Deep Cleaning a Destroyed Ford F-150 | Super Nasty Car Detailing | Interior Extraction!!!


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  • mordeys
    mordeys14 dager siden

    I'm very surprised you guys don't do the ventilation(ducting) cleaning and air filter cleaning in the vehicles. i would think that especially in a moldy car that would be a horrible smell and would make new owners sick?

  • Carlos Davila
    Carlos DavilaMåned siden

    why not take seat covers off and machine wash? putting a ton of water on absorbing foam there with the pressure gun! Not a critique; however, it seems like it creates more work.

  • Marie Power
    Marie PowerMåned siden

    I would not be able to climb into that truck lol. Nice job as always! Please get some knee pads bro your knees in your 40’s will thank you

  • Chanda Russell
    Chanda Russell2 måneder siden

    Great job but I hardly was able to see all the hard work you had done. It was blocked by pictures of other episodes along with very few looks at the final product.

  • Justin Dyck
    Justin Dyck2 måneder siden

    No extracts human grease like this guy!

  • Nathaniel Abram
    Nathaniel Abram3 måneder siden

    You tore the seat with the pressure washer , should have been more careful

  • Carmine Ventura JR
    Carmine Ventura JR3 måneder siden

    “ Without further ado “ . If I had a dollar for every you tuber who says this .

  • arteisia calvin
    arteisia calvin3 måneder siden

    My favourite part is the extractions and vacuuming or power washing it soothes my OCD like mmmmmmm

  • Takeitintheface
    Takeitintheface3 måneder siden

    I'm a new subscriber. I'd love to see more before/after shots. And I hate that you guys dont do the back part of the seat before the bottom. Nasty water just drips to the seat bottom. Otherwise great work guys!

  • 09Archmage
    09Archmage3 måneder siden

    Great work on the details guys, I spent my night shift breaks watching the amazing work you do...some people are just nasty! 😂😂👍🏽👍🏽

  • 09Archmage
    09Archmage3 måneder siden

    Please I’m begging you, someone,....anyone, what’s the track name at 7:06? I’ve heard it before but can’t find it anywhere, can’t Shazam it either. Thanks guys 🙏🏽😂

  • Latasha Woods
    Latasha Woods3 måneder siden

    You are the best

  • Parabjeet Singh
    Parabjeet Singh4 måneder siden

    Love your work...would it be possible to see your client’s reaction towards your awesome work?

  • lilyblueharsh
    lilyblueharsh4 måneder siden

    25:12 that doesn't look safe on the electrical plugs

  • Ms. Al
    Ms. Al5 måneder siden

    I really like when you guys pour lots of soap!!! Please keep it the same. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Abed AL Qader
    Abed AL Qader5 måneder siden

    dude get some knee pads....unless you are used to it

  • Mariana Dr
    Mariana Dr5 måneder siden

    정말 열심히 꼼꼼하게 잘하시네요~ 좋은영상 보고 구독 좋아요 누르고 갑니다~ good job~

  • Peter Fuppe Fuchs
    Peter Fuppe Fuchs5 måneder siden

    How du u dry the seats and floormat when u soak it this way 🤔

  • Rj Milli
    Rj Milli5 måneder siden

    is power washing the seats a good idea? you’re extracting water from the upper most layer of the fabric but all that water that seeps thru all the way into the seat may be problematic and harbor a whole lot of mold

  • Aziza Nour

    Aziza Nour

    3 måneder siden

    That is why they have that professional water extracto

  • Antonio Hidalgo
    Antonio Hidalgo5 måneder siden

    I'd love to see you detail a ram rebel power wagon next

  • Patricio Bieganski
    Patricio Bieganski5 måneder siden

    How many watts is your upholstery vacuum?

  • Trop x
    Trop x5 måneder siden

    I can't believe how much liquid you spray onto the dashboard controls. I'm an Electrical Engineer and I would never recommend wetting down electrical radio and heater control panels like that.

  • Seb
    Seb6 måneder siden

    Great job, and I like the music also...!

