David Brent: Life on the Road - OFFICIAL TRAILER

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From Ricky Gervais, DAVID BRENT: LIFE ON THE ROAD is in UK cinemas August 19, 2016.


  • The Laundry Mat
    The Laundry MatÅr siden

    Thank you for your words at the Golden Globes!

  • Mirrorlessmacro
    MirrorlessmacroÅr siden

    Best one hour 40 mins spent on Netflix.

    FILM LOCATION2 år siden

    Ricky I love your humor but ' Life on the road ' made me realize it's getting kind of old this loser asshole schtick and the moron grinn doesn't cut it either. The whole film was kinda slow on the whole.

  • krankenshaft
    krankenshaft2 år siden

    I love Gervais, but he should’ve left well enough alone. He destroyed the legacy of David Brent with this.

  • Andrew Power
    Andrew Power4 år siden

    get the guitar

  • Cristina G
    Cristina G4 år siden

    But...wheres Karl?

  • BigBlack81
    BigBlack814 år siden

    This is either going to be hideous...or brilliant. And probably bits of both. Can't wait.

  • Gullysquad
    Gullysquad4 år siden


  • SuperOldShows
    SuperOldShows4 år siden

    I let her keep the t-shirt. It won't fit her.

  • Jack Page
    Jack Page4 år siden

    can't wait, BUZZING

  • Ni B
    Ni B4 år siden

    I'm mad enough without the gear

  • Bolesław Birkut
    Bolesław Birkut4 år siden

    Ricky was great as David Brent. Now he is a boring piece of shit.

  • OpinionDay007
    OpinionDay0074 år siden

    Hmmm there havin a laugh!!!

  • Rita-Marie Lawlor
    Rita-Marie Lawlor4 år siden

    Really looking forward to seeing this.

  • ColdieHU
    ColdieHU4 år siden

    haha looks great!

  • csb73
    csb734 år siden

    instead of going to watch this I think I'll just have a pot noodle and a wank.

  • myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar


    4 år siden

    @MJ S Yeah. Not for me though, i like it ;)

  • M S

    M S

    4 år siden

    +myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar but depressing though innit, staying in and watching peak practice

  • myhoneybringsallthebeestomyjar


    4 år siden

    or a scotch egg and watch peak practice?

  • Ross Johnson
    Ross Johnson4 år siden

    Brent's back!! YESSS!!!!

  • fretjam
    fretjam4 år siden

    Stuart Foot.

  • rezXIII
    rezXIII4 år siden

    Thank you Ricky! I don't think I could take a world in which David was left shloppin cleaning products around. We all gotta keep the dream alive. Seriously love you keeping the character's life ongoing. Classic entertainment.

  • ivorbigonee
    ivorbigonee4 år siden

    no merchant anymore. must of fell out.

  • Oliver Hann PRANKS&FAILS
    Oliver Hann PRANKS&FAILS4 år siden

    Can't wait!

  • John Busst
    John Busst4 år siden

    I have been waiting 13 years for this.

  • Kristian Akseth
    Kristian Akseth4 år siden

    Just go away. Only Karl matters.

  • billyc2010
    billyc20104 år siden

    little gay fellas n that... you know... doin wot they do...

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good
    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good4 år siden

    Let's see, first half is Brent being Brent in the community, in his work place as though the redemption arc of the Christmas special never happened and we're back at the start, then he gets the band together, he is the joke of his band and justifiably so, then they leave him out or something and he cries to the camera and they see this somehow, they decide he is really a great guy because he is actually just trying to live a dream, they get together all smiles and embrace it and do a killer show. Maybe throw in a love interest?

  • Scott Lawton
    Scott Lawton4 år siden

    Afternoon Mr Jackson

  • MrSpartanm33
    MrSpartanm334 år siden

    Its truly incredible how delusional Brent is.

  • The Bat
    The Bat4 år siden

    I really hope Tim and Dawn make an appearance in this movie, it has to happen

  • Billy Walker
    Billy Walker4 år siden

    I cannot wait!!!!!!!

  • Garry Harriman
    Garry Harriman4 år siden

    Sorry Ricky, but I think David Brent should have ended with The Office. I would have also liked to have seen 'Brent' succeed in life again after WH. His character was so successful because we could all see a bit of ourselves or others in Brent, a guy who lost his way but was not a bad person really, just not self aware and a little deluded, but essentially a good person.

  • SharonBernath
    SharonBernath4 år siden

    Happy Birthday Ricky!! I hope you have a wonderful day & a wonderful year? 😊👍😃🎂

  • Daniel
    Daniel4 år siden

    Brent really should've been left in 2003. They had the perfect ending for the character.And they've recycled the same song from Comic Relief a few years back.

  • bartonfink
    bartonfink4 år siden

    well...this looks incredibly shit and unfunny. Can someone give Steven Merchant a call real quick?

  • Nick
    Nick4 år siden

    No input from Smerch then ? :(

  • MrFreefonix
    MrFreefonix4 år siden

    i swear half the cast of derek are in this lol.....not sure what to expect with this one Rick.

