Do You Love Me?

Vitenskap og teknologi

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.


  • Dark Frank
    Dark Frank5 timer siden

    Goof super!!!!

  • 1sMiku
    1sMiku6 timer siden

    Now do this with rap music and give em a glock. Good luck guys... You'll need it

  • Pamela S.
    Pamela S.6 timer siden

    To those who think this is CGI, it's not. 100% real. Watch the cameraman in the glass. Also, just look at some of their older content to see the evolution of BD.

  • Metsapeura
    Metsapeura6 timer siden

    прогресс пугает...

  • Black Bird

    Black Bird

    6 timer siden

    Точнее монтаж...

  • • Ģâêľ áŕćé the alpha 2021 •
    • Ģâêľ áŕćé the alpha 2021 •6 timer siden

    0:16 if 2020 ends

  • Pamela S.
    Pamela S.6 timer siden

    BD: Do you love me? Me: Hell yeah!

  • Pamela S.
    Pamela S.6 timer siden

    We need BTS please Boston Dynamics!

  • Lite
    Lite6 timer siden

    Take my money💰

  • Reno Raines the BH
    Reno Raines the BH6 timer siden

    I wana drop a meme, but I am actually impressed how they can stand on one leg, without it being at center of the body.

  • Nill Kigger
    Nill Kigger6 timer siden

    Holy shit that robot dog is terrifying

  • Nick Matthews
    Nick Matthews6 timer siden

    I am not a robot. ;)

  • enes durmuş
    enes durmuş6 timer siden


  • Tanweer Ahmad
    Tanweer Ahmad6 timer siden

    this is fucking scarry!

  • Shibansh Sahoo
    Shibansh Sahoo6 timer siden

    I smell corridor crew here!!

  • Edward Roh
    Edward Roh6 timer siden

    we can create advanced sophisticated AI but we can't afford universal healthcare and stimulus checks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • MasterGoblin
    MasterGoblin7 timer siden

    SkyNet look so cute nowadays

  • Eduardo Costa
    Eduardo Costa7 timer siden

    The dance ends with a malware system

  • x xznn_x
    x xznn_x7 timer siden

    The doy is really scary......I mean really!

  • Jhony Barbosa
    Jhony Barbosa7 timer siden

    fico feliz de viver até agora pra testemunhar robos dançantes kkkk

  • Эзерген Пробуров
    Эзерген Пробуров7 timer siden


  • Mr. Commenter

    Mr. Commenter

    7 timer siden

    Imagine a russian bot calling another robot fake

  • andere Baustelle

    andere Baustelle

    7 timer siden

    С чего ты взял что fake?

  • David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez

    7 timer siden


  • Hmm
    Hmm7 timer siden

    Just what we need, robots that can twerk.

  • Josue Silva
    Josue Silva7 timer siden

    Imagine a robot out dancing you.

  • Murat Dede
    Murat Dede7 timer siden


  • lord exohunter
    lord exohunter7 timer siden

    The robots when they finally take over.

  • Evil_ Myers_Jr
    Evil_ Myers_Jr7 timer siden

    wow they shmoovin

  • Gotchaa Beech
    Gotchaa Beech7 timer siden

    This is so awesome

  • Milen Stoychev
    Milen Stoychev7 timer siden

    this is the best dance show i've seen !!!! so talanted :*:*:*:

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris7 timer siden

    Future police officers and police dogs and who knows whatever else.

  • Sourabh Agarwal
    Sourabh Agarwal7 timer siden

    the future looks scary and beautiful at the very same time. ;)

  • Mehmet Yusuf Bircan
    Mehmet Yusuf Bircan7 timer siden

    Humans: Do you love me? Robots: Yesn't

  • Yunus eren Alihanoğlu

    Yunus eren Alihanoğlu

    7 timer siden

    Aha Türk buldum sa

  • Voxpo Puli
    Voxpo Puli7 timer siden

    How do they actuate the limbs so freaking quick ? Pneumatics ?

  • Kira
    Kira7 timer siden

    The end is close.....

  • adam alkhaboori
    adam alkhaboori7 timer siden

    "We take out jobs seriously"

  • Oleksandr Khoriev
    Oleksandr Khoriev7 timer siden


  • Celtic Drones
    Celtic Drones7 timer siden

    Wow. So funny that everyone so scared. Whaaaaaaa. Just keep crying. Loosers go watch halwood movie some more

  • Squirtle With Sunglasses

    Squirtle With Sunglasses

    7 timer siden


  • Dead Man's Hand
    Dead Man's Hand8 timer siden

    It scares me how human they act at some points. Makes me think how close we are to actually having androids that look and talk like humans.

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay8 timer siden

    Ok.. I just wanna say that I do not support hockey stick guy in any way, shape or form. Just saying.

  • Smarticle Particles
    Smarticle Particles8 timer siden

    Dang he shmoovin doe ngl 😳

  • No U
    No U8 timer siden

    Welp, I’m scared now,

  • airic fpv
    airic fpv8 timer siden

    Maybe 2021 won't be so bad after all...

