Don't Cry It's Christmas - David Brent & Foregone Conclusion

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From my album, David Brent - Life On The Road, available at all good record shops and off the internet. Makes a wonderful Christmas gift - just like this video; my Christmas gift to you. Merry Christmas!


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    Diggs12 dager siden

    LMAO! Fake snow makes it all better.

  • Andrew Blackburn
    Andrew BlackburnMåned siden

    love davids music!!!!!!! my idol!!!!!!!

  • Tokyo Joe
    Tokyo JoeMåned siden

    02:21 - a lovely moment

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens4 måneder siden

    Ricky is a talented singer. It almost seems that he does these great comedy songs so he won't get the piss taken out of him. "It's just for a laugh" , which they are. The thing is many of them are insanely catchy , and great songs. We know Ricky is master of the awkward silence & cringe making comedy. The life messages on Afterlife last episode , season 1 can bring tears to your eyes. I really think he is a very talented "undercover" singer song writer. No one should be as talented . He can make you cry with laughter , joy & sing along . Keep it up mate . Love your work!

  • Kadir Ünsalan
    Kadir Ünsalan5 måneder siden

    David Brent & Foregone Conclusion - Don't Cry It's Christmas Lyrics: [Chorus] Don't cry, it's Christmas, Santa's coming soon Though you ain't got a mommy or daddy Santa still loves you And he's riding on his reindeer To trample down the gloom So don't cry, it's Christmas, Santa's coming soon [Chorus] Don't cry, it's Christmas, Santa's feeling fine And although you'll never see him He's not just in your mind And it's not that he's invisible It's because you're going blind But don't cry, it's Christmas, Santa's feeling fine [Chorus] Don't cry, it's Christmas, Santa's on his way Though he's got a billion children And he's only got one day You've got slightly less the man If I were you I'd pray But don't cry, it's Christmas, everything’s okay [Outro] Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) Ooh it’s Christmas (it’s Christmas) 3:34 '' Snow, isn't it ? ( laughter ) He is so cute i can eat him without a spoon, oh god xD

  • Liwia Dzierżawa
    Liwia Dzierżawa5 måneder siden

    If you could change the text a little (to be normal xD) this could be the great hit! Melody is great :D

  • Ruski K

    Ruski K

    5 måneder siden

    Yeah. He should do that for some of his songs. The tune is great but the lyrics need a bit of 'changin

  • tomcreasey1
    tomcreasey15 måneder siden

    David Brent? More like David Excel-Brent!! Ay? Excel-Brent?! EXCEL... BRENT! Like excellent but with Brent, his name, David Brent, David Excel-Bre.. Oh fuck off then!

  • Mustafa Preşeva
    Mustafa Preşeva5 måneder siden

    The Brand jokes are becaming more and more sofisticated, especially in terms of music parody on 80tees arangement, that at one point they could be taken as a flat, real intended serious songs. There is a very thin edge between joke and seriousness, that even the reaction shots of the audience can not "turn" into a joke. And if it feels even a bit serious, the joke is gone, and what's left is a vintage pop-song no one is really interested in.

  • Ross Gemmell
    Ross Gemmell6 måneder siden

    The blokes a bloody genius! Always gets an emotional response whatever he does 👏🏻

  • Julia Eckhard
    Julia Eckhard7 måneder siden


  • Brendan Burton
    Brendan Burton8 måneder siden

    Fucking live Gervais and Brent. What a fantastic song, even better joke, even better is the act. Love it.

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis8 måneder siden

    I watched the whole series. I fucking cried when the snow started coming down. I don't even care.

  • hippo
    hippo8 måneder siden

    Cringeworthy - but great tunes at the same time . How do they do that ?

  • vishnu mishra
    vishnu mishra8 måneder siden

    you are one of the greatest comedian all the time but now you are a great rockstar too.

  • vishnu mishra
    vishnu mishra8 måneder siden

    you are great man

  • alvaro cs
    alvaro cs10 måneder siden

    So Beautiful

  • gerszahl
    gerszahl10 måneder siden

    I love Ricky Gervais! And this is the perfect christmas song! Looking forward to After Life Season 2

  • Pete Skyrunner
    Pete Skyrunner10 måneder siden

    Ask how he's spelling 'santa's coming.'