  • Jon Hodder

    Jon Hodder

    4 år siden

    Do you know if anyone else is in it other that doc brown?

  • Vaughn
    Vaughn4 år siden

    Let's grow ourselves a big lanky goggle-eyed freak of a son!

  • avloc1
    avloc14 år siden

    Can't wait for this. Play a record!

  • wanderer1955
    wanderer19554 år siden

    Why o why was Gareth never given a spin off series? Gareth Gates Invetidates. Or Any other spelling mistake version.

  • 32
    324 år siden

    I would love to watch the film but sadly due to the high cringe thats it's gonna have from the TV show I don't think I can do it haha, Ricky Gervais is easily the best comedian ever

  • populousmass
    populousmass4 år siden

    I hope Karl has a cameo in this

  • Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    Ice Hockey is Pretty Pretty Good

    4 år siden

    doubt it, don't you get the impression they are either done as friends or at least very done as professional partners

  • Graham Roberts
    Graham Roberts4 år siden

    I'd say that at one time or another, everyone in this office has woken up at the crack of dawn. Fuck off, I'm walking to John-a-Groats for some spastics (good old Beefy).

  • Join The
    Join The4 år siden


  • Lee McQueen
    Lee McQueen4 år siden

    No Merchant means it will be shit.

  • DS292
    DS2924 år siden

    Nicknames...are bad...names

  • KozielloEN
    KozielloEN4 år siden

    Squeal piggy Squeal!! LOLL

  • KozielloEN
    KozielloEN4 år siden

    Will any of the old office cast UK be in this movie ?

  • Stu Mackenzie
    Stu Mackenzie4 år siden

    Thought it would look more like a mockumentary :(

  • dominic d what 420 no really snap
    dominic d what 420 no really snap4 år siden


  • Abu Bardewa
    Abu Bardewa4 år siden

    Wouldn't be the same without Stephen !

  • Parth Singh
    Parth Singh4 år siden

    "That's what I told her".......cause saying "That's what she said"is too mainstream

  • G J O'
    G J O'4 år siden

    "work in an office"... cant wait for this

  • MsMoem
    MsMoem4 år siden

    When just the trailer makes you laugh out loud, you know it's going to be great! :-)

  • Spidey Sense
    Spidey Sense4 år siden

    Yes, yes, fucking YES!

  • Ryan Mortimer
    Ryan Mortimer4 år siden

    "If you want the sunshine, you've got to put up with the rain." Do you know which 'philosopher' said that? Dolly Parton..... and people say she's just a big pair of tits.

  • h3ctic
    h3ctic4 år siden

    Have I finally found THE REAL RICKY GERVAIS amongst all the )(#¤(/)#"¤& fake chans?????

  • I Was Right Once
    I Was Right Once4 år siden

    Gotta admit, as a massive fan of the Office, I was apprehensive about this film. No Merchant and it's not actually "the Office movie", so I thought perhaps it was going to trample on one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. This trailer has killed all doubt. Looks hilarious. Gervais still plays Brent perfectly.

  • netgem21
    netgem214 år siden

    She says it's not hers. And I for one believe her.

  • Craig Brainimpact
    Craig Brainimpact4 år siden

    Who says famine has to be depressing?

  • londonshaf
    londonshaf4 år siden

    "I prefer flan"

  • Ant_uk


    3 måneder siden

    Good after madam.... I just need your bank account details 😂😂love your profile picture bty

  • Tetleyy
    Tetleyy4 år siden

    How can I hate women? My mums one.

  • Ryan Mortimer

    Ryan Mortimer

    4 år siden

    there's a lot of truth in that

  • yawg
    yawg4 år siden


  • Doct8r_DSB
    Doct8r_DSB4 år siden

    He has a killer voice though

  • Sky Monkey Project
    Sky Monkey Project4 år siden

    Looks awesome!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!

  • TinOwl
    TinOwl4 år siden

    I'm looking forward to the movie but Rick's work has suffered without Steve. No question he was a big part of what made their shows successful. RIP Steve.

  • Nickyboy
    Nickyboy4 år siden

    Live too bloody fast sometimes

  • Sam Lawson
    Sam Lawson4 år siden

    Miscellaneous Office quote

  • BeyondWrittenWords
    BeyondWrittenWords4 år siden

    I hope the movie is better than this trailer

  • Sbeast
    Sbeast4 år siden

    I prefer a flan

  • ArcanePath360


    4 år siden

    You should try the Gardner's Arms.

  • tj gi
    tj gi4 år siden

    Still waiting for US release dates. This is a stand-in-line-for-it movie.

  • Brick Top
    Brick Top4 år siden

    Because Beefy will happily say, 🖕🏻what I think of your selection policy

  • Korben Dallas
    Korben Dallas4 år siden

    David Brent drives a Vauxhall Insignia.

  • Geraldine Lancaster
    Geraldine Lancaster4 år siden

    Ricky Gervais as a parody of David Brent. This looks about as good as the new series of Top Gear. Cringe.

