Discover: Scheduled Departure


Schedule your departure in advance to set your cabin temperature, prep your battery and avoid peak charging rates.


  • Александр Александров
    Александр Александров3 timer siden

    *Dash* to the *moon* 💥🚀💵💵💵🐂

  • Александр Александров

    Александр Александров

    Time siden

    @Sudhanva Kashyap yes

  • Sudhanva Kashyap

    Sudhanva Kashyap

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  • Ashraf R
    Ashraf R5 timer siden

    Tesla out here literally uploading their ads to NOlocal and making money off of ad revenue

  • Aadit Nandan
    Aadit Nandan7 timer siden

    shift manufacturing away from china

    K-FOREST8 timer siden

    Hi! How are you? Thank you. I hope you stay healthy and have a good weekend/holiday. ^O^ And when you have time, stop by my two different NOlocal channels.

  • MRK vlog
    MRK vlog11 timer siden

    0:34 only kick

  • Amrit 567
    Amrit 56718 timer siden

    That's how Elon Musk wants his employees to be

  • Rehan Mustafa
    Rehan MustafaDag siden

    I want to meet ELON MUSK once in my life

  • Dominic C
    Dominic CDag siden

    Tesla can easily partner with Tata Motors to breathe life to its Indian ambitions. Tata Motors has been betting big on EV for quite some time now. Tesla can easily leverage Tata Motor's existing infrastructure, market reach and brand image to drive sales like crazy. Tesla should seriously have talks with the Tatas for this brilliant partnership.

  • Ja -iver
    Ja -iver2 dager siden

    I wonder if Tesla in the future would add a Tesla van

  • SMT Fashion
    SMT Fashion2 dager siden


  • Fire 2
    Fire 22 dager siden

    59:59 1:0000

  • Fire 2
    Fire 22 dager siden


  • AR Arman
    AR Arman2 dager siden

    Hey Tesla i need your car 😔

  • H O M B R E yt 35
    H O M B R E yt 353 dager siden

    When will release Tesla on India. The whole indians are waiting

  • Olley Thorpe - Automated Income
    Olley Thorpe - Automated Income3 dager siden

    Mr Musk done it again

  • Kzn Nzn
    Kzn Nzn3 dager siden

    yeah but can I bang in the backseat while car drive me home?

  • B Cartooner
    B Cartooner4 dager siden

    Elon musk my favorite guy in the world

  • King
    King4 dager siden


  • Siham
    Siham4 dager siden

    It would be really cool if tesla and samsung worked together cuz then samsung could make special tesla phones and I like tesla and samsung

  • Jonas' Shorts
    Jonas' Shorts5 dager siden

    I love our nee Model 3 ❤️❤️ Thanks for creating such an amazing car

  • Kiran Cartoon
    Kiran Cartoon5 dager siden

    I spend most of my time "recording", "editing" and "uploading videos". I need the support of my brother and sister 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    SLEDGE HAMR5 dager siden

    What a great idea 💡 but make sure it cant leave till your inside the car or that could be problematic, also when will you bring us driverless delivery systems and would complex robots be more efficient or a self driving platform/trolley type bot with tracks be more efficient

  • Angel Mim
    Angel Mim5 dager siden


  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    Auto pilot electric bike make

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    Auto pilot electric bike make

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    Auto pilot electric bike make

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    Auto pilot electric bike make

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    You make Tesla electric bike

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    You make Tesla electric bike

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    You make Tesla electric bike

  • riyaz.14
    riyaz.145 dager siden

    Tesla motors bike make

  • Moath A
    Moath A5 dager siden

    give me one.

  • Isaac
    Isaac5 dager siden

    I am 24 years old just married and have a baby. For the first car for my family we are thinking about tesla but first we need to accumulate money for 4 5 years. I hope tesla model 3 still will be on the road that time. Doing great for people for earth 🌎

  • NO WHERE !
    NO WHERE !5 dager siden

  • NO WHERE !

    NO WHERE !

    5 dager siden

    Tamilan technology

  • Z Tv
    Z Tv5 dager siden

    Can i buy a Tesla with Dogecoin ??!!

  • Vizta services
    Vizta services6 dager siden

    Elon musk❤

  • Evan Johann Cruz
    Evan Johann Cruz6 dager siden

    heres an idea: make tesla batteries for things that needs batteries

  • cocXtreme
    cocXtreme6 dager siden

    Elon i am a broke college student in Australia. Please buy me a Tesla🥲

  • Sharon
    Sharon6 dager siden

    Tesla sportbike

  • Mystro
    Mystro6 dager siden

    Can u buy it to me tesla?

