Dunkey Direct (2.18.2021)


Can't wait to see whats in store for the new Mario Odyssey and BOTW 2.
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  • Carlos Eduardo Moura
    Carlos Eduardo Moura40 minutter siden

    3:17 that's not octopath traveler. Why no one show some respect to Final Fantasy tactics?

  • Michael Hanratty
    Michael HanrattyTime siden

    i have 2 problems with pyra joining smash. one is another swordsman and the other is my principle of ignoring anything that is part of a season pass (2 or more) so its only really one problem with her and the other is more so a business decision i don't want to support. granted if this is the final smash bros i would be more forgiving.

  • Comrade Cora
    Comrade Cora10 timer siden

    so how many JRPGs was that? 4? 5? 6?

  • Thamo Thomas
    Thamo Thomas11 timer siden

    gamers are not weebs. They're more like hardcore football players and fans weebs have taken over gaming = companies creating games that weebs want and weebs want everything to be anime. Even league of legends 2 is an anime when it use to be about monsters and dark magic etc

  • pachee
    pachee11 timer siden

    Dunkeys description of xenoblade makes me want to play it real bad

  • moharproductions
    moharproductions12 timer siden

    Gex :;(

  • Falseblade Seeker
    Falseblade Seeker13 timer siden

    Donkey konga trigger happy

  • The Beyonder
    The Beyonder13 timer siden

    The more you watch it. The funnier it gets😂

  • Jer of Jers
    Jer of Jers15 timer siden

    I saw this and your sony direct video too. My only theory is all the good games aren't ready for presentation because the pandemic has slowed a lot of the development. There's not enough workflow to get a demo together for showcase until everybody goes back to work. So Next year better have more Knack!

  • Taylor Kousoulos
    Taylor Kousoulos16 timer siden

    Nintendo forgot to tell us about mario's public execution on March 31

  • I guess so
    I guess so17 timer siden

    This video and comment section is trash imo

  • I guess so

    I guess so

    15 timer siden

    @your father dad..?

  • your father

    your father

    16 timer siden

    well guess what baby, you're part of it now

  • Thndr_
    Thndr_17 timer siden

    5:00 basically my exact reaction

  • mystery person195
    mystery person19518 timer siden

    so he was very happy with this direct

  • the punch monkey
    the punch monkey18 timer siden

    Triangle strategy look dope tho

  • Pangolin Robinson
    Pangolin Robinson18 timer siden

    *OooOoHh, Fuse is in this?? Oh finally, some good news!* As a huge fan of the SaGa series as a whole, that joke made my whole day. On a side note: Hooray for SaGa Frontier! I knew all that time I spent playing that Gacha game had to count for something...

  • James Wood
    James Wood18 timer siden

    Hey man, Bravely Default 2 aint bad. I been playing it, pretty fire game. 8/10

  • Snowstorm
    Snowstorm19 timer siden

    OK seriously though why did they bring up Mario 3D World in the middle of the presentation?

  • Carter R.

    Carter R.

    16 timer siden

    Made absolutely no sense but probably just to get more sales and lower the disappointment with the viewers who weren't interested in the things they had shown.

  • Wood Man
    Wood Man19 timer siden

    I liked Splatoon 3 & Mario golf, other stuff was cool I guess just not for me

  • wizardjack
    wizardjack19 timer siden

    you promised that bowser snuff film time to deliver

  • Stanley
    Stanley20 timer siden

    The direct in a nutshell: 1:29

  • Attention
    Attention20 timer siden

    This is my favourite bunkey video.

  • TNTspaz
    TNTspaz20 timer siden

    Octopath was a pretty neat game as well so I'm glad to see more of the same. But its not something to get hyped with in a Nintendo direct. Its more something you throw on the side and say, "Oh yeah we are also making this"

    FATTER GUYDag siden

    He Ran away when he heard the news.

  • gjD4NT3
    gjD4NT3Dag siden

    Am I the only one that keeps rewatching this over and over again 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Florian W.
    Florian W.Dag siden

    1:08 Charakter and game Name ?

  • gnbman
    gnbmanDag siden

    What was the Reggie/Gamestop joke?

