David Brent - Slough (Official Audio)


Slough, from David Brent's album, Life on the Road, available now to download and stream:
Apple Music: apple.co/3lnJCbx
Google Play: bit.ly/2YEozry
Spotify: spoti.fi/3jjedoL


  • Jenny Mitchelson
    Jenny Mitchelson4 dager siden

    Dya ever, like, pick your belly button and smell it? It hasn’t proven to be a great experience for me... I mean, I shower everyday! and I thought B-buttons were quite like vaginas, ya know? Like I was SURE they were ‘self-cleaning’ machines.. But, based on the rot I just smelled during the aforementioned ‘picking’, I’m here to tell ya that B-buttons are flat-out MINGIN’! 😐 Thanks in advance, for your time. 👍🏼

  • manet17
    manet174 dager siden

    Thanks Ricky

  • Chimps Life Lessons
    Chimps Life Lessons8 dager siden

    What I’d like to know. Is in that clip of you and Warwick Davis dressed as robin, for life’s to short. Why didn’t you choreograph him singing half way up the stairs? Make the video and be responsible for millions of people dying... Of laughter.

  • PorkyPricklyPants
    PorkyPricklyPants10 dager siden

    wow whoever is running this channel deleted my comment..

  • Just Cats

    Just Cats

    3 dager siden

    Really? What did it say?

  • futer1
    futer113 dager siden

    "Crimes Against Humanity" nolocal.info/have/video/oKRkaMuBx4hssYg Spread the message please

  • Mick A
    Mick A16 dager siden

    I'll be honest, wasn't a big fan. But after the globes a serious elevation in my estimation! Great Job, bloody loved it.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts17 dager siden

    Just wanted to say Thank U I've always liked your movie's 📽 🎬But after your hosting of the Golden globes awards I have a Greater appreciation for U BossMan!! U might have pissed off Hollywood but you gained a Brother with me & thousands around the world. If you ever needed anything an I could help I would be there in a drop of a hat.! Thanks for all the brightness🌞 U bring in these other wise dark times we're all going through.

  • NahNah52
    NahNah5222 dager siden

    I really like this sound!

  • Just Cats
    Just Cats24 dager siden

    My favorite thing about Ricky is he can sit alone in front of a camera and crack himself up!!!!😂😂. Finding yourself funny is the best therapy on this miserable planet 🌎 ❤️😊

  • gareth roberts
    gareth roberts29 dager siden


  • Andrew Blackburn
    Andrew Blackburn29 dager siden

    love davids music!!!!!!! my idol!!!!!!!

  • Numan Balki
    Numan Balki29 dager siden

    More convenient that a Tesco express Close to Windsor but the properties less Keeps the businesses of Britain great It's got Europe's biggest trading estate It doesn't matter where you're from You wanna work? Then come along The station's just got a new floor And the motorway runs by your door And you know just where you're heading It's equidistance 'tween London and Reading Oh Slough My kind of town I don't know how, anyone could put you down To the West you got Taplow and Bray You got Hillingdon the other way It's a brilliant place to live and work It was in Bucks now officially it's Berks Don't listen to what the critics say Like it's soulless, and boring and grey See for yourself, what you waiting for? We're on the Bath road, that's the A4 And you know just where you'll be heading It's equidistance 'tween London and Reading Oh Slough My kind of town I don't know how, anyone could put you down Oh Slough My kind of town I don't know how, anyone could put you down

  • sean o'driscoll
    sean o'driscollMåned siden

    it just shows with a good producer mediocre rock music can sound much better. then the band/singer does media interviews talking about their 'creative inspiration'.

  • Paul McGinty
    Paul McGintyMåned siden

    Eh? MES nolocal.info/have/video/hZx7mqZw3Gqjsms

  • Arrow Racing Products
    Arrow Racing ProductsMåned siden

    The new Pink Floyd?

  • And Drew
    And DrewMåned siden

    I wish I was cool like you 😎 perfect class every time

  • John Green
    John GreenMåned siden

    when are you gonna make a extras movie have andy trying to make it in america and fucking it up.

