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  • Mr. AKB
    Mr. AKB2 måneder siden

    faze adapt the type of guy to call faze rug and say i want your new house

    NITROGEN ICE3 måneder siden

    Faze rug is wasted for not putting a million layers of duck tape.

  • Yeet Nades
    Yeet Nades6 måneder siden

    Alex at 5:58 I don’t know how gravity is going to work😂

  • Yeet Nades

    Yeet Nades

    6 måneder siden

    Sorry 5:53

    JJV MEDIA7 måneder siden

    bro u wasted all those when people are starving

  • Karen Garnica
    Karen Garnica7 måneder siden

    What is up with the tpye of guy thing

  • KAmusedCelloPOP ĶPŐP
    KAmusedCelloPOP ĶPŐP9 måneder siden

    I didnt even get a perfect look at Alex melon...

  • princess bubblegum
    princess bubblegum9 måneder siden

    Yo Frazier is so rich

  • Parkourer 72
    Parkourer 729 måneder siden

    God bless u all! The Lord is by ur side no matter what!

  • KayOrSomething 0515
    KayOrSomething 05159 måneder siden

    Rug should have placed the Bean bag down and and throw it

  • Kill3R
    Kill3R9 måneder siden

    FaZe Rug lookin like Anesongib

  • Fabrizio
    FabrizioÅr siden

    Why didn't rug just put the bean bag on the floor and drop the watermelon onto the bean bag?

  • Juicyboii
    JuicyboiiÅr siden

    4 teams not 5 teams

  • Lambo Rambo Famborghini
    Lambo Rambo FamborghiniÅr siden


  • Abadabobo
    AbadaboboÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to think Siri is a ghost

  • Ken Purackel
    Ken PurackelÅr siden

    FaZe down

  • kaileybre L
    kaileybre LÅr siden

    # Sherman #FaZe Rug #FaZe Adapt I love ❤️ y’all them

  • kaileybre L
    kaileybre LÅr siden

    FaZe adapt is the Type of guy who try’s to wear a shirt as pants

  • Lethal Vortex
    Lethal VortexÅr siden

    They should of put the watermelon in the love sack

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Rug

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Adapt

  • itsElevenz
    itsElevenzÅr siden

    Cant believe Kay lives in LA about 5 years and still have his britian accent

  • Evin Muniz
    Evin MunizÅr siden

    faze rugs physics are stupid

  • Elton Enos
    Elton EnosÅr siden

    $2000 to them is $5 for me

  • Donovan duhhh Wilson
    Donovan duhhh WilsonÅr siden

    I can upload a vid of me do it

  • Donovan duhhh Wilson
    Donovan duhhh WilsonÅr siden

    Can i have the 10,000 it would help

  • Sanna Dahan
    Sanna DahanÅr siden

    I Love you faze clan Love you adapt

  • Reece Harvey
    Reece HarveyÅr siden

    Such a easy challenge you lot had no creativity in this

  • Abby Abellon
    Abby AbellonÅr siden

    You got me Adapt HAHA

  • rip to all my guys
    rip to all my guysÅr siden

    lmaoo put the bean bag on the ground.... then throw water melon off balcony.... not that hard

  • Kyedaeo
    KyedaeoÅr siden

    I recall them having a bean bag chair before, someone could have just taped the melon to it

  • Dunk For Bandzz
    Dunk For BandzzÅr siden

    Why do you sound like you high all the time

  • Benjamin Guðmundsson
    Benjamin GuðmundssonÅr siden


  • Sins Untaken
    Sins UntakenÅr siden

    Sherman - rugs channel = famous Other faze channels = “who tf is this”

  • FTWItachiPlays
    FTWItachiPlaysÅr siden

    Faze Adapt the type of guy to DM me for a colab cause I got ideas!!

  • Giovanni Moran
    Giovanni MoranÅr siden

    I think it survived

  • Arlin Eagleelk
    Arlin EagleelkÅr siden


  • BaRon
    BaRonÅr siden

    U came for 2:35

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh JassÅr siden

    HoLy mAn

  • Deyvis Guzman
    Deyvis GuzmanÅr siden

    - Anthony “why not” 😂

  • MyStic _ShaDows
    MyStic _ShaDowsÅr siden

    Adapt is the type of guy to think that a plastic bag is gana protect a watermelon

  • Tom C
    Tom CÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to eat a seed when he is dying so he can turn into a tree

  • Tom C
    Tom CÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to eat an apple when he gets hurt so he can gain 5 extra health

  • Tom C
    Tom CÅr siden


  • Isaiah Alzola
    Isaiah AlzolaÅr siden

    I’d use the elevator

  • Harlem Reyes
    Harlem ReyesÅr siden

    You could’ve put the love sack in the bottom and then dropped into the love sack

  • Krimzzy
    KrimzzyÅr siden

    The quality is terrible ngl

  • •CaM_
    •CaM_År siden


  • Namir - Roblox
    Namir - RobloxÅr siden

    Blaze is such a nice guy bcs he eating the water melone still

  • PuLsE Loxc
    PuLsE LoxcÅr siden

    Is this adapts vlog or rugs

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias ReyesÅr siden

    Adapt put the title where it says don’t crack the water melon then it says win 1,000

  • Elias Reyes

    Elias Reyes

    År siden

    I mean 10,000

  • Elias Reyes
    Elias ReyesÅr siden

    Adapt put the title where it says don’t crack the water melon 🍉 then he put win 10,000