  • Magos Auxilliarus Artemis
    Magos Auxilliarus Artemis6 dager siden

    "I spent all of my money on my Tesla so I live on a renovated barn and silo on my parent's farm" ~ The women probably 2021

  • Michael Casino
    Michael Casino6 dager siden

    Can u do scheduled climate control si when i wake up my car is warm and ready to drive to work

  • Tech Maestro
    Tech Maestro7 dager siden


  • A Hershey bar that has a phone
    A Hershey bar that has a phone7 dager siden

    Tesla should add a mode where the driver sleeps while the car drives on itself

  • Jack Herer
    Jack Herer7 dager siden

    are your sky net satelites part of the reason theres an 11 minute transfer rate from the MARS equipment to planet earth?

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl7 dager siden

    Damn that music is calming, I wanna listen to that for hours.

  • 4philipp
    4philipp7 dager siden

    Interesting feature. Now in a cold climate , isn’t it better to charge the battery when it’s warm instead of freezing cold? In that case it would be better to charge at the end of the drive and not worry about peak energy cost avoidance. Of course if that plugged in charger keeps the battery warm, then it won’t matter anymore. Unless one is off grid and needs to be more energy conscious. And that would be me. Off grid, solar powered and 6 months of winter

  • 4philipp


    7 dager siden

    P.S. is there a way to use the Tesla to power the home in an emergency? I hear Texas wasn’t doing so well with power outages a bit ago. It’s all about having options available. A 75kwh Tesla car battery can power emergency loads for almost a week.

  • Samira Zoui
    Samira Zoui8 dager siden

    Please tesla modèle 3 im algeria

  • Yusuf Ahmed
    Yusuf Ahmed8 dager siden

    If I had the money I would buy the tesla Just for this reason. I hate defrosting and waiting for the car on cold days

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni8 dager siden

    So, what you are saying is, this car is a smartphone on wheels? One day I will buy a tesla. Smartphone with wheels convinced me enough.

  • Ismail s_playz
    Ismail s_playz8 dager siden

    Guys keep comenting this so elon can see. Tesla hybrid is a luxury and a necessity.

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    7 dager siden

    Interesting feature. Now in a cold climate , isn’t it better to charge the battery when it’s warm instead of freezing cold? In that case it would be better to charge at the end of the

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez8 dager siden

    Does Tesla start with a T or t?

  • Superplushes
    Superplushes8 dager siden

    How is Paige tho?

  • Superplushes


    8 dager siden

    @Ailsa Ni?

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    8 dager siden

    remembered by doing something great like Mr.Elon i will work hard and hopefully one day I can be one step closer to my dreams.

