Driving My CL65 AMG 700 Miles Home Was A Total Nightmare But I Fixed A Major Issue With NO TOOLS!


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I bought Hoovies Garage CL65 AMG and I can't believe it survived CarTrek. I bought the car knowing the twin-turbo V12 had a bad oil leak and that the hydraulic suspension was leaking but so much more broke on the trip it was ridiculous. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!
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  • LegitStreetCars
    LegitStreetCars10 dager siden

    What's the most miles you've driven during 1 road trip and what kind of car? 1991 Jamaica Yellow Firebird, 2,100 miles.

  • The Sounds of the Suburbs

    The Sounds of the Suburbs

    Dag siden

    Drove Chicago to Denver, Denver to Salt Lake, Salt Lake to Moab, Moab to Denver, and the Denver to Chicago within 10 days. Put about 3000 or so miles on a 2019 Audi Q8.

  • Biig Daddy

    Biig Daddy

    2 dager siden

    5500 miles, 2014 Corolla

  • Harrison McCollum

    Harrison McCollum

    4 dager siden

    My 1992 Geo Prizm, maybe 40 miles... I'm 17...

  • Sam Wallace

    Sam Wallace

    4 dager siden

    1999 Toyota 4Runner 5100 km, 6 days; ~200k miles in mostly 90 deg weather. AC worked the whole way, no issues.

  • marko peterle

    marko peterle

    4 dager siden

    5100 km round trip in one week, 39 mpg. 1997 fiat marea weekend diesel. im sure you'll google it up :)

  • armando patane
    armando patane5 timer siden

    Ugh problems as always

  • lu tomson
    lu tomson11 timer siden

    The Car Wizard was spot on with this car, good on Hoovie for moving it on

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir KazemiDag siden

    mercedes, im over it. it just doesnt inspire confidence - so many issues

  • E S
    E SDag siden

    Had one of these beasts 8 grand spend in 12k miles on the Damn abc issues in 3 years. Should’ve just replaced the whole system but they did not make the kit with the addition of sway bars back then. Heck of a car though

  • Thomas Libonati
    Thomas LibonatiDag siden

    You had to floor it! Italian tune up.

  • Ron Mac
    Ron MacDag siden

    Guys like you save me soooo much money! Thanks for reminding me NOT to buy an old German car with more than 6 cylinders.

  • au2bahn
    au2bahnDag siden

    Haha, wish I would have warned you to NEVER buy gas at a Casey’s. I even feel bad putting that stuff into a rental car. Kum & Go or BP are about the only places I will get gas here. I wish we could get 93 octane here but we kind of suck. Looked like you were near Iowa City though so there should have been plenty of options including a Mercedes dealership with the hydraulic fluid in stock 👍

  • The Motor Trade
    The Motor TradeDag siden

    This is the automotive equivalent of The Blair Witch Project, except scarier.

  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan CrossDag siden

    How do you not bring your scanner? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan CrossDag siden

    What was with the added drama by not getting out of your drivers door? Lol. Was it because of the window sync, or did you notice or remember that if you open door too far you might stretch the door harness? Just curious that was funny to me..

  • Randy Hall
    Randy HallDag siden

    I have a phobia of any road trip I take turning into this.

    PART OF THE HEARD2 dager siden

    You know what your doing and what your saying.

  • Ronald Santos
    Ronald Santos2 dager siden

    13:46 Loose bolt? Ninja or Wizard has some explaining to do.

  • Jesse Dixon Pridgen
    Jesse Dixon Pridgen2 dager siden

    Can't wait to see this project!

  • Juan C
    Juan C2 dager siden

    Bad gas in winter?? Never heard Of this happening. Also live in Phoenix/Vegas and Yuma. Where we get brutally cold winters.

  • MrTruthAddict
    MrTruthAddict2 dager siden

    Had the same issue with my BMW X5 with the 4.4 V8. Misfiring on multiple cylinders. Now we gotta be really careful where we buy premium

  • Kwistenbiebel200
    Kwistenbiebel2002 dager siden

    He would never have been able to diagnose this issue if he would have transported the car on a trailer.

  • Buzz Pedrotti
    Buzz Pedrotti2 dager siden

    How about buying from high quality refiners?