  • Jeremy godino
    Jeremy godinoÅr siden

    When it hits its going to bounce off and break

  • Michael Davila
    Michael DavilaÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to ask what is the number for 911

  • Anonymous user
    Anonymous userÅr siden

    They should have put it in the love sack

  • TheHunter-Tx2
    TheHunter-Tx2År siden

    At 7:05 its a proof you were idiots boys

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco MartinezÅr siden

    This man Anthony is hecka smart

  • Master Squidward
    Master SquidwardÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to open up the door in a zombie apocalypse because his friends weren’t there

  • Lil Joker

    Lil Joker

    År siden

    If there was a zombie apocalypse

  • EasyClaps
    EasyClapsÅr siden

    Your Face when u saw ur watermelon Was cracked

  • Emilio Flores
    Emilio FloresÅr siden


  • Conor MacDonald
    Conor MacDonaldÅr siden


  • Turd Man
    Turd ManÅr siden

    It was today I found out I have the same pillow as blaze I’m happy Weird flex but ok

  • Ace Grace
    Ace GraceÅr siden

    more nigga

  • GetSmokedLoser _
    GetSmokedLoser _År siden

    Adapt forgot to put there channel in the description

  • Hamster Dance
    Hamster DanceÅr siden

    Faze adapt is coping faze rug

  • samir Mussa
    samir MussaÅr siden

    4:40 faze rug " we won" puts watermelon in beanbag chair Asks faze adapt if it's ok. 4:43 adapt sighs says it's cool 4:46 adapt goes back to putting as many bags as physically possible around the watermelon 🤣

  • Llama Kean
    Llama KeanÅr siden

    Use the elevator

  • Dave Gave
    Dave GaveÅr siden

    Do it again so someone wins

  • Reverse Ashton
    Reverse AshtonÅr siden

    Kay cheated he thru the bean bag

  • Griffin Capp80_10
    Griffin Capp80_10År siden

    Everyone: “that’s busted.” Rug: “I think it survived.”

  • Ryan Kennedy
    Ryan KennedyÅr siden

    You shoulda used adapts tv

  • Kate Male
    Kate MaleÅr siden

    There are 4 teams

  • verdenxy
    verdenxyÅr siden

    Funded by faze rug

  • Ava Regina
    Ava ReginaÅr siden

    come rug and sher

  • its your boi chuy
    its your boi chuyÅr siden

    Who else thought rug could've just threw the bean bag first then the watermelon on the bean bag

  • Huzaifah Ally
    Huzaifah AllyÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to steal free bread

  • Huzaifah Ally
    Huzaifah AllyÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to get hit by a parked car

  • WyattFreakingMay
    WyattFreakingMayÅr siden

    Wow rug, pillows and blankets... That's crazy. I can't believe no one thought of that.

  • Fortnite Channel
    Fortnite ChannelÅr siden

    Kay’s new nickname fraze kay

  • Flyz Famil
    Flyz FamilÅr siden

    This is how many times they said “ Oh We Won!!” ( and literally none of them did 😂😂 ) 👇

  • Will Baxter
    Will BaxterÅr siden

    “I don’t know how gravity is gonna work”

  • Wyatt Sutton
    Wyatt SuttonÅr siden


  • Vaggos Trip
    Vaggos TripÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to call sick on his appointment and he is the doctor😂

  • foh drahake
    foh drahakeÅr siden

    8:47 the cutest laugh 🥺🥺

  • P A C
    P A CÅr siden

    Adapt said check for their links in the description and the links are not there 😂

  • Julian Myers
    Julian MyersÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to shut off the power because he wants the lights out for bed

    MERTOsheWROTEÅr siden

    Don't sleep on Adapt! This dude a genius!

  • Tackson Joxic
    Tackson JoxicÅr siden

    7:35 looks like a lot of cocaine

  • thor
    thorÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to est the leaves off a tree and call it a salad

  • Vacahnt
    VacahntÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to eat cerial with Powerade/pickle juice


    Yay! Faze adapt😊😊😊😍😃😃😃😃

  • lukeiscool
    lukeiscoolÅr siden

    where is the links to their channels? hmmmm

  • carl murray
    carl murrayÅr siden

    on 4 floor

  • carl murray
    carl murrayÅr siden

    put it in the bean bag

  • Chris Hartness
    Chris HartnessÅr siden

    It’s 2019 and faze rug still hasn’t come out of the closet

  • Bubisch
    BubischÅr siden

    I don’t fucking get it, how stupid can someone be. There is 10k on the line and these mfs thought a pillow could stop the melon from cracking? I don’t know which idea was the dumbest but Rug really didn’t think about taping the melon in between the beanbag? And these guys get rich because of playing a video game the world is a very sad place

  • Anick 7394
    Anick 7394År siden

    Why do you always look drunk

  • Frantic AJ - Gaming
    Frantic AJ - GamingÅr siden

    Adapt the type of guy to put sauce around a watermelon to protect it 😂

  • dieNkill 20
    dieNkill 20År siden

    Adapt the type of guy to charge his portable charger with a portable charger

  • Evvade U
    Evvade UÅr siden

    No no where good don’t tape it famous last words

  • Chris Hansen
    Chris HansenÅr siden

    Shoulda taped the watermelon to the bean bag