  • maddy
    maddy6 måneder siden

    i have a question maybe you can answer, in the winter i had snow fall in my car and when it melted it left dark spots on my seat that are still there, i have used a rented carpet cleaner on the seats twice since then and spots are still there. any ideas on why this happened or how to fix this ? love your videos by the way ! very satisfying :)

  • Rev D
    Rev D6 måneder siden

    I'm new to the channel and man I have to say you guys do AWESOME work! I'm learning alot!

  • Rev D

    Rev D

    5 måneder siden

    @Daysha Neal ...oh yea I'm sub to his channel already

  • Daysha Neal

    Daysha Neal

    6 måneder siden

    Check out AMMO NYC channel if you really want to learn some amazing things about car detailing



    6 måneder siden

    I’m glad to hear that!

  • A_Frame Pleasantries
    A_Frame Pleasantries6 måneder siden

    Yeah, totally give just a bit more before and after!

  • Vincent the Mortician
    Vincent the Mortician6 måneder siden

    Vacuuming is my fav part it just shows instant results and it's so good

  • Kaitlyn Robinson
    Kaitlyn Robinson6 måneder siden

    Carpets said I look really clean but the extractor said hold my beer

  • Peculiarsafe83


    6 måneder siden

    A funny thing about carpets is I worked at a detailing shop and there was only 5 of us that worked there and nobody was allowed to extract the carpets or seats except the owner, also we weren’t allowed to wash the cars either, we could only clean the entire inside of the car to spotless including the door jams and the inside of the doors of the vehicles, and we had about 5 vehicles come in a day so everybody worked on their own vehicle for pretty much a whole shift which was 9 hours making it spotless inside and then it would be washed and waxed and the carpets and seats would be cleaned by the owner the next day and then the costumer would come and pick it up

  • Yuk 78
    Yuk 786 måneder siden

    Terbaik.... 👍👍👍 From Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • Jason Allemani
    Jason Allemani6 måneder siden

    has the step and tailgate handle.....***steps on tire and leans in***

  • J the Tech
    J the Tech6 måneder siden

    bro your a beast my friend

  • mynameisray
    mynameisray6 måneder siden

    pre vacuum.... the fuck does that even mean

  • William Paul
    William Paul6 måneder siden

    What all purpose cleaner do you use?

  • Rama Sharma
    Rama Sharma6 måneder siden

    could u tell me the name of the bckground music . awesome video .

  • adalberto Segura
    adalberto Segura6 måneder siden

    Which extractor are you using?

  • Vickie Blissett
    Vickie Blissett6 måneder siden

    I am in no means a professional cleaner, but it seems to me you apply too much cleanser, esp on the seats & floors & then struggle to get it extracted. To where you might get better results by applying lesser amounts, extracting & then repeating the process. Great music though.

  • John Franklin

    John Franklin

    5 måneder siden

    @LilBriBone1 you always start with a cleaner in the extraction, then switch to pure water for complete extraction of the cleaning solution and the rest of the soiled material.

  • LilBriBone1


    6 måneder siden

    he puts cleaner in his extractor so he's really not extracting anything leaving behind soap residue. i always thought the point of extractors is to... ya know.. extract

  • jeremy o'shea
    jeremy o'shea6 måneder siden

    If your going to post at least have some

  • jeremy o'shea
    jeremy o'shea6 måneder siden

    Maybe talk about these tucks you do, how a lot of suspension parts show so they need to look good to.

  • Pocket Shark
    Pocket Shark6 måneder siden

    You guys should *really* invest in a undercarriage washer!



    6 måneder siden

    I have multiple ones the pressure isn’t good enough for stuck on clay

  • Joe B
    Joe B6 måneder siden

    Cool video. Carpets are tough because the new materials are so cheap and take forever to extract. Its hard to give the price on a complete removal or sell the customer on replacement. One thing I've noticed is that you typically clean the bottom of the seats before the backs - do you have a reason you go in this order? I usually clean the backs first. Seems to speed up the extraction process because I don't have to go back to the bottom and extract again. Just a quick pass on the bottom of the backrest to pick up the small amount of over spray.

