Deleted Scene & Outtakes | Derek Series 2 | Kev Tests Out Caravan

Film og animasjon

One from the cutting room floor -
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  • Daniel Mawhinney
    Daniel MawhinneyMåned siden

    Ricky- you’ve got to do it you’re a professional. Next take: *ricky bursts out laughing 😂 😂

    IVAN DOMINGUEZMåned siden

    When he starts laughing like a soccer stadium trumpet hahahaha ha just lost it there

  • TSR6
    TSR6Måned siden

    funniest shit ever

  • Assyrian Guy
    Assyrian GuyMåned siden

    Shhh derek asleep 1:01

  • Julie O'donnell
    Julie O'donnell2 måneder siden

    Brilliant!! Love it.

  • Big Mad Mentalist
    Big Mad Mentalist2 måneder siden

    Total quality

  • musicmad67
    musicmad673 måneder siden

    I lost it after "up ya get.." and now I'm crying

  • BobbyLCollins
    BobbyLCollins4 måneder siden

    Press the 4 key several times. You'll thank me.

  • Mark Oconnor
    Mark Oconnor4 måneder siden

    Ssshhhhh derick is asleep 😂😂😂😂

  • Freya Bird
    Freya Bird5 måneder siden

    1:37 someone come and fetch their parrot 😂😂

  • G Welsh
    G Welsh5 måneder siden

    1:51 is the one of the funniest bloopers I've ever seen. The sheer ridiculousness of what he's doing hits him for a split second and he can't not laugh 😂

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson5 måneder siden

    I'm a lost cause , but this guy makes me sooo happy, I die laughing and remember I can take the hilarious outbursts of Kevin 😂😂😂😂😂 **here we go** **shhhhh Derek's asleep** 🥴😂😂😂😂💗

  • mirin jawbro
    mirin jawbro5 måneder siden

    Here we go

  • Henning Evensen
    Henning Evensen6 måneder siden

    I cant breath

  • Marc Oddy
    Marc Oddy6 måneder siden

    Sshhhhhh, Derek's asleep...

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith6 måneder siden

    No more

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee6 måneder siden

    This is why Americans could never has the same humor as us!!!

  • Wimble Womble
    Wimble Womble6 måneder siden


  • Paul K5VOP
    Paul K5VOP6 måneder siden

    This caravan scene, the out take and never finished clip are by far the funniest!!

  • Jennifer Neumann
    Jennifer Neumann6 måneder siden


  • dervishmadwhirler
    dervishmadwhirler7 måneder siden

    So, basically, most shots take so long because you, Ricky, have to laugh, because the people you surround yourself with are just too fucking funny and good at acting, innit?

  • Independent Observer
    Independent Observer8 måneder siden


  • Maurizia Burlando
    Maurizia Burlando8 måneder siden

    muoio da ridere!!!! Bravi!!!

  • Angel
    Angel8 måneder siden

    "You gotta do it, you're a professional" "Professional what?! Air groper?!" XDDD

  • for admiral
    for admiral8 måneder siden

    There is no way that's scene don't make you fucking cry🤣

  • Johnny Blomgren
    Johnny Blomgren11 måneder siden

    This is gol.. This is fucking double platinum content. Fucking hell this is funny

  • Darren Thomson
    Darren Thomson11 måneder siden

    give kev a spin off now!

  • G wizz
    G wizz11 måneder siden

    OMG I'm dying😂😂😂😂

  • Stephen Dinsdale
    Stephen Dinsdale11 måneder siden

    I’ll still be laughing at this when I’m sat in a nursing home, dribbling all over myself. Fucking hilarious 😂

  • Alex Cannon
    Alex Cannon11 måneder siden

    Watch this every now and then to cheer me up. Imagine being acting in a scene where it’s so funny you can’t get through it 😂. Worked on a couple of films and when the crew gels it’s so much fun.

  • TheDjackso1
    TheDjackso1År siden

    So what did you do at work today? Not much, just simulated sex in a caravan whilst Ricky Gervais watched and laughed

  • igano
    iganoÅr siden

    Here-we-go... here-we-go...

  • Jonny Easton
    Jonny EastonÅr siden

    shushhhhhhhh 🤫

  • Drew Drewski
    Drew DrewskiÅr siden

    Up you get...

  • Henry Horse
    Henry HorseÅr siden

    I think I was laughing more than Ricky there.

  • Joseph Henley
    Joseph HenleyÅr siden

    "this is the worst holiday I've ever had. I'd like to make a complaint please"

  • Gusdocs1
    Gusdocs1År siden

    Up yee get

  • bertraminc
    bertramincÅr siden

    This must have taken forever. Crying.

  • foxyknoxy
    foxyknoxyÅr siden

    I think ive cracked my ribs with laughin so hard at this its so funny, rickys laugh😂😂😂brilliant.

  • g f
    g fÅr siden

    Ricky's laugh is pure comedy alone

  • oi nah
    oi nahÅr siden

    They literally couldnt do this scene it was to funny kev is amazing when his like shhhh

  • Michael Clough
    Michael CloughÅr siden

    I paid for NOlocal premium just to download all the Derek outtakes.

  • Yaveh Suarez
    Yaveh SuarezÅr siden

    Up you go

  • Umberto De Marchi
    Umberto De Marchi2 år siden

    The most funny thing I've ever seen. It makes me cry every time!

