Did Michael Jordan make the right choice by drafting LaMelo Ball to the Hornets? | First Take


Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams weigh in on whether Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets made the right choice by drafting LaMelo Ball with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.
#FirstTake #NBA
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  • jumpshot13
    jumpshot138 minutter siden

    LaMelo as a future superstar? I'm not seeing it. MJ might as well take his place and make a return.

  • Kris West
    Kris WestTime siden

    Jay Williams is trash.

  • George Witt
    George WittTime siden

    The best guard and big man were taken!

  • Bryce McQueen
    Bryce McQueen2 timer siden

    This guy better watch how he speaks about Black Jesus!

  • levi shoemaker
    levi shoemaker3 timer siden

    The ball family is all talk. Nothing more.

  • Dedrick Walter
    Dedrick Walter4 timer siden

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  • Reviews From The 6
    Reviews From The 64 timer siden

    Lets support and help each other grow before 2020 ends. Come through

  • Rabarberellum 101
    Rabarberellum 1014 timer siden

    For MJ, and Charlotte, it would be best if Lebron becomes owner of a NBA team after his retirement. The competitive nature of MJ would make him do his best of making this team a succes on the floor instead of just a hobby or way of making money. (though in this specific case he couldn't take any other pick)

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    3 timer siden

    So Jordan taking it personal just went to a whole other level. Drafted a kid just to play his father 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Franchise Sapa
    Franchise Sapa5 timer siden

    Jason williams is annoying analyst

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    3 timer siden

    MJ always goes for the hype.

  • Dustin Horner
    Dustin Horner5 timer siden

    Its the environment N.C. like N.Y. there too hard on people in general think what does to athletes. It works in college cuz there insulated.

  • Jerry Cue
    Jerry Cue5 timer siden

    In today's NBA, it doesn't matter who they pick. Because in just a few years we all know that he could be traded or asked to be. So, draft whoever will draw the crowd and get viewers while he's hot ticket.

  • Quincy
    Quincy5 timer siden

    Listen with Lamelo's ball handling wizardry, court vision, and saucy play-making ability at 6'7 he's either going to be like Pistol Pete or White Chocolate but most of all he's going to make everyone around him better because he sees the game 2-3 frame ahead and that's a rare gift to have. Only a few NBA players have had that ability, I've mentioned two of them and the other ones were Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and LeBron. LaMelo has the best vision coming into the NBA in a generation. He's a true PG and even though he's not an explosive athlete like Westbrook, he will still dunk on you and he's 6'7 with long arms so he can shoot over any PG. His next evolution is really to focus on the defensive end, work on is lower body, and figure out the best shooting form because even though he can get hot and shoot from anywhere ( he scored 92point in highschool) his release is inconsistent. But unlike Zo, he's a bit above average as an FT shooter so eventually, he will become more consistent.

  • kwam90210
    kwam902106 timer siden


  • hypnosquirrel
    hypnosquirrel6 timer siden

    no but was likely the best choice under the circumstances.

  • Superman 23
    Superman 236 timer siden

    Breakfast??..tea???...what happen to Wheaties??..isn't that breakfast of champions?

  • Georgia Woolley
    Georgia Woolley6 timer siden

    So we finally gonna see Michael 'I took it personal' Jordan vs Lavar 'Never loss' Ball

  • chris novander
    chris novander7 timer siden

    BB players are jurks

  • Craig Hayes
    Craig Hayes8 timer siden

    This is the dumbest pick in the history of the game. No defense and cannot shoot.

  • Steven McNally
    Steven McNally8 timer siden

    "Greatest athlete in the history of sports" Smiles in Gretzky 😂

    JOSHUA LEONARDO9 timer siden

    If max kellerman is black, he will be fired on ESPN

  • Deven Mccullough
    Deven Mccullough11 timer siden

    MJ only drafted him to get that one on one with Lavar lol ......... He took it personal

  • Jorge mxjp
    Jorge mxjp11 timer siden

    hey I like A. Smith talking more like a person these days , finally i can watch the video without mute on!

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta12 timer siden

    MJ always goes for the hype.

  • dutoiu hour
    dutoiu hour12 timer siden

    So Jordan taking it personal just went to a whole other level. Drafted a kid just to play his father 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh
    Josh12 timer siden

    Lamelo gonna be better than Zion

  • vaanhmatbomoi nhonucuoi
    vaanhmatbomoi nhonucuoi12 timer siden

    americanidol twintoys lofijazz samanthabee

  • Jazmine Ferraris
    Jazmine Ferraris13 timer siden

    January 2nd: Garcia vs. Campbell

  • dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour

    12 timer siden

    Remember Jorgan is the G.O.A.T

  • Karim Karimov
    Karim Karimov14 timer siden

    Did Max just call Melo better passer than Zo??!!!?

