Down With the SICK

Film og animasjon

Winter Wear:

I dun got sick and no one knew what it was. So have a filler toon until the real video comes out! YEAH! LOVE YOU!

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  • Harley Nguyen
    Harley Nguyen2 minutter siden

    I don’t know what this is so I love it

  • AwesomeYaby
    AwesomeYaby20 minutter siden

    My sister is also sick... she threw up CHIKEN AND MACARONI (no fr she did) she’s better now tho :D

  • SsstAr 22
    SsstAr 2221 minutt siden

    Don’t overwork yourself please!

  • Swedi slick
    Swedi slick21 minutt siden

    😢don't leave us again

  • Julie H
    Julie H23 minutter siden

    Uh, I'm sorry. But you sound drunk, at least at the beggining XD

  • Kitty Kat Mag
    Kitty Kat Mag34 minutter siden

    You sound like slappy the squirrel from Animaniacs

  • gacha life kittens
    gacha life kittens35 minutter siden

    Back I don't care if you make animation like this as long as you're posting something on that thing that you have to post something but if you're too sick to post something it's okay

  • StarPutra
    StarPutra40 minutter siden

    She got so sick that she threw up with her eyes

  • Maša Krstić
    Maša Krstić49 minutter siden

    If you are a half of snack and buy the merch you are a snack

  • Loozy Poxy
    Loozy Poxy52 minutter siden

    person: how sick were you- Let me explain studios: *pukes out sickness* Me: OH MY WHAT

  • Winnie Do
    Winnie Do52 minutter siden


  • Leah Smith
    Leah SmithTime siden

    This short little update was as fun as her full length videos for me (I mean that in a good way)

  • Kalikh Johnson
    Kalikh JohnsonTime siden

    I be forgetting animators are actually real people and not just animated characters.

  • •Ęrr0r! Šāñś•
    •Ęrr0r! Šāñś•Time siden

    *the stick goes in the saliva comes out!*

  • Foxaye1432
    Foxaye1432Time siden

    good thing they didnt hve a mouth

  • Haley Colors
    Haley ColorsTime siden

    Do we know what rebecca thinks about the Animaniacs reboot

  • Graveyardz
    GraveyardzTime siden

    She is crazy when she's sick...

  • goo uwu
    goo uwuTime siden

    in new york you can get a new york accent

  • Rachel
    RachelTime siden

    Rebecca, how much cold medicine have you had?

  • Wayne Owen
    Wayne OwenTime siden

    Did your taste and smell then then you have covid 😷🤮🤢

  • McCluckles
    McCluckles2 timer siden


  • Audrey O'Hara
    Audrey O'Hara2 timer siden

    how come no one is telling Rebeeka how amazing she is for giving us a vid while sick and is pulling off some sweet merch

  • Gabriela Soto
    Gabriela Soto2 timer siden


  • Karate Autumn
    Karate Autumn2 timer siden

    How did you take a test when you have no nose???🤔

  • the rooster 27
    the rooster 272 timer siden

    You know she’s sick because she sounds drunk

  • Charlotte Gossett
    Charlotte Gossett2 timer siden

    Aww I hope you get better soon :3

  • nawehs
    nawehs2 timer siden

    0:27 round becca

  • Simply Soda
    Simply Soda2 timer siden

    I don't know if you will see this. I had covid in February. What I used to get better was a 50/50 mix of listerine and peroxide and 4 tablespoons of table salt. So basically mix 1/2 cup of peroxide and listerine together, add salt mix well, gargle like normal mouthwash for 30 seconds every 2 hours. It tastes bad I promise that but it will clear you up. It will take about 3 days to feel better. DO NOT SWALLOW. So everyone reading knows this is not a covid cure. It treats symptoms and helps you feel better quicker.

  • ina whismical
    ina whismical2 timer siden

    We hope you feel better.