  • dave calico
    dave calicoMåned siden

    Ricky, Thanks for Keep’n iT ReaL! Tell Jane We LuvHer2

  • jane evans
    jane evansMåned siden

    I’ve googled you as I don’t want to go on Twitter. I’ve just got into Instagram with the help of my kids. Not kids really both in their 20s. I just want to help people understand how important animals are to us humans. I just, today put my Carlo down today. It broke us. Not just me and my daughters but everyone who knew us and him. Bad day but how can we help in anyway with animal charities. Let me know.

  • Sean O'D
    Sean O'DMåned siden

    I guess I have to put Slough on my itinerary, right after the British Museum and Stonehenge.

  • Juro Chovan
    Juro ChovanMåned siden

    well..the 'influence' need not be stated...a great song!

  • Richard Harper
    Richard HarperMåned siden

    LMAO despite Slough being a dump, this is a pretty good song...it`s inspired me to do a song about High Wycombe now lololol

  • fotoloco
    fotolocoMåned siden

    Great but I am a bit disappointed that this is not accompanied by a video.

  • Robert Rentz
    Robert RentzMåned siden

    You are stuck in slumber..... Authors of NESARA/GESARA : David-Wynn : Miller. Code Breaker Owner of the American Flag sense 1999 :Russell-Jay : Gould. David is dead. Russell is currently the Commander-in- chief of all military on Earth and the International Postmaster General, Federal Postal Judge of all courts of Earth. Research people research. It is time to become FULLY AWAKE.

  • Green eyed cat.
    Green eyed cat.Måned siden

    What you have is a god given gift gervaizz. Why am I a atheist ?, because god will call you in his time son : ) .

  • googie
    googieMåned siden

    Sounds a little Bowie. Not a bad tune really.

  • Dora Love
    Dora LoveMåned siden

    Better singer than many actually.

  • Scott
    ScottMåned siden

    Love David Brent, Hate Ricky Gervais

  • Sprechin zie shite
    Sprechin zie shiteMåned siden

    Just an all round talented, gifted human being. I love you.

  • Jim Shepherd
    Jim ShepherdMåned siden

    I worked in Slough for 4 years and this is just the type of song that I would have written. Thanks dear boy for expressing the soul of Slough and sharing it with the world. An uncanny masterpiece.

  • tondefdom
    tondefdomMåned siden

    Was raised in Hillingdon, moved to iver just outside Slough. Wish he had mentioned that the train station had a cased taxidermy dog named Station Jim.

  • Sam Pendleton
    Sam PendletonMåned siden

    There goes David Brent...

  • experiment54
    experiment54Måned siden


  • Ren Zenith
    Ren ZenithMåned siden

    Seona Dancing 4 Life!!!!

    SECRET SQUIRRELMåned siden


    SECRET SQUIRRELMåned siden

    IF YOU WANT TO GET TO SLOUGH.. M4.. MOTORWAY WEST OUT OF LONDON, YOU WILL SEE WINDSOR CASTLE ON YOUR LEFTHAND SIDE.. AND WHEN YOU SMELL SHIT.. TURN OFF NEXT LEFT.. JUNCTION 7.. WELCOME TO SLOUGH.. ( It has a massive sewage works, just beside the motorway.. Haha... And if you turn left towards Slough centre.. You can get the smell from the Mars Bar factory, which is a lot better..)

  • BLU
    BLUMåned siden

    In ten years this will be the National anthem in the pubs..How much you dare to bet? This is the antithesis to Oasis. Piece of musical history! Hah..

  • dee loughran
    dee loughranMåned siden

    This is so Bowie. Its actually a really great song musically. But the lyrics are pure British sarcasm at its finest. Hats off Ricky 😃👍!

  • Mork_of_Ork2001
    Mork_of_Ork2001Måned siden

    I prefer the studio demo version, it's purer - nolocal.info/have/video/eqaEl9atsKKQp4A

  • *** Ray of Sunshine ***
    *** Ray of Sunshine ***Måned siden

    My favorite from the Album. sounds biographical. similar voice to Al Stewart in Year of the Cat.

  • Pople BackyardFarm
    Pople BackyardFarmMåned siden

    lovely song my friend.

  • Tinkerbell B
    Tinkerbell BMåned siden

    🦄 much love to you from south Florida 🏖❤

  • elise holton
    elise holtonMåned siden


  • Eva Morales
    Eva MoralesMåned siden

    I’ve been listening to this song recently! I love it!!

