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I love Pewdiepie and we must help when he wants help!
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast2 år siden

    One of the biggest reasons I wanted to make this video was to help him raise money for Indian 9 year olds. Donate to CRY here -

  • Mochi Zou

    Mochi Zou

    25 dager siden

    Please play Sky: Children of the Light

  • Yuno123 Sike

    Yuno123 Sike

    2 måneder siden


  • cahillyio cat

    cahillyio cat

    5 måneder siden


  • Lane_playz IDK

    Lane_playz IDK

    6 måneder siden


  • ItsGamingWithAnish


    8 måneder siden

    So he is raising money to me

  • dhruv ronit tech
    dhruv ronit tech2 timer siden

    go to dhruv ronit gaming yt channel

  • harv hs
    harv hs4 timer siden

    38,936,000 veiw yay

  • I Blinx I
    I Blinx I5 timer siden

    I know am too late but I just followed you on Instagram lol!

  • Thiwanka Subasanka
    Thiwanka Subasanka6 timer siden

    🇱🇰 ❤

  • YT GamerLeretu
    YT GamerLeretu6 timer siden

    look at what mr beast is wearing

  • SoLo GMR
    SoLo GMR7 timer siden

    Well mr.beast your all donation went worthless🤪

  • Sheharbano Fatima/SICAS Girls
    Sheharbano Fatima/SICAS Girls7 timer siden

    mr beast:end sentence with nine me; i am 9

  • Technodream D
    Technodream D8 timer siden

    He donated soooooo much money

  • Sufyx YT
    Sufyx YT9 timer siden

    I'm the 52.000 Coment

  • Shadick Editon
    Shadick Editon11 timer siden

    Ты который забрел из России: есть тут кто?

  • Fortniteclips _
    Fortniteclips _14 timer siden

    T. Series beat pewdipie t has 174 million and pewdi has 109 million

  • Jennifer Villarreal
    Jennifer Villarreal16 timer siden

    was that a devils rejects baby shirt???

  • 김
    17 timer siden

    여기 한국인은 나뿐인가

  • Yatharth Mahobiya
    Yatharth Mahobiya18 timer siden

    T series is on another level 😂

  • Yatharth Mahobiya

    Yatharth Mahobiya

    5 timer siden

    Coz don't know every one is hating it just being senselessly without knowing it's content it posts anyway when cocomelon will cross PewDiePie will it be called Cocobot ?

  • My whole life is entire circus

    My whole life is entire circus

    6 timer siden

    @Yatharth Mahobiya Yeah but why did you said that t bot is another level

  • Yatharth Mahobiya

    Yatharth Mahobiya

    7 timer siden

    @My whole life is entire circus seriously your life is circus t series is a production company.

  • My whole life is entire circus

    My whole life is entire circus

    9 timer siden

    T series

  • Yatharth Mahobiya

    Yatharth Mahobiya

    10 timer siden

    @My whole life is entire circus care about whome ?

  • Among Us
    Among Us18 timer siden


  • Storm2k
    Storm2k20 timer siden


  • J playz
    J playz20 timer siden

    Why do you love pewdiepie so much

  • Hawaiian_Bread14
    Hawaiian_Bread1422 timer siden

    I just now noticed the vanoss alright thing in the beginning at 1:16

  • Iyek
    IyekDag siden


  • Jack Brusselers
    Jack BrusselersDag siden

    Pewdiepie why you betraided mr beast

  • Rayana Wolf
    Rayana WolfDag siden

    How much money does mrbeast have?-

  • Olisaemeka EZEANYAECHE
    Olisaemeka EZEANYAECHEDag siden


  • Jan Jakubowicz
    Jan JakubowiczDag siden

    1:58 Markus Persson!

  • Mr Shorts
    Mr ShortsDag siden

    Imagine if mrbeast and pewdiepie subscribed to me.

  • PineApple 6
    PineApple 6Dag siden

    Me searching for PewDiepie's comment

  • Faiz nasser
    Faiz nasserDag siden

    Good work, you've done it.

  • Zahid123 Mahmmod
    Zahid123 Mahmmod2 dager siden

    T series will die

  • Gamerwolf pal's
    Gamerwolf pal's2 dager siden

    my name is pewdiepie!

    GAMING WITH FSV2 dager siden

    You Sweden you lose Fuck you pewdipie

  • Tanbir ولا Mondal
    Tanbir ولا Mondal2 dager siden

    Imagine if he gives this to Indians 😱

  • Star Platinum The World

    Star Platinum The World

    Dag siden

    @Giorno Giovanna Gold experience requiem

  • Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna

    Dag siden

    @Star Platinum The World Giorgio

  • Star Platinum The World

    Star Platinum The World

    Dag siden

    @Giorno Giovanna Giorgio

  • Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna

    Dag siden

    Shut up

  • Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna

    Dag siden


  • J H
    J H2 dager siden


  • muaz zain
    muaz zain2 dager siden

    I can’t imagine if someone transfer that much money in my account..I can buy a house here in Malaysia

    CARTOON SCENE2 dager siden

    I really need a Laptop Mr. Beast wish you could help me the you help those.

  • Roggy gaming
    Roggy gaming2 dager siden

    Mrbeasy I'm from india🙄😁

  • Sciency
    Sciency2 dager siden

    effdfd cxddfsdf

  • Sciency
    Sciency2 dager siden


  • Sciency
    Sciency2 dager siden

    s s

  • dxwc
    dxwc2 dager siden

    make a new vid to support Pewdiepie beat Cocomelon

  • SmEr4oK 2.0
    SmEr4oK 2.02 dager siden

    Есть русские ?

  • Jai Suchith
    Jai Suchith2 dager siden

    Hit the subscribe button below to get all notifications all MrBeast fans!!!!