  • Meisner
    Meisner2 dager siden

    i was glad to see that you made it.Yes its good to take these challenges ahead,but its a lot of headache also :D

  • Tomislav Lulic
    Tomislav Lulic2 dager siden

    That rest feature is so cool , you can even use it in summer to cool motor faster for racing applications

  • glmoore001
    glmoore0012 dager siden

    I'm in Rockford Illinois. I have road tripped for 2 different vehicles, to Portland Oregon for my 2001 Dodge Diesel and to Philadelphia Pa. for my 1985 Porsche 928S Euro. If you ever need help retrieving another vehicle, let me know...

  • Bernarda Flores
    Bernarda Flores2 dager siden

    Does it make sense to buy regular gas and add some octane booster to the fuel????

  • Bernarda Flores
    Bernarda Flores2 dager siden

    Good point regarding premium fuel during winter, it happen to me 1 time.

  • Shane Bassen
    Shane Bassen2 dager siden

    This is vice grip garage for the rich

  • LegitStreetCars


    2 dager siden

    Haha. It was 10k!

  • meggala vk3ktt
    meggala vk3ktt2 dager siden

    You need to have a trip bag with some basic tools not the first time you have been caught out great video. Also props for picking the fuel issue it was running through my head as Hoovie never had that issue. thx for fun video your content is improving all the time. glad you made it home safe it should be a great build

  • benjamin82h
    benjamin82h2 dager siden

    German cars are garbage! 👎🤮

  • Thong Tran
    Thong Tran2 dager siden

    Endless Money Pit...

  • Alonzo Harris
    Alonzo Harris2 dager siden

    Great vid. Actually turned out to be evidence of the great build quality of Mercedes engines.

  • Bob Butler
    Bob Butler2 dager siden

    The typical iron curiosly surprise because liquid conceptually sound next a assorted trumpet. old-fashioned, steadfast cello

  • Gustavo Herrera
    Gustavo Herrera3 dager siden

    Low octane fuel on a already misfiring engine.. terrible idea. You’re going to detonate the crap out of it.

  • Pierce Tidwell
    Pierce Tidwell3 dager siden

    Don’t pass trucks on the right. By patient.

  • Atoool K
    Atoool K3 dager siden

    That was scary, glad you made it home!

  • Tripp Rogers
    Tripp Rogers3 dager siden

    KANSAS TO CHICAGO = 11 hours..dude did you take the scenic route?

  • The Boys
    The Boys3 dager siden

    on hoovies channel it's all fun and rosie. In this video I've seen the reality of buying hoopites :D

  • Mkosmo
    Mkosmo3 dager siden

    what a fantastic episode, its so interesting to see the realities of running something like a 65. Good shout to recognise the fuel contamination. Entertaining as always.

  • Brooklyn in The Rare old Times
    Brooklyn in The Rare old Times3 dager siden

    Don’t get jacked in Chicago. Place is out of control. Good video.

  • Hydro Tsunami
    Hydro Tsunami4 dager siden

    @10:15 this pretty much sums up driving Mercedes 🤣 just erase CELs and pretend nothing happened

  • Hydro Tsunami
    Hydro Tsunami4 dager siden

    Why didn't you go to an auto store and patch it with some jb weld putty?

  • Hydro Tsunami
    Hydro Tsunami4 dager siden

    Lucky. I wanted to buy this. Whatever. I'll buy a SL65 and strip 1000 LBs off that instead.

  • Mustafa Stokely
    Mustafa Stokely4 dager siden

    I noticed that at the beginning of your trip, the car was cautioning you that your coolant level was very low. There was also an active oil leak, but I did not see anywhere on the video where you checked the oil level. The engine seemed very smooth at the beginning of the video and unless there was low oil/low coolant, (which progressively got lower,) the engine should not have degraded/failed so fast. I suppose there is also the remote possibility of timing chain/guides failure?... (I do not know your total miles accrued, so I cannot wager a guess...) Severe misfires would be consistent for an engine with a timing chain/guides about to fail. While I have owned insane amounts of Mercs in my life time, I have never seen a Merc engine fail in the same fashion as a Chevy, Ford, Toyota, etc. (Throw a rod, etc.) Typically, the Merc engines will fail due to low coolant and/or low engine oil, and the major killer of Merc engines is the timing chain/guides. Given the leaks, etc., this car should have been shipped, then sorted out. I can't help but think that whatever killed this engine was likely avoidable?... Please know that I am not being critical, and I certainly feel for you.