  • Dominic
    DominicMåned siden

    Not funny without video of Ricky Gervais, sorry

  • Abir
    AbirMåned siden

    Ricky please bring karl ans stephen in after life 3

  • Maher Dleikan
    Maher DleikanMåned siden

    Goooooo rickyyyyy

  • Mordecai
    MordecaiMåned siden

    Play a record Karl...

  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy MandiasMåned siden

    Not as flat as on telly...

  • Tbass323 TorbjörnCJohansson
    Tbass323 TorbjörnCJohanssonMåned siden

    👍 just loving this song! can't help but smile when going by coach from Victoria Station to Bristol, and passing by the signs leading to Slough 😀 OMG I miss Britain! Stuck in Sweden right now. Looking forward to a Ploughman's sandwich and a pint... Life's too short... Rule Britannia 👍⚡

  • Bryan Guzik
    Bryan GuzikMåned siden

    Name search: a word that looks & sounds like a lump of goo.

  • Emily Hays
    Emily HaysMåned siden

    I miss London

  • That Tassie Wargamer
    That Tassie WargamerMåned siden

    Did David Bowie record this before he died?

  • Sam Wh
    Sam WhMåned siden

    One of the most important tunes of the 21st century. Standing the test of time

  • Daniel Dinsdale
    Daniel DinsdaleMåned siden

    Bowie would be proud

  • Hodges Media
    Hodges MediaMåned siden

    Melodically hypnotic, pleasant to listen to.

  • The Good Guy
    The Good GuyMåned siden

    Emotional and educational...

  • Paul Sirius B
    Paul Sirius BMåned siden

    Just awful So so fkn awful. I love it

  • Sped Spedding
    Sped SpeddingMåned siden

    “I don’t know how, anyone could put you down.” Legend.

  • Ultron1970 mclovin
    Ultron1970 mclovinMåned siden

    Tell the people what’s going on in Victoria Australia,with your reach you could wake up 10,s of thousands

  • Jay Paul
    Jay PaulMåned siden

    the truth is, as much as this is a funny song, it contains genuine pathos and melancholy. The joke is on Dave Brent, and on Slough, but its also truthful and wistful. Ricky Gervais sees the sadness behind the mundanity of life & a character like Brent and that is why Ricky is so talented, and such a brilliant writer and observer of life

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevaraMåned siden

    Brent is up there with the likes of U2 and Pink Floyd... although I'm sure they couldn't run and manage a successful paper merchants

  • William Moore

    William Moore

    Måned siden

    Who thinks Neil is more of a laugh than me?

  • White_Shadow_59


    Måned siden

    Probably what spurred em on

  • Neil Groves

    Neil Groves

    Måned siden

    every time i hear my neighbour upstairs play U2, i always sense there has been a rape up there....

  • Steven Whiting
    Steven WhitingMåned siden

    How long before NOlocal flags Ricky's own video for his own music.

  • GaryGuevara


    Måned siden

    Apparently Brent has put in a copyright strike on the channel lol

  • White_Shadow_59
    White_Shadow_59Måned siden

    It's equidistant tween London and Reading

  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledarkMåned siden

    🎤oh Slough.... Love it

  • Liberty Smith
    Liberty SmithMåned siden

    I think I unironically like the song. It certainly has its quirks, but it does leave a void when it's ove.

  • mirin jawbro
    mirin jawbroMåned siden

    the creator of the best UK show ever, it can't and wont be beat

  • Teds Cornish Watch Reviews
    Teds Cornish Watch ReviewsMåned siden

    More Brent please we need him back

  • Neil Groves

    Neil Groves

    Måned siden

    not without smerch

    ACS SCAMåned siden

    Still cry to this day 😭 when he said Europe’s biggest trading estate so much emotion

  • NadaSurferTube
    NadaSurferTubeMåned siden

    yeah okay

  • collbn
    collbnMåned siden

    You can dance to it if you put it on double speed. Makes it less souless and gray

  • Greggieboy76
    Greggieboy76Måned siden

    Actually a blinding tune lol

  • GoreJess11
    GoreJess11Måned siden

    My favorite song on this album!

  • 20 years ago
    20 years agoMåned siden

    Not funny at all. And that's the whole point. And if you get it you've got it. And if you've got that, you've got that too. Got it?