  • David Van Buskirk
    David Van Buskirk6 måneder siden

    A steam cleaner would help so much

  • Mary Ferguson

    Mary Ferguson

    5 måneder siden

    Yes it would’ve!

  • Christopher Kalati
    Christopher Kalati6 måneder siden

    Have you ever tried orange degreaser for some tough stains on the carpet ? That product really does get the job done ✅

  • Joshboshking 124
    Joshboshking 1246 måneder siden

    How much did this cost

  • vargas4167
    vargas41676 måneder siden

    Never pressure wash seats. Use a stain remover or a less diluted degreaser to lift out the oil or grease stains. Those seats are probably still damp to this day.

  • Katlyn Gibson

    Katlyn Gibson

    6 måneder siden

    vargas4167 no one cares, they’re professionals and they do it how they want. you’re irrelevant.

  • vargas4167


    6 måneder siden

    M.A.D. DETAILING but still i believe this method should be the ultimate last resort for cleaning seats. Theres many different paths to removing those stains. Also seats being damp for a while could leave a mildew scent. Even though it’s going to sit in a parking lot for a while your level of professionalism should be the same for every car! Just respectful advice from one detailer to another ✌🏽

  • vargas4167


    6 måneder siden

    M.A.D. DETAILING ahh should’ve said that from the beginning lol



    6 måneder siden

    These are repo cars they are not consumer cars there’s no time line on these cars

  • vargas4167


    6 måneder siden

    M.A.D. DETAILING a couple days!? Thats an inconvenience to the customer i believe. And also extracting for an hour? Idk man its way too time consuming for both parties

  • Marcus A
    Marcus A6 måneder siden

    👍 what kind of APC are u using??

  • Deborah Weijde
    Deborah Weijde6 måneder siden

    Great Job, i like cleaning video's , greets from the Netherlands

  • Sally Stults
    Sally Stults6 måneder siden

    Wh new guys could be so good at cleaning? 🙂

  • Mark McCullough
    Mark McCullough6 måneder siden

    Great job guys looks wonderful.Big difference before and after shots.Stay Safe Stay Healthy

  • Brittany Carlton
    Brittany Carlton6 måneder siden

    HOW DOES MOLD GROW IN YOUR CAR.. y’all nasty 💀

  • Jacobi
    Jacobi6 måneder siden

    You did an amazing job👍🏻😄 I love your videos❤️

  • Demetrious mccray
    Demetrious mccray6 måneder siden

    what kind of apc you are using

  • Robert Strimpel
    Robert Strimpel6 måneder siden

    Which state are you in?



    6 måneder siden


  • SN95 Mustang Garage
    SN95 Mustang Garage6 måneder siden

    You probably get asked this all the time, I checked the links but don’t see it. What extractor is that? I assume it’s commercial grade with the pressure hose at the bottom. I’m not a pro detailed so I just have the Bissell 3624 but man what you all are using is one helluva machine. Seems to be a cleaner as well as extractor. Very impressed with the work, keep it up.

  • Jonathon Phillips

    Jonathon Phillips

    6 måneder siden

    SN95 Mustang Garage joatnh



    6 måneder siden

    Mytee hp60

  • Blake W
    Blake W6 måneder siden

    How many hours of work went into this truck!?



    6 måneder siden

    9 hours

  • Al Fries
    Al Fries6 måneder siden

    Nice job on those nasty seats. The carpet was a throw away I thought.

  • Shawn Spencer
    Shawn Spencer6 måneder siden

    Sprayed way to much solution on the gauge cluster. All of it ran inside the dash. Nice video though

  • G C

    G C

    6 måneder siden

    Every time I watch these guys I cringe at that. Also how much the seats get soaked, it just drives all that nasty deeper into them. Besides it’s just a waste of solutions driving profits lower.

  • Mickey Tesnear
    Mickey Tesnear6 måneder siden

    Great work on this nasty and should have replacement parts. Keep the videos rollin guys!

  • Arjan Schepers
    Arjan Schepers6 måneder siden

    Yeah deffo needs more after shots with comparisons. Otherwise nice video!