  • absolute dent head connor summers
    absolute dent head connor summers8 timer siden

    So this is how they will get government funding, by my standards id say frick yes.

  • 김
    8 timer siden

    why is this comment section so early

  • Dyllan Jacobs
    Dyllan Jacobs8 timer siden

    Atlas: i-i c-cant stop dancing help me plz

  • Céline Vignali
    Céline Vignali8 timer siden

    Ouf! Better dancers than I'm for sure

  • ViceNari
    ViceNari8 timer siden


  • Flabian
    Flabian8 timer siden

    They tried to make them cute.. They made them even more scary..

  • Pionelox


    7 timer siden

    It's not AI

  • CTE- Power
    CTE- Power8 timer siden

    Tomorrow, these cute machines will finish you off, naive people in masks

  • CTE- Power
    CTE- Power8 timer siden

    завтра эти милые механизмы покончат с вами, наивные людишки в масках

  • Desky __
    Desky __8 timer siden

    Alô Davy Jones ,vem aqui Rapidão.

  • Imraj Singh
    Imraj Singh8 timer siden

    girls: hes just not the same :)))

  • angela tee
    angela tee8 timer siden

    AMAZING what you can catch on security cameras these days,might I suggest you check the drinks cabinet...👏👏👏👏what CAN I say...👏👏👏👏😄

  • Ademola Adedeji
    Ademola Adedeji9 timer siden

    I can’t even dance this well LMAO

  • Bassvantage
    Bassvantage9 timer siden

    Its is real???

  • Patryk Wojtkielewicz

    Patryk Wojtkielewicz

    8 timer siden


  • baylessnow
    baylessnow9 timer siden

    "Sarah Connor?" Seriously though, it's a bit worrying. Has anybody State side seen the UK channel 4 series 'HUMANS'?

  • olly
    olly9 timer siden

    It’s cute until they weaponise them.

  • IamYucky
    IamYucky9 timer siden

    Dirty Terminator Judgment Day Dancing?

  • Mbizozo
    Mbizozo9 timer siden

    Brilliant this. Keep them doing stuff like this and none of that Black Mirror stuff and we'll be good.

  • Elena Fedulova
    Elena Fedulova9 timer siden

    Кто русский

  • ViceNari


    7 timer siden

    @Wlad N я не тебе

  • Wlad N

    Wlad N

    8 timer siden

    @ViceNari not me, but you

  • ViceNari


    8 timer siden


  • Wlad N

    Wlad N

    8 timer siden


  • Dragon legend
    Dragon legend9 timer siden

    My friend: what's your favorite dance group? Me: you won't get it...

  • CarLivesMatter Trucky
    CarLivesMatter Trucky9 timer siden

    Love spot

  • Guko Demi
    Guko Demi9 timer siden

    Fake 😂

  • Two Thicc Boi

    Two Thicc Boi

    8 timer siden


  • Gapb
    Gapb9 timer siden

    People writing "this is CGI" and aren't trolling......You really need to let yours eyes get checked

    MATHEUS, O ENGENHEIRO9 timer siden

    O BRASIL é uma merda.

  • kirt editork

    kirt editork

    8 timer siden

    país subdesenvolvido

  • Jadon Cal
    Jadon Cal9 timer siden

    It's all fun and games until they bust your door down

  • Cassie
    Cassie9 timer siden

    They are scarilly smooth

  • falkaa88
    falkaa889 timer siden

    Spot even singing along!

  • Christian Köck
    Christian Köck9 timer siden

    Huh.. he actually does dance like Dennis from Bill & Ted.. Surely that’s.. just... huh ...

  • Gman052488
    Gman05248810 timer siden

    It's funny and sad seeing how many people think this video is fake. If you've been following Boston Dynamics, and AI robotics for the past few years this is hardly surprising.

  • Gman052488


    9 timer siden

    @Adam Frisoli This is no more personal to me then correcting a Flat Earther or some one who thinks that space is fake.

  • Gman052488


    9 timer siden

    @Kevin Johnson Yes half of the video is a long take, the rest are selected highlights. But the moves in the highlights are the same ones from the long take.

  • Adam Frisoli

    Adam Frisoli

    9 timer siden

    @Kevin Johnson Yup, this is clearly CGI. It's amazing how people arrogant people are about this, as if they are taking it personally, like they have a personal stake in the technological advancement of robotics. It's all very bizarre.

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson

    9 timer siden

    Well thats because about halfway thru it starts to look like CGI and the people watching from the upstairs windows go away. 1:54 is when the change occurs for me. It might just be a separate real video that got edited in, but when the dance gets most complex just appears to be good CGI to me. There is even a worker doing maintenance on a robot on the dance floor in one frame at the end, I cant imagine they would have someone in there while the robots are going.

  • Vladimir Taranovich
    Vladimir Taranovich10 timer siden

    The robot dance has evolved

  • Bob Abel
    Bob Abel10 timer siden

    Hope we are smart enough to install on off switches.

