Eat It or Yeet It #10 - DATE NIGHT!

It’s date night at the Eat It or Yeet It table, and Garrett’s whipped up some extra special treats for our favorite couples this Valentine’s Day!
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  • Olivia Sui
    Olivia Sui11 måneder siden


  • Stoops Gamer

    Stoops Gamer

    20 dager siden


  • r3tr0 h4ckz

    r3tr0 h4ckz

    2 måneder siden

    Thats why factories exist.

  • JayRosa


    2 måneder siden

    Isn’t your boyfriend from Truth or Dare? 😅

  • -.-


    2 måneder siden

    @nerdmellow u mad 😂

  • Saad A

    Saad A

    4 måneder siden

    No love in my air ☹️

  • Nelson muntz
    Nelson muntz3 dager siden


  • Medinah Brown
    Medinah Brown3 dager siden

    anyone ever wonder who's hands in the cloves? Any guesses?

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson4 dager siden

    So Peter, Mari's husband looks kind of like a less buff Superman. I think it's down to the fact that he has the same face structure and those glasses are very similar to Clark Kent's.

  • Dominic Gatto
    Dominic Gatto6 dager siden

    Peter looks like TV Barry Allen.

  • Epic_Noober _Scoober
    Epic_Noober _Scoober6 dager siden

    Dude Claudio is so wholesome “Do you have something for her to *revenge on* me?” *takes a bite of the lava cake* “It’s okay, love is to share!”

  • Justin
    Justin6 dager siden

    Mari's boyfriend looks like Grant Gustin.

  • Clare Hanna
    Clare Hanna8 dager siden

    Olivia and everyone else hinting to Sam to propose soon

  • MisterSqwid
    MisterSqwid8 dager siden

    Anyone else mad Garrett didn't get his own ATE IT badge

  • UKG Elijah
    UKG Elijah8 dager siden

    I wish Shane was in this episode with his.... oh shoot wait sorry guys I forgot.

  • Ian Q Millard
    Ian Q Millard9 dager siden

    Intro was Couple, Couple, Couple, Courtney 🤣 made me die a little 🤣

  • brandon kha
    brandon kha10 dager siden

    Anyone else realized today that Sarah and Claudio are matching the same top?

  • gl!ch ki6
    gl!ch ki611 dager siden

    Garett. Bro. It's superworms. And they use those to feed bugs.

  • may 7 2007
    may 7 200712 dager siden

    "oh fuck baby thats too big" i lost it XD

  • Pandatoca Boca
    Pandatoca Boca12 dager siden


  • Melon Bun
    Melon Bun13 dager siden

    I’m sorry but the way Sarah yelled at Garrett, “YOU FED MY HUSBAND WORMS!!!!!!! I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!” I was literally dying 😂😂😂 And the way Garrett defended himself by saying that their power worms making it seem not too bad. 🤣😂🤣 Then he has to eat it. ✨priceless✨

  • YungGundam
    YungGundam14 dager siden

    Is it just me or does mari’s husband look like grant gustin?

  • Yassin Sakr
    Yassin Sakr15 dager siden

    I feel like garette

  • Alexandria S
    Alexandria S15 dager siden

    I could listen to claudio talk all day

  • Carissa Simmers
    Carissa Simmers15 dager siden

    “This is good prep for your wedding day” Both: surprised Olivia: shook Sam: panic

  • Jennifer McKenzie
    Jennifer McKenzie15 dager siden

    they really did spell gnocchi "yoki"

  • Madison Tutone

    Madison Tutone

    3 dager siden


  • Carissa Simmers
    Carissa Simmers15 dager siden

    “All the asian girls at smosh bring there white boys” - Sarah whittle 2020

  • SAEY Kirrato
    SAEY Kirrato15 dager siden

    I FINALLY PUT MY FINGER ON IT. SAM IS FROM PROJECT ALMANAC, he looks so familiar and i finally got it

  • Abijith K P
    Abijith K P16 dager siden

    Is mari with smosh now..?

  • Maerose Craine
    Maerose Craine16 dager siden

    Claudio is literally the sweetest

  • Elli Art
    Elli Art18 dager siden

    "Love is in the air" The fact that the day this came out my gf broke up with me..... I'm glad she did bcs she was emotionally abusing me

  • J W
    J W19 dager siden

    "I meant worm-" instant fear in all the men at the table

  • Toast Gaming
    Toast Gaming21 dag siden

    The Italian said “holy sh*t” in the most American voice

  • Burton Fan ꧁꧂
    Burton Fan ꧁꧂23 dager siden


  • Avery Skipper
    Avery Skipper24 dager siden

    Every video with Olivia and Sam gives me so much anxiety it always seems like they are about to break up! (Although it is obviously they love each other 😁)

  • Nique DR
    Nique DR24 dager siden

    i couldnt finish watching this even if i found Sarah and Claudio so adorable as a couple 😂 One couple makes me cringe so much , its hard to watch videos with them in it.