  • William Sheehan
    William Sheehan2 år siden

    How do the cameraman do it, pure laugh

  • Aka Shipyard
    Aka Shipyard2 år siden

    Better than Prozac this 😂

  • Cool Zombie
    Cool Zombie2 år siden


  • Lizz Keiper
    Lizz Keiper2 år siden

    This is amazing. Hehehe

  • K Turner
    K Turner2 år siden

    I watch this when I'm feeling down it's honestly therapy and doesn't get any less funny every time I watch it 😂

  • DNO Elliott
    DNO Elliott2 år siden


  • chris monks
    chris monks2 år siden

    Rickys laugh is like something you hear in the amazon

  • Kareem SC
    Kareem SC2 år siden

    I've never laughed harder at outtakes

  • Wayne Daniels
    Wayne Daniels2 år siden

    Shhhh lmao

  • Whiteboy White
    Whiteboy White2 år siden


  • Whiteboy White
    Whiteboy White2 år siden


  • Luke Galletly
    Luke Galletly3 år siden

    "Here babe, up you get"

  • Ben Daniels
    Ben Daniels3 år siden

    Sooooooo good. 'Ere babe up ya get'

  • fred bloggs
    fred bloggs3 år siden

    this is still funny the 50th time you watch it

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M3 år siden

    Quite sturdy!

  • Gordon M
    Gordon M3 år siden

    Get some leverage, Kev. Get some torque. Tomorrow is forever...

  • mike files
    mike files3 år siden


  • Marcus Cross
    Marcus Cross3 år siden

    13 people would rather actually watch Kevin have sex with an obese woman

  • MuzicTV
    MuzicTV3 år siden

    "si....sit on my face" LOL

  • Hal Erickson
    Hal Erickson3 år siden

    "You've got to do it. . . You're a professional." then proceeds to laugh during every take.

  • The Tribute Master
    The Tribute Master3 år siden

    1:12 xD what a line

  • Terry Martin 9
    Terry Martin 94 år siden

    Ricky going your a pro. Next minute he can't breathe 😂😂😂

  • Nick Mcevoy
    Nick Mcevoy4 år siden

    nothing will ever be as funny as this

  • Priceybay
    Priceybay4 år siden

    Here weeee go

  • Sang SB
    Sang SB4 år siden

    "Shhhhhhh..Derek's asleep."

  • Neelesh Domah
    Neelesh Domah4 år siden

    Shh it's ok bby

  • Georgios Tologlou
    Georgios Tologlou4 år siden


  • danmanjjj eee
    danmanjjj eee4 år siden

    Funniest vid alive lmao

  • Rune Toudahl
    Rune Toudahl4 år siden

    The sit on my face bit would have had anyone in tears :)

  • Jacob Warburton
    Jacob Warburton4 år siden

    Might be the funniest video I have ever watched fucking hell

  • Brad Weaver
    Brad Weaver5 år siden

    how can you not laugh at this, no man alive can't avoid laugh at this!!!! i'm fucking dying!

  • Joe Henderson
    Joe Henderson5 år siden

    0:50 "here we go" I'm dying

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson5 år siden

    The scenes where it's just Kev in the shot.......why have Ricky there at all?

  • Old Skool Wax

    Old Skool Wax

    År siden

    Continuity. It's a two camera scene.

  • Ian Kenny
    Ian Kenny5 år siden

    Brilliant I cannot type anymore for laughing.

  • TeamingTwin
    TeamingTwin5 år siden


  • Lambo
    Lambo5 år siden

    Funniest outtakes ever... Fact!!

  • Haul Pollywood
    Haul Pollywood5 år siden

    "You've got to do it man, you're a professional" - Next scene, Ricky bursts out with laughter haha I wouldnt be able to do this either but i do wish it got put into the series!

  • Walle
    Walle5 år siden

    Haha this is by farr the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Pissing my pants!

  • Ruben Toder
    Ruben Toder5 år siden


  • niptuck117
    niptuck1175 år siden

    When they get in the caravan, absolutely no work gets done. All outtakes! Also, if you've stumbled upon this without knowing what Janice looks like, you have to look that up first.

  • L K
    L K5 år siden

    1:30 is a laugh of pure insanity.

  • ninemendoza
    ninemendoza5 år siden

    1:57 kev's outta breath from air humpin'

  • Wynn Hall
    Wynn Hall5 år siden

    What a job. They get paid for this. :-) :-) :-) :-D

  • David Sumtinelse
    David Sumtinelse5 år siden

    David Earl really should be a household name.

  • manonfire237
    manonfire2375 år siden

    I can't take it! Crying with laughter!

  • nikolaj nielsen
    nikolaj nielsen5 år siden

    Just shat me self...

  • King M
    King M6 år siden

    Busted a lung for watching this lol

  • unknown
    unknown6 år siden


  • alri r kid
    alri r kid6 år siden


  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    6 år siden

    thanks m8! love it

  • mytube0969
    mytube09696 år siden

    Thanks so much for posting that - frigin' hilarious! Literally crying! I had wondered how it was possible, or how long it took to make it through some of these scenes!

  • Debbie Stephen
    Debbie Stephen6 år siden

    best show ever

  • Emily
    Emily6 år siden

    Ricky's laugh is the best laugh I've ever heard in my life

    *FICTION *FIGHTER*6 år siden

    PMSL AGAIN!! at this ..keeping this on a list! hahahaha enjoy ;)

  • nicisaprincess21
    nicisaprincess216 år siden

    "It's quite sturdy mate" absolutely pmsl!!!!!

  • roger andersson
    roger andersson6 år siden

    You gotta give it to him when he says " i dont know what to do" That scene must take days to shoot. I can watch this over and over again. Thanks for posting this!!

  • Daniel Lund
    Daniel Lund6 år siden

    Gervais is our national hero