  • Skuzz N

    Skuzz N

    21 dag siden

    "c ..u..m.. i..n.." ".. that's cumin"

  • tony carver
    tony carver10 måneder siden

    Not only the funniest man alive but the songs are so bloody good!

  • John Hurlbut
    John Hurlbut10 måneder siden

    The Master at work again.

  • Kashmir712
    Kashmir71210 måneder siden

    December is here again so, Ricky 😊

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar10 måneder siden

    I must admit, when the snow came down, I got a lump in my throat, glad to see them drinking together at the end

  • John Gurnhill
    John Gurnhill10 måneder siden

    Happy Christmas Ricky

  • Aero-Geek
    Aero-Geek11 måneder siden

    The snow falling at the end still gets me 😊

  • Ruski K

    Ruski K

    5 måneder siden

    that honestly was what made the movie so special to me.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis RabbleÅr siden

    "You've got slightly less than that, if I were you i'd pray," 😂

  • Gareth Davies
    Gareth DaviesÅr siden

    ‘You know who said that ‘ Dolly Parton!! And people just think she’s a big pair of tits

  • R W
    R WÅr siden

    I love David and Foregone Conclusion. A very tight band. ☺

  • psolo3
    psolo3År siden

    "the brent saga", as he calls it, will never be topped in mockumentary history. This, and the Series were 10/10 pieces of comedy gold

  • Billy Sastard
    Billy SastardÅr siden

    *Robbie Williams No.1 in ten years*

  • buyerofsorts
    buyerofsortsÅr siden

    What, that was supposed to be a funny song or?

  • brother T
    brother TÅr siden

    David Brent you legend

  • Lee Atkinson
    Lee AtkinsonÅr siden

    He's like a lot of people out there. Why people judge people what for, why can't we all get on. There's to much pain and sorrow and horrible stuff out there. Let's just all get on, God were only here for a short time. Hope you all have a merry Christmas and just look out for each other. We're all we've got

  • Adam Smith
    Adam SmithÅr siden

    This song is a perfect example of why this movie didn't work. It's clearly satirical and it's ridiculous to suggest that anyone would have written it as a serious piece of music. Yes it's funny (just as it was 20 years ago when Ricky first sang it on his radio show), but Brent never tried to be funny with his lyrics, the comedy in his songwriting was always unintentional. He completely forgot how to be Brent in this. As a standalone movie it's fine, it has its moments, but as a follow up to the office (which despite what Ricky says, it clearly is) it's not up to par, and it should never have gone ahead without Steve being involved. How great would it have been to have a "where are they now?" style mockumentary written by both Ricky and Steve, where as well as following Brent and his music career, they also follow other characters from The Office, revealing what they've been doing for the last 15 years, with the finale being an office reunion. That's the movie fans deserved, but instead we got this.

  • FreshStreamFails
    FreshStreamFails2 år siden

    This is actually one of the best christmas songs Ive heard lmao most of the others are shite

  • Hummingbird 1983
    Hummingbird 19832 år siden

    Ricky Gervais doesn't get the credit he deserves when it comes to emotional scenes. This and the last scene from series 1 or Derek are really moving. Everyone can relate to Brent at times. People have dreams and live life on a whim and to slate a person's dream can be as bad as it gets.

  • Ruski K

    Ruski K

    5 måneder siden

    Well said.

  • stephen page

    stephen page

    År siden

    Well said humming bird 😉

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo74292 år siden

    Ive always hated those xmas specail songs thank you I realise why.

  • Dueling Banjos
    Dueling Banjos2 år siden

    The end of the tour. Where home was closer than hotels they slept in.

  • Dr. Adams
    Dr. Adams2 år siden

    "He's only got one day... You've got slightly less than that."

  • Lisa James

    Lisa James

    År siden

    Pope Guilty XIII the best line 😂

  • Simon McCauley
    Simon McCauley2 år siden

    This song. This scene. It is the definitive David Brent scene and a perfect way to sign off. You see what he is as a person and what people around him actually think. It's a brilliant scen

  • R W

    R W

    År siden

    You're right. He wins them all over in the end. 😢

  • RC
    RC2 år siden

    It's actually pretty good 😂

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore2 år siden

    That look to camera at 3:33 - classic Brent.