  • Andreas D'Greek
    Andreas D'Greek4 dager siden

    Your boy looking under the hood with his hoodie "drawstrings" hanging while the engine was running scared the shit out of me. @21:42

  • 402 SHO
    402 SHO4 dager siden

    I bet that engine was keeping u warm!! Edit: fixed my typo

  • Nathan Arnold
    Nathan Arnold4 dager siden

    Having trouble understanding why someone of your knowledge would not tow this from the start.........gets views i guess....

  • GF04RCE
    GF04RCE4 dager siden

    You had do drive it.... its a bonding process that will mean the car will be either driveway art or your long term driver.... 👍😀

  • Novice MTBer
    Novice MTBer4 dager siden

    Come on, you guys love this drama. I mean why else you use wear just hoodies in sub-freezing temps while complaining about how cold it is and driving home a vehicle with known issues you were warned about. For you guys this is NOlocal gold. You love the drama. I mean who wants to see you drive a Lexus home with absolutely no issues for you to complain about?

  • Gustavo Herrera
    Gustavo Herrera4 dager siden

    Hahaha. Love the sponsor intervention

  • Bundu Nett
    Bundu Nett4 dager siden

    Hoovie did well to 'sell' you this car!

  • Marvin Quast
    Marvin Quast4 dager siden

    As a german, it appears absolutely crazy to me that gas stations without a water seperator exist. Feeling sorry for you and the CL. Definitely deserves better fuel :(

  • Carey Turner
    Carey Turner4 dager siden

    Lol, you got burnt by Casey's gas?

  • Gary Oney
    Gary Oney4 dager siden

    Door/window function issues are likely due to broken wires in the door jamb expansion joint. That was the case on my CL55.

  • Jim Bond
    Jim Bond4 dager siden

    Ha!! Hey Alex! Remember when I bought your 40mpg C5 Vette and you did tech support on the way home for the exact same problem?? Stupid Midwest winter premium gas!!! I filled up about 10 miles from your house and 50 miles later I had maybe 5 cylinders firing! Heet fixed that right up too!!

  • arcadeuk
    arcadeuk4 dager siden

    Why would you buy a car from Hoovie, and not bring tools? That's like trying to fail on purpose

  • Andrew Fletcher
    Andrew Fletcher4 dager siden

    I believe Hoovie said, and I quote, "No one should buy this car!" Lol. Longest road trip was 2600+ miles in a 05 sienna with 356,000 miles. Ran great there and back

  • JBs Garage
    JBs Garage4 dager siden

    I wouldn't call buying a car from Hoovie dumb. But maybe don't take pills you found in a car you didn't put there. Did they at least say the name of what you took on them?

  • Daniel Staggers
    Daniel Staggers4 dager siden

    Only a fool and his money ever bought a German car in America.

  • Big Motor
    Big Motor4 dager siden

    One of the main things that scare me from the AMG’s. The hydraulic suspensions

  • jamewakk
    jamewakk5 dager siden

    Will never happen to me.

  • Shaun Bailey
    Shaun Bailey5 dager siden

    Have gotten bad premium in the winter in my BMW as well had to have it towed it was misfiring so bad once we got a full tank of new gas in it with heet no more misfiring

  • Shaun Bailey
    Shaun Bailey5 dager siden

    When he took the engine cover off damn that's a hugeeee engine

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet5 dager siden

    This video sponsored by Dri-gas

  • fineskills1
    fineskills15 dager siden

    What idiot doesn’t bring the code reader🙈 I can understand not bringing tools but come on it’s a fucking Mercedes

  • Jamison Z
    Jamison Z5 dager siden

    If I'm super rich. I'm going to get all the CL63/65 and S63/65 Coupe from C215-C217. They're so elegant and powerful at the same time!

