months, you thought that he might have died, and then was a faded memory. To be seen again in the local co-op buying milk. Phew he isn't dead. shit he has seen me, he is coming over.... got to go...

  • AndyfromWrexham
    AndyfromWrexham4 år siden

    Fucking brilliant. Gareth or Tim would be great but if not it's funny anyway. Ricky slipped straight back into character it seems. Love the awkwardness, that is what The Office was all about. That and Gareth&Tim

  • Sit Back and Relax
    Sit Back and Relax4 år siden

    Could be good, could be good. Might be a wash out. Hope not, hope not.

  • Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell4 år siden

    The cringe master is back.

  • David Goodland
    David Goodland4 år siden

    .............juice :)

  • SuettiJimi
    SuettiJimi4 år siden


    FRANK DUKES4 år siden

    He literally portrays people I see everyday and the great thing is they don't even know its them that's getting made fun of. fucking brilliant!

  • nlxon
    nlxon4 år siden

    dat juice!

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow4 år siden

    lmfao "juice"

  • Lasse Sørnes
    Lasse Sørnes4 år siden

    Can't wait for the movie.

  • superfantastiisch
    superfantastiisch4 år siden

    Shouldn't it say "cumin IN cinemas this August"?

  • mako
    mako4 år siden

    *Sirius Black voice* i did my waiting...TWELVE YEARS OF IT!

  • Conor
    Conor4 år siden

    Merchant involved at all?

  • Jeremiah Burns
    Jeremiah Burns4 år siden

    _That's cumin._

  • jGmusicshow.


    4 år siden

    Double M.

  • Fundamental Escape Podcast
    Fundamental Escape Podcast4 år siden

    If I'm blocked by you Twitter am I still allowed to cum

  • MrKapowski
    MrKapowski4 år siden

    Cannot wait for this! Classic Brent back again!

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C4 år siden

    It's almost too forced, but self-aware in a subtle way so it gets away with being so formulaic ... somehow. Genius. Can't wait.

  • aidan
    aidan4 år siden

    never been more excited for a film in my life

  • Philip Dunne
    Philip Dunne4 år siden


  • jonnie shakeshaft
    jonnie shakeshaft4 år siden

    Brent at his best

  • Iron E
    Iron E4 år siden

    I didn't see that cumin.

  • ArcanePath360
    ArcanePath3604 år siden

    "Juice." You got me. I held it together until that final word. Can't wait.

  • marcus magoo

    marcus magoo

    År siden

    hahaha ... yeah ... it kind of drops though a few levels and ends up with what you were thinking anyway - but it's just so beyond at the same time.

  • Big Mike Smalling
    Big Mike Smalling4 år siden

    Needs more Smerch. As much as Gervais knows Brent, he was always the funny one.

  • 4 år siden

    Great stuff

  • CPD98
    CPD984 år siden

    I laughed so hard with the office, can't wait for this!! :D

  • Sam P
    Sam P4 år siden

    this is what a trailer should be, just a teaser so you can't wait for the full feature

  • mark
    mark4 år siden

    I can't imagine seeing this at a cinema

    XXPITT4 år siden

    Haha.... juice

  • Lauren
    Lauren4 år siden

    Just his laugh at the beginning makes me want to see it.

  • sexypoetry
    sexypoetry4 år siden

    little girl…it's a big world….but there's only one Brent willy they really….change it's name…..to Wembley? (i wrote "willy" instead of "will"….ho ho ho…he he heeeee) www.localgov.co.uk/theyre-on-their-way-to-wembley-brent-to-change-----name-and-move-to-new-town-hall/12618

  • Louis Farmer
    Louis Farmer4 år siden


  • Adam Howes
    Adam Howes4 år siden

    Some women do squirt

  • mike foley
    mike foley4 år siden

    At long last, a film to look forward to.

  • Soviet Cosmonaut
    Soviet Cosmonaut4 år siden

    I hope it's cumming to switzerland aswell

  • Jaqen
    Jaqen4 år siden

    The return of the cringe! Woo

  • Metamorphosis
    Metamorphosis4 år siden

    This is going to be fucking brilliant and i am so excited!!!!!

  • William Lingual
    William Lingual4 år siden

    All the subtlety that made The Office great - gone.

  • Chris Bonnell

    Chris Bonnell

    4 år siden

    +William Lingual I think it would have been their if Steve was involved

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname4 år siden

    I am so fookin wet right now mate

  • quantum
    quantum4 år siden

    Too little, too late.

  • Rees Jones
    Rees Jones4 år siden

    I honestly can not wait for this

  • nahimgood
    nahimgood4 år siden

    And that's...

  • Enutrof Salta
    Enutrof Salta4 år siden

    He's back😂

  • Z
    Z4 år siden


  • ChArLiYiKeS
    ChArLiYiKeS4 år siden

    Can't wait !

  • doc_88mph
    doc_88mph4 år siden


  • PinayPanda
    PinayPanda4 år siden

    I'm looking forward to this cringe fest, in a good way

  • Angel Peña
    Angel Peña4 år siden

    Cannot wait for this 🙌 big Gervais fan and I know this is going to be good.

  • PogieJoe
    PogieJoe4 år siden

    I hope we get some cameos from the original cast!

  • pgag66
    pgag664 år siden

    You need to get back with Smerch

  • Aozotra
    Aozotra4 år siden

    kind of excited!

  • Cornwall1888
    Cornwall18884 år siden

    Love the laugh

  • Sallie Lewis
    Sallie Lewis4 år siden

    Stephen Merchant isn't involved, it's going to be fucking shite. All gags and no wit without doubt.

  • 한의진
    한의진4 år siden

    yoohoooo! He's coming back!

  • alex farmer
    alex farmer4 år siden


  • brucekentallen
    brucekentallen4 år siden

    biggest question of my life is... just what is the juice??

  • Orangeflava


    4 år siden

    +brucekentallen love juice!

  • Tom Chamberlin
    Tom Chamberlin4 år siden

    Awesome, can't wait!

  • Liam Taylor-Warren
    Liam Taylor-Warren4 år siden

    Alright, don't get coarse. I don't think you'll win a BAFTA for... filth.

  • Spanking Everything
    Spanking Everything4 år siden


  • KirksMerkin
    KirksMerkin4 år siden

    "Juice ..." haha!

  • bensons999
    bensons9994 år siden

    Juice. ♥

  • Sun Li
    Sun Li4 år siden

    Gareth should be in charge now~might have taken Jennifer's position

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko4 år siden

    I don't know what it is..juice.

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko4 år siden

    Steve and Karl better show up as hooligans on the street, or a pub, hairy Chinese kid.

  • telsah1
    telsah14 år siden

    Vote for David Brent Thursday 5th May 2016.

  • Alex MacDonald
    Alex MacDonald4 år siden

    Milking it again I see. Literally this time.

  • Henry Medhurst
    Henry Medhurst4 år siden

    Oh god xD I can't wait :P