Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Vitenskap og teknologi

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We're back with another Intel Extreme Home Upgrade where one lucky LMG'er gets $5,000 of Intel's money to do whatever they want. And what Dennis pretty weird.
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  • BaZ Jam
    BaZ Jam19 minutter siden

    Linus roasting this man, he a god. Comfort is king. Yeah nvm I saw all the chairs...

  • Jeff 1312WKH
    Jeff 1312WKH30 minutter siden

    i would spend the money on an i9 first , then the other parts of the computer............

  • Peace
    Peace46 minutter siden

    This vid was the most funny one i think

  • Brajan Lazaj
    Brajan Lazaj2 timer siden

    honeslty there is no word to describe how brain dead denis is

  • Ben Farrell
    Ben Farrell3 timer siden

    How did you change the colour of the fans? I have the same fans and I’m having a hard time changing them they’re stuck on green?

  • ketnip
    ketnip3 timer siden

    how i wish linus would build me a pc :(

  • Melsters
    Melsters3 timer siden

    what do I have to do for intel to sponsor me

  • SGT Polka Butter
    SGT Polka Butter3 timer siden

    i hate dennis

  • Ross Sarmiento

    Ross Sarmiento

    Time siden


  • Samuel Krusiewicz
    Samuel Krusiewicz4 timer siden

    This was hard to watch. Yeah, this guy did waste a portion of his money. But, Linus was way too harsh and I felt that at times Dennis was trying to laugh the hard feelings off. Especially when Linus said: "natural wood countertop is better than a vinal -------. I don't think D-Brand would argue with you about that." Dennis: "It looks so pretty and white, and clean. I will be so happy to edit on-- Linus: "Sorry you told David to role to the camera was there a point to this." I definitely got worse when Linus told Dennis to go f himself. Really, I am a fan, but this made me filled with rage. I am sure Dennis didn't hold feelings of embarrassment for too long, but the look of pain in his eyes when Linus insults him just irks me.

  • Dwikii Ramdani
    Dwikii Ramdani5 timer siden

    its like father and son spent time together stuff

  • Klaus Frohlich
    Klaus Frohlich6 timer siden

    Poor Linus, i feel his pain in that chaos and stupid stuff...

  • Sharp Claws
    Sharp Claws6 timer siden

    literally the whole video was cringe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lawrence Bilton
    Lawrence Bilton6 timer siden

    Dennis the Menace is alive and well outside of Beano comics I see :P

  • spambryan17
    spambryan177 timer siden

    Dennis is so fun. Lmao

  • j1zz_1n _m4_p4nt5
    j1zz_1n _m4_p4nt59 timer siden

    dennis is that one friend that doesn't know what he is talking about even when trying to explain something but you still care for him because he is your friend

  • Gabriel Pépe
    Gabriel Pépe10 timer siden

    "comfortable to my eyes" ok it's official, minimalist edditors with expensive hair cut is now the newest internet species. At least they aren't as dumb as gen y twitter users.

  • Sinna_mon_suga
    Sinna_mon_suga10 timer siden

    what kind of adjustable desk was that

  • Y4zziR
    Y4zziR12 timer siden


  • Salto i
    Salto i13 timer siden

    Lynus seems like such a nice friend.

  • Chaos31
    Chaos3113 timer siden

    that card sag though.

  • Kenny Memester
    Kenny Memester13 timer siden

    Dear Linus... Give a subscriber like me Intel's money for more hilarious antics like this...😅😅

  • Kenny Memester
    Kenny Memester13 timer siden

    Alternate title: Linus arguing with Dennis for 23 minutes straight.

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson13 timer siden

    Linus would do sponsored ads for anal lubrication if he got payed enough.

  • Zachary Heath
    Zachary Heath14 timer siden

    All of you guys are wrong Dennis is just Asian

  • Ronald Rubin
    Ronald Rubin14 timer siden

    The best LTT Video made my day cant stop laughing

  • hugo sanches
    hugo sanches15 timer siden

    The poor people knows how to spend the money better linus! Hahah

  • SM
    SM15 timer siden

    This is what happens when children have adult money.