  • tano Vw
    tano Vw5 dager siden

    Can't wait for the update, especially since Chicago has been in the 40s ❤

  • Heid Gandreiter
    Heid Gandreiter5 dager siden

    Hi Alex, there's EVP at 0.25x video speed, my language Danish 3:18 'Der er grøften, pas på!' ('There's the ditch, be careful!'). The conclusion, perhaps, of what seems to be spirit stating what it could like owning what is now basically a historic Mercedes: 3:08 'The best', 3:09 'Bad system', 3:10 'Humble bat', 3:11 'Prison', 3:12 'Upset', 'Stealthy', 3:13 'Not a KIA', 3:15 'Fifty thousand dollars a year it's gonna cost..', 3:17 'We're just sacrifice..', 3:31 'Tak for din Bluetooth' ('Thanks for your Bluetooth'), 3:33 'Oksesteg' ('Roast beef'). A radio can function basically as a ghost box, this phenomenon can occur especially on the Internet, a dimension in itself, not reality but a parallel, non physical alternative 'reality', made purely of energy, as the afterlife. EVP can also happen directly in camera, as spirit can use the noise on the soundtrack to generate speech patterns. Respectful analysis Asatru shaman The Völve, Denmark PS Used to drive a 270D E-Class myself for four years when I worked as a taxi driver back in the 2000s, also owned a 123 200D and even drove a 3 liter 124 as a cab on country roads, the most solid Benz ever.

  • Jon S
    Jon S5 dager siden

    Good advise on cars requiring premium fuel Alex. I always pick a high volume station whenever I fill up unless there is no other option. Requires a bit extra planning though. Sometimes you're in the middle of nowhere and don't have a lot of choices. A big red flag would definitely be premium costing substantially more money than regular.

  • Matouq Blilah
    Matouq Blilah5 dager siden

    Rule # 1 Never trust an old Mercedes

  • Mud Puddle
    Mud Puddle5 dager siden

    Poor choices on top of poor choices. The engine is smoking, leaking, shaking, steaming and missing. They drive it anyways while saying "I dont want to hurt the engine...".

  • victor CM
    victor CM5 dager siden

    This was exciting haha all my money was on you not making in it hahaha

  • James Hay
    James Hay5 dager siden

    Congratulations on getting home! Really looking forward to seeing you work on this car.

  • V12S65AMG
    V12S65AMG5 dager siden

    This vid was possible by that paid content and nothing else! I just got sooooooooo tired of Alex hearing him say "we're not gonna make it" 20K times that I had to Fast-forward at least 10 minutes incl the paid content!!!! Yes, we all know you want some excitement and what not in your vids, but c'mone man.... This vid could have been tops 5 minutes long and over with.... but no.... "we're not gonna make it" was the fraise of the day!!! I sure hope you're not becoming one of those I-Like-To-Hear-My-Own-Voice-So-I-Keep-Repeating-Myself-20K-Times-Just-To-Get-A-20- + -Long-Vid-Just-To-Get-Paid-By-YT kinda A-holes out there!!!!!! Next time try to have more content than just "we're not gonna make it"

  • letbraski
    letbraski5 dager siden

    You should make a special video about best long highways travel cars you had. That would be interesting.

  • Michael Hankey
    Michael Hankey5 dager siden

    Brisbane Australia to Melbourne and vice versa, BMW X5 40D and Bmw 320D one stop for fuel 1700 klms each way. Listing to Fleetwood Mac, Now here you go again you want your freedom 🎵

  • Geoff Rolland
    Geoff Rolland5 dager siden

    Last time I had my CL out, my ABC info light came on, I knew fluid could be low as I just changed the HP Expansion line under the core support. A quick button push from comfort to sport settings cleared it up enough to get me home. I parked it hoping the CL600 RennTech gods would correct it over the winter. :)

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson5 dager siden

    I've never seen so much garbage about this chat/video/ ......BEWARE WHAT FEEDING?

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson5 dager siden

    See Below, why this person making such a point with this video of this car! Due the Math?

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson5 dager siden

    All I can say, he trying to devalue your Mercedes S65 for his own personal gain, why? They stop making this car in 2019 with a final edition. Hello!

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson5 dager siden

    All I can say wow, If someone all about MONEY! Next, this car was $180,000.00 with budget of $2000.00, MAYBE your problems? IDIOT!