  • Mae W
    Mae WDag siden

    Splatoon 3 is the only good thing

  • NeoKen


    23 timer siden

    It was the only thing somewhat significant besides pointless and boring jrpgs, which is just my opinion

  • IamPhishizzle2
    IamPhishizzle2Dag siden

    Deunko does it again. A best video of all time. It's good. I like. I'm 12 and will buy everything adds show me.

  • Christopher Roche
    Christopher RocheDag siden

    More dunkey-san

  • Tristan Hammond
    Tristan HammondDag siden

    Thanks for the music at the end. Bye Tabitha! Have a good sleepover!

  • BlueSuede -Z
    BlueSuede -ZDag siden

    *sucks teeth* actually ray man is in Brawlhalla

  • JimJo Mc.Farlane
    JimJo Mc.FarlaneDag siden

    You never used Metroid Prime 4 as a positive example... I’m heartbroken Edit: never mind I love you

  • Aidil OP
    Aidil OPDag siden

    I love the direct tho

  • MoonmanSP
    MoonmanSPDag siden

    Boring rpg Boring rpg Boring rpg Another sword character in smash Boring rpg Boring rpg Skyward Sword HD with crap looking controls Splatoon 3

  • Dalgus Maximus

    Dalgus Maximus

    Dag siden

    I like skyward sword but 60$ for a 'HD remaster' is unforgivable especially when barely anything is fixed.

  • John Epic
    John EpicDag siden

    Fun fact 2:47 you can close hear him

  • Clanqaz
    ClanqazDag siden

    Where's this year's WWE?

  • Luck Genuine Lightning

    Luck Genuine Lightning

    Dag siden

    I don't know.

  • yort
    yortDag siden

    Looks like nintendo has been watching a lot of dunkey videos

  • Good
    GoodDag siden

    Now every time I see 'Bravely Default' as a pre-order I just laugh

  • ThatOneDude 1710
    ThatOneDude 1710Dag siden

    Wow. They should have added Blinx and Blinx 2 to the switch.

  • haflelife 2
    haflelife 2Dag siden

    you kidding? finally a new and good tactical RPG for fans! the rest is trash though...

  • Hsien248
    Hsien2482 dager siden

    This direct was good

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    Toxic is a word for kids who can't stand up for them selves

  • Hsien248


    23 timer siden

    @Goose Game yes, are you toxic ??.

  • Goose Game

    Goose Game

    Dag siden


  • Ezequiel Jiménez García
    Ezequiel Jiménez García2 dager siden

    Disappointment. I'm getting used to it.

  • Gundam Gaming
    Gundam Gaming2 dager siden

    Everyone spam the survey with bad reviews

  • Marcio Prates
    Marcio Prates2 dager siden

    It has a little nothing for everyone

  • Colin Johnson

    Colin Johnson

    12 timer siden


  • il927
    il9272 dager siden

    3:12 "...... Mario?" 😆

  • L H
    L H2 dager siden

    this vid has more views than the direct

  • Ryan Gillam
    Ryan Gillam2 dager siden

    In terms of news... there is no news

  • Stanley
    Stanley2 dager siden

    This entire direct can be summed up in one timestamp: 1:29

  • dalton yates
    dalton yates2 dager siden

    That last joke had me laughing out loud by myself looking like the joker. I probably looked insane

  • BenJ Scar
    BenJ Scar2 dager siden

    "That sounds pretty BARN good" gave me the biggest outburst of laughter that I will ever be embarrassed of

  • David Hosey
    David Hosey2 dager siden

    Imagine hating on a character based off of how they look and lying about how the game itself is written Lmao nah great video tho man, this is the definitive direct

  • Oliramen
    Oliramen2 dager siden

    At least fuse made an appearance

  • i1ike0ranges
    i1ike0ranges2 dager siden

    Only good news was Splatoon 3 and tbh didn't think it would be so soon

  • Monkey D Mexyy
    Monkey D Mexyy2 dager siden

    Im actually hyped for legends of mana and smo 2 is gonna be made in acnh

  • Xan Der
    Xan Der2 dager siden

    PYRA and Xenoblade are awesome. stop being mad

  • Xan Der

    Xan Der

    17 timer siden

    @claytoncd actually she is 3D. Rip

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    @Xan Der ok what does that have to do with anything you find a 2d anime character attractive kinda cringe bro

  • Xan Der

    Xan Der

    18 timer siden

    @claytoncd still better than Abby in TLOU2. At least she hot

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    @Xan Der pyra sucks lol

  • Xan Der

    Xan Der

    2 dager siden

    @Zach Watering yess i agree, it will be the only character pack for smash that i will buy ...