  • Milutin Stankovic
    Milutin Stankovic16 timer siden


  • Dular Bewal
    Dular Bewal16 timer siden

    Is there vacancy at ltt😂

  • ابو فله AboFlah
    ابو فله AboFlah16 timer siden

    A minute of your time is a mercy on the young Muslims everywhere.🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🌹👍

  • ابو فله AboFlah
    ابو فله AboFlah16 timer siden

    Subscribe, but we sang.

  • Ludicrous
    Ludicrous16 timer siden

    I have the same pillow as that guy - the one with yellow - what the fuck

  • Cool DNL
    Cool DNL17 timer siden

    Dennis is just dumbass lol. Not joking. Stupid jokes, silly questions, stupid decisions...

  • mSa
    mSa18 timer siden

    Dennis is like a 10 year old child somehow

  • Jeremy Corbin
    Jeremy Corbin18 timer siden

    2:03 "my colour theme is white"

  • Motanu Jora
    Motanu Jora18 timer siden

    Can somebody tell me what chair is that please? The office one that dennis bought

  • Dr Darkside
    Dr Darkside19 timer siden

    Bruh is that motherboard a business mother board this is why you need to learn some pc shit before you spend you money on shit and this man regrets buying this shit

  • Zedtic
    Zedtic20 timer siden


  • AshMatrix
    AshMatrix23 timer siden

    idk which is worse, this or the verge and their $2000 pc build

  • Wanderer Digital Media
    Wanderer Digital MediaDag siden

    This has been theee most entertaining episode of LTT entirely!

  • Artofficial
    ArtofficialDag siden

    his energy makes it worth it

  • MiMi Gamez
    MiMi GamezDag siden

    I love Dennis. I relate to him the most. AAAAAAAA I LOVE THE LIVE LAUGH LIAO SIGNNNN

  • scrubudubdub
    scrubudubdubDag siden

    I wish I had a gaming pc I can barley run gmod

  • ItsRodLP
    ItsRodLPDag siden

    Dennis is awesome! Such a comedian 😂

  • John Doe
    John DoeDag siden

    love the new intro

  • Thrackerzod


    Dag siden

    I believe that's specifically for the extreme tech upgrade series

  • Zenocraft
    ZenocraftDag siden

    dennis would cost a lot in therapy for linus and everyone in general.

  • Jessy Soucy
    Jessy SoucyDag siden

    Can i have your desk!? I will buy it if i have to! I need some Dennis in my life XD

  • wrathe_PRSM
    wrathe_PRSMDag siden

    nvidia nvenc rtx vtx vvenc g assist gsync v assist freesync

  • Tazer XI
    Tazer XIDag siden

    I guess he didn't blow the budget then

  • Tyler Swan
    Tyler SwanDag siden

    This guys so fucking funny

  • Nawaf The FearBraker
    Nawaf The FearBrakerDag siden

    Dennis: Shorter than Linus Also Dennis: You're too short.

  • [PLD] ni ug neq
    [PLD] ni ug neqDag siden

    Anyone else remember the scene in the first iron man where that redhead pulled the electromagnet out of tony. I don't trust Denise and electrical work.

  • Shadow PvP
    Shadow PvPDag siden

    Dennis, I can’t get my foot out. Dennis! DENNIS HELP ME GET MY FOOT OUT! And that was the last we saw of Linus.

  • C BABY
    C BABYDag siden


  • C BABY
    C BABYDag siden


  • Dragojuice
    DragojuiceDag siden

    So the LTT logo actually stands for Live. Laugh. Liao. And those last two Ls are flipped for artistic flair.

  • FreezeFrank _
    FreezeFrank _Dag siden

    skin link doesn't work

  • AnimalZone4479
    AnimalZone4479Dag siden

    Dennis: you're too short and Linus are about the same height so if he can't feel it then neither can you Dennis

  • Alec Papa
    Alec PapaDag siden

    I love Dennis

  • Wheryez AG
    Wheryez AGDag siden

    this guy has no clue what hes doing

  • LtdCloud
    LtdCloudDag siden

    I wouldn't say no to a 5000$ Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade xD

  • Yuri zachari Uno de joya
    Yuri zachari Uno de joyaDag siden

    Please linus don't fire him

  • Henry
    HenryDag siden

    But Mom I need it for school

  • hangming zheng
    hangming zhengDag siden

    The tacky circulation scully bury because decision microbiologically desert astride a therapeutic needle. mountainous, certain grandson

  • Oshwaflz
    OshwaflzDag siden

    stormtroopers lol

  • Elias Jose Gonzalez
    Elias Jose GonzalezDag siden

    Dude! Cut him some slack! Stop antagonizing the dude.