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana6 dager siden

    You've got some good Karma there my man. Good for you. I'm glad the car got you home safely.

  • classicforreal
    classicforreal6 dager siden

    22:30 I’m not kidding you want to know who’s responsible for that huge uptick in subs? The same guy who even made this video possible: Tyler Hoover (and the algorithm). But seriously, he’s been such a figure in the community.

  • olikat8
    olikat86 dager siden

    "The Best or Nothing..." -Mercedes marketing line. "Okay, I guess I'm getting nothing..." -owners of Mercedes that are a few years old

  • A Rodd Parks
    A Rodd Parks6 dager siden

    Does it come in tobacco flavor? 😆

  • Bogdan Fedoreac
    Bogdan Fedoreac6 dager siden

    What a car that was! wish I would get one!

  • Todd The Lone Droner Mummert sr.
    Todd The Lone Droner Mummert sr.6 dager siden

    When can I expect to see a video on the repair of the ABC pump as I have the same exact issue on the same year

  • Benny Soutukorva
    Benny Soutukorva6 dager siden

    Shity gasoline over there... 99 octane in sweden

  • Boog Boog
    Boog Boog6 dager siden

    Car wizard: just keep things topped up...dude...nah imma wing it in a car with a hugely expensive engine.

  • John Fredrickson
    John Fredrickson6 dager siden

    Mr Alex, I love the CL65 ever since Jeremy Clarkson reviewed it on Top Gear! As a viewer, it is so much fun to watch this car go from Hoovie, to CarTrek, to The Mercedes-Benz Mastertech of NOlocal. What a wonderful journey! Very excited for the future videos!!

  • NWO Shlomo Goldmann
    NWO Shlomo Goldmann6 dager siden

    In Germany, this car is very popular. Especially the CL 500 is currently getting a lot of hype. Among other things, triggered by gangster rappers. The rapper Gzuz has brought out a song called CL 500 and since then all the teens with a driver's license want this car. Unfortunately, he really has a lot of problems. Especially the ABC suspension. When it works it's fantastic but when it breaks down it gets very expensive. Many mechanics can't or won't fix it either. I don't recommend this car to anyone unless they have an unlimited budget. If you want a really cool alternative to this car without all the problems, then buy a CLK 500, a smaller version of the CL with a great engine and without the ABC suspension. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • Dizzy Rider
    Dizzy Rider6 dager siden

    That cars not in Kansas anymore Toto.

  • JPT
    JPT6 dager siden

    If Hoovie and Wizard can't fix the proble, just don't buy the car. In few weeks: This is the CL65 I bought from Hoovie. It works perfectly well, just changed this and that for around 45 bucks.

  • Øyvind Hanstad
    Øyvind Hanstad6 dager siden

    Great video😀

  • neil stern
    neil stern6 dager siden

    Cool stuff, u would think it would have a bad gas sensor.

  • Timothy Cote
    Timothy Cote6 dager siden

    106 miles to Chicago full tank of gas half a pack of cigarettes its dark out and were wearing sunglasses....HIT IT

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones6 dager siden

    20min of oh no its not going to make... oh no.. oh no....

  • _BonezGuevara_
    _BonezGuevara_6 dager siden

    This was so stressful to watch. I loved it.

  • Xavier Perera
    Xavier Perera6 dager siden

    Hey can anyone help me out? for my dodge charger srt8 Check engine light came on and says “Catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 2” what do i do and what should i do ? Do i have to buy a new one?

  • bassandtrebleclef
    bassandtrebleclef6 dager siden

    Nice video explaining why to buy a used lexus instead.

  • 335i101
    335i1017 dager siden

    My 2021 G550 has the rest feature...so it isn’t totally gone

  • zosoachilles
    zosoachilles7 dager siden

    Please give that M275 some proper love and then take the CL back to Hoovies cul de sac and do some burnouts.

  • The Tenured Passholder
    The Tenured Passholder7 dager siden

    You sir are brave for driving that home, and in the snow no less. I had a W215 CL500 and I was always afraid the ABC system would piss itself one day, which it eventually did. I converted to coilovers and never worried about it after that.