  • Dean Hamouda
    Dean Hamouda2 dager siden

    1:17 Dr. Phil would've been an awesome inclusion into Smash.

  • mourning dove
    mourning dove2 dager siden

    1:12 Save 15% or more on Smash insurance

  • Tyler Harper
    Tyler Harper3 dager siden

    If you were a rpg fan this direct would be amazing

  • Fill@PieNo!
    Fill@PieNo!3 dager siden


  • Robbie
    Robbie3 dager siden

    I like how the end screen names are gradually getting further and further away from dunkey

  • Just to watch someone speak
    Just to watch someone speak3 dager siden

    Was the end of this real? It can't be real, right? They wouldn't just bring him out to say "we know what you're waiting for, and the answer is: no, lol"

  • Damiàn Montalvo
    Damiàn Montalvo3 dager siden

    Imagine any Jojo in Super Smash Bros Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes

  • Willowreap
    Willowreap3 dager siden

    It’s really funny how no RPG fans are able to argue with Dunkey’s logic.

  • biaza
    biaza3 dager siden

    It's almost like there's something unprecedented in the last century still currently happening, isn't it

  • azmo
    azmo3 dager siden

    I have a feeling dunkey didn't like this direct.

  • Private_ Dino
    Private_ Dino3 dager siden

    I like your views no anime and no jrpgs

  • Evan Weaver
    Evan Weaver3 dager siden

    Nintendo Labo 2 coming out in April

  • Ness -
    Ness -3 dager siden

    *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  • That Guy
    That Guy3 dager siden

    “How’s it going so far?” “Fuck you” Had me dead

  • Byrden 9
    Byrden 93 dager siden

    this video was pretty barn good

  • Randall Miller
    Randall Miller3 dager siden

    Boy Howdy that was good!!

  • Elitecdog
    Elitecdog3 dager siden


  • Dan Wolf
    Dan Wolf3 dager siden

    Even another fire emblem rep would have been better than pyra

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    Just taking the slot away would be better tbh

  • Josh Zumstien
    Josh Zumstien3 dager siden

    Legend of Mana came out on the PS1, not the Super Nintendo 😑

  • soupman
    soupman3 dager siden


  • CritHit
    CritHit4 dager siden

    This feels like a joke. Theres no way they made this for real. They made a full direct of anime games with RPG turn based combat. I fucking hate this

  • Chad Nationalism
    Chad Nationalism4 dager siden

    its almost as if... nintendo is a bad, out of touch company

  • Dalgus Maximus

    Dalgus Maximus

    3 dager siden

    Especially with how they price gouge their products and mercilessly try to take down any and all types of emulators.

  • micky mouse
    micky mouse4 dager siden

    When Nintendo could remake god of war Ps2 .. then the world collapse

  • alfernee
    alfernee4 dager siden

    You can tell Dunkey is a Nintendo fan, because he hates Nintendo

  • Local HD Main
    Local HD Main4 dager siden

    Miitopia but with a random horse woooo

  • zelexen Lizaola-V
    zelexen Lizaola-V4 dager siden

    this direct reallly makes you FEEEEEL like Thank you darksouls

  • Waan
    Waan4 dager siden


  • James Bolton
    James Bolton4 dager siden

    I’ve been coming back to this vid after the disappointing month I’ve had. Thanks.

  • Why
    Why4 dager siden

    When you put a character in Smash then that implies that that character is a gaming icon, then why did Nintendo put in the boob character from the furby sex game?! Dunkey taught me that one. Do you really want another generic anime character with a sword to be a gaming icon? No you don't. How about an actual gaming icon, like the Doom Slayer, even my dad knows what Doom is, it's an iconic game, there is so much that could be used for his moveset for him too. Don't tell me "He can't be in there because it's an M rated game." Bayonetta is in the game too, and that's M rated. The violence would have to be toned down but I'm sure people would be fine with that. He would definitely work. (Slayer is his cannon name, it says so in Doom Eternal.)

  • Why


    17 timer siden

    @Big Wheel What? What to you mean?