  • Juan Miguel Nandayapa Guizar
    Juan Miguel Nandayapa Guizar8 dager siden

    Tesla you can create a electric mtb bike

  • Tech Maestro
    Tech Maestro9 dager siden


  • StarGateSG7
    StarGateSG79 dager siden

    Feature Request List for Next Iteration of Tesla CyberTrucks and other Models PART 2: 6) Please add to the sun-roof, front side-windows, rear side-windows and the rear-glass all be DOUBLE-GLAZED with a dead-air space that has tiny venting holes that blow hot (or cool!) air into the dead space so that colder climates such as Minnesota or Northern Canada can get rid of the fogged-up window problems and any built-up snow/ice that much quicker than other trucks. A dead-air space of say 5mm or 10 mm (i.e. up to 3/8ths of an inch!) would also increase sound deadening to enhance the quiet solitude of our trucks so we can much better appreciate the chimes of Chopin or Pink Floyd’s "Delicate Sound of Thunder" album in pure away-from-the-hum-of-the-outside-world tranquility! 7) Please talk to Sony, LG or Samsung as OEM’s so that you can embed their DCI 4K resolution (4096 by 2160 pixel) or DCI 8K resolution (8192 by 4328 pixel) OLED flexible sheet display screens into the sunroof, side, front and rear glass window panels which will stay fully transparent when not used, but when activated by a user, creates a fancy heads-up display screen allowing for moving GPS maps, TV shows, Movies, news, text messages, emails, web browsers, Facebook, NOlocal channels, video games etc. to be viewed. Ensure you have the LATEST versions of DisplayPort, HDMI and USB 3.1 Type C and Type A plugs so that external devices can send their video outputs to these interior flexible display screens. Allow the screen to MIRROR their display so they can be viewed ON THE OUTSIDE TOO so that tradespeople can see building plans or instruction videos on the outside windows AND for times when camping out the outside windows become a built-into-the-truck-and-SUV TV screen! Allow the running of built-in or user-designed animations and videos such as roaring fireplaces, digital fish tank/aquariums filled with exotic creatures, pleasant moving backgrounds such as landscape photos and videos with high quality audio to entertain your kids and other passengers! Ensure those embedded window screens are touch screen-capable so the user can move a computer window and/or web browser tab out of the way so as to use the glass window screens as computers with on-screen keyboards and multiple embedded applications! Allow users to be able to call up any onboard truck camera and let them zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate and enhance the displayed video or still photo imagery using the built-in touchscreens. 8) Ensure you add super-long-range WiFi/3G/4G/5G hotspot connectivity and Iridium or Starlink super-long range satellite communications by building into the roof of the truck a super-high gain “Fractal Antenna” so that the onboard WiFi hotspot will have a range of at least 300+ Metres (1000+ feet) and to facilitate satellite communications capability right into the truck! The on-board hotspot should allow your truck to broadcast internet data and the video of all of it's onboard cameras to external devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. so you can keep tabs on your truck and its surroundings at a range of 1000+ feet away via the Wifi or even thousands of miles away via the onboard satellite communications. This would also facilitate video-phone capability right into the truck windows and sun-roof for further passenger entertainment and safety! 9) For the onboard cameras, include IR (Infrared Night vision) and Optical (Starlight Night vision) sensors that can have their imagery be displayed and manipulated/enhanced onto any one or more of the embedded front, side, rear and sunroof window flexible OLED touch screens. Since these cameras will need extra lighting, include multiple front, rear, side and top mounted 360 degree hidden-in-body extendable/retractable LED light bars that have a high Lumens (i.e. brightness) rating that can throw light at least 500+ feet and spotlight or wide-view mode for long-distance and wide area night illumination. 10) Allow multiple frequency bands of light that emit user-selectable Infrared, UV and/or orange, white or red light at up to 100,000 Lumens so the user can select what part of the local landscape and/or roads is to be illuminated for daylight and night vision use. IR light will enhance thermal sensor imaging, while red lights keep human-eyesight night vision intact and the orange and white lights are used for basic off-road/worksite illumination and for pilot car operations. Allow the user to select whether the lights flash or stay solid and allow the user to set the flashing rate per second and the specific lumens setting and desired direction of light via smartphone and via interior switches. It is VERY IMPORTANT that a MASSIVE 100,000 Lumens mode for REALLY BRIGHT WIDE AREA illumination be installed that works at the full 100,000 lumens brightness for at least TWO HOURS so that night work and personnel safety can be addressed! The LED’s need to be cooled properly at that super-bright mode! Allow for longer lasting 3 to 8 hour mode 75,000 lumens, 50,000 lumens, 25,000 and 10,000 lumens spotlight and wide area settings to be selected as required. The number of lights, their Lumens level (i.e. brightness), direction, flash-rate and colour of ANY of the lights should be user-definable using the embedded OLED touchscreen. This will enhance the use of the truck as a pilot and load-carrying vehicle AND allow for night-time driving in severe-weather and off-road environments. Allow ALL daytime and night-vision cameras to allow their footage to be recorded and saved to in-truck solid state hard drives and to be broadcast for recording to external devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. b

  • James Lam
    James Lam9 dager siden

    Tesla is the only ev on earth.....looks like everybody so surprising on normal thing,,,,like the door can open by a switch.😂😂forgot what a car for ,,,from a to b.