  • Mewin
    MewinDag siden

    how does he work for you he's dumber than me and im 13 lol

  • ian mcafee
    ian mcafeeDag siden

    why would you hire this guy?

  • Rayyan Khan
    Rayyan KhanDag siden

    can I get a setup make over

  • Dingoismyson
    DingoismysonDag siden

    linus is so mean to dennis i fuckin hate linus

  • curtisw0234
    curtisw0234Dag siden

    Dennis should sign out a chair from work... My dude is killing his back

  • PercentMage9
    PercentMage9Dag siden

    I don't like Dennis.

  • Name Pending
    Name PendingDag siden

    Linus has got to be the only Canadian to not say sorry all the time lol

  • Neil D butner
    Neil D butnerDag siden

    More like "live laugh lmao"

  • Mehul Rathore
    Mehul RathoreDag siden

    i love the new intro please put t in all your videos linus

  • mello hello
    mello helloDag siden

    Dennis: your to short Me: your shorter than Linus

  • Andrzej Szafran
    Andrzej SzafranDag siden

    Change the title to "bullying dennis for a straight 20 mins" btw linus you told hin to get hinself stuff he wants so he did it please chill

    AEIOUDag siden

    Imagine Dennis and Madison in the same video.

  • Isaac
    IsaacDag siden

    Linus: How did you get all this stuff for under $5,000? *Dennis, instructs his butler to put the Lamborghini back in the garage*

  • Nick Hearn
    Nick HearnDag siden

    This guy was funny asf 😂😂

  • DanskViking91
    DanskViking91Dag siden

    Fucking legend

  • Rijty Sagarton
    Rijty SagartonDag siden

    Theres Somethin abt asians liking white that I just dont get.

  • Pro Noob
    Pro NoobDag siden

    For Dennis, Minimalist means One Color

  • Pro Noob
    Pro NoobDag siden

    Dennis stresses me out!

  • Maciej
    MaciejDag siden

    Why Dennis try so hard to be funny... He failed that.

  • Nico
    NicoDag siden

    @Linus Tech Tips i really need a pc, would you make the sam for me😇

  • David H.
    David H.Dag siden

    did he exceed his allowance?

  • Reindert Twigt
    Reindert TwigtDag siden

    A flippin 3080 with 16 GB of ram?!?! What a messed up world we live in.....

  • Jo Munianga
    Jo Munianga2 dager siden

    This guy has me cracking

  • thelilpatty
    thelilpatty2 dager siden

    6:24 the chair SUS😳

  • RJ Cox
    RJ Cox2 dager siden

    lmfao i herd the dial up noise when linus was looking confused as shit when dennis told linus his feet hurt after sitting for so long editing videos

  • Human Games
    Human Games2 dager siden

    So he can just get a 3080?

  • Roben Doski
    Roben Doski2 dager siden

    No cap, Denis is the most funny guy in LTT.

  • Tausif Jahangir
    Tausif Jahangir2 dager siden

    Linus: Why did you buy this?? Dennis: Because its free real estate.

  • crmags
    crmags2 dager siden

    Dennis bring shame to all Taiwanese...

  • Tkowalchuk
    Tkowalchuk2 dager siden

    How much did he spend?

  • [Glaze] ponyo
    [Glaze] ponyo2 dager siden

    I would fire Dennis 😂

  • Kapa
    Kapa2 dager siden

    Denis: I want a beautiful white graphics card with a screen. Also Dennis: I want my PC hidden under the desk.

  • Pavlos Pavlou
    Pavlos Pavlou2 dager siden

    @Linus Tech Tips I Love his White Set Up. :)

  • Windows 7
    Windows 72 dager siden

    My feet hurt sometimes when i sit to long so i would buy it but dont be so rude