  • Zikria Sayed
    Zikria Sayed2 dager siden

    i am ten lol

  • Alyssa Lee
    Alyssa Lee2 dager siden

    Here is one thing I think you all know, but I’m just going to tell you right now. So if you are streaming and you have your donation link on and you get a pop up saying MB6000 donated $2,000 or more that’s when you know you are streaming to MRBEAST

  • Alyssa Lee
    Alyssa Lee2 dager siden

    I ❤️ U MB6000

  • Ahmed Killer
    Ahmed Killer2 dager siden

    T series can't beat pewdiepie

  • Restless Chef
    Restless Chef2 dager siden

    Dude !

  • Rose Reyes
    Rose Reyes2 dager siden

    Hi I honestly don’t know what to say ??

  • Kaashyap Kashu
    Kaashyap Kashu3 dager siden

    Which was the music at 3:01?

  • Cole Karwosky
    Cole Karwosky3 dager siden

    how to advertise for 0$ LOL

  • Aaron Dsouza
    Aaron Dsouza3 dager siden

    Subscribe to T series

  • Vishwas Suresh

    Vishwas Suresh

    Dag siden

    No, get lost

  • Nathan Playz
    Nathan Playz3 dager siden

    How could I haven’t subbed to pewdiepie

  • Enlisted Killer
    Enlisted Killer3 dager siden

    Is this how sypher got famous?

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle3 dager siden


  • bruce murphy
    bruce murphy4 dager siden

    team pewdiepie

  • vedant shah
    vedant shah4 dager siden

    I am a indian but then also I cheered for PewDiePie

  • haniah mahmood
    haniah mahmood4 dager siden

    ninja= sksjfdfhk five- woOaH ninja= you now how craxy you are, i just wanna sit down and have a cup of CawFeE

  • El Tonio
    El Tonio4 dager siden

    sub to pewdiepie

  • Arjie Mallari
    Arjie Mallari4 dager siden

    Venoss and wildcat tho

  • LazXD
    LazXD4 dager siden

    are we just gonna ignore the vanoss clip at 1:22

  • Cheetah Gaming
    Cheetah Gaming4 dager siden


  • Avazbek Abdullayev
    Avazbek Abdullayev4 dager siden

    Only legends stream to get donated by him

  • Tenshied
    Tenshied4 dager siden


    D' GREAT DWAYNE LORD154 dager siden

    your mama is so proud

  • ok beta
    ok beta5 dager siden

    2:06 😅

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah5 dager siden


  • Dlovax
    Dlovax5 dager siden

    That vanoss clip ALRIGHT!

  • Tani land
    Tani land6 dager siden


  • djejjdnPlayz
    djejjdnPlayz6 dager siden

    dont you just love when mrbeast calls 'pounds' 'euros'

  • Benjamin Slaton
    Benjamin Slaton6 dager siden

    Casual vanoss and wildcat reference

  • Thai studio
    Thai studio6 dager siden

    Subscribe Mr Beast

  • ArkzFN
    ArkzFN6 dager siden

    Background music in the beggining?

    DANK PK MEMER6 dager siden

    He also a fan of PewDs

  • Matt Genry
    Matt Genry6 dager siden

    U just revealed ur second name bro.......

  • Blaze
    Blaze6 dager siden

    Mr. Beast: Donates to Sypher to make Sypher donate to pewds Me: Bruh now I found Sypher on his Sypher Shorts

  • roblox commander
    roblox commander7 dager siden

    i love this

  • Noel Alvarez
    Noel Alvarez7 dager siden

    lol mrbeast shirt doesnt fit on him that much

  • Mr.Impostor
    Mr.Impostor7 dager siden

    PewDiePie and Mr Beast My only 2 favourite youtubers on planet EARTH

  • De pizza guy
    De pizza guy7 dager siden


  • Israel games
    Israel games8 dager siden


  • Fxney
    Fxney8 dager siden

    2:06 PewDiePie Is his DAD?!

  • PewCreperpie


    8 timer siden


  • My whole life is entire circus

    My whole life is entire circus

    10 timer siden


  • What about no
    What about no8 dager siden


  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden

    Because ?

  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden

    Why you why me.

  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden

    When you do this do that.

  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden

    How are you tomorrow

  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden


  • TEAM Epoy!
    TEAM Epoy!8 dager siden


  • Daniel Yearick
    Daniel Yearick8 dager siden

    BRO WHO DID 10, 000?

  • Cassandra Leenders
    Cassandra Leenders8 dager siden

    I subd to pews

  • ConnorCat
    ConnorCat8 dager siden

    When i watched this i didnt knew sypher now i know him and im his fan If you dont know sypher he is the one that gave the money to pewds

  • Miguel Rosales
    Miguel Rosales8 dager siden

    Lol sypher uploaded this in his shorts

  • Shweta singh Chaudhary
    Shweta singh Chaudhary9 dager siden

    It was ok with t siries

  • GamerzInHell
    GamerzInHell9 dager siden

    4:03 ay its sypherPK

  • GiantChief Productions

    GiantChief Productions

    12 timer siden

    Yea lol

    GORANSH GOYAL9 dager siden

    I am a Indian then also i love you and all we are good together

  • Rahul Ravishankar
    Rahul Ravishankar9 dager siden

    are we gonna ignore that Mark donated 10k ?

  • Lord Posting XD :v
    Lord Posting XD :v9 dager siden


  • [ÜñKñØŵÑ]
    [ÜñKñØŵÑ]9 dager siden

    Mrbeast when le card no work: *what the fu- [BEEEEEP]*

  • Its Britty
    Its Britty9 dager siden


  • Pixelator plays
    Pixelator plays9 dager siden

    But im subscribed.

  • Pixelator plays
    Pixelator plays9 dager siden

    I had no dog. :D