  • Big Wheel

    Big Wheel

    18 timer siden

    @claytoncd sounds like someones excited for octopathtraveler 2

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    @Big Wheel please shut up

  • Big Wheel

    Big Wheel

    18 timer siden

    Fake and gay

  • Why


    18 timer siden

    @claytoncd I'm hoping more people will me approve it too.

  • Rock Lee
    Rock Lee4 dager siden

    Okay I get it’s upsetting, but we’re still in a pandemic and people are still being affected by it. I think like at the moment it’s fair that they don’t have much to show right now. People are probably having to work extra hard to get anything up to Nintendo’s standards of presentable or whatever. Crunching much harder and draining themselves towards the goal. Actual people are working on these games behind the big corporate companies (not excusing the company’s leaders or whoever, especially at Nintendo with its weirdly strict censorship). Just cause they don’t have things to show now doesn’t mean they aren’t working or pushing something. Ik Dunkey doesn’t mean this to the extent that is being portrayed, but that’s what it is: it’s being portrayed to others and influencing their perspectives. Take a moment and think about the people behind it before throwing a heavy ass opinion about there not being a game

  • Dalgus Maximus

    Dalgus Maximus

    3 dager siden

    I think it probably would have been best if they just didn't show anything then. It would have been even better if they were honest with their setbacks like how they were with metroid prime 4.

  • Ann Ceres
    Ann Ceres4 dager siden

    "Furby sex game" is the best nickname I've heard for Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  • Luis Felipe
    Luis Felipe4 dager siden

    Wait, I can’t believe they actually did that on the end of the direct. Like, seriously, did they really bring Eiji just to say sorry? Like, bro, fuck Nintendo

  • Unprofessional productions
    Unprofessional productions4 dager siden

    Pyra: Sorry Rex I couldn’t tell you, but I need...(turns around) A BIGGER GUN

  • TheIrex10
    TheIrex104 dager siden

    “Bravely Default.” Yup, it sure is.

  • TheNumberJ
    TheNumberJ4 dager siden

    Dunkey try playing games besides cereal mascot games sometime.

  • Gavin McKimm
    Gavin McKimm4 dager siden

    Whats the second game he talks about, like whats the new smash character from?

  • Goose Game

    Goose Game

    4 dager siden

    It's from xenoblade 2

  • Tori
    Tori4 dager siden

    The mini directs/ indie showcases have been so much better

  • BadEmoji
    BadEmoji4 dager siden

    I always said Nintendo was like the dad thats never around. Sure he shows up to give you a badass christmas present, but doesnt even remember to call you on your birthday

  • Goose Game

    Goose Game

    4 dager siden

    That is 100% true

  • Tired Husky
    Tired Husky4 dager siden

    I might be the only one who enjoyed the direct....

  • A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
    A Sneaky Lawn Gnome4 dager siden

    "You can have a horse as an ally? That's pretty daaarn good!" But it ain't a dunkey. 1/10

  • Bailey Hyde

    Bailey Hyde

    2 dager siden

    * barn good

  • nootle
    nootle4 dager siden

    the only good thing to come out of the direct is that skyward sword is being remastered

  • CatSora FGC
    CatSora FGC4 dager siden

    I actually got Xenoblade 2 after the direct just to see what kind of stuff I was missing. I’m 10 hours in and I want my time back lol

  • claytoncd


    18 timer siden

    You should have gotten anything else dragon quest 11 is pretty good rpg

  • Fretless


    3 dager siden

    @CatSora FGC So yeah, play it for a full day without sleep, then it'll be good.

  • CatSora FGC

    CatSora FGC

    3 dager siden

    @Fretless I was actually told it gets good at chapter 4. That’s 25 hours in

  • Fretless


    3 dager siden

    @CatSora FGC Fans of the game will tell you it gets good 20 hours in. Y'know, the sign a game is well paced.

  • CatSora FGC

    CatSora FGC

    4 dager siden

    @HR - G That's cool that you enjoy it, but I'm not having any fun

  • gabriel brito
    gabriel brito4 dager siden

    where's book worm adventures 2

  • Goose Game

    Goose Game

    4 dager siden

    Reggie is scared

  • StEaK The Strong
    StEaK The Strong4 dager siden

    Bring on the next gaming crash. Its time

  • Dalgus Maximus

    Dalgus Maximus

    3 dager siden

    What would that do?

  • Kubuś Kubicki
    Kubuś Kubicki4 dager siden

    Oh... Oh no...