  • drtonyboy
    drtonyboy4 år siden

    Looks amazing mate!

  • Average Sara
    Average Sara4 år siden

    I'm so ready

  • Dodgy Dave
    Dodgy Dave4 år siden


  • Bernard Shakey
    Bernard Shakey4 år siden

    Bid lin

  • 97jimmy97
    97jimmy974 år siden

    Too many of that weird huuuhhhh laugh at the start, hope he doesn't ruin this

  • Kris G
    Kris G4 år siden

    as stiff as you like and it won't damage your rug, that's what I told her" - oh come on, who wouldn't laugh at that. I love the cringe factor but some of the jokes are actually really funny.

  • Leon Anthony
    Leon Anthony4 år siden

    You and Karl still close?

  • Tys Lee
    Tys Lee4 år siden

    Not naming any names - I don't know any - but women... are... dirty.

  • The Dude
    The Dude4 år siden

    I miss Karl.

  • mrpayne123
    mrpayne1234 år siden

    I'm not proud of this opinion but Ricky would be a little funnier if he had his old gut, still love him though.

  • Ollie
    Ollie4 år siden

    This? Against karate?

  • MKT
    MKT4 år siden


  • Azphix
    Azphix4 år siden

    How much did you enjoy this trailer? 1)Not at all 2)To some extent 3)Very much so 4)Don't know

  • ZringMalti


    8 måneder siden

    what was the question again?

  • Christmastree.ie


    10 måneder siden

    If dont know wasnt there, what would you pick.........dont know

  • -TruthSeekerUK-


    År siden


  • Lagrande


    4 år siden

    don't know

  • MrSpartanm33


    4 år siden

    Dont know

  • Jake Dearden
    Jake Dearden4 år siden

    Ricky i can not wait mate

  • TheMoscardinoReviews
    TheMoscardinoReviews4 år siden

    Ahuh....do ya? *cheeky grin* Made me laugh more than it should have, Can't fucking wait for some classic Brent cringe

  • Taylor Britton
    Taylor Britton4 år siden

    fuck sakes. now i have equality street stuck in my head again.

  • billyc2010


    4 år siden


  • Slavomir G

    Slavomir G

    4 år siden

    It really is a proper tune.

  • WKaliberr
    WKaliberr4 år siden

    Lets hope its more like Extras and less like Life's Too Short if you know what I mean

  • Lauren


    4 år siden

    lol That's the only explanation.

  • Callum


    4 år siden

    +Lauren Ehrhardt they don't like midgets.

  • Noun boy

    Noun boy

    4 år siden

    It wasn't long enough.

  • Lauren


    4 år siden

    How do people not like life's too short!?

  • G J O'

    G J O'

    4 år siden

    extras is terrible. the office, david brent and karl pilkington are the only good thing about the stephen merchant and gervais partnership

  • mako
    mako4 år siden

    i know its gonna be great because the trailer made me cringe

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis4 år siden

    Hate to say it because I love Gervais but no Steve Merchant is risky.

  • Hellwyck


    7 måneder siden

    Merchant shoehorns himself into anything that's not locked... Less is more in his case.

  • Rita-Marie Lawlor

    Rita-Marie Lawlor

    4 år siden

    I'm Irish and I love it :-D

  • Rita-Marie Lawlor

    Rita-Marie Lawlor

    4 år siden

    Steve was only in one scene in the entire Office series. And he is fantastic, but Ricky can write and act and is sure as hell used to this character. Derek also!

  • Dean Lowdon

    Dean Lowdon

    4 år siden

    I couldn't stand Derek either. It had none of the subtlety of The Office (which I''d rank amongst the top comedies of all time) and was instead overly sentimental and, worst of all, not particularly funny. Karl Pilkington, who was pretty much just playing himself, was the only thing that made me laugh but even he wasn't worth having to put up with 'Kev' who is the most irritating character I've seen on TV in a good long while.

  • videogamenostalgia


    4 år siden

    Derek is sentimental shite. Gervais is at his best when he's given free licence to be sardonic.

  • Rob Steer
    Rob Steer4 år siden

    This looks absolutely tremendous! Can't wait for it.

  • Billy
    Billy4 år siden

    I don't agree with that in the workplace

  • the
    the4 år siden

    Who's the guy at 0:22?

  • Ryan Mortimer

    Ryan Mortimer

    4 år siden

    Eric Hitchmo

  • DrScoob


    4 år siden

    Frey Bentos

  • Vig Chand
    Vig Chand4 år siden

    I could eat a knob at night

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B4 år siden

    Gervais is so washed up.

  • billyc2010


    4 år siden

    on a beach full of spy crabs

  • Gez
    Gez4 år siden

    This looks awful.

  • dylan w
    dylan w4 år siden


  • M S

    M S

    4 år siden

    +ChrisMCR always get their attention!!

  • etclarke


    4 år siden

    get their attention

  • David Davies
    David Davies4 år siden

    PLEEEEAAAAAASE don't let this be shit

  • Dominic Rogers
    Dominic Rogers4 år siden

    There had better be a Karl Pilkington cameo