  • Unique Alien
    Unique Alien26 dager siden

    “Sarah I know your my boss” hit me hard spiritually(just imagine)

  • Mad Weegee
    Mad Weegee26 dager siden

    Oh my god Claudio is amazing. And so is his accent

  • Parson B
    Parson B26 dager siden

    I’m not surprised 2020 Garett is mean I’m mad to it’s 2020!!!!

  • Nancy The lawyer
    Nancy The lawyer26 dager siden

    Ladies and Gentlemen SMOSH = SIMPS

  • Charlie Fenner
    Charlie Fenner27 dager siden

    Poor Courtney she will find someone soon

  • SmoothieCaek


    26 dager siden

    Fun fact: If you search up who Shayne is Dating it will say That him and Courtney are Dating as of last year.

  • Sun Mai
    Sun Mai28 dager siden

    *"You fed my husband worms!!!!"*

  • flocko
    flocko29 dager siden

    Garret jacked the worms up with steroids that’s why there called “Power Worms”

  • Talic-os
    Talic-osMåned siden

    They all have matching hair colors

  • evan griffith
    evan griffithMåned siden

    The spiritual brake singly branch because ukraine prospectively wait onto a ragged sailboat. pretty, mundane rock

  • Joran Moore
    Joran MooreMåned siden

    It's fishy... I'm gonna swallow it!

  • Tim Berich
    Tim BerichMåned siden

    I just noticed that someone decided to spell Gnocchi like "Yoki" like. . . WTF!?

  • Kpop Is a beautiful mess
    Kpop Is a beautiful messMåned siden

    0:14 you good Courtney..

  • Molly L
    Molly LMåned siden

    'to love is to share' gets me every time

  • Taylor Boucher
    Taylor BoucherMåned siden

    You should do chocolate covered garlic

  • Azmodeous
    AzmodeousMåned siden

    Can you do Boiled egg vs Balut egg for next Round haha

    GOLDSWERsMåned siden

    11:58 that’s what she said

  • Berna Leano
    Berna LeanoMåned siden

    I feel bad for Courtney, She's all alone

  • Kathleen Fuller
    Kathleen FullerMåned siden

    When Garrett said they wouldn't let him bring his girlfriend I laughed and bit my tongue

  • Alissa Harder
    Alissa HarderMåned siden

    Sara: “All the Asian girls at Smosh brought their white boyfriends to work.” Mari facepalming trying not to laugh: “Stop.” Olivia: “But I have to say, two out of three of us are married.” Everyone throwing slight shade towards Sam

  • oh no you found me
    oh no you found meMåned siden

    This should be called " making courtney feel single for 19;10"

  • ericsinchina
    ericsinchinaMåned siden

    Pretending it didn't say "yoki" for the gnocchi.

  • Mike M
    Mike MMåned siden

    I love whoever spelled gnocchi as yoki 🤣

  • Gghdhs Gsgzg
    Gghdhs GsgzgMåned siden

    Una F per Claudio

  • Sawyer Riley-Young
    Sawyer Riley-Young2 måneder siden

    This is an episode about love and there were so many accidental dirty jokes.

  • Caleb Walters
    Caleb Walters2 måneder siden

    Why does Mari’s husband kinda look like Grant Gustin

  • Amy Nguyen
    Amy Nguyen2 måneder siden

    I’ve only known Claudio for 10 seconds but I love him already XD he’s such a sweetie pie cinnamon roll, where can I get myself a Claudio??????

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor2 måneder siden

    "Oh f**K baby that's to big" -Mari' 2020

  • Emily Sullivan
    Emily Sullivan2 måneder siden

    I just noticed Sarah and Claudio are wearing matching shirts

  • Guha Amudhan
    Guha Amudhan2 måneder siden


  • Sean Marvin
    Sean Marvin2 måneder siden

    Mari is Boyfriend look like Grant Gustin A.K.A THE FLASH LUL

  • Rachel Kirby
    Rachel Kirby2 måneder siden

    “2020 Garrett is mean”... wait til you see 2020 itself

  • Scotch Tape
    Scotch Tape2 måneder siden

    "YOU FED MY HUSBAND WOORMS?!" -Sarah Whittle February, 2020

  • KcCreations Gaming
    KcCreations Gaming2 måneder siden

    17:08 No, _YOU_ fed your husband worms! :P

  • TheGhoulishDude 22
    TheGhoulishDude 222 måneder siden

    Maris husband looks like grant gustin

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski2 måneder siden

    15:47 “is it gasoline”

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski2 måneder siden

    11:57 “oh fuck baby that’s too big” 😭😭😭

  • Sullivan Bradford
    Sullivan Bradford2 måneder siden

    Is Claudio italian?