  • stxzzylwky
    stxzzylwky15 timer siden

    It's easy to critique professionals and to analyze good and bad players the reporter or whatever was either salty or already looks miserable talking about Lamelo being draft #3 No one should be talking that much negativity even if your on the sidelines if you haven't been on the court their opinions shouldn't matter Lamelo is a great pick🙅🏽‍♂️🔥💯

  • ricky chen
    ricky chen16 timer siden

    I remember when he was on NOlocal a few years ago and now he’s in the NBA.. I feel old now lol

    DREVM16 timer siden

    He instantly ruined the pick by signing Hayward.

  • Michael J
    Michael J17 timer siden

    The 3rd ball brother is Cooper Manning🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Michael J
    Michael J17 timer siden

    Ninjas Not checking for the Hornets in Charlotte 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Clayton Bixby
    Clayton Bixby17 timer siden

    Kwahme Brown

  • Family And Money's Everything
    Family And Money's Everything18 timer siden

    All of the Ball Brothers will be Hornets 🐝...

  • Rafath Hweih
    Rafath Hweih19 timer siden

    Melo and Hayward... kinda nice If you think about it. Him in Boston he didn’t really contribute but that’s because so many young talent on the team. So him going to the hornets will give him the ability to contribute in a lot of ways with Melo along side him.

  • FuZeKyro
    FuZeKyro20 timer siden

    “Greatest athlete in the history of sports” is cristano Ronaldo a joke to you

  • Moneyonfleek _

    Moneyonfleek _

    20 timer siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 stop it

  • josh darius
    josh darius20 timer siden

    This dude is a moron that talks like Socrates...he said ThE cLIPPERS WERE A LOCK TO WIN THE TITLE AND NOW THAT mj IS A MASTER JUDGE OF TALENT...GUARANTEE lAMELO IS A huge BUST

  • Arklin Lau
    Arklin Lau21 time siden

    PapaBALL vs MJ take it personal

  • Geezee 5six2
    Geezee 5six221 time siden

    When this kid fail like his older brother we will be seeing the crying Jordan again

  • Geezee 5six2

    Geezee 5six2

    8 timer siden

    @Hebrew Seven Ha the ball family ain’t gonna get u a championship

  • Hebrew Seven

    Hebrew Seven

    18 timer siden

    I bet him and brother doing better than you!

  • Olivia
    Olivia21 time siden

    I still feel bad for Lonzo that his dad was like "oh no worries LaMelo is the best player of all my kids"

  • jed hoppe
    jed hoppe21 time siden

    Remember Jorgan is the G.O.A.T

  • Stephan Williams
    Stephan Williams21 time siden

    LaMelo gonna be an average non difference maker on a 8 or nine seed just like his brother

  • tiDDies aTTic
    tiDDies aTTic21 time siden

    Just checked back in with ESPN after several months..&..yup, Max & Stephen A are still dbags 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • James Brickner
    James Brickner21 time siden

    Mitch Kupchak is the Hornets GM. Clickbait.

  • #14
    #1421 time siden

    I agree with Max. He is good passer. Defense is weak, broken shot, not that athletic, not physically imposing , basketball IQ is yet to be determined. He is not gritty or aggressive. Good handle,..but I don’t see the attraction. After a while, people have to stop using the kids age as an excuse. He should have gone to college. He didn’t even dominate overseas. I hope he proves me wrong. Good luck to MJ. Maybe MJ should try owning a baseball club instead of basketball.

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    21 time siden

    Micheal Jordan is going to take this personally.

  • Thomas Watkins
    Thomas Watkins22 timer siden

    Did Michael Jordan make a mistake by giving BLM $250 million? Where's the money Michael? College funds? Small businesses? In a year we will all be saying >==> hahahahaha

  • drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm

    21 time siden

    If Molly was there "I'll never forgive lavar" Everybody: *Crickets

  • Sir jLabucks
    Sir jLabucks22 timer siden

    Black magic spell activated against MJ😂

  • Jackson Daron
    Jackson Daron22 timer siden

    Micheal Jordan is going to take this personally.

  • Malik Hopkins
    Malik Hopkins23 timer siden

    NOlocal and stuff ... Max's voice lol

  • Brent Carroll
    Brent Carroll23 timer siden


    SPIKE CARLYLE23 timer siden

    *Heart says yes head says no* comments incoming

  • deni v1c70r
    deni v1c70r23 timer siden

    What is crazy is that lamelo play like he has 15 years old, no discipline on the court, and the hype still growing. CRAZY

  • Tony Ochoa
    Tony OchoaDag siden

    This new generation really changing everything.

  • Ross Ginn
    Ross GinnDag siden

    Clearly loves his kids...thats why he keeps hogging their spotlight.

  • NJTDover
    NJTDoverDag siden

    Another Kwame Mohamed Brown?

  • raytehbum
    raytehbumDag siden

    respect for admitting his mistake. being a Warriors fan from the Bay, was super confused when he talked about Bogut shooting

  • Ftl Rig
    Ftl RigDag siden

    he has the same rating as his bro on 2k 😂

  • PullupintheG G35
    PullupintheG G35Dag siden

    “BOX OFFICE” bro whaaaaaat?