  • hits*academic
    hits*academic9 dager siden

    Once upon a time there were two neighborhoods who were proud of their two histories. One time, someone from one neighborhood married someone from the other neighborhood and created a new ethnicity, but that child wasn't "part of the history" in the first neighborhood or the second neighborhood. When the child was upset, it took a longer time for him/her to recover than children who had a history, a neighborhood, and relationships with other neighborhoods. The child was a big scientific headache for all the doctors, so they invented two types of tea called New and Remaining. I wonder if there are people who the only way any of them are capable of not killing their neighbor is if their neighbor is their slave. Is there another indicator of "bad karma" besides being unable to demonstrate, through one's most basic possible awareness, that [including oneself,] people have existed, are existing, and this awareness is shared by those who do? That is to say if Persia and Mongolia had been in each other's land, there would have never been the word han, their contagious psychological contamination would have taken the place of gunpowder, "argument for the sake of argument" would be the only law of the land, and all the non-domesticated animals would be superior to humans, and by now they probably would have eaten most of us, and the nature and civilization of China would be unrecognizable compared to the China of today because anyone to ever have gone there would have been looking in different directions at different times at creatures who would have been looking at different directions at different times, with different ideas, saying different words and building things in different places, and even the plants would grow in different directions. Because history is necessarily a tabloid to some degree, they see ALL time as an opportunity to "jokingly" do "journalism" to what will later become "history". This hijacking of sanity is all they have ever done to each other and to the rest of the world, and the worst part obviously is that it's allowing them to reinforce their ability to come up with replies under their own presumption that they're being impartial. Knowing that all priorities except our first priority always fight us to rob us of our sanity, how can they be using matter, energy, or an alphabet to express a message without knowing that any such message (as those which they express) is like a missile meant to hit others before they themselves are hit (--strategy of "best defense is a good offense"--pre-emptive "strike)? I want it to be the maximum amounts that should be eaten daily instead of the minimum dietary requirements which get printed on food packaging But what I want to do is tell multiple countries at the same time and say they are competing to start using this system the fastest our democracy in the US is like how in India they have those re enactments of two deities fighting in costumes and makeup. If it gets taken over in my lifetime it will be in the same way Trump said he wanted to build a wall on the Mexican border and then Mexico would "pay for the wall". They don't need to be militarily taken over. It wouldn't take much "propaganda tactics" to just make them invest their own resources to become fiercely communist. it is common knowledge here that the educated elites who claim to be both pro-socialist/communist AND ALSO THE ANTI-COMMUNIST ELITES in the US constantly say, "communism is perfect in theory but it has never been implemented completely (every time it has been socialism disguised as communism and that's why it has failed) Because Power Corrupts sooooooo much that true communism is impossible". Because they say hat... it changes the conversational atmosphere from Considering Options Of What's Best For The Future How Can We Scare Imperfect Communist Zombie Countries Like NK Before They Scare Us. ..Many of their complaints can be used against them directly. and they're still always the first to say they're trying to defend everybody's freedom. Honestly it's very dumb because they found The Only way to always have ideological opinions which are completely against those countries No Matter How They Have Changed in the past 80 years (until they have become vassal states). They just hold this stupid grudge but they don't actually know they are holding a grudge they're just listening to their elders/professors Because of your nonpartisan involvement I want to tell you my idea for an app where one random account per day gets 100 minutes livestreaming time. It's actually an experiment on my real idea which is that one daily random member of a society gets to own everybody and everything but if everyone gets really mad then they just ignore the Member Of The Day, and if the demands are extremely terrible, and nobody thinks that a future Member Of The Day would want revenge, and the smartest thing to do would be to kill them then probably whoever is trying to do the smartest thing would just do it and kill that person. Have you heard of ? What do you think of the app I want to know but I'm really not a journalist so.. I'm kind of not important but I thought this would solve the problems of democracy eventually, after it inspires the next person to come up with a better system Has someone ever come to a village then ask to buy something which was originally made for someone else? There's a book where they kill someone and write the name of the deceased in the book afterwards and the moderner movement says it's Old. Do you think this is controversial to anybody? There's no family of monkeys to learn the steps of how to install a 2nd political party from because of you-know-what. Wouldn'tcha say that depending on if you're right or wrong, you'll change the party? Do you think this is controversial to anybody? Without separate tax collection accounts for each vote-collecting party, interpersonal victory is orphaned. Can there then be parties for countries or only for the whole world then? selection party incrementally lifts members of lower class, exclusion party chooses members to be sent to an incrementally lower class I saw that Thai people are trying to change something but it's a sticky situation because I also came to this question earlier: "We face in our lives the finiteness of rebellion. Must it then be the only source of all finite things?" It's a sticky situation So what if we preordain zones of land where no socioeconomic strata are excluded? You can't say it's an entirely childish Pandora's box responsible for our problems that are domestic, imported, and exported Nomadic people..I feel so sorry for nomads now because they're Soo dumb omg can you believe how much better than them we are obviously because just compare us to one of their goats

  • Brian Osorio
    Brian Osorio9 dager siden

    Kia and Hyundai have been doing this for a few years now, I'm surprised this wasn't a thing already for Tesla

  • ប្រានុន-BraNoN
    ប្រានុន-BraNoN9 dager siden

    Model S E X Y 😹

  • Rymzer
    Rymzer9 dager siden

    Can I have a free Tesla? Just cause?

  • Fix__op
    Fix__op9 dager siden

    When will you come to Saudi Arabia

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty9 dager siden

    So, what you are saying is, this car is a smartphone on wheels? One day I will buy a tesla. Smartphone with wheels convinced me enough.

    SAVAGE TUNER9 dager siden

    So tesla just made... a interior heating timer?