  • blue fire an Fred's
    blue fire an Fred's2 timer siden

    No more videos for you till you feel better please

  • Jaycee Cox
    Jaycee Cox2 timer siden

    How ya b- *vomits*

  • Kristin Cleary
    Kristin Cleary2 timer siden

    anyone else getting some slappy squirrel vibes from the animaniacs? 🤣

  • Marty Herrick
    Marty Herrick2 timer siden

    I hope the sick leaves you soon! Also yeah getting Multi covid tested is The Worst and I'm sorry you had to do it

  • Strawburry Jam
    Strawburry Jam2 timer siden

    I have the sick too

  • Gacha Ren
    Gacha Ren3 timer siden

    You're sick? Well hah I have Covid :)

  • Offline_Soup
    Offline_Soup3 timer siden

    *Yikes* 🗿

  • Levi Blake
    Levi Blake3 timer siden

    merch :has the colours of ravenclaw me : i maybe a hufflepuff but I. NEED. IT

  • Savannah Robinson
    Savannah Robinson3 timer siden

    Is it just me or does the new winter wear kind of look like the uniform from harry potter?

  • joshuar guzman
    joshuar guzman3 timer siden

    Do you have a discord

  • Balosa Twoni
    Balosa Twoni3 timer siden

    0:34 Because I watch a LOT of animators so I have sum videos to watch and wait for other Animators to post

  • Sunny side :3
    Sunny side :33 timer siden

    The merch remained me of the Ravenclaw house in Hogwarts

  • Zipper
    Zipper3 timer siden

    Im a winter wonder baby. and a proud one

  • Dova Queen
    Dova Queen3 timer siden

    Sorry you got sick (that's never fun :( ) Merchandise looks awesome, though. Also, you look good! Very pretty!

  • Irvin rios.castillo
    Irvin rios.castillo3 timer siden


  • Irvin rios.castillo

    Irvin rios.castillo

    3 timer siden

    Jesus she’s funny

  • Trash queen
    Trash queen3 timer siden

    You talked like Moe from the Simpsons

  • SteEyth l.l
    SteEyth l.l3 timer siden

    to só esperando a fansitube dublar :3

  • Tomas Linka
    Tomas Linka3 timer siden

    Damn that's sick

  • molly moo
    molly moo3 timer siden

    Get well soon :o

    ALDO SALAZAR3 timer siden


  • Gotrose Gamer
    Gotrose Gamer3 timer siden

    just rest. its okay, take a break *

  • The Memes Are Here
    The Memes Are Here3 timer siden

    Well was it the bus to Blizzard Beach?

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty3 timer siden

    "can you sound drunk sleepy and sick?" "yes"

  • Upsîde - Døwn - Spînėl •
    Upsîde - Døwn - Spînėl •4 timer siden

    Ya make me proud ya freakin adorable explainer babies and you know what is sick and adorable this let me explain studio winter wear I love it is because it’s high quality and warm and makes you look like a freakin snack and a half

  • Infinity 18
    Infinity 184 timer siden

    Rebecca's voice goes between blind stinking drunk and Harley Quinn

  • ThatCreamSodaCanEdit
    ThatCreamSodaCanEdit4 timer siden

    I’ll never forget the line I s T h I s T h E b U s T o B l I z Z a R e B e A c H

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    3 timer siden

    Hearly Quain

  • King Froggy Boi
    King Froggy Boi4 timer siden

    This would be Rebecca if she was drunk

  • Skylar Stone
    Skylar Stone4 timer siden

    get better soooooooon!!

  • burners 310
    burners 3104 timer siden


  • Maríana Mist Gestsdóttir
    Maríana Mist Gestsdóttir4 timer siden

    Choo choo

  • Kaiden Memez
    Kaiden Memez4 timer siden

    Ahh I see you’re a raven claw

  • Jaime Monzon Bautista
    Jaime Monzon Bautista4 timer siden

    idk but you talking like this: 0:36 feels like you're my mom... and cause you're sick i just want to make you some soup so you feel better 🥺

  • Oxi q
    Oxi q4 timer siden

    Is This The Bus To Blizzard Beach?

  • Farina Fazal
    Farina Fazal4 timer siden

    The queen is Alive!!