  • DefMettle


    Måned siden

    it's hilarious

  • North American YouTuber
    North American YouTuberMåned siden

    Who's watching this in 2020?

  • MostlyLoveOfMusic
    MostlyLoveOfMusicMåned siden

    legit strong track

  • Louise Harris
    Louise HarrisMåned siden

    This hits different when you live in Uxbridge

  • Kuri Mahamba
    Kuri MahambaMåned siden

    I love how you speak your truth with no filter, many have got famous and become puppets to a whopped system. Your freedom of expression is liberating!

  • stompy84
    stompy84Måned siden


  • Tone.
    Tone.Måned siden

    Gotta love a song with the word "equidistant" in the lyrics.

  • termeownator


    Måned siden

    "Equidistant", so grown up

  • inconceivabledark


    Måned siden

    And A4

  • Jack W

    Jack W

    Måned siden

    And “trading estate”

  • Jack W

    Jack W

    Måned siden

    And Reading

  • William Moore

    William Moore

    Måned siden

    And 'tween' :)

  • Ernesto
    ErnestoMåned siden

    Say whatever you want about Slough, but It is the most romantic of the little shithole towns. Brighton is drab in comparison

  • KC's
    KC'sMåned siden

    This is a masterpiece. This guy is underrated and should have more subs. And a stadium.

  • j. xz

    j. xz

    Måned siden

    @KC's 👍👍

  • giacomo fois

    giacomo fois

    Måned siden

    And a supermodel wife

  • KC's


    Måned siden

    @j. xz no you are not. Thx for playing along, gave us a good laugh. High five my friend.

  • j. xz

    j. xz

    Måned siden

    @KC's im an idiot. thank god you know who he is at least.

  • KC's


    Måned siden

    @j. xz nahh dude. I subscribed to this channel because of this new album. I have no idea who Ricky GermAss is or what you are on about. #davidrules (slough sucks though)

  • Tarik James
    Tarik JamesMåned siden

    Classic. Toro y Moi did a cover as well :)

  • Rick Elia
    Rick EliaMåned siden

    I have only one word for you. Hero!!!!!!! I hear what you say😉 Btw...no one can put my mind down! My body can be put down by force,but my mind can't! Never!

  • Rob Chillem
    Rob ChillemMåned siden

    Not a great song by any standard

  • Tim Staples
    Tim StaplesMåned siden

    Genuinely a good song haha. Did Razorlight and Dumdums play on this track too?

  • Jack Rabbit
    Jack RabbitMåned siden

    I don't know how.. two people could put you down

  • Naughty Monkey
    Naughty MonkeyMåned siden

    Big up Ricky, from Australia. I mean David xD

  • Go Chip Me
    Go Chip MeMåned siden

    awesome, need one about reading next, the berkshire album!

  • GaryGuevara


    Måned siden

    Definitely a concept album on vinyl, gatefold sleeve, with great artwork and lyric booklet

  • Susie B

    Susie B

    Måned siden

    With a special one about Whitley

  • SR
    SRMåned siden

    A genuinely brilliant song.

  • OTDA
    OTDAMåned siden

    “More convenient than a tesco expresssssss” I’m American and we don’t have tesco, but straight away that line kills me

  • Haroldd


    Måned siden

    I know there’s a Tesco Extra in Slough, didn’t see a Tesco Express 😂

  • Starlings murmuration

    Starlings murmuration

    Måned siden


  • -


    Måned siden

    @J_Finney I thought he said texaco.

  • Steven Whiting

    Steven Whiting

    Måned siden

    Think of it as a mini Walmart that opens late. We also have Sunday trading laws so shops have to close at 4 or 4.30 on Sunday. But Tesco Express is allowed to stay open late on a Sunday. I can't remember the reason why.

  • Michelle S

    Michelle S

    Måned siden

    I work in a Tesco Extra, not as convenient as an Express, but the fact he referenced Tesco in his opening line makes me smile! 😄

  • Simon Mayson
    Simon MaysonMåned siden

    Second and third!

  • Sankalp
    SankalpMåned siden

    Hi Ricky

  • Fingaz MC
    Fingaz MCMåned siden

    Love this song!

  • Simon Mayson
    Simon MaysonMåned siden


  • Matthew Key
    Matthew KeyMåned siden

    Slough, cow, dow, pow

  • Simon Mayson
    Simon MaysonMåned siden