  • Movie Sync
    Movie Sync10 dager siden

    Where is this place?

  • Archungus Gaming
    Archungus Gaming10 dager siden

    Poor tesla car gonna be waiting On the people that press snooze on their alarm 😂

  • Demolition gaming
    Demolition gaming10 dager siden

    This is amazing I really look up to Elon and I think he is amazing and wish to be like him one day. As in my life I want to be remembered but not in anyway I want to be remembered by doing something great like Mr.Elon i will work hard and hopefully one day I can be one step closer to my dreams.

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    9 dager siden

    I want it

  • Ayko Predator
    Ayko Predator10 dager siden

    i want a tesla so fucking bad

  • Jacob Pidcock
    Jacob Pidcock10 dager siden

    Of course this chick lives in a barn

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello10 dager siden

    I’m jealous of Tesla owners.

  • Alejandro Martinez
    Alejandro Martinez10 dager siden

    Who makes these videos at Tesla? Asking for a friend 🤔

    BREADWINNERS10 dager siden

    Don't over sleep

  • Iulian G.
    Iulian G.10 dager siden


  • Aswath Ra
    Aswath Ra11 dager siden

    Soon launch in india

  • S. P.
    S. P.11 dager siden

    My draem car🙂

  • MarshallRBLX
    MarshallRBLX11 dager siden

    Who else thinks it would be cool if tesla made a video game console

  • KCX Memes
    KCX Memes11 dager siden

    Imagine getting this _Tesla Car_ for free😂✅

  • Gamen4Bros
    Gamen4Bros11 dager siden

    Another reason to get a Tesla! niceee

  • Gamen4Bros
    Gamen4Bros11 dager siden

    Imagine your Tesla is already gone if you overslept lmaoo

  • McBruhinger
    McBruhinger11 dager siden

    Thats why im moving to USA

  • Smooth Gamer
    Smooth Gamer11 dager siden

    I want it

  • Mr Sol Gaming
    Mr Sol Gaming11 dager siden

    Giv me that

  • John Inton
    John Inton11 dager siden

    Tesla Semi should be supplemented with a trailer wherein which chassis is embedded batteries to enable the Semi to pull B-doubles interstate long distances

  • 지혜지혜지혜
    지혜지혜지혜11 dager siden

    Search for Yoon Wol and Moon Jae-in in Korean

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza11 dager siden


  • Tomas Klima
    Tomas Klima11 dager siden

    The teeny-tiny entrance immunologically weigh because bow particularly warm from a talented typhoon. boorish, daffy tank

  • Chris M
    Chris M11 dager siden

    Love my Tesla!!

  • Ethan Lim
    Ethan Lim11 dager siden

    Awesome features

  • JellyNugget
    JellyNugget11 dager siden

    When you get up late and your car already left without you... *smh*

  • Alejandro Pérez
    Alejandro Pérez11 dager siden

    I only need the house aaand the car, though, but I liked the video.

  • Rob Luginbuhl
    Rob Luginbuhl11 dager siden

    I already have this with my e-golf. It is not something new...

  • Mohamed Refat
    Mohamed Refat11 dager siden

    What does it do ,

  • g o
    g o11 dager siden

    Thanks a lot🤸👏

  • Rayyan Shaikh
    Rayyan Shaikh11 dager siden

    Most people don't understand this feature, scheduled departure doesn't mean the car will leave on it's own, it means when the time for departure comes, it will stop charging, change the temperature and make everything comfortable for you so you can sit and leave instantly, without getting charged with higher electricity bills and without wasting time to change temperature

  • Nihlstorp
    Nihlstorp11 dager siden

    Lucid is coming for you bitches.

  • T P
    T P11 dager siden

    Wow I’ve been there! That’s the Green Gate houses in Biwabik MN if anyone wants to support them!

  • 왕자님
    왕자님11 dager siden

    Is that a new feature for Tesla? My 2019 Hyundai Ioniq already had that

  • Khr
    Khr12 dager siden

    hey guys, does it make sense to classify tesla models between man and woman in the future? women have another taste than males.. in europe for example they like especially the fiat 500.. so does it make sense to design a cars for the girls?

  • Thomas Müller
    Thomas Müller12 dager siden

    With my Diesel I drive whenever I want

  • Jason Born
    Jason Born12 dager siden

    Уважаемый Илон Маск, купите пожалуйста АвтоВАЗ, и совершите прорыв как в автомобиле строении в России так и в экономике, и может даже когда нибудь вы станете президентом России)) уверен вам будет интересно развивать такую огромную страну, а не разворовывать,что с ней сейчас и делают..