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Derek and Kev encourage you to buy Derek Series 2 on DVD
Make Kev more famous... #GrottySex


  • brannomagic
    brannomagic6 måneder siden

    Brilliant !! didn’t want Derek to end

  • ElGatoLoco698
    ElGatoLoco6988 måneder siden

    This is one of the best tv shows I've ever watched. Kev was super funny. Just his quirky smile makes me laugh. Derek was funny too.

  • Ben Green
    Ben Green3 år siden

    Had me crying like a child this did Brilliant work!

  • idesofmars
    idesofmars6 år siden

    kinda misleading to have karl on the front cover tho

  • Willy 107
    Willy 1076 år siden

    dont buy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adityavikram Rajawat
    Adityavikram Rajawat6 år siden

    Derek has to be the worse show by ricky, Hello Ladies was much better by Stephen

  • Ricky Gervais
    Ricky Gervais6 år siden

    Make Kev more famous. The Derek Series 2 DVD is out now: #GrottySex

  • Shunarjuna


    6 år siden

    Got the DVD and a box of tissues on stand by... not for _that_... I mean... ah, forget it.

  • Kenneth Clark

    Kenneth Clark

    6 år siden

    Thanks for sharing, @Ricky Gervais​. ;-)♡ ♡ ~ ~

  • Fortnite God dale

    Fortnite God dale

    6 år siden

    Will Derek meet a Lady friend ??

  • Lasse Sørnes

    Lasse Sørnes

    6 år siden

    The Christmas Special will be awesome! Can't wait!

  • Mack
    Mack6 år siden

    I miss Karl ......

  • njh beats
    njh beats6 år siden

    Play a record

  • rmcbeigh
    rmcbeigh6 år siden

    I work in health care. this show is brilliant!

  • Mr. K Dilkington
    Mr. K Dilkington6 år siden

    How about having the Oggmonster replace Doug's role.

  • Ilya Naboishikov
    Ilya Naboishikov6 år siden

    These series are so underrated. And so sad, that show is closed.

  • elliot


    6 år siden

    You spelt "overrated" wrong.

  • Im a gay faggot
    Im a gay faggot6 år siden

    Great stuff Ricky!

  • o0julek0o
    o0julek0o6 år siden


  • It's Only Me
    It's Only Me6 år siden

    was better with Stephen Merchant

  • Loocjan Trzebachlebanieba
    Loocjan Trzebachlebanieba6 år siden

    I want to season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 231swift
    231swift6 år siden

    Only the retards watched Derek jut for Karl.

  • eddy friday
    eddy friday6 år siden

    gervais,series 1 was so good but leave out the emotional stuff in series 3 please, and get karl back cheers boy

  • simmattismusic


    6 år siden

    I agree the first series had a better balance between funny and emotional. Series 2 went too far with the sad stuff!

  • Taryll Baker

    Taryll Baker

    6 år siden

    There is no series 3, as Ricky usually sticks to 2 series and a special. Derek will return next year for the special then that's it.

  • Lynxchillin93


    6 år siden

    @eddy friday " It's a comedy " You're saying all kinds of ridiculous stuff today aren't you ? Derek isn't a comedy my friend, yes it has funny moments but that IS NOT the main focus if the story !

  • eddy friday

    eddy friday

    6 år siden

    no, it seemed like he focused too much on trying to make the audience cry but its a comedy so it dosent work.

  • Lynxchillin93


    6 år siden

    "leave out the emotional stuff" Wow, were you joking ?

  • Dom W
    Dom W6 år siden

    I still listen to the xfm series everyday. Such a legend

  • Jimmy Watson

    Jimmy Watson

    6 år siden

    @Hearthstone Mgee Have you heard of "Google"?

  • George Burgess

    George Burgess

    6 år siden

    @Jimmy Watson I meant to download sorry for offending you.

  • Jimmy Watson

    Jimmy Watson

    6 år siden

    @Hearthstone Mgee Have you heard of 'NOlocal'?

  • George Burgess

    George Burgess

    6 år siden

    Where can I get this?

  • deflime


    6 år siden

    @jaylias LMAO, good shit, I rm that one. Classic.

  • ionlyafk
    ionlyafk6 år siden

    more karl he fucking amazing

  • nriab23
    nriab236 år siden

    Series 3? Or special?

  • nriab23


    6 år siden

    Depends what time of night it is and therefore whether one can be bothered with making the correct grammatical distinction.

  • JoshuaL2153


    6 år siden

    @Il canale di RozZ - Action figures, model kits & more There's also no need to 'correct' someone for putting series even though they're right haha you may find this vid useful - watch?v=Xw2bTpyHGCE :P btw the "inaproprate language" was a classic gervais phrase that he often coins when karl is talking nonsense so i felt it was appropriate :P

  • RozZ


    6 år siden

    I see, I didn't know that there wasn't a distinction in England. Your language, however, is inappropriate. There's no need to be rude when correcting someone.

  • JoshuaL2153


    6 år siden

    @Il canale di RozZ - Action figures, model kits & more Dont. Talk. Shit. Sorry mate but in England we speak English, series ;)

  • Andreas


    6 år siden

    @Il canale di RozZ - Action figures, model kits & more That depends on what version of english you're speaking, it's series in one and season in another

  • Just Jake Club
    Just Jake Club6 år siden