  • Garrett Barth
    Garrett Barth2 måneder siden

    Is this Marv from home alone

  • Dua'a Hussein
    Dua'a Hussein2 måneder siden

    You guys should have an Eat it Or Yeet it where you get both Garrett and his girlfriend to torture the fuck out of you guys with wack dishes

  • Ruby Sorent
    Ruby Sorent2 måneder siden

    OMG. Just fluckin found out that Sam was the voice of chowder in Monster House

  • Robotic Nirgun
    Robotic Nirgun2 måneder siden

    too cheezy

  • zandernater
    zandernater2 måneder siden

    Why is Gnocchi spelled Yoki in the name? It was said like 7 times.

  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus Parenteau2 måneder siden

    “Liv, either way it or yeet it come on,” 😂😂

  • Kade Stacy
    Kade Stacy2 måneder siden

    Why dose Olivia sounds like Ariana Grande in that one point Here and tell you can here it 2:13

  • June
    June2 måneder siden


  • Ivy99999
    Ivy999992 måneder siden

    Garrett at 10:36 is so cute.

  • Huh
    Huh2 måneder siden


  • • t i r a m i s u •
    • t i r a m i s u •2 måneder siden

    When the camera clicked an ad popped up and I got hella scared

  • Scotch Tape
    Scotch Tape2 måneder siden

    I love how Sarah just sounds like she's about to cry whenever she eats something spicy

  • miscchant
    miscchant2 måneder siden

    Eff no, this was in 2020???? This year is so freaking long

  • Gg Comp
    Gg Comp2 måneder siden

    Garett : You guy won't let me bring my girlfriends Everyone : Awwww Courtney : i'M sO LoNeLy Me : Awwwww

  • Andrew JW
    Andrew JW2 måneder siden

    Omg i died when the credits came up and everyones face during the freeze frame

  • Cow God
    Cow God2 måneder siden

    I hope they got tested

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover3 måneder siden

    I just realized that Sam was in the last episode of Workaholics!

  • Timmy Jones
    Timmy Jones3 måneder siden

    Mari’s husband lowkey looks like grant gustin. Like just a Lil to where it’s noticeable .

  • Alexandria S
    Alexandria S3 måneder siden

    I could listen to Claudio talk all day

  • Medinah Brown
    Medinah Brown3 måneder siden

    who's hands are those? One of them looks like Shayne's

  • Jillian Penner
    Jillian Penner3 måneder siden

    Anyone notice Sarah is the worst one to get spicy stuff because DAIRY products like ice cream and milk work the best to help with the spice. Plus she is lactose Like if u noticed ⬇️

  • Jaira Rosales
    Jaira Rosales3 måneder siden

    Why has Mari married Clark Kent

  • Kyleigh Tremblay
    Kyleigh Tremblay3 måneder siden

    all the Asian girls of Smosh brought their white boyfriends 😂😂😂

  • insert cheesy pun here
    insert cheesy pun here3 måneder siden

    claudio is blesséd, i need more content w him

  • Jefferson Derr
    Jefferson Derr3 måneder siden

    Did anyone else notice how similar peter looks like grant gustin/ the flash?

  • SOLVARISgaming
    SOLVARISgaming3 måneder siden

    omglul i thaught it was grand gustin

  • Darren Anliker
    Darren Anliker3 måneder siden

    Power worms

  • Jacobite Nguyen
    Jacobite Nguyen3 måneder siden

    Garret is annoying dude shut up

  • Shlovaky 2
    Shlovaky 23 måneder siden

    No joke- when garret asked him about if he eats kosher - i became a fan! huge respect!!

  • Kendall Grant
    Kendall Grant3 måneder siden

    The more I looked at Pete the more he looked like Grant Gustin

  • Michael Almansour
    Michael Almansour3 måneder siden

    Olivia look like she give up in her look

  • RJ Heiselt
    RJ Heiselt3 måneder siden

    Mari just brought Grant Gustin