  • Raga Muffin
    Raga Muffin4 timer siden

    I can’t wait to buy that awesome hat!

  • cntylvr95
    cntylvr954 timer siden


    MR THE MAN4 timer siden

    That merchandise is actually good looking, rare these daus

  • I was born I guess
    I was born I guess4 timer siden

    Gryffindor party more! Hufflepuff wizard stuff! Ravens claw hell naw! I think that's everyone

  • Elijah Stevens
    Elijah Stevens5 timer siden

    I hope she is ok i hope you fell better

  • Alice Jordan
    Alice Jordan5 timer siden

    Awwwwwwww get well soon ill ask my mum if i can buy the merch it looks awsome 😊

  • hanee hanee
    hanee hanee5 timer siden

    Hearly Quain

  • CTW Funtime Freddy
    CTW Funtime Freddy5 timer siden

    At one point u sounded like terk from tarzan XD

  • Elizabeth Lynch
    Elizabeth Lynch5 timer siden

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 atleast you are making through it Rebecca

  • HDG .
    HDG .5 timer siden

    The jumper looks like it's out of frickin Harry Potter

  • Ariel The Living Cartoon Hart
    Ariel The Living Cartoon Hart5 timer siden

    Lol you sound like Slappy the Squirrel

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown5 timer siden

    hope you fell better

  • Gacha_ girl123
    Gacha_ girl1235 timer siden

    Is this the bus to blizzard beach? -Rebecca 2020~

  • DG Legos
    DG Legos5 timer siden


  • Classified 4373
    Classified 43735 timer siden

    You guys get seriously sick?!

  • DG Legos
    DG Legos6 timer siden


  • ?LvlKawa
    ?LvlKawa6 timer siden

    0:23 that why I'm glad Rebecca doesn't draw mouths 👿💅❤

  • Valeria Leos
    Valeria Leos6 timer siden

    I'm sick too!

  • Tv Gaming_YT
    Tv Gaming_YT6 timer siden

    Is this the bus to Blizzard Beach

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen6 timer siden

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • siberius lakhani
    siberius lakhani6 timer siden

    Wow that power armour

  • Games 'n Vogs
    Games 'n Vogs6 timer siden


  • Brittany Horton
    Brittany Horton6 timer siden

    Hey, Rebecca, where you been I've been...sick Ouh Aaa OHHHHHHHHHH hey Rebecca, how sick you be- 🤮🤮 At that moment, he should have stayed 20 feet 😏

  • The Storkeys
    The Storkeys6 timer siden

    Get well soon 🤒

  • Erin Tigchelaar
    Erin Tigchelaar6 timer siden

    It looks sort of like the raven claw out fit.

  • Lea Speer
    Lea Speer6 timer siden

  • CatsInSpace6951 69
    CatsInSpace6951 696 timer siden

    Lucky I have covid

    FREE ROBUX7 timer siden

    I'm sick as well

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire7 timer siden

    She sounds like a drunk New Yorker

  • •Savage Sophia•
    •Savage Sophia•7 timer siden

    u shouldn't have. Go in woods

  • lemon lime Gonzales
    lemon lime Gonzales7 timer siden

    Yesterday I had the sniffles so yeah I was sleep till yesterday with the sniffles

  • IAMA Tabble .
    IAMA Tabble .7 timer siden


  • ఌ Rosey skies ఌ シ
    ఌ Rosey skies ఌ シ7 timer siden

    The beach: *BLIZZARD BEACH* The bus: *BLIZZARD BEACH*

  • Siclesjr77
    Siclesjr777 timer siden

    Where's the color

  • Cartoon Fandoms
    Cartoon Fandoms7 timer siden

    I hope you get better and i think she needs to lay down or it gets worse

  • Solar Soph
    Solar Soph7 timer siden

    I wish i could buy the scarf but i live in a state that is hot all the freaking time so i can't. Sad noises.

  • ToenailCheese45
    ToenailCheese457 timer siden

    Vorona cirus