  • Wanda Burgess
    Wanda Burgess6 måneder siden

    Great work! Please get a mat to lay your knees on! Cold damp & wet cement floor is future knee problems in your late 30's. It's painful & will never go away!

  • Humberto Roche Garcia
    Humberto Roche Garcia6 måneder siden

    Hi guys! I was wondering what happened to the last video? I was taking a shower and I tried to watch it afterwards so thought possibly it was livestream in order to be like unlisted. This one has a nice editing with very nice music that resembles more your fun personality working together like I have seen in the livestream. Great job you have done with this vehicle. Awesome job indeed. Always watching and enjoying from Puerto Rico 👍👍👍🇵🇷

  • Jonathon Phillips

    Jonathon Phillips

    6 måneder siden

    Humberto Roche Garcia joatnh

  • Humberto Roche Garcia

    Humberto Roche Garcia

    6 måneder siden

    @M.A.D. DETAILING Guys I am eager to see another of your livestream. You are all hilarious and fun to watch. Whenever you are going to do it I will make sure to watch all of you. I know sometimes it's not always fun when we have a long day and tired trying to put a happy face but when you are sharing everything bad kind of dissipates. Everything turns out for good. You are a great team and always excited to see what you have coming. Xoxo from Puerto Rico 👍👍👍🇵🇷



    6 måneder siden

    Something happened to the Audio but it was this video just re uploaded.. but thank you for the support!

  • Buc_Odie
    Buc_Odie6 måneder siden

    What was that stubborn light colored stuff that kept coming up from the carpet? Maybe the foam breaking down? You did about a thousand passes and the extractor water just wouldn't clear up. The carpets looked good it was just weird how the water looked.



    6 måneder siden

    It was a ton of sand that was embedded in the carpet.

  • G Crockford
    G Crockford6 måneder siden

    Would have liked to see more of the after shots

  • Happy life
    Happy life6 måneder siden

    Another great job! Also, good choice of music as always😉

  • Gregory Clarke
    Gregory Clarke6 måneder siden

    Nice. But do more before and after comparisons at the end.

  • Dm Details
    Dm Details6 måneder siden

    Awesome. So satisfying!!

  • Buddha 1964
    Buddha 19646 måneder siden

    Remove the complete Carpet, and clean him outside from the Car with the Pressurecleaner ! Sorry for my bad English ! Greetings from the Swabian Mountains near Ulm Holger

  • John Doe
    John Doe6 måneder siden

    Awesome job! I was wondering why the other one got taken down haha but I realize it was for the sound

  • Maha Mohamed
    Maha Mohamed6 måneder siden

    what do u have in ur extrator

  • Gerald Anderson
    Gerald Anderson6 måneder siden

    What iron remover do you guys use?



    6 måneder siden

    Pearl Nano Metal X

  • Rojeh Rasmy
    Rojeh Rasmy6 måneder siden

    Great job 👏🏼👏🏼

  • penn schlitt
    penn schlitt6 måneder siden

    Oh that Center Console arm rest... gag me... should have just pitched it and started over. LOL. Nice work though. came out very nice.

  • Jonathon Phillips

    Jonathon Phillips

    6 måneder siden

    penn schlitt joatnh

  • Matt Weddle

    Matt Weddle

    6 måneder siden

    Nah man... and miss seeing that nasty stuff get drill brushed and extracted?!?! That’s the best part!

  • Jasmin Rene' Newson
    Jasmin Rene' Newson6 måneder siden


  • Matt Weddle
    Matt Weddle6 måneder siden

    That center armrest getting extracted tho! That was my request in the livestream and you hit it with no hesitation! This channel is way underrated. You give the subscribers what they want!

  • Mike’s Auto Detailing
    Mike’s Auto Detailing6 måneder siden

    Great job, great work

  • Irene Garcia
    Irene Garcia6 måneder siden

    I prefer this one. The other one had me confused and I thought I muted it by mistake. Great job!!!

  • Courtney Salley
    Courtney Salley6 måneder siden

    Thank God you fixed it LOL