  • Louis Alexander
    Louis AlexanderDag siden

    Thinking about it... Lamelo will bring in a lot of young folks to watch. Spotify his brothers are young. Lamelo seems way more in tune with the younger crowd, which will be good to gain new fans. He just gotta swag it out and get busy

  • Daniel Medina
    Daniel MedinaDag siden

    If Molly was there "I'll never forgive lavar" Everybody: *Crickets

  • Michael Rainho

    Michael Rainho

    19 timer siden


  • joh bhan
    joh bhanDag siden

    Micheal Jordan is going to take this personally.

  • Carlo Ray Gegremosa
    Carlo Ray GegremosaDag siden

    add kwame brown

  • Frhidae West
    Frhidae WestDag siden

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  • ProReid03
    ProReid03Dag siden

    so MJ can challenge LaVar 1on1 - he took it personally🤣

  • Ben Dover
    Ben DoverDag siden


  • bruce bagley
    bruce bagleyDag siden

    What player did he miss on? Y’all act like we had #1 pick a few times

  • Deangelo Nole
    Deangelo NoleDag siden

    Pretty excited for Melo to go to Hornets! He can grow and they can him the green light.

  • Wavy B
    Wavy BDag siden

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but for a Point Guard. LaMelo moves like a truck lol for his age he has to be explosive. Even older players are faster than him 😂😂😂 , he ain’t gonna be a game changer

  • Sappy
    SappyDag siden

    F in the chat to pay respects for LiAngelo

  • angel figueroa
    angel figueroaDag siden

    Yes he did

  • Jonah Smith
    Jonah SmithDag siden

    every bad team is just missing a good leader

  • Don Francois
    Don FrancoisDag siden

    MJ sees the players talents but the players don't bring it that's all.

  • Michael Real
    Michael RealDag siden

    Lavar Is Trash 🗑️ Idk How Ppl See This Kid Good Or Great

  • Heartless Monster
    Heartless MonsterDag siden

    Why was terry roziers name even mentioned? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • foch41
    foch41Dag siden

    Jordan just sitting back waiting for Emoni Bates

  • Anti JJ
    Anti JJDag siden

    Who did beast boy love more Raven or Tessa?

  • Disco/Secret
    Disco/SecretDag siden

    Sometimes, SAS sounds like he knows nothing about sports. This is one of those times.

  • Disco/Secret
    Disco/SecretDag siden

    The kid has ZERO defense. I bet he’s traded in less than 2 years, out of the league in 5.

  • BobbyBigBallsツ


    15 timer siden


  • King Fredbird
    King FredbirdDag siden

    Remember when this show USED to be good?

  • jadcock1023
    jadcock1023Dag siden

    If they could shut lamelo dads mouth it might be a good choice

  • Zero fucks Given
    Zero fucks GivenDag siden

    The Ball kids are good kids

  • Relly S
    Relly SDag siden

    As a tea drinker ....SAS was spot on with his tea suggestion at the end

  • Andrew Madrid
    Andrew MadridDag siden

    Jordan’s best draft pick ever

  • Eclipalypse •
    Eclipalypse •Dag siden

    Get off of Jordans tip

  • Lupus Maximus
    Lupus MaximusDag siden

    Wait what exactly was the drink that Steven A said at the end lmao I need that ASAP if it works even a little bit

  • SmoothView
    SmoothViewDag siden

    Lonzo and Melo just have to play well and the the prophecy of LaVar Ball will come true of all Ball boys playing together. I'm rooting for it too.

  • Frida y
    Frida yDag siden

    I learned a new word today ; Ambidexterity

  • Hilosa Erfam
    Hilosa ErfamDag siden

    Jordan: "Welcome to the team" LaMelo: "Thank you MJ" Jordan later: "It became personal"

  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney RuckerDag siden


  • Rodney Rucker
    Rodney RuckerDag siden


  • KW Has A Message
    KW Has A MessageDag siden

    Michael did the family a favor, how did Lamelo become top three of the draft, I'm confused.

  • Thomas Dean
    Thomas DeanDag siden

    He made the right decision. I pray he finds a way to contact me They need help with there shooting if Michael give me a opportunity I want let him down its time for a change in that Hornets organization the future new ideas to turn this team into a championship contender.

  • KW Has A Message
    KW Has A MessageDag siden

    Why such a sad face of Michael Jordan?

  • Prav_ een
    Prav_ eenDag siden

    First of all MJ is just the owner and not the GM 😂 .... Y will he be accountable.... Just for your content you guys bring up his name

  • Cody Loco
    Cody LocoDag siden

    Can MJ sign himself to the Hornets?

  • Mike Caldwell
    Mike CaldwellDag siden

    Max argument was at Jordan not lamelo

  • Matt Jones
    Matt JonesDag siden

    Another Jordan bust draft pick. The next Ricky Rubio 2.0.

  • J H
    J HDag siden

    Interviewer: Do you... Lamelo: Definitely

  • Jay Mendoza
    Jay MendozaDag siden