  • TurtleBurger
    TurtleBurger2 år siden

    I heard this on one of their podcasts and wondered who was singing it... its fucking GERVAIS!?!

  • robertdunckley
    robertdunckley2 år siden

    I think I've got something in my eye... :'-}

  • Larry Duff
    Larry Duff2 år siden

    The snow machine was such a beautiful gesture

  • corndog1868
    corndog18682 år siden

    Check out (Come On Come On) by Rock Candy. Enjoy!!!!

  • Caesar
    Caesar2 år siden

    If they tweaked some of the lyrics and made it a bit less "Brent" it could be a really good xmas song

  • Roberto Gallagher
    Roberto Gallagher2 år siden

  • Adam Weishaupt
    Adam Weishaupt2 år siden

    I hope Santa brings me a Victoria Plum gnome type thing this Christmas.

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko2 år siden

    Needs lanky streak of piss and something old cold

  • tova risch
    tova risch2 år siden

    Gervais is a Norman name. That shrimp is looking more Garvis than Gervais. I think His gypsy grandfather had a bit of vowel trouble. Look at His little podgey Romany nose & eye socket shape. That Ricky Jarvis has got Gypsy dimples; why He's musicaly inclined in the first place.

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker3 år siden

    Please stop removing the podcasts. they're mine and I want them back.

  • Christine Y
    Christine Y3 år siden

    Sick, sick, sick, but LOL

  • TheDarkhounds
    TheDarkhounds3 år siden

    I remember listening to this in 2003 on the xFm show

  • WollongongWacko
    WollongongWacko3 år siden

    Where is Steven "the glasses touched your eyes" Merchant, and Karl "why dont gays like a bit of tit?" Pilkington

  • Nunzio Sinesi
    Nunzio Sinesi3 år siden

    2.17 it's magic.

  • Salvador del Psicoanálisis
    Salvador del Psicoanálisis3 år siden

    Wow the drummer is Dirk Nowitzki

  • Aarhg
    Aarhg3 år siden

    I can't believe that snow cost 1500 pounds, that's insanely expensive.

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor3 år siden


  • Nika
    Nika3 år siden

    😂 💖😂 lol lol my stomach hurts from this

  • MetalPhobos
    MetalPhobos3 år siden

    Those two dudes faces at 1:37 Hahahah

  • SheepMan Nega
    SheepMan Nega3 år siden

    "Its already become a Standard, one of the classics"

  • sexypoetry
    sexypoetry3 år siden

    santa's machine is coming down and they gonna have a party

  • Scottish Paul
    Scottish Paul3 år siden

    David Brent is far more likeable than Ricky Gervais

  • david letterman
    david letterman3 år siden

    That was beautiful.

  • SingenStatt Atmen
    SingenStatt Atmen3 år siden

    The moment with the snow was actually really fucking beautiful... Not because of the snow itself, but the joy in David's face and what it meant to him. The little fucker deserved it... :')

  • bloochoo
    bloochoo3 år siden

    I find it so funny that there are actually people on youtube doing covers of Seona Dancing...I bet David Brent spent days dreaming about how he "could have looked like Ricky Gervais in the 80s if he wanted"...

  • iSuRRendeReDuK
    iSuRRendeReDuK3 år siden

    Dont you think Ricky looks desperate nowerdays without Steve & Karl? Shame though they were a good team :( Id also like to add ive been a fan since the 11:00 oclock show and still am

  • Owen Penhaligon

    Owen Penhaligon

    År siden

    iSuRRendeReDuk don’t talk shit

  • Alfie Edwards
    Alfie Edwards3 år siden

    delightfully painful

  • Ben Freer
    Ben Freer3 år siden

    You're nearly ten.. it's a little gay

  • Lazhar Kaabouche
    Lazhar Kaabouche3 år siden

    member this from the podcast's special

  • Fraser Stirling
    Fraser Stirling3 år siden

    The lyrics has slightly changed since I 1st heard back in the XFM days about 17 years ago haha. Keeps it PC I suppose

  • Boomer Willis
    Boomer Willis3 år siden

    one of the most underrated bands EVER!!!!!!!