  • Cassie


    9 timer siden

    This is why we need to develop the technology

  • depo dep
    depo dep10 timer siden


  • Jozef Mäsiar
    Jozef Mäsiar10 timer siden

    amazing technology. just imagine if they are equiped with smarter processor than human and long lasting battery...

  • Sergey Ivanov
    Sergey Ivanov10 timer siden

    Amazing level of 3d graphics



    8 timer siden

    @Adam Frisoli its obviously real dude, and it's not so complex so that they would have to fake it

  • Elliot Hammer

    Elliot Hammer

    9 timer siden

    @Adam Frisoli don't have to get paid to not spread lies. What the fuck tells you its fake or that they didn't have enough experience to make it real. These robots can do many things including dance so shut up and get on with your miserable life

  • Adam Frisoli

    Adam Frisoli

    9 timer siden

    @Elliot Hammer Hi, shill. There are people who understand how the internet works now. How much are you getting paid?

  • Adam Frisoli

    Adam Frisoli

    9 timer siden

    Yup. It's weird that they didn't just wait until the robots were advanced enough to film it for real. For some reason they were pressured to present this at the beginning of 2021. Part of some broader PR agenda?



    10 timer siden

    LMAO do you even know what or who Boston Dynamics is? These are definitely real.

  • Grime Legends
    Grime Legends10 timer siden

    So what do all those people in the club need to get on the dance floor... alcohol, cigarettes, drugs? These robots don't need any of that junk!

  • Олег Липкань
    Олег Липкань10 timer siden

  • AngryGrape1223
    AngryGrape122310 timer siden

    why are there two of them

  • Олег Липкань
    Олег Липкань10 timer siden

  • Michel Rachid
    Michel Rachid10 timer siden

    @bostondynamics is this CGI?



    8 timer siden


  • Adam Frisoli

    Adam Frisoli

    9 timer siden

    @krowzniii Yes, it is. It's obvious. Some people still trust their own eyes.

  • krowzniii


    10 timer siden

    nope this is not

  • John liferツ
    John liferツ11 timer siden

    Better than youtube rewind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chrisfragger1
    Chrisfragger111 timer siden

    Just in case you wanted to know how Terminator started.

  • Jozef Mäsiar

    Jozef Mäsiar

    10 timer siden

    skynet is coming guys

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻11 timer siden

    Wait how didn't this defeat 2020

  • Strangler in the Night
    Strangler in the Night11 timer siden

    But does it swallow?

  • Luís Kalil Bonturim Antunes
    Luís Kalil Bonturim Antunes11 timer siden

    seems like Skynet will be deployed as a Broadway show

  • 黄辰旭
    黄辰旭11 timer siden

    How will the Boston Dynamics bully the robots at 2021?

  • Rodrigo Suguimoto
    Rodrigo Suguimoto11 timer siden

    This is why we need to develop the technology

  • JonnyTZG
    JonnyTZG11 timer siden

    They are scarilly smooth

  • Diego Mazzoni
    Diego Mazzoni11 timer siden

    *Yes I do*

  • LAMBORGHINIsince1962
    LAMBORGHINIsince196211 timer siden

    World's most advanced robots. So NICE!!

  • Alexandre Neri
    Alexandre Neri11 timer siden

    Time to robots rule!! 🤖✌️

  • Crab_ StriKeR
    Crab_ StriKeR12 timer siden

    We need irl Real Steel

  • VECTOR9 벡터나인
    VECTOR9 벡터나인12 timer siden

    Can it do robot dance?

  • steven universe

    steven universe

    11 timer siden

    한국인 ㄷ

  • Jessica Foster
    Jessica Foster12 timer siden

    This is so cuuuuute!

  • Marcel Schindler - musikproduktion
    Marcel Schindler - musikproduktion12 timer siden

    So. I want a Terminator Deepfake with this ;)

  • eybaza
    eybaza12 timer siden

    Shitpost robotics

  • The Fabulous Dirtbags
    The Fabulous Dirtbags12 timer siden

    I can already picture the deep fried shid the internets gonna do with this.

  • Jessica Foster

    Jessica Foster

    12 timer siden

    I know right! Lol

  • Eddy Calver
    Eddy Calver12 timer siden

    Scary lol:)

  • Flity 08
    Flity 0812 timer siden


  • Cat Seventh
    Cat Seventh12 timer siden

    아....나보다 잘 추네

  • not cats
    not cats12 timer siden

    As long is this is all these robots are used for, please continue

  • Rod H

    Rod H

    12 timer siden

    These robots will probably find serious use in warehouses moving stock around. And maybe in some situations where it would be too dangerous for a human to be. They would need some kind of AI, but I doubt they'd ever need it to the level where they could be fully autonomous.

  • - ̗ ̀Truffle Fur ̖ ́-

    - ̗ ̀Truffle Fur ̖ ́-

    12 timer siden

    Recently scietists reports, at the moment they've found there exist no controlling algorythm within the current computing model for a superintelligent AI to stop it from exterminating us. So yeah, I hope that too.

  • RJ speaks through Rock N Roll
    RJ speaks through Rock N Roll12 timer siden

    Love you guys