    CHAOS HUFFER3 år siden

    Watched the new Brent movie last night. Expected to enjoy it, didn't expect it to totally blow me away and touch my heart in a legitimately sincere way. Seeing David end up with Jo Hartley, my favorite actress and as close to perfect as a human being ever got, at the end and sing this song were the emotional peaks, aside from the simply brilliant cringe fest that is the rest of the film. Absolutely loved it, and I will be rewatching again around the holidays!

  • Janewomanpower
    Janewomanpower3 år siden

    OH JAZUZ! David Brent is on Netflix. The anticipation got me drove!! Now i can't settle down. Life is So fucken good! loves me Ricky!

  • tim tim
    tim tim3 år siden

    bit annoyed he never kept the childish line 'and it sounds a little gay" in it from the original haha

  • Jackery Pumpkin
    Jackery Pumpkin3 år siden

    Best line in the song was replaced at the end: "If I were you I'd pray. So don't cry, it's Christmas; You're nearly ten, it's a little gay."

  • Eric Shepperd
    Eric Shepperd3 år siden

    Im crying from the happy tears by the end

  • priess
    priess3 år siden

    13 children were going blind and missed the thumbup button

  • JackWilding
    JackWilding3 år siden

    Such an amazing film Ricky. bought this song on iTunes 👌👌

  • Paddy Mitchell
    Paddy Mitchell3 år siden

    Best Christmas song ever

  • Let's reveiw Some toys!
    Let's reveiw Some toys!3 år siden

    i love that song

  • palegreenstars
    palegreenstars3 år siden

    what an incredible voice. 💜

  • 1984 was not an instruction manual
    1984 was not an instruction manual3 år siden

    11 people who dislike this suffered the same fate as the boy in the song

    FRANK DUKES3 år siden

    "It's not that he's invisible it's because you're going blind"!! hahaha fucking hell that's amazing!

  • Gusdocs1
    Gusdocs13 år siden

    Much better than the Christmas songs we hear every year on the radio

  • Geoffrey Gibson BSc
    Geoffrey Gibson BSc3 år siden

    snow innit

    KEZIAH3 år siden


  • dankargo
    dankargo3 år siden

    Better than any fucking X Factor christmas song

  • ask412
    ask4123 år siden


  • Leona Petersen
    Leona Petersen3 år siden

    As much as I love Ricky and have always been a huge fan I find the song in very poor taste. There are a lot of parents whose children may never see another Christmas, there must be a better message sent to them than this.

  • wanderer1955
    wanderer19553 år siden

    Err, is it me? The songs better than Feed The World. I'd actually buy this one.

  • Sir Moan A lot

    Sir Moan A lot

    13 dager siden

    Starving Africans said they preferred it in a recent poll.

  • wanderer1955


    5 måneder siden

    @Al Stevens And you say this because??? ( apart from the fact your also a tit)

  • Al Stevens

    Al Stevens

    5 måneder siden

    Yes. It's you.

  • wanderer1955


    5 måneder siden

    @Mustafa Preşeva Tit.

  • Mustafa Preşeva

    Mustafa Preşeva

    5 måneder siden

    It's you.

  • mr gwanson
    mr gwanson3 år siden

    awww paid for the snow machine for him....god this movie made me an emotional wreck hahaha

  • Ben
    Ben3 år siden

    Unc's shit himself again

  • Sharon Larkins
    Sharon Larkins3 år siden

    The looks on some of the people's faces... Priceless. lmao

  • Ebola Grey
    Ebola Grey3 år siden

    A good Christmas song sounds nice during Christmas, a great Christmas song can be listened to all year round.

  • Wing Yan Li
    Wing Yan Li3 år siden

    he sings good :-)

  • R W

    R W

    3 år siden

    RW Series Yes. Good 80s group called Seona Dancing. Check them out.

  • RW Series

    RW Series

    3 år siden

    Wing Yan Li he used to be a singer

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith3 år siden

    We should fight to make this Christmas number 1!

  • R W

    R W

    År siden

    We can try! ! Christmas 2019. Has to be better than X Factor?

  • Scott Smith

    Scott Smith

    3 år siden

    BARRY Ryan well Barry I think it might be too late now

  • Barry Ryan

    Barry Ryan

    3 år siden

    Scott Smith how do we go about it?

  • poolworld1
    poolworld13 år siden

    fray bentos

  • LostScotsman
    LostScotsman3 år siden

    for a laugh we should be able to buy this off itunes or something, make it 2016 xmas number one